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  1. Still unsure: gay? bi?
  2. bisexual??
  3. Heteroflexible?
  4. Not sure what to call myself.
  5. is my fiance gay
  6. Confused, possibly ace or demi...?
  7. What are denial symptoms
  8. Every time I think I got it, I doubt myself again
  9. Help? :( Bi/pan WWYD:(
  10. I chose to be gay
  11. i-i feel weird
  12. Not sure if I'm gay or bi
  13. Boyfriend giving mixed signals gay, bi, idk?
  14. Does she know?
  15. Not sure if bisexual or gay
  16. Question for bisexuals
  17. Very Confused
  18. Moved: Joining a bisexual group?
  19. I Feel Bad for Past Homophobia
  20. Bi or gay or straight?? Any thoughts appreciated
  21. Questioning my sexuality, what should I do?
  22. So I have a boyfriend, and...
  23. So confused
  24. I honestly don't know..
  25. I think I'm Bisexual...
  26. Im a lesbian? please help me
  27. Homoflexible??
  28. Something that happened years ago is confusing my brain..
  29. Confused straight (?) girl
  30. To all my gay/lesbian humans out there!
  31. Did any of you Lesbians ever like men before?
  32. Am I gay, bi?
  33. I think im a lesbian but I have a boyfriend... Help
  34. What does this mean ?
  35. Approaching self acceptance
  36. Honestly I'm becoming neurotic about my sexuality label. Lol
  37. Eye contact and signs HELP!!
  38. Dating advice?
  39. I.. Really don't know.
  40. What would you call me? Orientation wise
  41. I'm a lesbian but lesbian sex scares me?
  42. Wait, this is weird?
  43. Lost while in relationship
  44. Romantic or friendship interest
  45. Confused about identities such as bisexual homoromanitc
  46. What the hell is happening?
  47. I think I have feelings for my "straight" best friend
  48. Kissing question
  49. Homoromantic Bisexual VS Homoflexible
  50. I still cannot accept that I am actually gay.
  51. How do you initiate sex? (Lesbian)
  52. Feel at a dead end
  53. Question about being bisexual
  54. Interested to know...
  55. I think I'm gay and I'm in love with a woman
  56. How do I use a dildo comfortably?
  57. Yep. I'm GAY.
  58. Is there a term for sexual attraction without the desire for sex?
  59. is it normal to still be anxious??
  60. How did you figure out what you are?
  61. I think I have it figured out now
  62. 20 F Questioning anxiety update
  63. A little advice please?
  64. Questioning like crazy
  65. Who am I?
  66. Should I give up?
  67. Gay or bi?
  68. Beginning to question sexuality
  69. Confused and anxious about sexuality
  70. Skoliosexual anyone
  71. What's going on with me? any ideas?
  72. Not Sure What I Am?
  73. Gay but can't f accept it...
  74. TGirl obsession help
  75. Do you find women's body attractive before you notice that you're gay?
  76. Has anyone been through this and can help?
  77. Please can anybody relate to anything at all going on in my life
  78. A closet in a closet?
  79. Can't tell anyone
  80. Does anyone else find certain lables uncomfortable
  81. How do you define the word "queer"?
  82. How did you know if you were lesbian/gay or bi?
  83. Questioning orientation
  84. What sexual orientation are you
  85. I don't understand why I cried
  86. How do gay men feel towards the female body?
  87. Almost A Year Later...
  88. Bi-curious?
  89. Would a gay man have a relationship with a bi sexual man ?
  90. Closeted lesbian madly in love
  91. I think I'm a lesbian, but...
  92. Sooooo I'm bi
  93. Heteroflexible
  94. Sexuality seems to change over time?
  95. possibly asexual and really confused?
  96. Am I bisexual or an open-minded straight person?
  97. Lesbian or Homoromantic Asexual??
  98. Is bisexuality in males seen as just being confused?
  99. Lesbian having dreams about sex with men ???
  100. 26, deeply closeted, very confused.
  101. confused about my sexuality
  102. Am I a lesbian/bi? - married to a man
  103. Am I gay? Or is this OCD?
  104. I mean - what psychology does a gay women have in sexual relating
  105. I'm miserable
  106. Intense questioning for over a year
  107. Is it possible to be gay but willing to have sex with someone of the opposite gender?
  108. How do you know if someone is flirting with you?
  109. So confused!
  110. Not sure why I'm still questioning.
  111. Physical vs. emotional attraction to different genders?
  112. is there a word if you prefer to masturbate?
