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  1. Asexual? Lesbian? Or Pan?
  2. What can I do
  3. HELP! im having last minute doubts
  4. Just anxiety? or maybe something else?
  5. What am I - the advanced version
  6. I think I am not capable of love :/
  7. What was missing?
  8. confused about my sexuality, need help.
  9. Confused
  10. Very different sexuality
  11. I dont know anymore....
  12. Is is OK to call myself lesbian? Would that offend lesbian women?
  13. cant decide if bi, or lesbian
  14. Unsure of what I'm feeling and who I am
  15. Constant state of confusion about my sexuality
  16. Doubts about sexual orientation (asexual, gay, or ??)
  17. Confused and tired of thinking
  18. My brain says I'm gay but I'm also not
  19. questioning sexuality.
  20. Bisexual?!?!
  21. I'm not sure if im bisexual!
  22. Am i Bisexual?
  23. Do you think Homoflexible and heteroflexible exist?
  24. Why do I do it?
  25. Help! I'm 20 and confused
  26. I'm a gay guy and a girl has a crush on me?
  27. Bisexual?
  28. How do you flirt with girls?
  29. Questioning???
  30. Extremely confused. Help?
  31. my brain wont let me be gay
  32. Bi maybe? Need help.
  33. Late twenties and still unsure
  34. I feel like "I'm not allowed" to call myself a lesbian because of no relationship exp
  35. What is the canonical definition of asexuality?
  36. I don't know if I'm bi?
  37. Just took the vistrai gay test
  38. Possibly lesbian and in love with a girl, here's my story
  39. Confused femme who is in love with a girl
  40. bisexual?
  41. I'm an internalized homophobe help!
  42. how do i accept it??
  43. I think I'm Gay? But I won't accept it
  44. What Do You Think Of HOMOFLEXIBLE ??
  45. Help??!!
  46. the only one
  47. Bi-curious, bi, maybe pan????
  48. questions pt. 2
  49. Am I lesbian or Homoflexible??? Confused
  50. Married and in a cage
  51. I think I figured it out?
  52. Shocked and Confused
  53. Questioning guy here!
  54. I Don't Know What's GOing On ANymore
  55. Confused about sexual orientation
  56. Confused about my sexuality
  57. Lesbian in love with a man...
  58. Just saw a doctor
  59. Straight in denial?
  60. Am I forcing it?
  61. Terrified of the future
  62. Not Really A Gender Issue
  63. Is this normal for bisexuals?
  64. Kinda confused about my sexuality
  65. I think it's starting to show a little...
  66. the Kinsey scale test
  67. I want to go from bisexual to Homoflexible or lesbian??
  68. It does what it does
  69. Questioning
  70. I think I'm gay.
  71. Is this normal?
  72. Normal Reaction?
  73. question for the girls who like girls!
  74. does being aroused by breasts mean i'm attracted to women?
  75. I'm homoromantic but I still can't get over my ex-boyfriend?
  76. Transgender... gay... both?!
  77. Help?
  78. Sexual attraction vs sexual desire
  79. Am I just freaking out over nothing?
  80. Feel like an impostor no matter where I feel my sexuality lies?
  81. What would you class me as?
  82. Sexual Attraction to guys has drastically decreased?
  83. Virginity and mastubation
  84. Bi-curious or just bisexual?
  85. could i be a lesbian?
  86. A Little Confused
  87. Often feel straight but I don't think I could perform with a women (is it all fake)
  88. Often feel straight but I don't think I could perform with a women (is it all fake)
  89. So I think I'm a Lesbian ...
  90. Compulsion to force o/s attractions
  91. Any gay men who have fascination with women?
  92. Dating someone bisexual?
  93. How to figure out and explore bi-curious feelings & desires
  94. My situation
  95. Can I be a lesbian if Iím not sexually attracted to women?
  96. Poly or not poly
  97. Sexual Fantasies Vs. Porn in Determining Orientation
  98. I'm homosexual but what's my romantic orientation?
  99. Should I be happy with being gay?
  100. Very confused and feeling sick about it
  101. Question for Everyone
  102. Depressed dont know what is the right thing
  103. Bisexual and confused about my romantic attraction?
  104. Okay so this is probably very petty of me....
  105. Gay but there's this one girl...
  106. Not sure
  107. I'm gay but I keep getting the feeling I should be straight
  108. Think it's hormones?!
  109. Bi or straight?
  110. I think I like both but I'm not sure since I've never been with either?
  111. Can dreams be a gateway to sexuality?
  112. Dating in early transition?
  113. :'(
  114. Bisexual have to date to know if you have romantic feelings towards a certain gender?
  115. Is it weird to always change your sexuality label, throughout the day?
  116. This might sound like an ignorant question.
  117. Unsure about my sexual orientation
  118. Confused and Wondering ...
  119. Came out, but OCD forcing me to question myself??
  120. Not sure how this happened
  121. Is there a label for this??
  122. Straight or Bi?- need some closure pt. 2
  123. Confused
  124. Bi or straight- need some closure.
  125. I don't really know.
  126. My bestfriend is really irritating me?!!!
  127. Am I reading more into it?
  128. Am I bi or gay or is this a phase?
  129. So I'm confused
  130. What is my sexual orientation?
  131. Unsure?
  132. So confused?!!
  133. Bisexual or OCD??
  134. Gay ans trans issues
  135. Not certain anymore...
  136. Problems with sex
  137. Unsure of my sexuality
  138. bisexual females- am I alone?
