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  1. Bi or envy
  2. Another person who had a dream right here
  3. i think i like guys just becouse they are the same as me
  4. Bisexual Men: romantic vs sexual attraction
  5. Does this sound like Kinsey 5?
  6. Should I come out as Bi or Lesbian?
  7. Coming to Terms With What Sex Meant for Me
  8. Is 13 too young to know if I'm asexual
  9. Symptoms of Denial
  10. Why are most people confused about their sexuality?
  11. Bisexual women types of arousal
  12. experimenting with sexuality...
  13. Why are some people sexually fluid but most people are not?
  14. Am I bisexual? Confused..
  15. Why do we all different preferences and types?
  16. Sexual Orientation and Graphic Videos
  17. There has to be a name for this...
  18. Bisexual or Lesbian?
  19. Weird evening...
  20. Very Confused... Still
  21. What am I? Gay or not?
  22. Demiromantic?
  23. *~* Finding myself & finding You!! *~*~*
  24. Gay but I do kiss girls
  25. What is my sexual orientation
  26. Lesbian but was in love with guy?
  27. NoFap to figure out orientation?
  28. Am I bisexual?
  29. Biromantic... maybe?
  30. So Confused!
  31. Lesbian but I like only feminine girls?
  32. Have a gf but havent got clossure with my ex bf
  33. What to do now that my life is falling apart.
  34. Female friend is coming back! Crushing?
  35. Confused about my sexuality.. Feeling alone
  36. My security blankets have disintegrated from years of being threadbare and worn...
  37. Hey guys i might be bisexual can you help me ?
  38. Where would I fall on the Kinsey scale, and what is my romantic orientation?
  39. Feelings of uncertainty about intimacy
  40. What orientations am i???
  41. Are most bi men typically gay leaning?
  42. Questioning
  43. How do you know you are gay?
  44. Do your eyes tell you a lot about your sexuality?
  45. Can't stop questioning
  46. Straight with open-mind, bi-curious or bisexual?
  47. Lesbian but biromantic? I need some advise
  48. I am so confused, so here's my story...
  49. I Hate My Orientation
  50. I think might be aromantic
  51. 27 and confused still.
  52. What all does romanticism encompass?
  53. realizing youre gay
  54. Having sex or thinking about women even though I'm gay?
  55. If you're turned on by "gay love," are you gay?
  56. Is this rude/ignorant of me?
  57. Gay experience when younger
  58. Feeling Very Lonely... No one left
  59. Am I Asexual?
  60. The last 6 months of my life have been absolute hell
  61. what the heck am I??
  62. this is getting bad.
  63. It's gay right?
  64. Can Only Love Women but Lust for Men?
  65. bisexual? considering suicide.
  66. Question and sexually confused
  67. Why are some people so scared of the word bisexual?
  68. Is it gay to think other men are good looking?
  69. So confused??!!! Am I straight, bi or lesbian??
  70. I feel like while there is a chance I might be straight I will never fully accept gay
  71. For those who only worked it out later in life - how long to get your head around it?
  72. Dating a girl
  73. Sexual Assult: BI?
  74. I can't tell what my sexuality is?
  75. how to stop stressing?
  76. Biromantic lesbian?
  77. Maybe I'm just confused?
  78. Married and confused
  79. Bisexual to gay
  80. Bi-Curious?
  81. Just Confused (Advice, Please?)
  82. Is anyone attracted to one gender way more than the other?
  83. Does this should like bisexual?
  84. Confused/Questioning still...
  85. Lesbian? Bisexual? Fears
  86. Am I secretly in denial???. I think I am depressed.
  87. Hormones and sexuality
  88. Straight? Bi-curious? Bisexual
  89. Hating the idea of dating guys
  90. Confused about male vs female preferences?
  91. I'm really scared right now!
  92. What is pansexual?
  93. I hate my sexuality
  94. Any trans bisexuals ready for reading a lengthy post? :)
  95. Unsure about sexuality/sexuality changing over time
  96. Don't know if I'm bi or what
  97. How exactly would you define a person's sexual orientation?
  98. Should I or Should I Not?????
  99. I'm confused about my sexuality?
  100. changing orientation?
  101. Denying my sexuality
  102. Unsure about everything
  103. Denial discovery
  104. I'm really unsure about my sexuality???
  105. Trying to put everything in perspective.
  106. Came out to my girlfriend
  107. Can you PLEASE help with my orientation??
  108. many questions
  109. What does it Feel like to be Panromantic/Biromantic?
  110. Confused about my romantic and sexual orientations?
  111. Confusion...
  112. Came out as gay and now feeling...gayer
  113. Really confused..
  114. a rant but with a want of listening please :)
  115. biromantic homosexual?
