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  1. Getting tired of not understanding myself
  2. I'm straight, but there's this girl..
  3. Me and my friend made out?
  4. Gay?
  5. Confused about sexuality
  6. So my friend came out to me and I like him
  7. Hard to be bisexual
  8. So confused
  9. I love men as well..but
  10. So confused
  11. How do you know?
  12. lesbian who is bigender seeks relationship?
  13. The "back and forth" is Annoying.
  14. How do I deal with these feelings?
  15. To bi or to lesbian? That is the question.
  16. Can everyone's sexuality and orientation be fluid?
  17. I don't know how to call it
  18. Family/ God making me question if my sexuality is right
  19. Questioning my Sexuality
  20. My friend told me she loves me??
  21. Am i gay?
  22. Questioning
  23. This questioning thing is killing me
  24. I honestly have no idea what I am..
  25. 28 female still confused am i lesbian in Heterosexual relationship
  26. bisexual and so confused
  27. bisexual? gay? straight? I don't know
  28. How to ask if my close friend is Straight or Into me?
  29. Where do I start?
  30. Could I be questioning because of my OCD?
  31. Confused bisexual
  32. Bisexual, or gay.. It's driving me nuts!
  33. Does anyone else feel this way?
  34. Anyone who is attracted to more than one sex: how does it feel?
  35. Confused and frustrated. I just want to know for sure.
  36. Orientation Question
  37. Straight? Gay?
  38. I've never felt anything while kissing
  39. i want to knew if im the only one having this issue.
  40. How to be sure?
  41. This is really stressing me out >.<
  42. Engaged, but unsure of what I want!
  43. so today was strange...
  44. How are you supposed to know what you're feeling?
  45. The struggle of figuring out who I really am
  46. So I'm kinda straight now
  47. This is going to sound bizarre.
  48. In need of some lesbian insight!
  49. Could I be sexually attracted to men?
  50. What's more important 'orientation' or 'preference'?
  51. Do most gay men/women find opposite-sex repulsive?
  52. Emerging Feelings With A Close Friend...
  53. PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndome- does it affect orientaiton?
  54. Inner voice versus anxiety
  55. Problems... not sure how to explain this
  56. I /want/ to be a lesbian?
  57. Affection/Romantic vs sexual attraction only
  58. Another "am I gay?" question
  59. Q for gay bottoms - where do you actually feel physical arousal?
  60. I don't even know
  61. So confused!
  62. possibly bisexual/demisexual falling for straight roommate/best friend
  63. Questioning orientation and long-term relationship
  64. Quick question
  65. Is it possible to be panromantic and straight?
  66. Conditioned or is the real attraction to opposite sex?
  67. A Bit of Advice about Sexual Orientation from Justinian20
  68. How do you know you're a lesbian?
  69. Common Question... How Do You Know If You're Gay?
  70. Am i gay?
  71. Sexually not romantically????
  72. Do you like Asian women?
  73. Questioning alot.
  74. Questioning Myself
  75. In a long term relationship with a girl but i think I might be bisexual, what do I do
  76. Does my sexuality make me a bad person?
  77. Black and White sexuality
  78. Accepting Bisexuality
  79. In love with best friend? both straight maybe?
  80. Afraid of male affection: Am I gay or just insecure?
  81. Not sure how to proceed or if I should?
  82. Help, I'm feeling strange
  83. Apparently I'm open minded
  84. Aromantic or polyromantic?
  85. Pansexual or Bisexual?
  86. could I be bisexual
  87. My friend.
  88. idk if I'm a bisexual or a lesbian?
