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  1. I wanna start embracing being gay, but im afraid of going to hell.
  2. Questioning in College
  3. My search is causing depression
  4. Explanation?...
  5. Hey people :)
  6. Sexual attraction V. attraction?
  7. What's wrong with me??
  8. Hi guys
  9. Demisexual and driving myself insane
  10. Am I bisexual or a lesbian?
  11. My orientation... Help?
  12. Some thoughts about my orientation
  13. not visually turned on but...
  14. Being the only LGBT+ friend
  15. I may not be who I thought I was... HELP
  16. confused? physical/sexual vs. mental attraction.
  17. Lesbian bars, but still confused?
  18. Thought I was a lesbian, but now there's this guy...
  19. What does "aromantic" mean, to you?
  20. what is this?
  21. new here
  22. Finally Realized I Am A Pansexual!
  23. Am I gay/Lesbian? Idek anymore. x_x
  24. loving sex but turned off by genitals - any advice?
  25. I need advise
  26. Bi or straight?
  27. Dating a guy, but thinking I'll end up with a girl
  28. This Is Actually Pretty Interesting
  29. Question about physical vs mental attraction
  30. I have a question
  31. What's happening to me??
  32. Coming to terms with being bi, could be gay.
  33. Just general confusion
  34. Am I bi or confused???
  35. So if repression can't be felt...
  36. Self acceptance - Advice?
  37. My sexuality is killing me deep down... help
  38. Questioning
  39. Is it normal to be confused about your sexuality for a long time?
  40. Questioning Guilt
  41. Do you believe in bisexuality?
  42. Very Confused... Help!
  43. Am I bisexual or not
  44. Is talking to guys online gay?
  45. Is my straight friend really straight? Help, please!
  46. Confused
  47. Confused
  48. Attraction regarding same sex
  49. Am I bi-romantic and homosexual?
  50. Sexually attracted to one, romantically attracted to another
  51. I am not sure if I'm gay (maybe I'm just homoromantic)
  52. Just wanted to write it down
  53. Lesbian dreams with my best friend
  54. Romantic Attraction only
  55. Searching for guys on popular dating app - found a girl in the list of men?
  56. I don't know if I'm bi or not
  57. Easier to acknowledge sexuality when horny?
  58. In need of clarification
  59. Confused as hell right now just need info
  60. Unsure of sexuality
  61. Dating a bi-curious guy...
  62. I really need help
  63. Can I define my sexuality without sex?
  64. being married and trying to find sexual identity
  65. Homoflexible?
  66. I think I may be bisexual
  67. feeling like i have a late start with the teen feelings and urges
  68. I Was Straight Until I Met Her -- Now I Don't Know Who I Am
  69. My Story
  70. Am I really Bi, Gay, or mixed up?
  71. Incapable of Love?:(
  72. Broken and conflicted
  73. Confused
  74. Really confuzzled
  75. Really confuzzled
  76. OMG so confused...
  77. Still confused!
  78. Confused as hell right now
  79. Are these signs of bi??
  80. Confused over Sexual Orientation
  81. Homoflexible?
  82. insecurity
  83. Guilty
  84. Bicurious?
  85. Bisexual vs Pansexual
  86. Bisexual Vs Lesbian contorversy
  87. Figuring it all Out...
  88. How to tell if someone is not straight?
  89. Hello
  90. Being sexually confused, accepting being bisexual and other questions related.
  91. 'gay' bars?
  92. Can You Please Tell Me if You Think Im Gay?
  93. Non-binary Butch Lesbian?
  94. Reasons for Being Jealous of Hetero Relationship?
  95. Difference between physical, sexual and romantic attraction
  96. Am I Pansexual? I need help!
  97. Not Sure About Something
  98. Same sex fantasy is "normal"?
  99. Little confused, Addicted to pleasure
  100. How to deal with people not believing you
  101. Feeling more gay?
  102. Would you date someone with a disability?
  103. I'm so confused
  104. For people questioning their sexuality:
  105. The Only Gay "Crush" I Had Was Surprisingly Not Awkward
  106. Confused About Gay vs. Bi vs. Straight?
  107. Lesbian to straight??
  108. Update
  109. sexually attracted to men,physically and emotionally attracted to women?
  110. This is all new, and a little confusing...
  111. An Idea I Just Had
  112. 20 and curious
  113. Am I really gay or just a bisexual with homoerotic feelings?
  114. Strange feeling
  115. Female emotional attachment experience?
  116. Things you would do to your boyfriend during sex but to others.
  117. So close to mental breakdown!ughh
  118. 21 and Questioning
  119. Bisexual's Perspective Please
  120. Help with my crush....Please
  121. I know gay is natural, but does it make sense?
  122. Homophobia..... How to deal with it?
  123. Can i be gay but get erections from kissing girls
  124. What if they ask my preference?
  125. Still unsure: gay? bi?
  126. bisexual??
