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  1. I'm lonely and I hate my life!
  2. Man nobody will ever love me back
  3. Would you date a gay transguy?
  4. Pretending To Be Someone I'm Not
  5. Asexual or Late Bloomer Homosexual?
  6. post this in wrong thread. I dont know
  7. Confused and questioning
  8. Kinsey experts welcome
  9. Help with my orientation, please?
  10. Pretending to be straight...
  11. The Gaydar
  12. "A bi woman will always choose the man"
  13. Help please
  14. I don't know what I am? Can't handle this anymore..
  15. Hangups on being a bi girl.
  16. wishing i could be straight
  17. Gay but doubts about being bisexual! Please Help!
  18. Really anxious about my sexuality, and gender
  19. Polyamory?
  20. Questioning Sexuality and Anxiety
  21. In a relationship.. but still questioning?
  22. attraction by race?
  23. Elementary School Homophobia?
  24. Doubts about my sexuality
  25. Guys: Have you tried to sleep with women
  26. Pornstar hook up!
  27. I'm worried I am actually straight after all
  28. This has going on for years.
  29. Very Confused????????
  30. What do I do?
  31. Increased curiosity with bromance buddy
  32. I'm so confused all the time!
  33. Straight Bi-Curious questions about exploration
  34. Does anal sex get better?
  35. How do I know?
  36. Is this normal for anyone else?
  37. In straight relationship, but questioning
  38. Bi but calls myself homo.
  39. I'm confused
  40. very unsure (maybe)
  41. Gay male needing advice about possible bisexuality
  42. Can you make your sexuality steady?
  43. Can you make your sexuality steady?
  44. Defining my feelings
  45. Am I turning straight?
  46. So... maybe I'm homoflexible?
  47. Confused After All
  48. Asexual and Panromantic?
  49. Please Help A Confused High School Girl
  50. bi curious sex
  51. What am I?
  52. "Everyone is bi" is biphobic or am i overthinking?
  53. Missing own orientation
  54. Is This A Sign Of Being Purely Gay?
  55. Being gay and Muslim, doubting my faith?
  56. What is my sexuality?
  57. Any advice will be great
  58. affection vs sexual attraction(bi curious)
  59. Everyone is convinced that I'm not a lesbian!
  60. I'm So Confused! (halp)
  61. To come out?
  62. Should i follow my heart or my brain....
  63. Bi or heteroflexible?
  64. What's mean "bicurious"?
  65. Masculine women and feminine men - Bisexual?
  66. Internalized homophobia
  67. Bisexual
  68. Lesbian or Bisexual?
  69. I think I'm lesbian, but I've never had a crush on anybody
  70. Questioning?
  71. I am such a weird human being.
  72. Queer Friend Attracted to Me - Questioning myself?
  73. Trying to explain this to myself
  74. How to know if this is "real"
  75. bi curious labels
  76. Confused
  77. Emotionally Attracted to one, Physically to the other?
  78. thinking about sex with a male makes me uncomfortable???
  79. Kinsey scale?
  80. bi curious...but
  81. Confused and feeling pretty bad about it
  82. Feeling "turned on" determines orientation?
  83. Sexual Preferences
  84. bi curious "attraction sketch"/fantasies
  85. bi curious borderline?
  86. Understanding my sexuality
  87. Does this count as a crush?
  88. Is my friend bi curious?
  89. heelp! crush problems!
  90. Am I lesbian or a homo-romantic bisexual?
  91. A bit confused...
  92. Help
  93. bi curious for younger bi curious(normal?)
  94. am I bi curious?(my story/long post)
  95. I don't know anymore
  96. How would you define sexual attraction?
  97. Questioning is not a fun state to be in.
  98. Bisexual: wanting the gender you're not with? Sexual identity crisis.
  99. Why Cant I Get Over This?
  100. Not just about sex
  101. Help?!
  102. Do crushes before puberty count?? (Homosexual bi/panromantic struggle)
  103. I'm not confused...
  104. Am I in denial?
  105. Straight sex doesn't sound bad but I don't want it..?
  106. Anxiety and questioning sexuality
  107. I don't know what I am
  108. What's your favorite way to measure your sexuality?
  109. Is it possible for me to be a heteroromantic bisexual?
  110. Question about fantasies
  111. Is it normal to not realizing sooner??
  112. Confused about my sexuality. Any insight?
  113. Internalized Self-Hatred
  114. Confused about my feelings
  115. Changing sexuality.
  116. Did puberty change my sexuality?
  117. Submissive people, have you ever been attracted to someone shorter than you?
  118. Can't help but always talk myself out of it?
  119. Confused Girl with a Crush
  120. obessing over what my sexuality could be? its driving me crazy
  121. Questioning
  122. A question for asexuals.
  123. Porn is so confusing isn't it?
  124. Orientation?
  125. Who am I?
  126. Any Asexuals out there?
  127. Kinsey Scale
  128. My sexuality
  129. Denial At It's Finest
  130. Trans People confuse me
  131. Still confused?
  132. Label confusion
  133. It's long been a question for me
  134. Lesbian or Bisexual?
  135. I would of never guess people thought i was gay.
  136. Sexualy confused
  137. Help me figure this out? please
  138. Bisexual? Straight? Open-minded?
  139. what is docking?
