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  1. virginity?
  2. Bi or gay cliché
  3. Confused/need a little help
  4. I know what I want. But I don't know how to explan it to others.
  5. I feel straight all of a sudden but I'm in a 3yr lesbian relationship.
  6. i feel like two people
  7. Feel guilty about love
  8. So I Think I'm Bisexual?
  9. I think I finally know
  10. Questioning
  11. Common? Question for the former questioning
  12. No Freaking Clue
  13. Pansexual?
  14. Pansexual...maybe?
  15. How Did You Know You Were Lesbian and Not Bi?
  16. I don't want it to be "just a phase"
  17. I've done it too :(
  18. I wish I could just make up my mind!
  19. How to be seen as questioning
  20. Girliest girl with a complicated, scary problem
  21. Am I gay or bisexual or something else?? I'm so confused.
  22. I can never figure it out
  23. Please calm me down :)
  24. Pretty sure I'm gay but dating a girl that i like?
  25. Accepting it and it changes
  26. Am I lesbian or bisexual?
  27. Internalized shame
  28. I'm confused
  29. Presumed in denial and not OCD
  30. Really need advices!
  31. Am I bisexual? I don't want to be!
  32. do some guys like nipple touching
  33. Attracted to overweight men
  34. Thought I was gay, now I might be something else
  35. Inexperienced/Questioning Sexuality
  36. Figuring out this bisexual thing...
  37. Attempting sex with a girl
  38. Bisexual/Pansexual?
  39. I dont feel attracted to him. could this mean anything?
  40. What would you love to love?
  41. Not exactly sure what I am & what I want
  42. Should i experiment first?
  43. Gay, straight or phase; very confusing
  44. I fell in love with my fag hag. what do I do.
  45. Unsure of my sexual orientation?
  46. Unsure about sexuality
  47. What Am I?
  48. Random Romantic moments to opposite sex
  49. is this a sign?
  50. Fantasies?
  51. How do I know for sure if I'm gay?
  52. Homoromantic and Heterosexual????
  53. My gender and sexuality confuses me.
  54. Haven't been capable of attraction for a while???
  55. I've never been so confused :/
  56. Beginning to question, but never liked anyone
  57. Was it just a phase?
  58. Can you force your brain to get over denial?
  59. I really need some help/advice
  60. Still questioning if I'm a lesbian, but I really love my boyfriend
  61. Am I a lesbian?
  62. Bisexuals and sexual attraction
  63. Guys I think im bi
  64. What Age Did You Come Out
  65. Gay men - was there a time you were convinced you were straight?
  66. How do I attract good women?
  67. "Gay Activities"
  68. Is Biromantic enough?
  69. Invalidating sexuality?
  70. Not Accepted as a Lesbian by Lesbians because don't want to have sex
  71. Bisexual with fluctuating preferences?
  72. My friends suspect that I'm a lesbian...
  73. Am I lesbian? Or bi? Help!
  74. Am I bi?
  75. Where to fit in.
  76. I can't accept that I'm a lesbian
  77. When everybody thinks you are a lesbian...and i constantly doubt myself... :(
  78. Just utterly confused?
  79. Cybersex, Relationships and fear, that's what I have
  80. Having an affair w/ a married man- should I stop it?
  81. A short haitus, but I'm back.
  82. I felt nothing
  83. Confused about my Orientation
  84. How to accept yourself?
  85. confused
  86. I dont want this to be a phase
  87. Day 6 as bi
  88. What I think Va how I feel
  89. Day 6 and 7 as straight
  90. Am I Lesbian or do I just like girls a lot more?
  91. Is this a sign I'm gay?
  92. Stressfully unsure if I'm bisexual?
  93. Sexual urges left? Now confused
  94. For those who were confused, what was the moment that convinced u of your sexuality?
  95. Anxiety with my label
  96. Lesbian having crushes on guys?
  97. Day 5 as bi
  98. Questioning
  99. Help me please
  100. I Feel Out of Place
  101. Confused about feelings
  102. 100% confused
  103. "Apples & oranges"
  104. am I bi...?
  105. The Complexity of Attraction
  106. I'm anxious of being gay
  107. Not sure what to do
  108. lesbian or bi?
  109. I don't know what I am...
  110. Am I a lesbian or bi?
  111. Want to come out as lesbian but I'm afraid I'll change
  112. Me & GirlFriend Need advice, in bedroom
  113. Guy I'm dating has had many partners in the past (feeling uneasy)
  114. Grey-A or repressed?
  115. HELP! I don't know...
  116. So confused
  117. Is there a name for what I am?
  118. Struggling to admit it to myself... advice please.
  119. was I being used????? or am i???
