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  1. I'm confused!!
  2. it is thinking about giving oral pleasure all day not healthy? i'm driving crazy
  3. i don't know if i'm bi or straight,bi exists? boys turn me on so much, what can i do?
  4. Pansexuality?
  5. Questioning Sexuality - Bisexual or Lesbian?
  6. Ever Had This Happen To You?
  7. Gay porn and reaction
  8. when it first hit u, u were gay
  9. Do you think I'm a lesbian? I really need help.
  10. Am I gay? This is driving me insane.
  11. my brother wont accept me
  12. Gay but get off to lesbian porn
  13. Wondering about how valid my crush is.
  14. I think I may be bisexual?
  15. Looking for Advice
  16. dazed and confused//:
  17. Any advice for a possibly Bi teen?
  18. Bi or straight?
  19. PLEASE Help: Lesbian, bi, horny or HOCD?
  20. Online Dating Advice
  21. Do i have HOCD or am i really gay
  22. Could This Be That I am Bi? Or Pan? Who Knows
  23. 24/male/confused
  24. Pretty sure bisexual but doubting? Any advice?
  25. Do you think people who say straight pride are ignorant?
  26. Confused, Scared, Frustrated- 23 year old Virgin
  27. Anyone Aesexual?
  28. Anyone read this book by Joe Kort?
  29. Gendering/Lack of consideration?
  30. not sure I even know anymore
  31. Please I want to get this over with!
  32. Not sure
  33. I told my Bf that i am Bi
  34. Forever Single and Unsure of Orientation
  35. How can you tell if you're gay?
  36. Confused about who I want to grow old with?
  37. What exactly is gender blind?
  38. I've always liked boys... until now.
  39. Some questions about arousal
  40. Is this odd?
  41. I'm not sexuality attracted to anybody....not even my boyfriend
  42. Is there anyone else out there that is bisexual but would rather be gay?
  43. Am I Bisexual or Pansexual? T__T
  44. Ace/aro?
  45. I think im straight but very attracted to women
  46. I think im straight but very attracted to women
  47. Is this normal?
  48. Am I bi?
  49. Questioning? Help? 20M
  50. Gay when horny.
  51. Probably gay, but...
  52. Confused again
  53. sexual indoctrination
  54. Obstacles of choosing one way vs another
  55. Don't know what to do Anymore
  56. What am I?
  57. How do you *know* if you're a lesbian?
  58. 17 year old girl confused about sexuality?
  59. How to know if you're bi or lesbian? (Or apasexual?)
  60. 17 year old girl confused about sexuality?
  61. Possible Sexual Orientation
  62. I hate when people separate bisexuality
  63. Visitng a gay bar/club alone & forthe furst time
  64. 5-year straight relationship but I can't do it
  65. how did you know?
  66. Bisexuals: have you ever denied your bi identity?
  67. what am i?
  68. am i bicurious or did i do this to myself?
  69. Questioning & in distress?? Please help!
  70. Questioning got a little more real...
  71. Am I just making things up?
  72. Help. Long term straight relationship , but questioning
  73. Uh labelling myself?
  74. Is it possible to be sexually but not romantically attracted to someone?
  75. What is a "queer" sexuality?
  76. Changing orientation? :S
  77. How I knew I am gay
  78. I feel ready to come out, but I'm not 100% sure what label to use?
  79. Bisexuals, is this normal?
  80. Fluidity and sexuality
  81. Straight Female Who Wishes She Was A Gay Man
  82. Confused and afraid
  83. Am I Gay/Bi or just aroused
  84. Can you realize you are gay 20+? Confused.
  85. Am I bisexual or just curious?
  86. Late 20s and Confused
  87. Am I hetero-flexible now?
  88. Confused, Questioning and in a Relationship
  89. How can I know that I'm a lesbian.. for sure.
  90. Help please!
  91. Bisexual people with a preference to one gender
  92. quick question for lesbians/gays :)
  93. I don't know if I'm bisexual!
  94. i'm confused and sad (am i bi? lesbian?)
  95. How can LGBT be the minority?
  96. What does it feel like when you are sexually attracted to somebody?
  97. DEPRESSED: Afraid of my sexual orientation change?
  98. Any tips for the "first time"?
  99. Having Trouble With Myself
  100. Demisexual? Maybe? Clearer definition required. Halp.
  101. Did you have that, "oh. I'm a lesbian" moment?
  102. People assuming I'll fancy them...
  103. Am I a lesbian? Or Bisexual?
  104. Kind of confused...?
  105. Confused and Involved..
  106. Learning To Let It Go
  107. Another confused guy
  108. confused about being a lesbian or homoflexible
  109. What the hell is she? What am I doing and why?!
  110. Trans?
  111. I'm so confused...
  112. Stone Butch?
  113. how can i understand myself?
  114. Therapist advise
  115. Going Insane
  116. This is killing me
  117. I'm really confused
  118. waffles?
