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  1. What made you start questioning?
  2. I'm regressing into dispart again
  3. Confused about my orientation
  4. not sure if I'm lesbian
  5. Is it okay to be gay but have emotional attachments to girls/women?
  6. Depressed about my orientation, please help
  7. i am confused in my sexuality, advice please.
  8. Gay then, bi now?
  9. Why am I so scared?
  10. Questioning thought patterns?
  11. Am i asexual?
  12. Lesbian, but had a straight dream?!?!?
  13. Really, really confused about my sexuality.
  14. Certain but then Lost
  15. Not sure if I turned gay/bi
  16. I'm Jealous of Kids Who Come Out Young
  17. Feeling so much better! Almost ready to tell everyone i think!
  18. Just what the hell am I?
  19. I keep thinking about being with a woman
  20. neverending journey... finding me
  21. Conflicting Romantic & Sexual Orientation
  22. Technically what am I?
  23. I hate it..
  24. Deep Repression
  25. Is this love?
  26. I want to play a more feminine roll but not sure if I could be attracted to guys?
  27. I keep having sex same attractions
  28. Can't see myself dating a girl
  29. Wet dreams
  30. Hertrophobia or normal?
  31. Does the Sexual Have Less Importance for You?
  32. Gay with a thing for Asian women...
  33. Really confused...sorta
  34. I'm so confused
  35. Do i have same sex attraction?
  36. I'm really confused about myself
  37. Confusion...
  38. How to make choice?
  39. I don't even know anymore.
  40. I am somewhat sure I am a lesbian, but
  41. I was so sure I was a lesbian but now I'm confused....
  42. Questioning without experience
  43. Question for the gay men who had intimacy with women.
  44. Gay pansexual?
  45. Lesbian? With a boyfriend ?
  46. pretty sure I'm not gay, butt...
  47. Masculine gay?
  48. What am I?
  49. When do you mention you are gay?
  50. What does denial feel like?
  51. Still thinking...
  52. can't stop thinking about it
  53. Over-analyzing is not good
  54. Asexual or low sex drive?
  55. Am i bi or a lesbian?
  56. I'm attracted to men and women in different ways
  57. Bisexual Fears?
  58. Sexual vs. Sensual Attraction
  59. do you think im gay
  60. am i gay or bi for watching transexual porn Pleasr help
  61. Straight? Or Bi?
  62. Straight? Or Bi?
  63. Two kids & a divorce later ?
  64. Bi or bi-curious
  65. How will I know when I know?
  66. Am I bisexual or lesbian?
  67. Adolescence and fluid orientation
  68. Unable to Express Myself
  69. Can I be bi, but get by in life with only guys?
  70. Can I be bi, but get by in life with only guys?
  71. Really in need of advice, Very sexually/emotionally confused.
  72. Can you be Bi but prefer the idea of being with a man?
  73. Pansexuality and Bisexuality?
  74. Questioning
  75. Confusion - clarity one minute confusion the next
  76. Straight OCD, does it exist?
  77. Am I gay?
  78. Thought I was gay but now I could be bi? This is driving me crazy!!
  79. My realization
  80. I think I'm not gay anymore but I'm not sure
  81. Am I a "yestergay?"
  82. A little confused but it's starting to make sense
  83. should I tell my boyfriend now? or wait?
  84. Does the Kinsey Scale only measure your sexual attraction?
  85. Complications
  86. I Think That I Might Be Lesbian
  87. Don't know if I'm straight or bisexual?
  88. I can't deal with the not knowing
  89. Any other straight guys into giving another guy head?
  90. I think I'm Gay....ish
  91. Investigate or ignore?
  92. Please tell me that it's a phase?
  93. Super confused about my sexuality
  94. So... am I really bi?
  95. A question for the community (my confusion)
  96. Aromance
  97. My personal cry for help
  98. Disgust/fear of penetration
  99. I really need help with my orientation!!
  100. Masturbation & Sexuality
  101. Sorry for this, but I'm still so confused...
  102. Think I'm a lesbian but I have a boyfriend? So confused!
  103. Crossdressers
  104. My twins Girlfriend has made me question and now its really upsetting me!
  105. A general survey/question for other bisexuals? C:
  106. Sexual/Asexual Relationship
  107. Gay dad in strained marriage
  108. What is my Sexuality?!
  109. Am I bisexual? HELP!
  110. Is it my Sexuality?
  111. Accepting the fact that I'm a lesbian??
  112. Confused by my ED, porn preference, etc.
  113. Bi or Gay?
  114. Not really sure what I am.
  115. Any androgynous gay/bisexual men?
  116. An accidental find in someone's home
  117. Dating a guy? what?
  118. Really confused on sexuality ...
  119. Is it possible to start noticing liking girls due to kissing one?
  120. very very confused
  121. I just need to talk to somebody about this.
  122. Bicurious and had a weird experience
  123. I'm a lesbian. Am I?
  124. To gay men and bisexual men..
  125. Questioning myself
  126. What the phuck am i?
  127. Online Relationships & Sexual Orientation
  128. Doubting my homosexuality???
  129. What is asexual?
  130. Why identify as bi if I'm only dating men?
  131. How to tell being gay is not a phase?
  132. Confused
  133. Is it just me or are preferences super hard?
  134. Extremely confused.
  135. Closeted Heterosexual
  136. I think I have a closeted Bisexual friend. How can I help him?
  137. Help Need Advice
  138. wish i realized sooner...
