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  1. How do you know for sure?
  2. Not okay with opposite sex attractions.
  3. Confused girl needing advice here!
  4. Am I really into guys? (Long)
  5. confused and crushing hard
  6. finding a boyfriend
  7. How can I be 100% sure I'm lesbian? What if I'm wrong?
  8. What should I do. Situation with a friend.
  9. I don't know my orientation. All I know is...
  10. straight but questioning...
  11. Advice needed.
  12. ?pansexual
  13. I have no idea who I am.
  14. Am I really a lesbian?
  15. Come out of a long term relationship, and confused if I might be bi or lesbian?
  16. How can I make myself stop having feelings for girls?
  17. I don't know if I am gay
  18. used to say im gay , but now unsure
  19. Soon I'm going to be moving out of my parents house
  20. Came Out As Bisexual But Still Wondering If I Might Be Gay
  21. Bi or Lesbian???
  22. Currently unsure...
  23. Bi-curiosity and experimentation
  24. Characteristics of female attraction
  25. Can anyone ever REALLY be sure of their sexuality?
  26. No Lable does it matter?
  27. How can I accept my homosexuality?
  28. Straight but questioning, advice please?
  29. Demisexual or simply gay with a low sex drive?
  30. 20 Male, Adapting?
  31. From bisexual to lesbian...
  32. Fancy my co worker
  33. How does it feel to be gay in a straight relationship?
  34. I Have No Idea Where To Begin ....
  35. How do I accept that I'm gay
  36. A problem im having
  37. Feeling comfortable with my sexuality
  38. Anyone actually run into an ace person?
  39. A lot has happened, taking big steps, nervous
  40. I'm 20, male and feel curious about guys
  41. HELP! who am I?
  42. Are you a virgin?????????
  43. gay or straight????????????????????
  44. Gay or Bi
  45. Terrified of dying alone
  46. What makes a person gay
  47. do you like to french kiss boys????
  48. I've decided on orientations twice, and now I'm questioning again
  49. Inadequate
  50. Lesbian but Only Attracted To Trans Women
  51. Limerence or love?
  52. What the heck am I?
  53. I Identify as gay
  54. Penetration v male attraction? What does this mean?
  55. Maybe It Just Takes The Right One
  56. I need help
  57. Confused - please help!
  58. Have no idea what to do....
  59. He says he doesn't like guys but he did this
  60. I'm not sure if I'm gay or bisexual?
  61. If I didn't like both, I wouldn't like either...
  62. They say that jail can turn you gay
  63. compulsory heterosexuality or actual attraction?
  64. I seem to attract married guys
  65. Is it normal to not feel emotional attraction until you're older?
  66. Should I Just Date The Opposite Sex First?
  67. Shifting sexualities
  68. So much confusion leading to panic attacks
  69. confused and stressed
  70. Bisexual confusion
  71. HOCD symptom or something real?
  72. Am I bisexual? Are girls more "bisexual" than guys?
  73. I feel confused i think i am bi
  74. Bisexual/Pansexual
  75. A Girl Can Only Dream...
  76. I'm just...terrified.
  77. Standard gay or bi question
  78. What the heck is going on with me?!
  79. Finding females less attractive
  80. Gaydar gun? How to tell if someone is gay?
  81. I don't really understand ...
  82. confusion on who i am
  83. Lesbian, Bi, or Apple Pie? A somewhat difficult read.
  84. Gay or bi?
  85. A genderfluid~what exactly?
  86. Dating A Trans* Man_ FTM (advice NEEDED)
  87. Anyone else never unsure?
  88. Confused.
  89. Can you fall in love with both genders?
  90. Questioning girl seeks advice: body image, gender roles, how did they influence you?
  91. My body is betraying me. Not sure if I like it or not.
  92. Still confused. How should i tell girl im seeing?
  93. I'm not sure anymore...
  94. Am I gay or bisexual?
  95. Can father (parental) issues really be resolved?
  96. I'm confused
  97. I've never been so confused before
  98. I need help and no one to ask!!
  99. Lesbians, did you ever feel like you were too much of a guy to be with a guy?
  100. How did Gay Guys know they're gay
  101. Going To Tell Myself To Go With The Flow
  102. I don't know what I am
  103. How to figure out your sexuality when youre not very sexual?
  104. I Feel Like Screaming
  105. So confused about "sexuality"....
  106. Has being in the closet/questioning affected your romantic relationships too?
  107. Am I a lesbian?
  108. I'm so deeply confused. I'm miserable and obsessive.
  109. What does this mean? fictional characters?
  110. Finally figured it out!
  111. I don't feel like I'm a girl or boy
  112. I don't know If i'm gay, please help
  113. Questioning and unsure?
  114. Different levels of attraction?
  115. All Kinds of Confused
  116. My Story I just Need Adivce
  117. Help ... literally losing sanity due to confusion
  118. Bi people: Is "Turning straight" a thing? My boyfriend broke up with me saying that.
  119. Questioning looking for advice :-) ty
  120. Life is worthless when you're this confused
  121. 10 years of confussion...