  116. Not so sure if im pansexual or just polysexual
  117. Bi....what now?
  118. Straight, Bi or curious?!
  119. Pretty sure I'm a.. lesbian o.o
  120. I think I'm a... lesbian..
  121. Drinking led to...
  122. Looking for support
  123. A little confused
  124. Unsure of what I am, bi or lesbian
  125. Over-thinking???
  126. Difference between Bisexual or Pansexual?
  127. Am I Gay or Something Else?
  128. Sexually attracted to women, but Emotionally attracted to Men?
  129. Am I queer enough to be part of this community?
  130. Confused AF
  131. Can I be Gay despite being Genderqueer and Asexual?
  132. Does this fetish sound like latent homosexuality?
  133. Bisexual or Curious? I need some second opinions.
  134. Am I gay or bi?
  135. I think i've turned gay and i hate it.
  136. I feel bad for questioning...
  137. Why does this happen? IM GAY NOT STRAIGHT!
  138. How do I know?
  139. Not sure
  140. Hard time accepting
  141. Almost sure but still questioning - can anyone relate?
  142. insecure about being attracted to girls
  143. Bi but don't find men attractive?
  144. I want to be lesbian, but am I?
  145. Really confused and it's messing with my head.
  146. Anybody else have trouble fantasizing?
  147. Homosexual hetero-romantic?
  148. Crushing On a Friend Who May or May Not Be Gay
  149. can it possibly be a phase?
  150. Sexual Orientation?
  151. Haven't had a crush yet
  152. How would you roughly label this?
  153. What is my sexuality and how can I find out? biromantic lesbian?
  154. sexuality, sex and gender, any opinions?
  155. Unsure of who I am, Craving a girlfriend or boyfriend
  156. Being wrong about my sexuality- is this common?
  157. I think I'm a lesbian
  158. Getting closer
  159. 2 questions for gay guys
  160. I need help about my sexuality.
  161. Am I just masking my problem?
  162. Emo/goth attraction
  163. So, what would you call this?
  164. Iv'e never been with anyone
  165. I thought I was bi, know I don't know
  166. Accepting myself
  167. No feelings
  168. Obsessing Over Sexuality
  169. Attracted to someone's skin?
  170. Suddenly having gay thoughts later in life
  171. May I refer to myself as gay?
  172. straight and lesbian at same time???
  173. Does Listening to queen make me gay?
  174. Does she like me?
  175. not gay, but afraid of being straight?
  176. Can Lesbians like straight porn?
  177. Bisexuality - Biphobia
  178. Pansexuals, do you ever answer as bisexual to make things simpler?
  179. gay with an exception?
  180. what is Homo/Hetero Flexible?
  181. Straight girl crush on straight girl????
  182. real life attraction...
  183. Out bisexual questioning if im lesbian... Why does this suck so bad?
  184. Am I in denial about her?
  185. New. Trying to figure out if a guy is interested in me
  186. Gay guys - straight porn
  187. Questioning Biromantic/Bisexual
  188. one recurring dream, 20,000 problems
  189. Please help me with labels
  190. Thinking about friends...
  191. I have to force myself straight!
  192. Confused to say the least...
  193. for bisexuals
  194. Coming Out, Dating, & Depression
  195. am i a lesbian?
  196. its a long story, but I am confused as all get out.
  197. I Know For Sure That I AM Bisexual But...
  198. I need support and advice
  199. Don't really care about my sexuality
  200. for other people struggling to know if they are gay or bi
  201. How do you let him know you really like him...
  202. What am I?
  203. Heteroromantic Bisexuals
  204. Is it normal...
  205. Trying to understand myself.
  206. is this weird?
  207. Straight, but kissed a man.
  208. 5 on the kinsey scale?
  209. Probably not straight
  210. Heterosexual OCD?
  211. Gay or bi?
  212. feasible explanation
  213. Questioning please help
  214. Questioning and need advise
  215. Help me figure out my sexual orientation.
  216. What exactly is a gold star lesbian?
  217. I thought I was gay so I experimented,
  218. When Romantic and Sexual Orientation Don't Match
  219. Sexuality is so confusing to me
  220. May be Gay
  221. Very confused
  222. Few Questions...very mixed up about my sexual identity :/
  223. Effects of porn, bisexual or gay? Extremely confused
  224. How should I label myself to LGBT group?
  225. For homosexuals of either gender..
  226. Sensual response
  227. Am I straight or bi?
  228. Orientation changes?
  229. Not Sure!
  230. almost one month on
  231. I need help coming to terms with things
  232. Lesbian? Extremely confused
  233. Totally gay but not really getting attached
  234. Not sure if Bisexual or straight?????
  235. Bisexual??
  236. Bisexuals/Pansexuals: How did you come to acceptance?
  237. Third-party Opinion?
  238. Need help and advice. Best friend is coming for a sleepover this weekend.
  239. A Confused transboy
  240. bisexual in heterosexual relationship
  241. Am I gay?
  242. Where Did My Butterfiles Go?..
  243. Am I a lesbian? I need some help
  244. Mostly gay?
  245. Confused and Need Advice
  246. Here we go again...
  247. Can't figure out if lesbian or bi.
  248. Lesbian? Please Help.
  249. Advice/similar stories? Confused...
  250. I don't know if I'm bisexual of a lesbian HELP!