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  1. Bisexual but Easier to say Homosexual
  2. Um ... Yikes? SEND HELP
  3. Day 2 as Gay
  4. Day 2 and 3 as straight
  5. straight girl crushes
  6. Looking for opinions
  7. I'm bisexual ,but I act differantley to each sex
  8. suddenly started questioning my sexuality. confused
  9. I don't know what I am! Please help!
  10. Bisexual confusion
  11. Possibility that I may be gay
  12. Your S/O sexting
  13. questioning and loads of anxiety
  14. Day 1 as Gay
  15. another confused young person...
  16. Not "disgusted" by girls
  17. Very Bi-Curious Lately.
  18. Am I lesbian?
  19. Aromantic???
  20. I've got A LOT of questions about bi/gay
  21. Am I the only person who wants to be gay?
  22. Advice and Help on Bisexuality
  23. Day 1 as straight
  24. I know what I am
  25. Fluidity of Sexuality
  26. Incredibly distraught, advice needed.
  27. Bi or Pan?
  28. Why am I attracted to father figures?...
  29. Bi Pride! How do you guys feel?
  30. I think I'm gay
  31. After you fap... what's on your mind?
  32. Help! I need to know how to deal with this!
  33. How to be seen as lesbian
  34. Told everyone I'm gay. But I think I'm bi...
  35. Bisexual analogy
  36. Lesbians and sexual attraction
  37. Does anybody else feel this way?
  38. So confused..
  39. am I denying the truth
  40. Not sure what exactly I am
  41. Regret...
  42. Sexual Orientation
  43. Gay, Bisexual, or Pansexual?
  44. Gay Virginity
  45. Lost.
  46. Sexuality changing over time? Also, guilt about sexuality?
  47. Not Enought Experience?
  48. Gay men who used to date women
  49. i think i might be bisexual
  50. Does this mean I'm attracted to him?
  51. First boyfriend
  52. Gay men - any kind of sexual attraction to women/what attraction?
  53. Bisexual but Really Confused
  54. Sexual vs. Romantic Inconsistencies: Or (Why I Can't Sleep At Night)
  55. Appreciating the opposite gender's looks?
  56. Confused
  57. What can your dreams say about you?
  58. My reasons
  59. Advice needed: My situation in a straight relationship (Long)
  60. Late bloomer
  61. The difference between close friendship and romantic interest?
  62. Not having a concrete definition for sexuality?
  63. I think I'm gay
  64. Gay to just one?
  65. does this mean anything?
  66. I think I finally know.
  67. Life advice needed
  68. Coming out
  69. Lost Virginity to a girl
  70. like girl and boy?
  71. a question me lady
  72. FTM's
  73. Interracial Dating and Dating
  74. Am I denying my straight side?
  75. I'm curious about what you all think of this view of homosexuality
  76. Do I come off as lesbian?
  77. Can Aromantics fall in love?
  78. Influence of religious upbringing
  79. Am I alone here?
  80. Gold Star Gays
  81. Soooo confused...
  82. Straight, no Im bi, no Im straight...
  83. i went to a therapist and im confused help me
  84. Lost my virginity to a girl..but I'm gay
  85. Help with giving this a name, please!?
  86. Queer Heterosexual???
  87. I rejected a guy because I have no confidence?
  88. I feel so ashamed of myself
  89. Am I les?
  90. So apparently I really do like girls
  91. am i sexually bi.. or is that possible? please help!
  92. How To Meet Guys?
  93. A question for Transgender Homosexuals
  94. bi or gay in denial?
  95. I'm mostly gay now
  96. What do you guys think of friends with benefits?
  97. Can I talk to a psychologist about my orientation?
  98. Bisexual Guys
  99. Very unsure.
  100. taking sexual orientations tests
  101. gay for someone then straight again
  102. I'm scared
  103. Not sure if I'm bi or not
  104. I don't wanna hate myself
  105. Does the word pansexual imply being sexually attracted to EVERYONE?
  106. Why do we doubt
  107. Help me love myself
  108. I Hate the Thought of Being Gay
  109. making a sandwich
  110. Male attention and HOCD
  111. Am I a Lesbian?
  112. I constantly feel the need to check...
  113. what does it mean?
  114. Lesbian? Bi? I feel weird...
  115. ok so what heppend?
  116. I need help. Feeling ridiculous like I'll never know my 'true self'. Anyone?
  117. Is this normal?
  118. Just hear me out! Please...
  119. Please help me
  120. A couple questions about sexual fantasies...
  121. Do gay men have sex with women?
  122. confused about the "man flu"
  123. So who am I?!
  124. Who am I?
  125. I feel lost. This is the only place I know where I could maybe get advice.
  126. How do I get experience!?
  127. What's your porn fantasy?
  128. Can you please give me your advice? Please..
  129. I am REALLY confused. Someone please help me!!~~
  130. Is it just a phase?
  131. Going round in circles .
  132. Can you be demisexual to only one gender?
  133. Bisexual , Biromantic?
  134. Bi-Romantic...?
  135. no interest in sex
  136. gay or just homoromantic? Help!