  122. A funny video about it NOT being a 'choice' to be gay.
  123. I Thought I Was Bisexual...
  124. Unsure if Bisexual...
  125. I need advice :/
  126. Straight in the past, gay now?
  127. Seeming to be lesbian keeps me from happiness it seems...
  128. Fell in love with a girl?? Help??
  129. If you're gay: what do you like about the opposite sex?
  130. Does anyone else's confusion with their sexuality affect their mood constantly??
  131. virginity?
  132. Bi or gay cliché
  133. Confused/need a little help
  134. I know what I want. But I don't know how to explan it to others.
  135. I feel straight all of a sudden but I'm in a 3yr lesbian relationship.
  136. i feel like two people
  137. Feel guilty about love
  138. So I Think I'm Bisexual?
  139. I think I finally know
  140. Questioning
  141. Common? Question for the former questioning
  142. No Freaking Clue
  143. Pansexual?
  144. Pansexual...maybe?
  145. How Did You Know You Were Lesbian and Not Bi?
  146. I don't want it to be "just a phase"
  147. I've done it too :(
  148. I wish I could just make up my mind!
  149. How to be seen as questioning
  150. Girliest girl with a complicated, scary problem
  151. Am I gay or bisexual or something else?? I'm so confused.
  152. I can never figure it out
  153. Please calm me down :)
  154. Pretty sure I'm gay but dating a girl that i like?
  155. Accepting it and it changes
  156. Am I lesbian or bisexual?
  157. Internalized shame
  158. I'm confused
  159. Presumed in denial and not OCD
  160. Really need advices!
  161. Am I bisexual? I don't want to be!
  162. do some guys like nipple touching
  163. Attracted to overweight men
  164. Thought I was gay, now I might be something else
  165. Inexperienced/Questioning Sexuality
  166. Figuring out this bisexual thing...
  167. Attempting sex with a girl
  168. Bisexual/Pansexual?
  169. I dont feel attracted to him. could this mean anything?
  170. What would you love to love?
  171. Not exactly sure what I am & what I want
  172. Should i experiment first?
  173. Gay, straight or phase; very confusing
  174. I fell in love with my fag hag. what do I do.
  175. Unsure of my sexual orientation?
  176. Unsure about sexuality
  177. What Am I?
  178. Random Romantic moments to opposite sex
  179. is this a sign?
  180. Fantasies?
  181. How do I know for sure if I'm gay?
  182. Homoromantic and Heterosexual????
  183. My gender and sexuality confuses me.
  184. Haven't been capable of attraction for a while???
  185. I've never been so confused :/
  186. Beginning to question, but never liked anyone
  187. Was it just a phase?
  188. Can you force your brain to get over denial?
  189. I really need some help/advice
  190. Still questioning if I'm a lesbian, but I really love my boyfriend
  191. Am I a lesbian?
  192. Bisexuals and sexual attraction
  193. Guys I think im bi
  194. What Age Did You Come Out
  195. Gay men - was there a time you were convinced you were straight?
  196. How do I attract good women?
  197. "Gay Activities"
  198. Is Biromantic enough?
  199. Invalidating sexuality?
  200. Not Accepted as a Lesbian by Lesbians because don't want to have sex
  201. Bisexual with fluctuating preferences?
  202. My friends suspect that I'm a lesbian...
  203. Am I lesbian? Or bi? Help!
  204. Am I bi?
  205. Where to fit in.
  206. I can't accept that I'm a lesbian
  207. When everybody thinks you are a lesbian...and i constantly doubt myself... :(
  208. Just utterly confused?
  209. Cybersex, Relationships and fear, that's what I have
  210. Having an affair w/ a married man- should I stop it?
  211. A short haitus, but I'm back.
  212. I felt nothing
  213. Confused about my Orientation
  214. How to accept yourself?
  215. confused
  216. I dont want this to be a phase
  217. Day 6 as bi
  218. What I think Va how I feel
  219. Day 6 and 7 as straight
  220. Am I Lesbian or do I just like girls a lot more?
  221. Is this a sign I'm gay?
  222. Stressfully unsure if I'm bisexual?
  223. Sexual urges left? Now confused
  224. For those who were confused, what was the moment that convinced u of your sexuality?
  225. Anxiety with my label
  226. Lesbian having crushes on guys?
  227. Day 5 as bi
  228. Questioning
  229. Help me please
  230. I Feel Out of Place
  231. Confused about feelings
  232. 100% confused
  233. "Apples & oranges"
  234. am I bi...?
  235. The Complexity of Attraction
  236. I'm anxious of being gay
  237. Not sure what to do
  238. lesbian or bi?
  239. I don't know what I am...
  240. Am I a lesbian or bi?
  241. Want to come out as lesbian but I'm afraid I'll change
  242. Me & GirlFriend Need advice, in bedroom
  243. Guy I'm dating has had many partners in the past (feeling uneasy)
  244. Grey-A or repressed?
  245. HELP! I don't know...
  246. So confused
  247. Is there a name for what I am?
  248. Struggling to admit it to myself... advice please.
  249. was I being used????? or am i???
  250. What?