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  1. Feeling very confused/just want some support
  2. I feel really bad about myself.
  3. World flipped upside-down, need advice/input
  4. Is one person enough??
  5. Joined one of the most popular gay dating apps, was not disappointed :)
  6. I can't even tell if my attraction is real anymore
  7. Depression, confidence, and sexuality changes
  8. is this related to orientation?
  9. What is it called when I am attracted to guys like this?
  10. Can you be sure of your sexuality without being in a relationship/kissing anyone?
  11. Great news!
  12. Gay guys What are your experiences with women?
  13. Does getting turned on by boobs at a young age mean you're bisexual?
  14. Can anime/tv/things make you gay?
  15. Is "orientation" oversexualized?
  16. I'm a Lesbian....But attracted to men??
  17. ???sexual. Help please! :3
  18. Denial and shame...
  19. How often do you feel aroused with a partner?
  20. To those who identify as gay - Relationships.
  21. How can I stop forcing attraction?
  22. Help! I'm madly in love with my best friend
  23. "Learned" love vs real romantic/sexual connection
  24. Gay or Pan? Not sure anymore.
  25. Internalized homophobia
  26. Hook-up Culture
  27. Homoflexible?
  28. Orientation and porn.
  29. Scared of the possibility of liking both genders
  30. 98% sure im gay, but i dont find guys "cute"?
  31. Bi or not - confused
  32. Looking for advice.
  33. Should I message her or not????
  34. Sometimes Confused Bisexuality
  35. Help! what does this mean?
  36. Not your typical kind of person.
  37. very confused
  38. My romantic orientation is constantly changing??
  39. Bi-Sexual or Gay?
  40. Unsure about sexual orientation.
  41. Very lonely and confused about my place in the lgbt community.
  42. I'm really freaking out, I thought I was gay, but idk if this is normal for lesbians
  43. Women Bisexuals = high sex drive?
  44. Confused?!
  45. It all started when I was 10...
  46. Totally confused about my sexuality...
  47. I think I'm straight, but I met this girl...
  48. Please Help
  49. sigh feeling confused.
  50. Am i Bisexual?
  51. Confused and recently questioning
  52. To successfully transition from being certain you're straight to being 100% gay
  53. Something To Help All The Confused People!!
  54. What do most girls think of bi guys / Where to find girls who like bisexual guys
  55. Porn vs real life - I know about the whole porn is not a good indicator thing but....
  56. Am I really bisexual?
  57. Should I make a profile on a dating app? Is it worth it?
  58. Confused girl with some question
  59. Bisexual but only dates girls...or lesbian?
  60. Why do some people think bisexuality is awesome?
  61. Lesbian-ish, but...
  62. I am so confused about what I am... Help
  63. Questioning and it's making me so anxious!
  64. Pulling hair out thinking.
  65. Little help with acceptance you guys please :)
  66. Just anxiety or something more?
  67. So confused :(
  68. Unsure if Gay, Straight, Bi...?
  69. Questioning my sexuality
  70. What is the "scientifically recognized" definition of asexuality?
  71. Am I a lesbian or just inexperienced?
  72. am i bi?
  73. What's going on
  74. I think I'm gay
  75. Customer told me I was going to hell and was going to burn in the lake of fire
  76. I need help?
  77. Don't know how to handle this situation
  78. Should I come out as homoromantic bisexual or just bisexual?
  79. I am sexually confused and this changed my life.
  80. Bisexual - Prefer Dominant Men, but Equal F/F Relationships?
  81. How to tell if a girl is in the closet
  82. Bisexual homoromantic?
  83. Can sexuality change?
  84. Do some sex acts make you ill?
  85. Should I stay or go? I feel so conflicted!
  86. Maybe not so gay after all?
  87. I feel like im going crazy
  88. Question to the gay men
  89. Erectile dysfunction
  90. When did you find out you were bisexual?
  91. confused
  92. Struggling with the Terminology
  93. is it common to suddenly get grossed out of sex
  94. Straight guys using you for blowjobs.
  95. Using Queer terms wrong???
  96. Im not sure whether I'm asexual or just not ready
  97. Fake teen bisexual girls
  98. Emotional vs Sexual connection: How important?
  99. I don't even know (rambling)
  100. Frustrations with being bisexual
  101. need advice: are my feelings real?
  102. Lesbian? Identifying with a label
  103. Am I starting to feel sexual attraction?
  104. Indian Lesbians and Gays
  105. Were there always signs I'm gay? Or am I just confused/overthinking?
  106. Oriantation Doubts While In Long Distance Relationship. Please Hear My Story!
  107. Depression keeps returning
  108. Should I break up with him?
  109. am i bi?
  110. HOCD is hell
  111. Are arousal and sexual attraction two different things?
  112. Confused??
  113. need opinions
  114. Crushes or role models?
  115. How to accost confusion?
  116. Can upbringing affect orientation?
  117. Confused and Questioning my life
  118. am i bi?
