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  1. Intimacy
  2. What's wrong with me?
  3. Im 14 male and extremely confused need help
  4. very confused
  5. Coming out to college roommate
  6. Anyone identify as homosexual but been able to masturbate to opposite gender?
  7. Strength of erections
  8. Problem with sexual orientation
  9. So I Kinda Came Out But...
  10. Confused by coworkers behavior
  11. Semi Confused?
  12. Internalised homophobia? Fancying vaginas but not butts
  13. I can't seem to reciprocate flirting
  14. I'm beginning to question things...
  15. Cons of being a straight trans male
  16. Confused for a long time
  17. Normal not to like sex?
  18. Confused for a long time
  19. Am I Straight/Bisexual/ Lesbian ?
  20. from gay to bisexual
  21. Cuddling for the first time with a guy
  22. Gay or Bi
  23. Very Confused & Questioning
  24. Am I bi?
  25. Confused
  26. can't figure out if i'm on the asexuality spectrum.
  27. Never be ashamed of who you are!
  28. Coming out Story/Finding Myself
  29. Attraction debate/question please help
  30. Kinsey scale
  31. What is my sexual orientation(Chip help)?
  32. Bisexual or lesbian?
  33. Just trying to figure out what I am
  34. Are these signs my boyfriend is bisexual/gay?
  35. Maybe I'm just gay! Please help
  36. Labels, Boxes, and Feelings - Help!
  37. Gay or bi or what
  38. When will this end
  39. I feel so wrong :(
  40. Sexuality
  41. Another question..
  42. Really, truly struggling
  43. I don't know anymore...
  44. Bisexual vs. Bicurious
  45. How were your parents? And how does that link to your orientation ?
  46. Hello, I need help as I'm overthinking massively.
  47. Am I lesbian or is it just a phase?
  48. What do I sound like to you?
  49. I'm lesbian but with the perfect boy :(
  50. Unsure
  51. Help! I have begun to hate the fact i have same sex attractions
  52. Get tired of this
  53. Need help!
  54. Unsure and confused with sexuality
  55. Would like input from other people :D
  56. what the hell is going on?
  57. Late realisation
  58. Questioning
  59. Unsure
  60. My romantic and sexual orientation are different. Thoughts?
  61. overnight
  62. Confused
  63. Can sexuality or possibly experimenting be a phase?
  64. Not emotionally attracted to men
  65. Hey all...me again....
  66. Unrequited Love.. I think
  67. Can you help me with my orientation?
  68. Post Coming Out
  69. Really Confused
  70. Gay or Asexual?
  71. Just need advice
  72. You know you are Gay/Lesbian when?
  73. Bi or gay?
  74. Bisexuality and Denial
  75. Bi or straight?
  76. Clothes for a date
  77. Does he like me?
  78. Sexuality?
  79. We're going this way, that way
  80. Can I be a lesbian if I don't like physical touch?
  81. Gay Bondage v straight sex
  82. What sexuality do I identify with?
  83. Sexually fulfilled, have you been?
  84. Questioning my sexuality
  85. Sex vs. Kissing
  86. Lesbian or bi?
  87. Does anyone still get this?
  88. str8,bi orf**cking what?
  89. I'm confused and unsure and overwhelmed.
  90. Gay,Straight,Denial
  91. Why is it that I am uneasy about having sex with a girl?
  92. I've just started this journey and boy, it can suck sometimes...
  93. not sure if i'm bi , i really need advice ):
  94. Definitely into guys, but I'm a bit confused about girls (talks about sex stuff too)
  95. Am I Gay, Bisexual, or Straight?
  96. Can Someone Help?
  97. Longing for a controlling, Dominant partner - why do I want it ?
  98. Yesterday the feelings got bad. Sharing got me through.
  99. confused
  100. Almost 30 and very confused.
  101. then, i met her. (straight but questioning everything now)
  102. Crushes on fictional guys?
  103. Same-sex fantasy vs same-sex reality
  104. I can't figure out what I am...
  105. A tiny bit confused ... advice please!!
  106. 2D/4D Finger Ratio
  107. Lost
  108. Different Romantic and Sexual Orientation?
  109. Alterous Attraction
  110. How I Found Out I Was Bisexual
  111. Is there a name for this?
  112. Porn and Sexuality?
  113. What can a dream tell you?
  114. Bisexual until proven otherwise?
  115. Need confirmation
  116. Showing interest?
  117. Trying to find out what my real sexuality is
  118. Confused once again
  119. Scared and confused
  120. Confused about sexuality
  121. What the hack is going on ? Need some advice please
  122. Any advice or opinions would help!!!
  123. would someone question for 4 years if they were straight?