  140. What Am I?
  141. Need help please.
  142. Confused..
  143. Need help identifying???
  144. Lesbian or just haven't met him yet?
  145. How do we stay friends when I'm in love with her?
  146. just horny or really me?
  147. friends with benefits?????
  148. I'm crushing on a girl.
  149. What arouse you ?
  150. This is a mess :(
  151. Hey, I'm new here! Confused and Bisexual?? Need help pls!
  152. Help about my orientation.
  153. I'm so confused..
  154. I'm Not Interested In What's "Expected"
  155. I'm Not Interested In What's "
  156. A lesbian questions being lesbian
  157. Emotionally Attracted Bisexual?
  158. Hetero/homoflexible vs Bisexuality
  159. Bisexual.. demisexual?
  160. I'm so confused
  161. I am a straight guy (until now), and now I have a suddent thought of liking dicks! :/
  162. Into Girls Sexually. Into Guys Romantically. What's Going on?
  163. Lesbians identifying as gay on a dating website?
  164. Help I'm Confused
  165. Bisexuals: does your orientation really 'flip' like others think, or is that a myth?
  166. Help - I think someone may have guessed I'm queer
  167. Please, please, please help me!!!
  168. Platonic love for male friend, but still think I'm gay?
  169. years of frustration.
  170. No relationship as no idea of what I am
  171. New boyfriend but not sure if bi
  172. Suddenly questions my sexual orientation
  173. Lesbians, areyou ever attracted to really feminine men?
  174. Sexual vs Romantic preferences
  175. Gay to straight?
  176. Hetero? Bi? Advice: Crush on Lesbian friend
  177. Question for bisexuals -shifting attractions?
  178. Am I Curious, or Bored - Please Comment
  179. What should I do
  180. Whats my sexuality?
  181. Demi sexuality and Demi Romantic
  182. My sexuality is changing
  183. Do people go through phases?
  184. Is This Common For Being Bisexual?
  185. confused
  186. Am I bi?
  187. Label help
  188. Freshman in College
  189. Increasing Attraction
  190. Tired of questioning it...
  191. Gay Male starting to date FTM
  192. Bisexuality doesn't "click". What am I?
  193. Not part of either 'world'..
  194. Advice Needed:
  195. Difference between physical and sexual attraction?
  196. Bisexual policing from other queer people
  197. Is it weird...
  198. Help!! Ayuda!!
  199. Do you think I'm bi?
  200. Confused...
  201. Question about how attraction works
  202. Fantasy vs reality
  203. Love, lust, sex
  204. what am i?
  205. Questioning my sexuality
  206. Questioning my sexuality
  207. What is attraction?
  208. checking out.
  209. Sexuality and Mood
  210. Can I still be bisexual if...
  211. Homoflexible??
  212. confused about my sexuality....plz help?
  213. I love my boyfriend but...
  214. I'm straight but... Help!
  215. Very confused about my sexual orientation
  216. Am I heteroflexible?
  217. Bi preference changes?!!
  218. Halfway to Bisexual?
  219. Coming to terms with my sexuality
  220. Nothing more confusing than this.
  221. I am Bisexual?
  222. Married and Confused
  223. internet support outside of EC is lackluster
  224. How do i know if i'm a lesbian if i haven't even kissed a girl or a guy?
  225. Please help me DTR this lol
  226. I think I might be bi
  227. Advice for questioning?
  228. Why do I freak out when boys like me?
  229. is it okay to use "queer" as an orientation? :/
  230. Can talking to men online make you gay or bi??
  231. Not sure if lesbian or bi?
  232. Never turned on
  233. Fight the urge
  234. I have been trying to figure this out for 18 years
  235. Gender makes bi feel gay.
  236. Can't come to a conclusion
  237. How did you know you were lesbian/gay?
  238. define bi
  239. Totally unsure of what I am
  240. Legit Confused
  241. Just a Booty Call?
  242. Very Confused....? Am I just asexual?
  243. Loneliest experience.
  244. imaginary scenarious vs. crush
  245. I'm painfully unsure whether I'm gay or bi/pan, need help
  246. Attraction changes but lovy feeling doesn't
  247. Question for asexual people
  248. It Seems Pretty Obvious, Right?
  249. Demisexual?
  250. Am I gay?