  119. What am I???
  120. I Thought I Was Okay About It But..
  121. Need some help figuring this out
  122. Newly Confused
  123. Mixed signals?
  124. Bisexual Musings and Questions
  125. Why are relationships so difficult?
  126. I guess I'm not ready....
  127. I am confused with my sexuality, any advice?
  128. Bi or envy
  129. Another person who had a dream right here
  130. i think i like guys just becouse they are the same as me
  131. Bisexual Men: romantic vs sexual attraction
  132. Does this sound like Kinsey 5?
  133. Should I come out as Bi or Lesbian?
  134. Coming to Terms With What Sex Meant for Me
  135. Is 13 too young to know if I'm asexual
  136. Symptoms of Denial
  137. Why are most people confused about their sexuality?
  138. Bisexual women types of arousal
  139. experimenting with sexuality...
  140. Why are some people sexually fluid but most people are not?
  141. Am I bisexual? Confused..
  142. Why do we all different preferences and types?
  143. Sexual Orientation and Graphic Videos
  144. There has to be a name for this...
  145. Bisexual or Lesbian?
  146. Weird evening...
  147. Very Confused... Still
  148. What am I? Gay or not?
  149. Demiromantic?
  150. *~* Finding myself & finding You!! *~*~*
  151. Gay but I do kiss girls
  152. What is my sexual orientation
  153. Lesbian but was in love with guy?
  154. NoFap to figure out orientation?
  155. Am I bisexual?
  156. Biromantic... maybe?
  157. So Confused!
  158. Lesbian but I like only feminine girls?
  159. Have a gf but havent got clossure with my ex bf
  160. What to do now that my life is falling apart.
  161. Female friend is coming back! Crushing?
  162. Confused about my sexuality.. Feeling alone
  163. My security blankets have disintegrated from years of being threadbare and worn...
  164. Hey guys i might be bisexual can you help me ?
  165. Where would I fall on the Kinsey scale, and what is my romantic orientation?
  166. Feelings of uncertainty about intimacy
  167. What orientations am i???
  168. Are most bi men typically gay leaning?
  169. Questioning
  170. How do you know you are gay?
  171. Do your eyes tell you a lot about your sexuality?
  172. Can't stop questioning
  173. Straight with open-mind, bi-curious or bisexual?
  174. Lesbian but biromantic? I need some advise
  175. I am so confused, so here's my story...
  176. I Hate My Orientation
  177. I think might be aromantic
  178. 27 and confused still.
  179. What all does romanticism encompass?
  180. realizing youre gay
  181. Having sex or thinking about women even though I'm gay?
  182. If you're turned on by "gay love," are you gay?
  183. Is this rude/ignorant of me?
  184. Gay experience when younger
  185. Feeling Very Lonely... No one left
  186. Am I Asexual?
  187. The last 6 months of my life have been absolute hell
  188. what the heck am I??
  189. this is getting bad.
  190. It's gay right?
  191. Can Only Love Women but Lust for Men?
  192. bisexual? considering suicide.
  193. Question and sexually confused
  194. Why are some people so scared of the word bisexual?
  195. Is it gay to think other men are good looking?
  196. So confused??!!! Am I straight, bi or lesbian??
  197. I feel like while there is a chance I might be straight I will never fully accept gay
  198. For those who only worked it out later in life - how long to get your head around it?
  199. Dating a girl
  200. Sexual Assult: BI?
  201. I can't tell what my sexuality is?
  202. how to stop stressing?
  203. Biromantic lesbian?
  204. Maybe I'm just confused?
  205. Married and confused
  206. Bisexual to gay
  207. Bi-Curious?
  208. Just Confused (Advice, Please?)
  209. Is anyone attracted to one gender way more than the other?
  210. Does this should like bisexual?
  211. Confused/Questioning still...
  212. Lesbian? Bisexual? Fears
  213. Am I secretly in denial???. I think I am depressed.
  214. Hormones and sexuality
  215. Straight? Bi-curious? Bisexual
  216. Hating the idea of dating guys
  217. Confused about male vs female preferences?
  218. I'm really scared right now!
  219. What is pansexual?
  220. I hate my sexuality
  221. Any trans bisexuals ready for reading a lengthy post? :)
  222. Unsure about sexuality/sexuality changing over time
  223. Don't know if I'm bi or what
  224. How exactly would you define a person's sexual orientation?
  225. Should I or Should I Not?????
  226. I'm confused about my sexuality?
  227. changing orientation?
  228. Denying my sexuality
  229. Unsure about everything
  230. Denial discovery
  231. I'm really unsure about my sexuality???
  232. Trying to put everything in perspective.
  233. Came out to my girlfriend
  234. Can you PLEASE help with my orientation??
  235. many questions
  236. What does it Feel like to be Panromantic/Biromantic?
  237. Confused about my romantic and sexual orientations?
  238. Confusion...
  239. Came out as gay and now feeling...gayer
  240. Really confused..
  241. a rant but with a want of listening please :)
  242. biromantic homosexual?
  243. Not so sure if im pansexual or just polysexual
  244. Bi....what now?
  245. Straight, Bi or curious?!
  246. Pretty sure I'm a.. lesbian o.o
  247. I think I'm a... lesbian..
  248. Drinking led to...
  249. Looking for support
  250. A little confused