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  1. Almost sure but still questioning - can anyone relate?
  2. insecure about being attracted to girls
  3. Bi but don't find men attractive?
  4. I want to be lesbian, but am I?
  5. Really confused and it's messing with my head.
  6. Anybody else have trouble fantasizing?
  7. Homosexual hetero-romantic?
  8. Crushing On a Friend Who May or May Not Be Gay
  9. can it possibly be a phase?
  10. Sexual Orientation?
  11. Haven't had a crush yet
  12. How would you roughly label this?
  13. What is my sexuality and how can I find out? biromantic lesbian?
  14. sexuality, sex and gender, any opinions?
  15. Unsure of who I am, Craving a girlfriend or boyfriend
  16. Being wrong about my sexuality- is this common?
  17. I think I'm a lesbian
  18. Getting closer
  19. 2 questions for gay guys
  20. I need help about my sexuality.
  21. Am I just masking my problem?
  22. Emo/goth attraction
  23. So, what would you call this?
  24. Iv'e never been with anyone
  25. I thought I was bi, know I don't know
  26. Accepting myself
  27. No feelings
  28. Obsessing Over Sexuality
  29. Attracted to someone's skin?
  30. Suddenly having gay thoughts later in life
  31. May I refer to myself as gay?
  32. straight and lesbian at same time???
  33. Does Listening to queen make me gay?
  34. Does she like me?
  35. not gay, but afraid of being straight?
  36. Can Lesbians like straight porn?
  37. Bisexuality - Biphobia
  38. Pansexuals, do you ever answer as bisexual to make things simpler?
  39. gay with an exception?
  40. what is Homo/Hetero Flexible?
  41. Straight girl crush on straight girl????
  42. real life attraction...
  43. Out bisexual questioning if im lesbian... Why does this suck so bad?
  44. Am I in denial about her?
  45. New. Trying to figure out if a guy is interested in me
  46. Gay guys - straight porn
  47. Questioning Biromantic/Bisexual
  48. one recurring dream, 20,000 problems
  49. Please help me with labels
  50. Thinking about friends...
  51. I have to force myself straight!
  52. Confused to say the least...
  53. for bisexuals
  54. Coming Out, Dating, & Depression
  55. am i a lesbian?
  56. its a long story, but I am confused as all get out.
  57. I Know For Sure That I AM Bisexual But...
  58. I need support and advice
  59. Don't really care about my sexuality
  60. for other people struggling to know if they are gay or bi
  61. How do you let him know you really like him...
  62. What am I?
  63. Heteroromantic Bisexuals
  64. Is it normal...
  65. Trying to understand myself.
  66. is this weird?
  67. Straight, but kissed a man.
  68. 5 on the kinsey scale?
  69. Probably not straight
  70. Heterosexual OCD?
  71. Gay or bi?
  72. feasible explanation
  73. Questioning please help
  74. Questioning and need advise
  75. Help me figure out my sexual orientation.
  76. What exactly is a gold star lesbian?
  77. I thought I was gay so I experimented,
  78. When Romantic and Sexual Orientation Don't Match
  79. Sexuality is so confusing to me
  80. May be Gay
  81. Very confused
  82. Few Questions...very mixed up about my sexual identity :/
  83. Effects of porn, bisexual or gay? Extremely confused
  84. How should I label myself to LGBT group?
  85. For homosexuals of either gender..
  86. Sensual response
  87. Am I straight or bi?
  88. Orientation changes?
  89. Not Sure!
  90. almost one month on
  91. I need help coming to terms with things
  92. Lesbian? Extremely confused
  93. Totally gay but not really getting attached
  94. Not sure if Bisexual or straight?????
  95. Bisexual??
  96. Bisexuals/Pansexuals: How did you come to acceptance?
  97. Third-party Opinion?
  98. Need help and advice. Best friend is coming for a sleepover this weekend.
  99. A Confused transboy
  100. bisexual in heterosexual relationship
  101. Am I gay?
  102. Where Did My Butterfiles Go?..
  103. Am I a lesbian? I need some help
  104. Mostly gay?
  105. Confused and Need Advice
  106. Here we go again...
  107. Can't figure out if lesbian or bi.
  108. Lesbian? Please Help.
  109. Advice/similar stories? Confused...
  110. I don't know if I'm bisexual of a lesbian HELP!
  111. Sexual desire vs. Emotional Connection
  112. Cognitive Dissonance
  113. Help me please
  114. Never dated a girl until now!
  115. Brain, what the hell?
  116. Why do so many gay men stay single?
  117. am i straight in denial?
  118. am i bi or gay or what??
  119. Pan? Gay? Help!
  120. Confused and Curious
  121. Am I Still a Lesbian if I Have a Crush on a Celebrity Guy?
  122. Tired of questioning if I'm gay
  123. Learned some new terms while here and...
  124. How do I get over fear and act on my sexuality?
  125. Confused and scared - someone please help me :(
  126. Very Unsure
  127. how do you konw?
