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  1. What Am I Really?
  2. When Did You Discovered
  3. am I lesbian so far or not?
  4. My mind seems to be very undecided
  5. Bi?
  6. My Story
  7. Would you...?
  8. Does this mean i'm not straight after all?
  9. Friend / More?
  10. Problems maturing? Or other issues.
  11. I've had a long term girlfriend but think I may be gay
  12. I think I'm straight but I need help
  13. Aromantic or just impatient?
  14. woman with male homoerotic prefrences -> insecure
  15. Yep: I am Gay.
  16. I am so confused..
  17. Confused and afraid?
  18. Straight male struggling with relationship with bi/lesbian woman
  19. New to EC and confused
  20. One of my greatest fears
  21. Straight Girl Needs Help
  22. I don't even know.
  23. Soo.. Has anyone else ever felt like this?
  24. I'm out as bisexual but think I am fully into girls
  25. I can't accept possibly being bi
  26. Which label should I use? - Lesbian or bisexual
  27. Are woman attracted to mtf transgender ????
  28. From Bi to Lesbian?
  29. Familiarity
  30. Bise-Wait, wait no. Lesb-Well... Maybe... MEH
  31. Standard Confused Post
  32. my story & my question - can a girl like girls and still find boys attractive?
  33. Lesbian that is secretly bisexual?
  34. Gay men liking boobs?
  35. Doubting identity: straight/lesbian/bi?
  36. A bit young?
  37. Hypothetical aromantic but sexual
  38. Completely new at this...help?
  39. Another 27 y.o. inexperienced and confused guy
  40. Denial & confusion: normal?
  41. I am fed up help me PLEASE
  42. gay journal?
  43. I don't know who I am.
  44. A bit unsure, but kind of
  45. Am I a lesbian, bisexual or just inexperienced?
  46. I don't know how to go about this
  47. If I find same-sex porn highly arousing, am I gay?
  48. Social conditioning to be straight???
  49. is it ok to label as gay / pansexual or just pansexual but prefers boys?
  50. Fed up with girls, should I be with a guy instead?
  51. Demisexual?
  52. Sure I was straight until 'gay epiphany'. Very confused
  53. Used to fantasise about girls when young? Gay epiphany. Porn addiction.
  54. The Questioning Loop Of Confusion
  55. Now I have Nothing Left to Question about Me being completely Gay
  56. I'm Very Confused About My Sexuality
  57. Am I gay or bisexual??
  58. Gay yet Christian
  59. How can you know your sexuality for sure?
  60. Re-questioning sexuality...might be bi after all?
  61. This is a genuine inquiry, not just a boo-hoo story. *Question for the queer ladies.*
  62. I'm sooooooo confused! It's ruining my life :(
  63. Can you trust friends judgment on who they think likes you?
  64. Androgony???
  65. Can some one help me please? Might be bisexual?
  66. well I'm lost for sure.
  67. Is it still gay if I am attracted to all kinds of men including ones with a vagina?
  68. Romance advice
  69. Does the denial ever end?
  70. Are lesbians/bisexual women more visual than gay men?
  71. Am I a Lesbian
  72. Where do I fit???
  73. attraction what is the feeling to you
  74. Am I atually gay not bi?
  75. I'm confused
  76. Could use some help, please...
  77. I'm very confused, could use advice
  78. #TRIGGERWhat are the dumist comment and myths you have heard about being homosexual.
  79. Question.
  80. Confused BUT...Totally Crushing
  81. My sexually confusing housemate
  82. Confused...
  83. Married and very confused.
  84. I was sure I was gay. Now not so much
  85. So confused... should I pursue?
  86. My Story
  87. Not really sure if I'm bisexual
  88. I don't feel queer enough
  89. Is it possible to block out feelings?
  90. Way Beyond Confused
  91. So am i gay or asexual or what ?? Help needed :(
  92. Lesbians dating men
  93. Any advice welcomed, kinda confused
  94. Lost.
  95. Am I gay?
  96. A bit lost really
  97. SO Confused
  98. I'm really confused..
  99. Am I Gay or Asexual ?
  100. Used to think I was Bi, now thinking I may be gay!
  101. Well, thats never happened.
  102. I'm all over the sexuality map today...
  103. Have No Idea How To Go About This
  104. Am I Bisexual?
  105. Can you make crushes go away?
  106. Is It Really Okay To Have A Preference If You're Bisexual/Pansexual?
  107. Questioning sexuality in early twenties
  108. Do I make this too complicated?
  109. 25 years old, and once again confused!
