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  1. Need some help with my orientation
  2. A really good article
  3. So stressed and confused about sexuality, it's affecting my mental health
  4. different attraction for Bisexuals
  5. Am I a lesbian or just paranoid ???? Please help. Driving me nuts!
  6. Is My Brain Still In Shock?
  7. Homosexual/Heteroromantic - what of the two never align?
  8. Participate in new research study: Lesbian women's health and eating behaviors
  9. Very confused about bisexuality :(
  10. holiday romance
  11. HELP! BI OR STRAIGHT? Been wondering for too long!
  12. I've never been with a guy, so I don;t think I'm Gay
  13. Sexually abused: Does it contribute to confusion?
  14. My Obsession
  15. Need advice from a questioning Str8 guy
  16. Why is porn considered a poor predictor?
  17. Not gay because....?
  18. I never want to come out as bisexual...
  19. I'm Feeling Confused.
  20. Figuring out my sexuality but girl I really like - can't perform with a women?
  21. HOCD or gay/bi?
  22. Not sure what to think about sex now...
  23. Can't decide
  24. Tiresome questioning
  25. Needing Advice, Please.
  26. what does being a lesbian mean to you?
  27. Confusion, shame, and sexuality
  28. Straight or bi/pan?
  29. Help!Turning straight!
  30. Bisexual yet Panic Attacks....?
  31. I dont know if im gay or not
  32. If people question their sexuality, is it likely they're not straight as they think??
  33. What is wrong with me ? :(
  34. Quick question
  35. I have a crush
  36. Gay or bi?
  37. I can't tell if I'm asexual or not
  38. Meeting and making friends with other LGBT online (not just for sex)
  39. The flexibility of bisexuality over time?
  40. Really confused!!!
  41. Any research behind this "gay test"...
  42. Am i gay and in denial? or OCD?
  43. Is Bisexuality in men really possible? I don't like it :/
  44. Asexual with complications
  45. What exactly does "queer" mean?
  46. Agender?
  47. not straight but how can I be sure?
  48. I like girls but curious about boys?
  49. I really need some advice
  50. Many people think homsexuality is a trend.
  51. How Do I Make HOCD Thoughts Go Away??
  52. I think I have a crush on a girl for the first time
  53. Finally I understand myself!
  54. Straight sex
  55. When acceptance can't be found?
  56. going crazy
  57. How do you deal with cravings?
  58. I am definitely an androphile, but ?
  59. Obsessed with sexuality
  60. Confused and scared
  61. Well, I think im Bisexual
  62. I consider myself straight, but only one category of gay porn turns me on...am I gay?
  63. Help with best friend
  64. I'm so lost
  65. how do I accept me?
  66. Lesbian thoughts when I was younger
  67. Unsure of Sexuality
  68. I thought i was gay.
  69. Share your "I desperately want to be straight" story.
  70. How To Accept My Bisexuality
  71. How did you feel about sex with the opposite sex, when you were in denial?
  72. Fascinated by lesbians?
  73. Who am I?
  74. potential first date... maybe?
  75. Confused... does it mean anything?
  76. Phases of internalised homophobia.
  77. Can someone explain what "Queer" means?
  78. I just masturbated over a guy, but I have a girlfriend?!?
  79. Kind of confused...again?
  80. I don't know if I am still bi or not, I am so confused
  81. Bi curious??
  82. Is my crush just a need for affection?
  83. Why Didn't I Learn About My Sexuality Eariler?
  84. My sexuality is inconsistent
  85. The debate: bisexual vs. pansexual
  86. Why do many straight guys attracted to feminine looking men?
  87. Is he straight, bi, or just curious?
  88. Do bisexual desires fluctuate with time?
  89. What am I?
  90. so confused. please help.
