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  1. I'm Really Confused
  2. Being turned on by her
  3. Previously gay, now "?????"
  4. Confused
  5. Not bisexual anymore? I don't want to be straight!
  6. I don't know me
  7. I'm gay again . Woo Hoo.
  8. I like guys, but suddenly I find women attractive too now.
  9. Lesbian and gay at the same time?
  10. I may be lesbian?
  11. In love with best friend.
  12. Suicide for my crush- My Best Friend
  13. Is porn/masturbation an indication to your sexuality?
  14. Gaydar?
  15. Why can't I decide?
  16. So I met this girl...
  17. I don't know anymore?
  18. Do any other gay guys not really "check out" men?
  19. My aunt
  20. When I'm on ec
  21. Confused - Please Help!
  22. More confused now...
  23. Found the guy I'm in love with but I'm confused.
  24. brain playing with me?
  25. am I afraid or just straight?
  26. My "girlfriend" is a boy
  27. i don't know
  28. Is this normal? Embarrassed about bisexuality
  29. Getting randomly turned on by women
  30. My best friend is slightly homophobic...
  31. Is this normal? Is it okay?
  32. So I'm still confused...
  33. Aromantic? Romantically fluid?...idk
  34. I don't want to be like this
  35. Sexual Orienation confusion and obsession, constant analysis of
  36. Wondering if you *really* are gay?
  37. Figuring it all out
  38. I'm not sure if i'm straight...i need help
  39. Do you think it means something?
  40. My crush is dating a guy who is also dating a girl?
  41. Deep from the closet I come
  42. Anyone with similar experiences?
  43. Experimenting.. How should I do it?
  44. So confused
  45. i keep remaining uncertain
  46. Wanting to make sure
  47. Third date advice
  48. Anxiety or arousal? I'm confused..
  49. On searching for labels (and a bunch of other meditation)
  50. I need help with this
  51. I'm scared that I'm secretly straight
  52. Is this a 'normal' experience?
  53. Difference between "the act" of sex and sex
  54. I am going through hell. Please help?
  55. Labels? I don't know.
  56. Lesbian but not disgusted by men?
  57. Confused abo24ut my orientation
  58. Confused?
  59. How does it feel to be near someone attractive?
  60. How can I still be so confused? I need some help my big EC family!
  61. FTM doubting sexuality
  62. Any advice?
  63. Sometimes Questioning myself
  64. What am I?
  65. It's impossible not to label myself
  66. Important and Very Urgent
  67. I'm ranting, just so y'all know...(Sexual Fluidity)
  68. How do I get a boy's attention or get him to talk to me?
  69. Advice: I'm so sick of completely hiding this side of me, but I can't come out...
  70. I always come back to thinking I'm gay
  71. Scared
  72. I feel schizophrenic and crazy at moments, I only want to express myself!
  73. What Am I, I'm so confused
  74. Need help understanding what I am?...
  75. question about online dating and coming out
  76. Bi.... Maybe?
  77. How did you know for sure that you were gay/lesbian
  78. Evidence of OCD in past, BI? HOCD?
  79. Unsure, please help
  80. Still Confused...
  81. So here I am again
  82. Having your first relationship.
  83. Let me be 100% honest... I just hate my sexuality
  84. How do I let a potential lesbian friend know I'm gay without being too random?
  85. Another questioning question
  86. HOCD or gay (LONG)
  87. Settled on Bi/Pan, but still unsure
  88. scared to be a lesbian
  89. Not really sure what's going on
  90. Confused again?
  91. Another confused story
  92. Straight/ bi/ lesbian or just a fear of being a lesbian?
  93. I don't know
  94. Bi or lesbian?
  95. What is considered pan/bi/gay?
  96. Childhood Experiences?
  97. Confused!!! Please Help!
  98. Bi or scared to just say I'm Gay ?
  99. Unsure of my sexuality
  100. My ongoing struggle [M/26/Questioning]
  101. What is going on?
  102. Terrified lesbian... Help!
  103. Maybe Bisexual, but I got some questions...
  104. anxiety spike
  105. Porn and Confusion
  106. My Sexual Orientation
  107. WTF is my sexuality?!
  108. Scared of sex or whaaaaa?
  109. minute to minute
  110. I'm ashamed of not knowing my orientation
  111. Did you have to have sex to know you weren't straight?
  112. The way I look at members of the same sex
  113. help!!!!
  114. Orientation Questioning
  115. Somewhere before acceptance
  116. Bisexual Or Gay, or something else?
  117. Anxiety is over the roof!
  118. 3 years questioning and still confused :(
  119. My love life.. (15 and confused)
  120. What country is more accepting?
  121. Am I Bisexual? - I'm so lost and confused...
  122. Help me with understanding sexuality & my sexuality
  123. Lesbian, but still find men attractive
  124. Confusion!?: update
  125. Confused
  126. What should I do, come out or shut up and get married
  127. My sexual orientation
  128. Boyfriend came out to me
  129. bi vs. straight
  130. Bisexual but only same-sex attration
  131. Confused but unsure how to move forward
  132. Multisexuals: How did requestioning feel?
  133. Attracted to an orientation?
  134. Does anyone...
  135. Feelings for same sex co-worker, now questioning??
  136. Is it just my anxiety? Or am I actually gay?
  137. Starting to be tired of myself.
  138. How Do I Stop Being Ashamed of Myself?
  139. Is Sexuality really just Psychological?
  140. Understanding Sexuality without Sex
  141. can I get some help?