  119. I think I'm bi but am I in denial of being gay?
  120. How do i know if it is just a fetish
  121. Having trouble with labels - not straight, not bi
  122. Very intense 'girl crushes'
  123. Lesbian/Asexual or ... ?
  124. is this normal...?
  125. Very confused
  126. scared to tell my girlfriend
  127. Gay or Bisexual?
  128. feel the need to be validated..?
  129. Moment of clarity?
  130. Confused
  131. questioning if bi or gay...
  132. Extremely confusedů
  133. Sexual identity issues
  134. Do you have to experiment to know?
  135. I am attracted to my dad
  136. What am I?
  137. Completely confused about myself..
  138. I think I am gay
  139. It's almost like I'm trying to force my orientation
  140. Do you have to find men's bodies attractive?
  141. I need some reassurance :(
  142. Possibly bisexual?
  143. I feel like this.
  144. Oh my glob I like girls too??
  145. I think I might be a lesbian
  146. Feeling I have to "prove" I'm gay
  147. Am I Lying To Myself?
  148. I am 17, confused,scared and ashamed. Help me!
  149. Bi or Pan Emotional?
  150. How many lesbians have slept with guys before? And how many times?
  151. I'm in love with a boy, but I'm not gay.
  152. Actually bisexual, or lesbian in denial?
  153. Trans (female) what is my orientation?
  154. Unsure of my sexual orientation...
  155. What is asexuality and how do you know if you are asexual?
  156. Am I bisexual?
  157. Having trouble accepting myself
  158. Lying to myself?
  159. Problematic Orientation?
  160. Asexuality
  161. Confused
  162. I really don't know...
  163. I guess I don't really know how to go about this?
  164. Hard to choose
  165. Mostly gay with some questions unanswered
  166. Extremely confused and needing advice!
  167. I need advice.
  168. Feeling gay and confused
  169. Lesbians attracted to men?
  170. Bisexual or Lesbian?
  171. Bisexual urges driving me nuts
  172. Not totally sure of my sexual orientation. Need advice, please!!!!
  173. I snogged a girl, but I'm gay?!
  174. What ? I don't even...
  175. Earliest sexual desire/exposure
  176. conscious and unconscious sexuality?
  177. Still Confused.....
  178. So I'll basically never find someone, is that it?
  179. Pansexual afab questioning potential gay-ness?
  180. I am horribly confused about my sexuality.
  181. Questioning sexuality in my 20s
  182. Gender dysphoria vs. Romantic attraction
  183. What am I?
  184. Butts and Junk - question from an ignorant asexual
  185. Help me please.
  186. Fluid Sexuality?
  187. what does denial feel like
  188. i messed up again
  189. Will I ever know?
  190. Extremely confused
  191. I've been confused for a long time. Any observations or suggestions welcome.
  192. Confused
  193. Do asexuals masturbate?
  194. Female, sexually & emotionally attracted to females, sexually attracted to males
  195. Wished for the future
  196. So I saw homophobia the other day....
  197. Both crush on particular women and want to be like them?
  198. I am so confused :(
  199. Amibisexual
  200. I feel like we should be sticking together
  201. Im quiet confused
  202. What now?
  203. "Top and Bottom"
  204. Why Are Anime Characters So Attractive??
  205. Turned on by women, afraid of dicks, but in love with guys...wtf
  206. Do you ever confuse sexual attraction and envy/idolisation?
  207. Penis Envy?
  208. Taking a break
  209. im lost
  210. is this normal?
  211. I'm scared I could turn bi one day.
  212. Confused about my sexuality
  213. From Gay To Bi?
  214. Please help. Super Confused! Am I bi?
  215. Don't think I could ever be intimate with girls...
  216. Objectifying Men & Women
  217. Orietation has me stumped.
  218. I'm not quite sure if this is normal..
  219. Sexually confused
  220. Anyone Else Hate the Word "Straight"?
  221. What's your type..
  222. Is it hard to be bisexual?
  223. Anxious for not knowing what I feel
  224. Looking for answers
  225. Am I Attracted to Men? Help
  226. Should I be labelling myself if I don't have a sex drive?
  227. Asexual, demisexual, or just low drive?
  228. what am I?
  229. Does liking specific gender characteristics alter your sexuality?
  230. Taking one for the team...
  231. I think I'm bi but really not sure...?
  232. label question
  233. Not sure about sexual orientation
  234. Not sure if I'm bi or gay...?
  235. How do gay men designate
  236. Not sure how to identify myself
  237. "incorrect" labeling
  238. Sick, scared, and sexually questioning
  239. In a long term straight relationship but might be bi...What do I do?
  240. I don't like the word lesbian?
  241. Am I lesbian or bi??
  242. Boring childhood memory analysis
  243. Gay? Straight? Bisexual?
  244. Using Bi as a Cop Out? When You're Really Far from 50/50
  245. Man Feelings or Nah..
  246. Finally accepted myself...
  247. Advice on how to stop being scared/uncomfortable with sensual moves?
  248. What made you start questioning?
  249. I'm regressing into dispart again
  250. Confused about my orientation