  113. What is love
  114. I'm confused. Don't know what to do.
  115. A question for trans-folk
  116. Am I actually bi?
  117. Confused
  118. Confused lesbian
  119. trouble accepting myself
  120. Help. Need advice
  121. Stories about changing sexualities?
  122. Bisexuals - do your attractions feel different for males and females?
  123. Am I generalizing?
  124. I think I am in love with a girl
  125. How to tell if a girl is struggling with her sexuality?
  126. How can I know if I am gay?/When did you know?
  127. Am I asexual?
  128. Am I to horny
  129. Help! Confused and scared... :(
  130. Difference between heteroflexible and bi-curious??
  131. Can you be genderfluid and call yourself lesbian?
  132. I don't want to be attracted to guys?!
  133. I don't know what's going on with my body
  134. Hocd
  135. Figuring out who I like
  136. I'm gay, but only attracted to straight guys
  137. Am I Just Confused??
  138. I'm attracted to gay boys... but... I have female body?
  139. Normal?
  140. flirting with women
  141. Denial and shame - Part 2
  142. Asexual? Lesbian? Or Pan?
  143. What can I do
  144. HELP! im having last minute doubts
  145. Just anxiety? or maybe something else?
  146. What am I - the advanced version
  147. I think I am not capable of love :/
  148. What was missing?
  149. confused about my sexuality, need help.
  150. Confused
  151. Very different sexuality
  152. I dont know anymore....
  153. Is is OK to call myself lesbian? Would that offend lesbian women?
  154. cant decide if bi, or lesbian
  155. Unsure of what I'm feeling and who I am
  156. Constant state of confusion about my sexuality
  157. Doubts about sexual orientation (asexual, gay, or ??)
  158. Confused and tired of thinking
  159. My brain says I'm gay but I'm also not
  160. questioning sexuality.
  161. Bisexual?!?!
  162. I'm not sure if im bisexual!
  163. Am i Bisexual?
  164. Do you think Homoflexible and heteroflexible exist?
  165. Why do I do it?
  166. Help! I'm 20 and confused
  167. I'm a gay guy and a girl has a crush on me?
  168. Bisexual?
  169. How do you flirt with girls?
  170. Questioning???
  171. Extremely confused. Help?
  172. my brain wont let me be gay
  173. Bi maybe? Need help.
  174. Late twenties and still unsure
  175. I feel like "I'm not allowed" to call myself a lesbian because of no relationship exp
  176. What is the canonical definition of asexuality?
  177. I don't know if I'm bi?
  178. Just took the vistrai gay test
  179. Possibly lesbian and in love with a girl, here's my story
  180. Confused femme who is in love with a girl
  181. bisexual?
  182. I'm an internalized homophobe help!
  183. how do i accept it??
  184. I think I'm Gay? But I won't accept it
  185. What Do You Think Of HOMOFLEXIBLE ??
  186. Help??!!
  187. the only one
  188. Bi-curious, bi, maybe pan????
  189. questions pt. 2
  190. Am I lesbian or Homoflexible??? Confused
  191. Married and in a cage
  192. I think I figured it out?
  193. Shocked and Confused
  194. Questioning guy here!
  195. I Don't Know What's GOing On ANymore
  196. Confused about sexual orientation
  197. Confused about my sexuality
  198. Lesbian in love with a man...
  199. Just saw a doctor
  200. Straight in denial?
  201. Am I forcing it?
  202. Terrified of the future
  203. Not Really A Gender Issue
  204. Is this normal for bisexuals?
  205. Kinda confused about my sexuality
  206. I think it's starting to show a little...
  207. the Kinsey scale test
  208. I want to go from bisexual to Homoflexible or lesbian??
  209. It does what it does
  210. Questioning
  211. I think I'm gay.
  212. Is this normal?
  213. Normal Reaction?
  214. question for the girls who like girls!
  215. does being aroused by breasts mean i'm attracted to women?
  216. I'm homoromantic but I still can't get over my ex-boyfriend?
  217. Transgender... gay... both?!
  218. Help?
  219. Sexual attraction vs sexual desire
  220. Am I just freaking out over nothing?
  221. Feel like an impostor no matter where I feel my sexuality lies?
  222. What would you class me as?
  223. Sexual Attraction to guys has drastically decreased?
  224. Virginity and mastubation
  225. Bi-curious or just bisexual?
  226. could i be a lesbian?
  227. A Little Confused
  228. Often feel straight but I don't think I could perform with a women (is it all fake)
  229. Often feel straight but I don't think I could perform with a women (is it all fake)
  230. So I think I'm a Lesbian ...
  231. Compulsion to force o/s attractions
  232. Any gay men who have fascination with women?
  233. Dating someone bisexual?
  234. How to figure out and explore bi-curious feelings & desires
  235. My situation
  236. Can I be a lesbian if Iím not sexually attracted to women?
  237. Poly or not poly
  238. Sexual Fantasies Vs. Porn in Determining Orientation
  239. I'm homosexual but what's my romantic orientation?
  240. Should I be happy with being gay?
  241. Very confused and feeling sick about it
  242. Question for Everyone
  243. Depressed dont know what is the right thing
  244. Bisexual and confused about my romantic attraction?
  245. Okay so this is probably very petty of me....
  246. Gay but there's this one girl...
  247. Not sure
  248. I'm gay but I keep getting the feeling I should be straight
  249. Think it's hormones?!
  250. Bi or straight?