  91. Please describe me your feelings/attraction towards men
  92. I'm gay but yet I find myself having a slight crush on a girl
  93. Could I possibly be bisexual?
  94. Only had a crush one girl. Am I a lesbian?
  95. Very Confused about my Sexuality
  96. Stuck in limbo *long*
  97. Straight porn use 'disguised' the fact I was gay?
  98. Anyone had therapy with the NHS (confusion, drug andporn abuse)
  99. Am I bi?
  100. Am I gay, straight, or bi?
  101. Low self esteem or gay?
  102. SO confused
  103. burning jealousy
  104. Am I a lesbian?
  105. lesbian with boyfriend
  106. Doubting the doubt? Long. Time sensitive.
  107. Born straight ... now I don't know ...
  108. When did you 1st start experiencing confusion?
  109. Definite closure
  110. Just started questioning at age 40
  111. Pretty sure I'm gay but have a boyfriend (I'm female)
  112. Question about Orientation
  113. Question for gay guys: Do you find girls to be adorable?
  114. I have a question.
  115. questions about polyamarous relationship
  116. Bi?
  117. Lesbian?
  118. Struggling with sexual identity
  119. Gay or just questioning?
  120. Am I gay?
  121. Hi. . .bi or lesbian?
  122. feeling lost: am I an denial about sexuality or is it my anxiety
  123. Difference between 'mostly gay' and 'gay leaning bisexual'
  124. Need Some Advice
  125. There's this girl...
  126. Please Help. !!!!!!
  127. I feel suicidal.
  128. Confusing myself between admiration and attraction
  129. Crushes, Falling, and Friends
  130. constantly confused
  131. Should i even care at this point?
  132. Maybe I am Straight Afterall
  133. Aromantic Asexual?
  134. Just Haven't Found The Right Guy?
  135. I think I'm GAY
  136. Recurring doubts
  137. How do you throw away the masks?
  138. Need help if Bi or Lesbian
  139. crushes and sexuality
  140. kinda long, but please help. I'm confused :(((
  141. What is the difference between bi and pan
  142. I'm don't know.
  143. Finally realizing im straight? Please help
  144. Aromantic?
  145. Letting someone down gently
  146. So confused and scared and can I get some insight?
  147. Am I gay?
  148. finding an identity
  149. gay for 1 person
  150. Confused
  151. Mixed Feelings
  152. Yeah... I'm totally confused.
  153. Not an Ellen
  154. Finally trying to discover myself
  155. Bi? I'm not so sure (mature themes)
  156. can't seem to masterbate. ..
  157. Does it hurt to break up with opposite sex partners?
  158. Sexuality
  159. Finally took the plunge!
  160. confused.HELP!
  161. 31 y/old male, total confusion and worry :-(
  162. What orientation am i? I'm so confused and stressed
  163. mismatched orientations?
  164. Questioning whether I'm straighter than I thought I was.
  165. Please tell me I'm not alone...
  166. So, i met this guy...
  167. bisexual or lesbian?
  168. I'm Questioning, now what?
  169. 10 years on and I still don't know..
  170. sexual attraction but not emotional.
  171. lesbian/bi??maybe?
  172. Anxiety since Questioning?
  173. Really confused
  174. What am I?
  175. how can i stop doubting myself?
  176. Am I gay or bi? I need help.
  177. Could be bisexual, but..?
  178. does evryone have a hard time figuring out their sexual orientation?
  179. I'm a lesbian?
  180. Does this guy like me? Do I like him?
  181. Lesbian question
  182. Would this make me a lesbian?
  183. Anonymous Sexy pics online - form of cheating
  184. Scared of being straight
  185. Aromantic?
  186. Lesbian but attracted to men??
  187. Am I gay or bi?
  188. "I'm a lesbian" - but why is it so difficult to say out loud?
  189. Queerplatonic vs. Queerromantic
  190. Am I sure? Over-thinking
  191. not sure what to think
  192. Is it possible to go through "a phase"?
  193. Lesbians and Bisexuals
  194. Reaction Formation
  195. Afraid of liking guys?
  196. Please help - maybe lesbian - being sexual with guys
  197. Confessing Love?
  198. The emotions, and realizations just kind of keep flooding in..
  199. Who am I?
  200. Please help...
  201. Confident, but questioning?
  202. I'm just so lost and confused....
  203. I'm not attracted to straight girls...
  204. Struggling With Bi or Lesbian identity
  205. Preference flips?
  206. Only attracted to older men/Daddy issues?
  207. figuring out if i am bisexual or gay
  208. Why are people straight or gay?
  209. A long and complicated history
  210. 23 year old female, very confused and lost
  211. I like being masculine and protective towards girls
  212. Been feeling like this for a while now...
  213. Questioning sexuality, but don't think I'm gay
  214. Getting over your first same-sex crush/love
  215. Always seeking reassurance... Why?
  216. Identity questions and help!
  217. Lesbian or just not interested?
  218. I can't find gay men attractive...
  219. Haven't had a crush since accepting I'm gay?
  220. Can you be asexual if you have fetishes?
  221. Am I bisexual?
  222. Confused and stressed
  223. Confused on my sexual orientation
  224. Confused with my behavior
  225. Back in the Closet?
  226. Bi Now? Lesbian Later?
  227. mass confusion
  228. Figuring this out once and for all
  229. Attraction vs. Anxiety
  230. I'm having doubts.. again
  231. Frustrated & Confused: I think I'm turning straight
  232. Is it weird to be very picky as far as who I find attractive?
  233. what even
  234. ????
  235. Confused
  236. My First Ever Gay Moment(a sort of sexual hug to a guy)
  237. Help!!
  238. help? i'm confused
  239. Afraid and confused at 22
  240. still confused at 32 you! Please help
  241. Could I Be Bisexual
  242. My life story
  243. Awkward crush
  244. My sexuality?
  245. I am a Heteromantic Homosexual?
  246. can you "turn" gay or are you born that way?
  247. Am i gay?
  248. Some help would be nice
  249. Ocd
  250. I'm confused