  89. college student with a question
  90. If you're not 100% gay are you bi?
  91. Friend Crush now what
  92. Pansexual!
  93. Lesbian or nah? Plz help
  94. I don't know what I am
  95. Has anyone come out to religious parents?
  96. Depression and doubting my sexuality
  97. Fluidity of my sexuality is confusing me
  98. Super Bi Most Likely
  99. I'm not sure if i'm gay???
  100. Advice PLEASEE
  101. Drugs and sexual expression
  102. I don't really know what to think anymore.
  103. I want to come out to my parents
  104. So confused...
  105. Lesbian or biromantic homosexual??
  106. What would you label me as?
  107. Thought I was straight, but I have feelings for my gender fluid friend?
  108. labeling myself... I'm curious if this happens to anyone
  109. Confused. Am I bi/a lesbian or am I lonely or something else?
  110. How do I know?
  111. I don't think bi feels right?
  112. Help me please. Where do I go from here?
  113. How am I meant to know?!?
  114. What is it called?
  115. Feeling not like myself (inexperienced, confused, OCD...)
  116. The differences between fantasies and real life
  117. Confused. Again.
  118. The happier I get the gayer I feel...
  119. Inconsistent sexual and emotional preferences
  120. Crush on a girl?
  121. Am I bisexual or gay?
  122. Can you choose to be asexual?
  123. Drunk or finally have a courage?
  124. Thought I was gay but maybe not?
  125. I hate being femme
  126. Not trying to be special.
  127. I feel lost
  128. Playing with terms
  129. This is confusing
  130. Help Me......
  131. Bisexual Preferences
  132. Cowards way out of the closet or just fantasy ??
  133. I don't know if I'm gay
  134. Trying to figure my stuff out
  135. Unsure
  136. Am I straight? Bi? Asexual? Help???
  137. Sexually but not emotionally attracted to ppl
  138. Romatically attracted to her but she is sexually attracted to me
  139. So I might be bisexual?
  140. Yet another "?"
  141. Is bisexuality the hardest?
  142. Could I be gay?
  143. Can I do anything about my lack of attraction to girls?
  144. Ever get tired of. . .
  145. Romantically but not sexually attracted
  146. Insanity
  147. always wondering
  148. Women: How did you ask your girlfriend out?
  149. When and how did you figure out you were not straight?
  150. I've been questioning...
  151. bi-curious? bisexual? lesbian?
  152. Does anything change your attractions?
  153. Very unsure
  154. Terms?
  155. Confused really want someones opinion
  156. Does sexual frustration make you feel more confused?
  157. Women who pass as men
  158. I'm confused.
  159. I'm Attracted to Faces
  160. Never Questioned In my Teen Years
  161. For now, I'm solid! But any advice on accepting?
  162. How long does it take to figure it out?
  163. How to tell if a guy you like is gay
  164. Does it sound like I'm bisexual or just narcissistic?
  165. straight just seemed like the thing to do.
  166. 20 F questioning anxiety
  167. Gender neutral transitioning
  168. Converting to heterosexuality!
  169. It's been a year, I'm still uncertain.
  170. Questioning
  171. That Stupid Confusion
  172. Lesbians/gay man do you ever respond negatively to 'hot' members of the opposite sex?
  173. Calling all Gays/Lesbians!
  174. ? Pansexual
  175. Confused about my sexual orientation?
  176. Is my mind just playing tricks on me?!
  177. My thoughts made me question my sexuality again..
  178. Just an Update on Sexual Attraction
  179. Almost 22 and still confused. Help?
  180. Straight normal?
  181. Hey just wondering if anyone else had an experience like me
  182. Sexual and romantic attraction differences?
  183. Am I just straight-up gay?
  184. Asexuality
  185. Just wanting to talk about my situation
  186. Has anyone been attracted to a teacher?
  187. 13 years of confusion
  188. Fluctuating preferences (bisexual)
  189. Questioning sexual and romantic orientation without experience?
  190. Almost broke up with boyfriend to be with a girl
  191. Coming out all at once?
  192. Help!
  193. Do asexuals ever get tired of...
  194. Help needed. I'm very confused.
  195. questioning
  196. Feeling unworthy of love
  197. Finally figured out my orientation and so happy :)
  198. Tired of lying
  199. New and crushing
  200. Confused
  201. Completely unsure of what to do
  202. In general, how forgiving is the LGBTQ community of dithering?
  203. Internal Struggle
  204. depression/anxiety after sex
  205. Never felt comfortable with women...
  206. Bisexual Androgyny
  207. Can straight girls tell By eye contact they get of a girl is attracted to them
  208. OCD exists around sexuality
  209. 95% Straight?
  210. Advice Please!!!
  211. i feel judged my sexuality is judged.
  212. Just starting to question and need advice!
  213. Some technicalities that are bothering me.
  214. Is sexuality fixed or fluid?
  215. Orientation... Complicated?
  216. Sexual orientation identity
  217. Is this just my age?
  218. Am I falling for gay guy while being straight?
  219. Asexual or hetero-romantic? Advice from a professional is appreciated.
  220. How do you know for sure?
  221. Not okay with opposite sex attractions.
  222. Confused girl needing advice here!
  223. Am I really into guys? (Long)
  224. confused and crushing hard
  225. finding a boyfriend
  226. How can I be 100% sure I'm lesbian? What if I'm wrong?
  227. What should I do. Situation with a friend.
  228. I don't know my orientation. All I know is...
  229. straight but questioning...
  230. Advice needed.
  231. ?pansexual
  232. I have no idea who I am.
  233. Am I really a lesbian?
  234. Come out of a long term relationship, and confused if I might be bi or lesbian?
  235. How can I make myself stop having feelings for girls?
  236. I don't know if I am gay
  237. used to say im gay , but now unsure
  238. Soon I'm going to be moving out of my parents house
  239. Came Out As Bisexual But Still Wondering If I Might Be Gay
  240. Bi or Lesbian???
  241. Currently unsure...
  242. Bi-curiosity and experimentation
  243. Characteristics of female attraction
  244. Can anyone ever REALLY be sure of their sexuality?
  245. No Lable does it matter?
  246. How can I accept my homosexuality?
  247. Straight but questioning, advice please?
  248. Demisexual or simply gay with a low sex drive?
  249. 20 Male, Adapting?
  250. From bisexual to lesbian...