  127. Heteroflexible?
  128. Not sure what to call myself.
  129. is my fiance gay
  130. Confused, possibly ace or demi...?
  131. What are denial symptoms
  132. Every time I think I got it, I doubt myself again
  133. Help? :( Bi/pan WWYD:(
  134. I chose to be gay
  135. i-i feel weird
  136. Not sure if I'm gay or bi
  137. Boyfriend giving mixed signals gay, bi, idk?
  138. Does she know?
  139. Not sure if bisexual or gay
  140. Question for bisexuals
  141. Very Confused
  142. Moved: Joining a bisexual group?
  143. I Feel Bad for Past Homophobia
  144. Bi or gay or straight?? Any thoughts appreciated
  145. Questioning my sexuality, what should I do?
  146. So I have a boyfriend, and...
  147. So confused
  148. I honestly don't know..
  149. I think I'm Bisexual...
  150. Im a lesbian? please help me
  151. Homoflexible??
  152. Something that happened years ago is confusing my brain..
  153. Confused straight (?) girl
  154. To all my gay/lesbian humans out there!
  155. Did any of you Lesbians ever like men before?
  156. Am I gay, bi?
  157. I think im a lesbian but I have a boyfriend... Help
  158. What does this mean ?
  159. Approaching self acceptance
  160. Honestly I'm becoming neurotic about my sexuality label. Lol
  161. Eye contact and signs HELP!!
  162. Dating advice?
  163. I.. Really don't know.
  164. What would you call me? Orientation wise
  165. I'm a lesbian but lesbian sex scares me?
  166. Wait, this is weird?
  167. Lost while in relationship
  168. Romantic or friendship interest
  169. Confused about identities such as bisexual homoromanitc
  170. What the hell is happening?
  171. I think I have feelings for my "straight" best friend
  172. Kissing question
  173. Homoromantic Bisexual VS Homoflexible
  174. I still cannot accept that I am actually gay.
  175. How do you initiate sex? (Lesbian)
  176. Feel at a dead end
  177. Question about being bisexual
  178. Interested to know...
  179. I think I'm gay and I'm in love with a woman
  180. How do I use a dildo comfortably?
  181. Yep. I'm GAY.
  182. Is there a term for sexual attraction without the desire for sex?
  183. is it normal to still be anxious??
  184. How did you figure out what you are?
  185. I think I have it figured out now
  186. 20 F Questioning anxiety update
  187. A little advice please?
  188. Questioning like crazy
  189. Who am I?
  190. Should I give up?
  191. Gay or bi?
  192. Beginning to question sexuality
  193. Confused and anxious about sexuality
  194. Skoliosexual anyone
  195. What's going on with me? any ideas?
  196. Not Sure What I Am?
  197. Gay but can't f accept it...
  198. TGirl obsession help
  199. Do you find women's body attractive before you notice that you're gay?
  200. Has anyone been through this and can help?
  201. Please can anybody relate to anything at all going on in my life
  202. A closet in a closet?
  203. Can't tell anyone
  204. Does anyone else find certain lables uncomfortable
  205. How do you define the word "queer"?
  206. How did you know if you were lesbian/gay or bi?
  207. Questioning orientation
  208. What sexual orientation are you
  209. I don't understand why I cried
  210. How do gay men feel towards the female body?
  211. Almost A Year Later...
  212. Bi-curious?
  213. Would a gay man have a relationship with a bi sexual man ?
  214. Closeted lesbian madly in love
  215. I think I'm a lesbian, but...
  216. Sooooo I'm bi
  217. Heteroflexible
  218. Sexuality seems to change over time?
  219. possibly asexual and really confused?
  220. Am I bisexual or an open-minded straight person?
  221. Lesbian or Homoromantic Asexual??
  222. Is bisexuality in males seen as just being confused?
  223. Lesbian having dreams about sex with men ???
  224. 26, deeply closeted, very confused.
  225. confused about my sexuality
  226. Am I a lesbian/bi? - married to a man
  227. Am I gay? Or is this OCD?
  228. I mean - what psychology does a gay women have in sexual relating
  229. I'm miserable
  230. Intense questioning for over a year
  231. Is it possible to be gay but willing to have sex with someone of the opposite gender?
  232. How do you know if someone is flirting with you?
  233. So confused!
  234. Not sure why I'm still questioning.
  235. Physical vs. emotional attraction to different genders?
  236. is there a word if you prefer to masturbate?
  237. What is love
  238. I'm confused. Don't know what to do.
  239. A question for trans-folk
  240. Am I actually bi?
  241. Confused
  242. Confused lesbian
  243. trouble accepting myself
  244. Help. Need advice
  245. Stories about changing sexualities?
  246. Bisexuals - do your attractions feel different for males and females?
  247. Am I generalizing?
  248. I think I am in love with a girl
  249. How to tell if a girl is struggling with her sexuality?
  250. How can I know if I am gay?/When did you know?