  128. Gay or Bisexual
  129. Questioning sexuality again?
  130. How do I tell my boyfriend I'm probably gay
  131. Did you "know" at a young age?
  132. Lesbian/bi confusion
  133. Pansexual Lesbian????
  134. Finally Realized!
  135. Not sure where I stand
  136. Muslim lesbians
  137. I don't want to be gay. Because I love women.
  138. My whole life I thought I was straight until the past year or two.
  139. Here I go again...
  140. I feel like I'm in between bi and pan - help?
  141. Anyone else?
  142. Sexual and romantic orientation ...
  143. Gay Romance
  144. Would I be straight or bi?
  145. so confused about my sexuality
  146. How Do I Not Wrestle With My Identity?
  147. Gay Guy & Gay Girl Dating?
  148. Can you be wrong?
  149. Am I overthinking this? No arrousal with girls?
  150. Girl crush or gay crush?
  151. Can you be straight and attracted to an intersex person?
  152. if you're attracted to intersex people does that make you bi?
  153. What does being in love feel like to you?
  154. So Close To Truth
  155. Dating a girl
  156. Relationships...
  157. Advice needed
  158. Not Sure At How I Am Going To Feel About Today...
  159. Retrospective crushes
  160. What does it mean to only like females, but need to bond with them?
  161. Beginning to think I'm bi but doubts...
  162. I think i just discovered im bi. But still very confused
  163. I think I'm bi (maybe pan) but I'm just super confused and really need help
  164. Scared
  165. Attraction and disgust at the same time
  166. I'm so confused...
  167. Help
  168. Can you be sexual attraction be inconsistent?
  169. advice about labels?
  170. My attraction to girls isn't consistent.
  171. Possiblity of Being Bisexual? But I Know That I Will End Up Marrying A Man
  172. Relationship guilt :(
  173. What's love...
  174. I want to find love!
  175. Is it normal to doubt your label after coming out?
  176. I am SO confused...
  177. Am I too young to know my sexuality?
  178. Why do I find it so easy to think of men in a romantic relationship but not sexual?
  179. What road am I on? Gay, straight, bi?
  180. I am so confused right now
  181. Out of curiosity
  182. How Do I Learn To Go With The Flow?
  183. any advice?
  184. Can being sexually abused influence your sexuality?
  185. Please help... Am I gay or straight
  186. Confused and frustrated.
  187. need advice from someone who gets it
  188. Really Need Dating Advice
  189. Confused I find in a critical situation
  190. Really weird sexuality
  191. Confused... What if i am wrong aboutmy bisexuality?
  192. What should i do?
  193. I came out as gay, but now I don't know if I'm gay or bi?
  194. I'm more attracted to women after coming out as bi????
  195. Gay and in denial, Bi or just curious?
  196. Too old to move on as a lesbian? Happy and not.
  197. Yet another am I gay or bi thread.
  198. Please help, I just need advise
  199. Bisexual males - What is sex like with male/female?
  200. How do you identify sexual attraction? I think I'm making myself like girls?
  201. unshure and insecure
  202. female wants mtf trans lesbian
  203. Checking people out, but not feeling attraction
  204. Newly Questioning and Need Support
  205. Difference between bicurious and bisexual with hetero leaning?
  206. I Still Feel Weird 4 Weeks After Coming Out
  207. Fluidity of Sexuality Totally Contradicts "We Were Born This Way"
  208. I can't find peace.
  209. Questioning now
  210. What constitutes romantic orientation?
  211. Choosing not to Label
  212. Gay guy - have way way more success on gay dating apps than straight
  213. Is it normal to feel differently sexually/romantically about girls and guys?
  214. Can you denial yourself out of your sexuality?
  215. I've (habitually) always considered my self straight until now
  216. Is this a "normal" perception?
  217. Am I actually gay? Bi?
  218. Am I Bi? So Confused...
  219. I don't understand romantic orientation
  220. Not Fully Comfortable with My Orientation
  221. having an exclusive or narrow 'type'
  222. Unsure pansexual
  223. Compulsory Heterosexuality
  224. feeling better but still not there
  225. What is my orientation?
  226. seeking gay hook up
  227. Why exactly AM I gay?
  228. Question From a Lesbian to the Trans
  229. Had gay sex recently
  230. Sexuality...changing??
  231. Demi-Panromantic Asexual?
  232. What does orientation mean if you are trans?
  233. So I'm probably just heartless...
  234. I think my new boyfriend is gay or trans and in denial
  235. Unsure about sexuality?
  236. Here again
  237. Questioning Sexuality?
  238. I'm not sure im ready
  239. 25, I realized I think I am a lesbian
  240. Gay Guys Transwomen?
  241. I Find This Odd..
  242. gay guys straight crushes?
  243. Attracted to Transwomen
  244. scared
  245. Can you like just one girl?
  246. I don't even know what I am anymore??
  247. sexuality is hard to figure out
  248. Could I just be gay and ashamed of it?
  249. Bi enough?
  250. Scared for the Future