  124. Facing myself. I might just be angry enough to do this.
  125. If you had to guess...
  126. Do you think there is too much emphasis?
  127. Doubting my bisexuality
  128. Bisexual and married
  129. What are the numbers?
  130. The Great Porn Debate
  131. Am I bisexual if I'm in love with a tomboy girl?
  132. Only questioning now at 24...?
  133. Questioning Myself - Looking for advice and discussion
  134. Dating as a Gay Transman
  135. Confused About Sexual Orientation.
  136. Am I the only lesbian who does not have any interest in dildos?
  137. Not enjoy lesbian sex--> not lesbian?
  138. Comment on my experience to help me understand better
  139. So confused,am I a lesbian or bi?
  140. Confused with New Boyfriend
  141. Looking for an outsiders perspective.
  142. Joyful trans
  143. What does my sexuality sound like?
  144. Experiences with Bisexuality /Lesbianism?
  145. Dreadfully Confused About Orientation
  146. Feeling like i'm not really out yet and being confused...
  147. fed up with this feeling
  148. some clarification please?
  149. panromantic asexual
  150. Does lack of split between sexual and romantic orientation apply to women, too?
  151. Need peoples experiences' with sexuality questioning
  152. I don't know what my sexuality it, please help?
  153. I can't believe this has come up AGAIN...
  154. Now really confused
  155. Educational reading material on finding oneself?
  156. Bi or lesbian?
  157. Am I Still Lesbian If I Like Trans Men?
  158. First Time lesbian Sex! How Do I get There?
  159. In the epitome of confusion again
  160. I have a boyfriend, but I'm confused & scared.
  161. Questioning my Orientation
  162. Figuring it out all over again
  163. First Real Lesbian Crush Please Help
  164. Questions: Mirror neurons
  165. Trans guy- wondering if I'm bi? **HELP**
  166. In need of help with Sexuality and Dysphoria
  167. Confused about my Sexuality
  168. Thoughts?
  169. Extreme Switches...
  170. Future ?
  171. LG or B ?
  172. Curious, and crushing on lesbian co-worker
  173. Can someone please help me
  174. General wondering...ment
  175. I want to be friends with my crush
  176. introduction
  177. What is pansexaul
  178. Gray-asexual, asexual, or what?
  179. Constantly assuring myself that being bi is okay
  180. First Post! My Journey Begins Today.
  181. Two romantic orientations?
  182. Oh wait: I'm actually pansexual
  183. Question
  184. Sexuality really that fluid
  185. Is this attraction?
  186. was this a crush???
  187. Figuring out who I really am.
  188. Is anyone demisexual and can they explain it to me?
  189. Why can't I stop questioning?!
  190. Super confused
  191. Not bi but still attracted?
  192. Is same sex attraction and homosexuality the same thing
  193. Doubting myself.. help!
  194. Heteroromantic? Gay and confused? Mostly straight? TMI alert
  195. Hey guys
  196. I don't know who I am anymore
  197. Thoughts/Feelings
  198. I am confused...
  199. Need help!!! Confused
  200. I identify as a gay woman, but I think I may be demisexual towards men
  201. Unsure
  202. Never-ending desire to be straight?
  203. A longer story about my confused self...
  204. Never had a Crush before-- Struggling to Accept
  205. Asexual experience
  206. sexuality and coming out problems
  207. Confused
  208. Hocd...
  209. New to understanding my sexuality
  210. Gay days and straight days
  211. Very confused about, well everything...
  212. Think I'm gay but wants to be straight
  213. Unsure if gay
  214. I can't tell if I'm gay.
  215. I'm confused
  216. A long story. Please help. I need perspective!
  217. questioning my sexuality
  218. Out but doubting a lot
  219. Am I really bi?
  220. Need some help
  221. Confused in MN
  222. Hitting a wall
  223. Confused about sexuality
  224. Please Help Me With My Sexuality
  225. Questioning hard... please help
  226. please help me with answers
  227. Is explicit actually the way to go? (PG:13)
  228. Would This Work?
  229. trouble being a top in intimate situations with men.
  230. Really confused about my sexuality
  231. Completely confused
  232. Am I homoromantic?
  233. Thought I Was Gay But Now Turned On By Opposite Sex
  234. Is this a legit crush or a "friend crush"?
  235. 33 and not sure
  236. Ready to come out, but ... gay or bi?
  237. Looking for answers
  238. Came out but not sure if I should have
  239. Can you be attracted to any person regardless of gender but
  240. Theoretically bisexual, practically lesbian?
  241. Unsure of sexuality
  242. why is this happening?
  243. Am I Bi?
  244. Is the only way to really know to get together with someone?
  245. Questioning
  246. Sexual Orientation Suppression
  247. Help with what this means?
  248. Doubts
  249. Conflicting Feelings
  250. Emotinal & sexual confusion