  139. Am I still bi?
  140. Bi
  141. Sexual orientation??
  142. Gender and Sexuality
  143. gynoromantic? panromantic? please help
  144. Am I gay if I fantasize about gay sex?
  145. Aromantic or "just shy"?
  146. Am I a lesbian or just looking for a friend?
  147. Changing sexuality?
  148. Is my friendship more than that?
  149. Weird desire for same sex at a young age??
  150. Bi or straight with an open mind??
  151. I'm Not Looking For a Label, But Understanding; I Do Need The Help.
  152. My sexuality?
  153. I am gay, right?
  154. what am I?
  155. What am I?
  156. I think I'm bisexual...?
  157. Kinsey 4!!!!!
  158. Sexuality issues!
  159. Am I asexual/aromantic/demi?
  160. This stuff is driving me crazy...
  161. How should I go about figuring this out
  162. Very confused. Am I aromantic?:/
  163. Gay? Bi? I don't know...
  164. Confusing Feelings Regarding my Sexuality
  165. Lesbian but starting to question again...
  166. Questioning: Am I a Lesbian? Asexual?
  167. What did she mean? What do I do? I'm confused
  168. MMF..my best friend says he's down for ANYTHING! What does this means??
  169. This Can't Be Happening! I Don't Want This TO Happen!
  170. Just want to have sex?
  171. like like both boys and girls but differnently
  172. Possibly Asexual but not sure please help
  173. I am actually bisexual - wtf?
  174. Two years into relationship and still questioning
  175. is there a name for this
  176. My sexuality seems to be continually changing?
  177. Biromantic homosexual? Homoflexible? Please help advice needed
  178. Why is sexuality such a big deal??
  179. orientation help?
  180. she may not be into me
  181. Accepting myself
  182. In love with straight best friend
  183. I think I'm gay
  184. Is this an anxiety disorder (OCD) or am I gay in denial?
  185. I'm questioning my sexuality AGAIN! Please help I cant do this much longer
  186. Internalized homophobia/shame- how to deal with
  187. Starting to think I might be bi
  188. Orientation keeps flip flopping?
  189. What would you call this?
  190. Be her or be with her?
  191. Pretty Sure I'm Bi?
  192. Seeing the signs
  193. I like gay porn, but I'm not sure if I'm bi.
  194. confused/just want some support
  195. Is it possible that I'm bi-curious (lesbian but sometimes I kiss guys)
  196. I believe in sexual fluidity
  197. Gay (right now) and don't know what to do
  198. Is it possible..
  199. What exactly is romantic attraction/chemistry?
  200. Relationship Advice?
  201. What do you call yourself?
  202. what am i
  203. What the heck am I feeling?
  204. Lesbo inlove with a man -.- please help
  205. confused
  206. Being lesbian vs being straight and finding females arousing
  207. I think I'm a lesbian.
  208. being emotionally attracted to girls but sexually attracted to guys
  209. Married and confused
  210. i thought i was just gay but
  211. Bisexual and just not accepting myself?
  212. I have HOCD - No, i really do! well SOCD anway
  213. Orientation may be changing? Scared
  214. Bisexual or lesbian?
  215. Friends believe you can "turn gay"
  216. Curious
  217. friendship? crush?
  218. I... want to be gay..?
  219. I like looking at attractive women...
  220. Bi- and pansexuals. Over here for a moment, please <(^.^)>
  221. Bi-curious, lesbian or straight and i'm overthinking?!
  222. Questioning/experimenting without hurting feelings - advice please!
  223. Why I'm still confused and not yet out
  224. How do you tell if a girl is a lesbian?
  225. how long do most people question themselves for?
  226. 31 pretty sure I am gay ! Do I need have sex to be sure?
  227. Biiggg lesbian crush on roommate!!
  228. Who/What am I?
  229. Do I only feel this way because of the LGBT+ around me?
  230. Sometimes This Makes Me Cringe
  231. Could this work?
  232. I know I'm not straight, but????
  233. Feeling very confused/just want some support
  234. I feel really bad about myself.
  235. World flipped upside-down, need advice/input
  236. Is one person enough??
  237. Joined one of the most popular gay dating apps, was not disappointed :)
  238. I can't even tell if my attraction is real anymore
  239. Depression, confidence, and sexuality changes
  240. is this related to orientation?
  241. What is it called when I am attracted to guys like this?
  242. Can you be sure of your sexuality without being in a relationship/kissing anyone?
  243. Great news!
  244. Gay guys What are your experiences with women?
  245. Does getting turned on by boobs at a young age mean you're bisexual?
  246. Can anime/tv/things make you gay?
  247. Is "orientation" oversexualized?
  248. I'm a Lesbian....But attracted to men??
  249. ???sexual. Help please! :3
  250. Denial and shame...