  137. Am I Lesbian?
  138. Confused Sexuality and extremely complicated story
  139. Why is sexual and romantic orientation so confusing? Help.
  140. Bisexuality fetishised
  141. definately confused
  142. Am I Bisexual?
  143. Straight/gay REALLY CONFUSED!
  144. Lack game with women. Am I gay?
  145. Straight, Bisexual, or Bi-curious?
  146. Have I been lying to myself?
  147. Bisexual Female help?
  148. There's no doubt that I have a "gay fetish" but I don't think I actually LIKE guys...
  149. First post in any forum, very confused. Lol
  150. "Just a Phase"
  151. Can sexual attraction just pop up out of no where?
  152. Question regarding T-girls
  153. i would like some help
  154. What is your "type" of guy/gal/person?
  155. Questioning in College
  156. I'm confused - Am I really gay? (anxiety)
  157. How to tell if your in denial?
  158. Need Help hormone confusion (Trans man needs help)
  159. Confused... Help!
  160. Demisexual??? Idk, pls help!
  161. Where should I go from here...
  162. The ever so cliched in-love-with-your-straight-best-friend case
  163. Am I lesbian in denial/ bi or straight with anxiety/ocd issues?? Please help!!!
  164. Childhood memories
  165. Peculiarly Systematic Heteroromantic Homosexual
  166. It's alright to be gay
  167. What am I?
  168. Is it all just in my head?
  169. Am I gay or still bi?
  170. 26 and trying to accept/understand through the fog of anxiety
  171. I'm worried about being straight again
  172. Just unsure...
  173. is aromantic a thing?
  174. Lost and confused
  175. Bisexual?
  176. Another unsure thread
  177. I'm not straight, I'm.... Uh?
  178. "Do you like boys?"
  179. So confused and scared
  180. Confusion. Bisexual to Lesbian??
  181. Hard Crush on Staight Co-Worker guy.
  182. I'm confused..
  183. I just don't know anymore...
  184. Is mostly straight a thing?
  185. more questions and ranting...
  186. How to ignore my feelings
  187. Testing yourself
  188. I'm not sure am I bisexual... And if I am I just can't accept it
  189. Am I a virgin or not?
  190. I like guys only when Im horny?
  191. still confused
  192. Going on a date
  193. how do you know if you're romantically attracted to someone
  194. I need advice... I think I'm in love with my housemate
  195. Need some advice!
  196. Bisexuality and Stigma
  197. A bit of an off-the-cuff rant about my current situation.
  198. Am I a good size?
  199. Retrospectively liking someone?
  200. I'm not sure who I am...
  201. 35 and still confused
  202. I need some advice
  203. I sometimes hate being a lesbian...
  204. I reeeeeaaaaally need someone to talk to
  205. Is it possible to be demisexual with one gender and gay but VERY picky with the other
  206. I don't know what I am
  207. i envy those that know their sexuality
  208. post-sex anxiety
  209. I don't know if I have been just feeling aesthetic attraction all this time?
  210. I don't want to be a lesbian
  211. dazed and confused
  212. I've been lost for so long
  213. I think I might be Lesbian!!?
  214. Not sure what I am?
  215. Questioning? I need advice.
  216. Questioning sexuality because im lonely?
  217. Sexual Identity?
  218. Sad Relationship with guys (LONG)(HOCDorBI)
  219. Hi i'm confused
  220. About attraction to feminine guys.
  221. Possibly bisexual? HELP please
  222. my secret crush
  223. I'm confused!
  224. Unsure of sexuality. Affecting mood
  225. Sexual Confusion
  226. Is my attraction to other girls real or imaginary...?
  227. Did everyone have a sign?
  228. I feel so lost...
  229. Straight girl crush... Yes again!
  230. getting turned on by my imaginary girlfriend.
  231. what really determines your sexuality?
  232. Just experimented...
  233. Teen Straight boy gay crush
  234. It's making me miserable
  235. am i more atractted to males because of exposer to gay sex at 10
  236. Is my friend bisexual or lesbian possibly?
  237. Confused?
  238. i want to be bi
  239. I don't know and need advice...
  240. Dreamed for straight life, but my sexuality clashes
  241. Not sure what to feel..
  242. So I think I am going to see a therapist
  243. Future thoughts/ help?
  244. I need some advice.
  245. Why aren't asexuals attacked for their orientation..?
  246. Discovered im gay at 20.
  247. Who even knows
  248. Confused for a long time
  249. The Scientific Quest to Prove Bisexuality Exists
  250. Am I bisexual?