  142. More gay than I think?
  143. Time I accepted? Moving on?
  144. Feel like I am hiding a big secret... uncomfortable with it
  145. How do I unrepress my sexuality?
  146. Feel like I'll never find someone
  147. Need help deciding my orientation (bi/pansexual?)
  148. How can I be supportive of my Asexual sister?
  149. Confused- Would love advice!
  150. To gay members:
  151. Serious confusion...am i in denial. Need help!
  152. Confused
  153. Why can't I decide??
  154. I feel depressed when I like women?
  155. Very Confused About Everything
  156. I identify as more than one?
  157. Why can't I decide??
  158. Has spending most of my life around guys made me bi?
  159. I am Homoromantic but unsure if I am Homosexual
  160. Am a gay or bi?
  161. Questions About Pansexuality
  162. Can you be certain of your sexuality?
  163. "Mostly Gay", but...
  164. Bi/Poly/Pansexuals: How old were you when you realized you weren't straight?
  165. How do you know if you're in denial?
  166. Girlfriend won't accept sexuality
  167. Lesbian?? Pan?? Who knows at this point
  168. Is it possible to have a crush without realizing it?
  169. Why can't I just calm about whether I am gay or bi
  170. I think I'm bi or bi-cerieus
  171. What am I?
  172. Asexual Homoromanticism
  173. Back to square one...
  174. need real advice on first gay experience
  175. Bi-curious or?
  176. Is this wrong?
  177. A Kiss changes everything!
  178. Thinking out loud
  179. Mid-teen Crisis...
  180. A girlfriend?!?
  181. Another "confused about my orientation" post
  182. I've had a girlfriend for 11 years although get turned on by thinking off older men,
  183. Embracing true authenticity
  184. Should i forget about him?
  185. confused about my sexuality
  186. Really need some help..
  187. Do they swing that way?
  188. Curiosity...
  189. Confused and Scared...but curious
  190. Physical vs sexual attraction
  191. Biromantic Homosexual
  192. Are bisexual people more shy in relationships?
  193. How can i find i boyfriend?
  194. Bromosexual
  195. Scared of being wrong?
  196. English class...
  197. ex gay ? is it worth it going that way?
  198. Gay is normal?
  199. Self-Compassion in LGBTQIA+ Individuals
  200. What is trisexual?
  201. Based on these facts about myself, would you consider me gay or straight?
  202. Being gay and a trans guy? Questioning sexuality
  203. Questioning if bi or lesbian after new crush
  204. Gay, Bi ... another "what the hell am I"-thread
  205. I don't know what's wrong with me
  206. Unsure of Sexuality
  207. Gay or bi or straight?, im going insane
  208. Confused about sexual orientation...
  209. Why am i only gay when horny?
  210. Never get attached to women, does this mean I'm straight??
  211. How do I meet LGBT people? How about just people in general?
  212. Seriously confused
  213. Alot of people assume Homosexuals hate babies and family.
  214. Is there any truth to the "teen hormones" excuse people use?
  215. Queer more than LGBT
  216. What the Ache Eeeh Double Hockeysticks am I?
  217. Need some help with my orientation
  218. A really good article
  219. So stressed and confused about sexuality, it's affecting my mental health
  220. different attraction for Bisexuals
  221. Am I a lesbian or just paranoid ???? Please help. Driving me nuts!
  222. Is My Brain Still In Shock?
  223. Homosexual/Heteroromantic - what of the two never align?
  224. Participate in new research study: Lesbian women's health and eating behaviors
  225. Very confused about bisexuality :(
  226. holiday romance
  227. HELP! BI OR STRAIGHT? Been wondering for too long!
  228. I've never been with a guy, so I don;t think I'm Gay
  229. Sexually abused: Does it contribute to confusion?
  230. My Obsession
  231. Need advice from a questioning Str8 guy
  232. Why is porn considered a poor predictor?
  233. Not gay because....?
  234. I never want to come out as bisexual...
  235. I'm Feeling Confused.
  236. Figuring out my sexuality but girl I really like - can't perform with a women?
  237. HOCD or gay/bi?
  238. Not sure what to think about sex now...
  239. Can't decide
  240. Tiresome questioning
  241. Needing Advice, Please.
  242. what does being a lesbian mean to you?
  243. Confusion, shame, and sexuality
  244. Straight or bi/pan?
  245. Help!Turning straight!
  246. Bisexual yet Panic Attacks....?
  247. I dont know if im gay or not
  248. If people question their sexuality, is it likely they're not straight as they think??
  249. What is wrong with me ? :(
  250. Quick question