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  1. Inner turmoil!
  2. Who Am I
  3. im so confused
  4. Anyone else embarrassed about questioning their sexuality
  5. I'm scared I just have mommy issues
  6. Help a girl out?
  7. Preference for women result of absent father?
  8. Trying to make peace with bisexuality
  9. I don't even know what's going on right now
  10. Romantic attraction
  11. Im scared Im gay. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  12. What got you through this? - Need your help
  13. Really confused 20 year old, need help.
  14. Staying in the closet - emotional consequences?
  15. My short story.Am i 100% straight guy?
  16. Personal feelings on how I'm feeling right now.
  17. I have no idea
  18. Can masturbation fetishes lead to homosexuality?
  19. Girl, boy, girl, boy
  20. I need help
  21. help please
  22. Confused
  23. please help me
  24. Confused, lesbians and friendship with men
  25. Bisexual chat group went well.
  26. Does it matter?
  27. Damn, I am confused.
  28. Bisexual men do I sound bisexual? Help me!
  29. OCD has ruined everything...
  30. Really, really confused. Please help!
  31. a bit confused
  32. Has this happened to anyone?
  33. Homosexual men having sex with opposite gender?
  34. Having a tough time figuring this out.
  35. How I Potentially Fail at Being Straight
  36. Eye Candy
  37. Have I been right about being bisexual all this time?
  38. To love a person, not a gender
  39. Weird feelings, but I have a girlfriend?
  40. What is my sexual orientation?
  41. Really confused, please give advice?
  42. I still don't 'get' bisexuality
  43. "Exclusive Paraphilia"--the label that finally fit me!
  44. Attraction and Being In Relationships?
  45. Accepting yourself?
  46. Could This Be A Sign?
  47. Why do top gays like butts?
  48. So itís a long, furry story...
  49. Male sexuality - Confusion / Denial / Fear
  50. Bisexual or just a confused lesbian/straight woman?
  51. Bi or Pan no idea
  52. When you see a straight couple on the street, to which one do your eyes go first?
  53. This one's for the Ladies . . .
  54. Straight when drunk?
  55. Just sharing... 11 years single
  56. Gay to Bisexual
  57. Does this count as being bi?
  58. I definitely do not have HOCD
  59. 31 and wondering if I'm gay
  60. Wow....REALLY confused now...please help
  61. Major confusion - A little help please?
  62. Is there anyone else out there as mixed up as me??!
  63. How to Accept One's Sexuality?
  64. Maybe I'm just bisexual leaning more towards gay?
  65. Trying to see through
  66. Becoming bi/gay at 27?
  67. What exactly is this? What is going on?
  68. Need someone to help me please
  69. crush, then suddenly disgust.