  110. Urge to act out porn fantasies, but it feels wrong
  111. a few questions i have
  112. I might be lesbian? In love with my best friend
  113. Have I changed?
  114. I'm attracted to someone and then I'm not...
  115. Would appreciate your advice - sexual orientation
  116. Conflicted over my desire for a woman
  117. Lesbian, bi, queer... or something else?
  118. Questioning my sexuality.
  119. Confused Girl needs help
  120. Homoflexible or Bi
  121. So.. what kind of porn do you like?
  122. Just what I thought. Now I'm sure.
  123. Wondering about romantic orientation?
  124. Bi people, do you find it hard not to think about orientation everyday?
  125. Not sure if I'm gay or not.
  126. What do you think about the opposite sex?
  127. What's the worst part of being gay?
  128. Some changes in my life...
  129. Thoughts?
  130. Not Lesbian enough?!
  131. Could Use Your Insight
  132. I'm gay , but I have fantasies about straight guys
  133. Biromantic?
  134. Love and Lust
  135. Who Am I?
  136. I'm confused and need answers or advice
  137. gay people: do you notice the opposite sex's sexuality, or do they appear 'asexual'
  138. Do Other Lesbians Find Certain Men Attractive???
  139. How straight questioning people should experiment with the same sex? HELP
  140. How do you deal with lust?
  141. still confused
  142. Gay Asexual??
  143. What is happening?
  144. Confused and needing answers...
  145. I need help!!!
  146. Being a lesbian and misogynistic.
  147. Wtf is romantic attraction?
  148. My big dilemmas.
  149. Lesbians: do you have any celebrity crushes?
  150. umm i personally never experimented before but
  151. How do you know?
  152. Probably Gay
  153. You don't act gay!
  154. A label for this?
  155. Demisexual or Lifestyle Choice?
  156. Ultimately Unsure
  157. I don't know what to do
  158. Confused of my sexuality please help me
  159. Questioning Questions
  160. Out but not proud
  161. Gaydar? Is it real?!
  162. Lesbian confusion.
  163. I am so confused and about to lose my mind?!
  164. How to know if his the one?
  165. Does it effect the way I want to have sex?
  166. Am I bisexual or a lesbian in denial?
  167. Not sure if gay or straight
  168. Unsure of Orientation!
  169. Am I Bi or Gay/In Denial?
  170. The cause?
  171. Sexual Orientation, Tests etc. Neverending confusion
  172. I'm out as bisexual but i think i'm a lesbian
  173. Bisexual? Lesbian? Can you be one or the other?
  174. What are the stages of being gay...
  175. Am I asexual or something else?
  176. Are these feelings normal?
  177. Have you undergone conversion/reparative therapy?
  178. He Left
  179. Confused :(
  180. Pansexual? Bisexual? Lesbian? Gah!
  181. Gay men - when did you know
  182. Gay, straight, transexuals? My story heavily influenced by possible porn addiction.
  183. Help!
  184. Am I a lesbian or just exploring?
  185. Gay Men; What type of guy do you want
  186. Going crazy, please help!!!
  187. Should I tell a guy I like
  188. Asking her out
  189. First same-sex relationship & identity crisis
  190. Queer as a Community?
  191. Name for someone attracted to feminitity?
  192. To all my bi brothas and sistas!
  193. Polyamory
  194. Why do I find sex weird?
  195. Still completly confused. Gay, Straight, Asexual, Trans !?
  196. Is it just a phase?
  197. How to tell if my crush is gay.
  198. I really want to know, if you think she likes me?
  199. Do you think you would make a good girlfriend?
  200. Am I asexual or just not ready?
  201. Do you ever feel conflicted about your sexuality?
  202. bisexual- but too picky for guys?
  203. i like my best friend I need some advise because he is not gay
  204. Like this girl… what should i do?
  205. I'm confused whether I'm a lesbian
  206. Who Am I?
  207. Unsure
  208. The same old thread?
  209. What am I
  210. Should I try dating wile I'm confused?
  211. Can you choose if you're Bisexual?
  212. It would seem I'm bisexual, but I'm struggling to come to terms with it/am confused?
  213. Homoromantic heterosexual?
  214. 18 gay male. Struggling with coming out
  215. i cant be alone
  216. i like my best friend I need some advise because he is not gay
  217. Who am I?
  218. Do you think this girl is straight?
  219. Am I really bisexual?
  220. Anal Fingering
  221. Am I leading him on...?
  222. Confused!
  223. Straight relationship and a lesbian? Need advice!
  224. So horribly confused.
  225. I have never felt this way before. My heart races. My mind goes blank. I feel sick.
  226. My situation
  227. Very confused. Is this a normal experience? Did anyone go through something similar?
  228. Gay people experimenting with the opposite sex?
  229. Confused, frustrated, just want to vent
  230. I'm really bothered by this
  231. A Question!
  232. Another plea for help with confusion.
  233. I have so many questions.. :(
  234. What is the "use" of Romantic Orientation?
  235. thinking about experimenting
  236. questioning...
  237. Confused
  238. Is there a name for my sexual orientation?
  239. I think i figured it out!
  240. Waking up gay: is that a thing?
  241. Need support/advice on my sexuality
  242. Did I get it Right: In that taking away from all this I accepted myself as Gay.
  243. Asexual and in need of support
  244. Gay or bi or just really confused?
  245. Help with attraction and stuff.
  246. I want to date a girl, but I feel like it would be unfair to her.
  247. Confused Married Man
  248. Despair
  249. Need help
  250. I am sick to death of feeling this way, please help.