  139. Late bloomer confused
  140. Questioning my sexuality pls help!
  141. Wish I could get rid of my sexual and romantic urged/Castraton
  142. How do you judge your sexuality?
  143. am I asexual?
  144. in love with my best friend
  145. when you realised your oriemtation....
  146. Out of sheer curiosity
  147. Bisexuals- how long before that little doubting voice in your head went away?
  148. made out with man, feeling ambivalent
  149. Doubt about relationships in general.
  150. how do I get over a crush?
  151. What is Demisexual?
  152. Can queer girls like giving handjobs?
  153. Bi or gay?
  154. Hugging a friend of the opposite sex
  155. Gay but hmm
  156. Well there are these few things...
  157. Unsurprisingly, I'm confused
  158. Gay/straight????
  159. Im so flipping confused
  160. I Am Very Confused, what to do?
  161. Getting tired of not understanding myself
  162. I'm straight, but there's this girl..
  163. Me and my friend made out?
  164. Gay?
  165. Confused about sexuality
  166. So my friend came out to me and I like him
  167. Hard to be bisexual
  168. So confused
  169. I love men as well..but
  170. So confused
  171. How do you know?
  172. lesbian who is bigender seeks relationship?
  173. The "back and forth" is Annoying.
  174. How do I deal with these feelings?
  175. To bi or to lesbian? That is the question.
  176. Can everyone's sexuality and orientation be fluid?
  177. I don't know how to call it
  178. Family/ God making me question if my sexuality is right
  179. Questioning my Sexuality
  180. My friend told me she loves me??
  181. Am i gay?
  182. Questioning
  183. This questioning thing is killing me
  184. I honestly have no idea what I am..
  185. 28 female still confused am i lesbian in Heterosexual relationship
  186. bisexual and so confused
  187. bisexual? gay? straight? I don't know
  188. How to ask if my close friend is Straight or Into me?
  189. Where do I start?
  190. Could I be questioning because of my OCD?
  191. Confused bisexual
  192. Bisexual, or gay.. It's driving me nuts!
  193. Does anyone else feel this way?
  194. Anyone who is attracted to more than one sex: how does it feel?
  195. Confused and frustrated. I just want to know for sure.
  196. Orientation Question
  197. Straight? Gay?
  198. I've never felt anything while kissing
  199. i want to knew if im the only one having this issue.
  200. How to be sure?
  201. This is really stressing me out >.<
  202. Engaged, but unsure of what I want!
  203. so today was strange...
  204. How are you supposed to know what you're feeling?
  205. The struggle of figuring out who I really am
  206. So I'm kinda straight now
  207. This is going to sound bizarre.
  208. In need of some lesbian insight!
  209. Could I be sexually attracted to men?
  210. What's more important 'orientation' or 'preference'?
  211. Do most gay men/women find opposite-sex repulsive?
  212. Emerging Feelings With A Close Friend...
  213. PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndome- does it affect orientaiton?
  214. Inner voice versus anxiety
  215. Problems... not sure how to explain this
  216. I /want/ to be a lesbian?
  217. Affection/Romantic vs sexual attraction only
  218. Another "am I gay?" question
  219. Q for gay bottoms - where do you actually feel physical arousal?
  220. I don't even know
  221. So confused!
  222. possibly bisexual/demisexual falling for straight roommate/best friend
  223. Questioning orientation and long-term relationship
  224. Quick question
  225. Is it possible to be panromantic and straight?
  226. Conditioned or is the real attraction to opposite sex?
  227. A Bit of Advice about Sexual Orientation from Justinian20
  228. How do you know you're a lesbian?
  229. Common Question... How Do You Know If You're Gay?
  230. Am i gay?
  231. Sexually not romantically????
  232. Do you like Asian women?
  233. Questioning alot.
  234. Questioning Myself
  235. In a long term relationship with a girl but i think I might be bisexual, what do I do
  236. Does my sexuality make me a bad person?
  237. Black and White sexuality
  238. Accepting Bisexuality
  239. In love with best friend? both straight maybe?
  240. Afraid of male affection: Am I gay or just insecure?
  241. Not sure how to proceed or if I should?
  242. Help, I'm feeling strange
  243. Apparently I'm open minded
  244. Aromantic or polyromantic?
  245. Pansexual or Bisexual?
  246. could I be bisexual
  247. My friend.
  248. idk if I'm a bisexual or a lesbian?
  249. college student with a question
  250. If you're not 100% gay are you bi?