  120. What?
  121. Cognitive dissonance.
  122. If You Could Choose to Be Straight, Would You?
  123. I have no idea what I am
  124. I thought I was gay, but am I?
  125. I'm so confused...pan or bi?
  126. Day 2 as bi
  127. Day 4 and 5 as straight
  128. Confused...
  129. got a puzzle for you.
  130. My secret
  131. Day 1 of being bi
  132. Bisexuals... One last question for you guys/gals
  133. I don't even know
  134. Day 4 as Gay... Or Bi?
  135. What orientation is this?
  136. What is sexual attraction?
  137. Confused about myself. What should I do?
  138. Day 3 as Gay
  139. Gay but on the Asexual Spectrum? physical/not sexual
  140. Still struggling
  141. Lesbians who watch guy on guy porn
  142. Withering pruny little heart
  143. What does Bisexual mean TO YOU?
  144. Bisexual but Easier to say Homosexual
  145. Um ... Yikes? SEND HELP
  146. Day 2 as Gay
  147. Day 2 and 3 as straight
  148. straight girl crushes
  149. Looking for opinions
  150. I'm bisexual ,but I act differantley to each sex
  151. suddenly started questioning my sexuality. confused
  152. I don't know what I am! Please help!
  153. Bisexual confusion
  154. Possibility that I may be gay
  155. Your S/O sexting
  156. questioning and loads of anxiety
  157. Day 1 as Gay
  158. another confused young person...
  159. Not "disgusted" by girls
  160. Very Bi-Curious Lately.
  161. Am I lesbian?
  162. Aromantic???
  163. I've got A LOT of questions about bi/gay
  164. Am I the only person who wants to be gay?
  165. Advice and Help on Bisexuality
  166. Day 1 as straight
  167. I know what I am
  168. Fluidity of Sexuality
  169. Incredibly distraught, advice needed.
  170. Bi or Pan?
  171. Why am I attracted to father figures?...
  172. Bi Pride! How do you guys feel?
  173. I think I'm gay
  174. After you fap... what's on your mind?
  175. Help! I need to know how to deal with this!
  176. How to be seen as lesbian
  177. Told everyone I'm gay. But I think I'm bi...
  178. Bisexual analogy
  179. Lesbians and sexual attraction
  180. Does anybody else feel this way?
  181. So confused..
  182. am I denying the truth
  183. Not sure what exactly I am
  184. Regret...
  185. Sexual Orientation
  186. Gay, Bisexual, or Pansexual?
  187. Gay Virginity
  188. Lost.
  189. Sexuality changing over time? Also, guilt about sexuality?
  190. Not Enought Experience?
  191. Gay men who used to date women
  192. i think i might be bisexual
  193. Does this mean I'm attracted to him?
  194. First boyfriend
  195. Gay men - any kind of sexual attraction to women/what attraction?
  196. Bisexual but Really Confused
  197. Sexual vs. Romantic Inconsistencies: Or (Why I Can't Sleep At Night)
  198. Appreciating the opposite gender's looks?
  199. Confused
  200. What can your dreams say about you?
  201. My reasons
  202. Advice needed: My situation in a straight relationship (Long)
  203. Late bloomer
  204. The difference between close friendship and romantic interest?
  205. Not having a concrete definition for sexuality?
  206. I think I'm gay
  207. Gay to just one?
  208. does this mean anything?
  209. I think I finally know.
  210. Life advice needed
  211. Coming out
  212. Lost Virginity to a girl
  213. like girl and boy?
  214. a question me lady
  215. FTM's
  216. Interracial Dating and Dating
  217. Am I denying my straight side?
  218. I'm curious about what you all think of this view of homosexuality
  219. Do I come off as lesbian?
  220. Can Aromantics fall in love?
  221. Influence of religious upbringing
  222. Am I alone here?
  223. Gold Star Gays
  224. Soooo confused...
  225. Straight, no Im bi, no Im straight...
  226. i went to a therapist and im confused help me
  227. Lost my virginity to a girl..but I'm gay
  228. Help with giving this a name, please!?
  229. Queer Heterosexual???
  230. I rejected a guy because I have no confidence?
  231. I feel so ashamed of myself
  232. Am I les?
  233. So apparently I really do like girls
  234. am i sexually bi.. or is that possible? please help!
  235. How To Meet Guys?
  236. A question for Transgender Homosexuals
  237. bi or gay in denial?
  238. I'm mostly gay now
  239. What do you guys think of friends with benefits?
  240. Can I talk to a psychologist about my orientation?
  241. Bisexual Guys
  242. Very unsure.
  243. taking sexual orientations tests
  244. gay for someone then straight again
  245. I'm scared
  246. Not sure if I'm bi or not
  247. I don't wanna hate myself
  248. Does the word pansexual imply being sexually attracted to EVERYONE?
  249. Why do we doubt
  250. Help me love myself