  70. Do I like girls or boys???
  71. Queer HOCD sufferers
  72. Casual Sex
  73. always been straight but can't stop thinking about a guy
  74. How come this forum is so hostile to HOCD sufferers?
  75. Questions about attraction
  76. I *know* I like girls - trying to figure out if I like guys. Bi girls/lesbians- help!
  77. School gay marriage poll
  78. Attraction to Masculinity?
  79. What changed for me
  80. I don't want to be bi, I want to be gay
  81. Please stop me from going insane.
  82. Sexual and romantic orientation: typical doubts regarding personality
  83. Bisexual fantasy advice
  84. Looking for confirmation
  85. I found a real-life bisexual discussion group
  86. Incredibly confused
  87. Why is gay romance so hard?
  88. What are your thoughts?
  89. I really really don't know what to think
  90. Is my Girlfriend still a lesbian?
  91. Romantically Straight, Sexually Gay
  92. Feeling Confused and Guilty
  93. Crushes and "butterflies"
  94. My life story, and using it to determine my sexuality.
  95. Anyone else obsessed with attraction?
  96. What even am I?
  97. Not attracted to all men
  98. Accepting one's sexuality is harder than I thought...
  99. Needing Advice
  100. Questioning my sexuality, what am I?!
  101. I changed my label to gay =]
  102. Need your help bec I am about to lose my sht!
  103. How can I break up with him?
  104. I never had a child hood crush...
  105. Bisexual? Or not? 2nd coming out?
  106. Bisexual? For how long?
  107. Do you get "gayer" with age?
  108. Need advice. TW: sexual abuse
  109. Finally beginning to accept being Bi.
  110. Imput/Advice Requested: Questioning Sexual/Romantic Orientation
  111. I like this girl...
  112. What the heck-a-rooni is going on here
  113. I think I'm in love with a guy
  114. My first crush on a girl??? Confused
  115. Constantly thinking about being with a girl
  116. I'm so thirsty!
  117. Life Change, How Do I embrace?
  118. Question to lesbians who have in some point had sex with a man
  119. hey guys i'm new here, i have a question (long story)
  120. What am I
  121. The Worst Part About Bisexuality
  122. Not totally sure about my sexuality
  123. Sexually Confused
  124. Confused and Depressed
  125. Mid 20's Identity Crisis -(very long, sorry!)
  126. Bisexual heteroromantic - How to deal with Guilt and Shame?
  127. In a low place: need some help sorting things out
  128. Just came out to my girlfriend, but am I really gay?
  129. do earrings still signal something?
  130. I Feel Alone
  131. Confused
  132. Would you date a trans* female/male
  133. Bisexual at 20?
  134. Weird excitement which will probably lead to nothing...
  135. Straight attractions "just a phase?"
  136. Question for gay men: Have you ever had sexual feelings for women?
  137. Pretty sure I'm gay but afraid to date women
  138. Am I pretending to be gay? Was I straight all along?
  139. In denial
  140. Homoflexible? Bisexual?
  141. Helping A Friend Who Is Questioning and Afraid
  142. I don't even know
  143. I'm lesbian? But I have a boyfriend
  144. Questioning Everything
  145. Maybe You Can Help
  146. i can't be gay
  147. Any other explanations?
  148. im so confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  149. Putting too much stock in others' opinions?
  150. I just need reassurance that I'm okay.
  151. Help!!! I am very confused and im not sure what to do!!!
  152. Sexually fluid, how to maintain a relationship?
  153. Does this make sense?
  154. Very, very confused?
  155. Am I Bi?
  156. It seems like there no comfortable bisexuals on this site?
  157. Denial or what?
  158. What Can I do?
  159. Would I be considered a lesbian?
  160. How do I accept myself?
  161. SO CONFUSED!!!!! Amy 20year olds like me?
  162. I thought I found who I was but now I'm back to square one?
  163. Who am I?
  164. I thought I was gay, but now I might be having feelings for a girl
  165. Am I Aromantic?
  166. Do I even need to know?
  167. I'm terrified. Please help.
  168. Does this mean I'm asexual?
  169. Sexual orientation feels messed up and in a relationship
  170. Help, I don't know what I am
  171. what to do?
  172. i have no idea what i am....
  173. I say i'm pansexual, but as of recently, not quite sure.
  174. Tipping Point?
  175. Sexuality...confused...help?
  176. Possibly having aspects of asexuality?
  177. Kind of Strange Question here
  178. I'm pretty sure I am lesbian but my parents seem to think it's a phase?
  179. Why won't my mind settle down?
  180. Return of a confused person...
  181. Porn VS Sexuality
  182. Are gay men aroused by women growing up?
  183. Questioning
  184. Why is it complicated?
  185. "What label am I?"
  186. Should I confess?
  187. How Do I Learn To Accept Myself As Being A Lesbian
  188. Am i gay? bi? straight?
  189. I am bisexual
  190. i think there's something wrong with me. wonder if it can be identified.
  191. Am I desensitized or am I queer?
  192. Is being bisexual a thing?
  193. Stuck :'(
  194. Maybe pan?
  195. Confused about my sexuality
  196. Am I Bi or Les?
  197. Does something like genderfluid but with sexuality exist?
  198. Feeling so confused and in a relationship
  199. My "straight" boyfriend has fantasies about men
  200. Might be gay or bi, don't want to lie to myself
  201. Does being LGBT bring this problem?
  202. Why am I attracted to young men?
  203. No alignment between romantic/sexual orientation, struggle to accept homosexuality.
  204. Older than me >.<
  205. I might like my bestfriend??
  206. Dont know if i have hocd? So confused
  207. Please help me.
  208. I might be gay!!
  209. I think I like/love my bestfriend?
  210. What's the heck is happening in my head?
  211. Confused/unsure
  212. Opinions please
  213. What Am I Really?
  214. When Did You Discovered
  215. am I lesbian so far or not?
  216. My mind seems to be very undecided
  217. Bi?
  218. My Story
  219. Would you...?
  220. Does this mean i'm not straight after all?
  221. Friend / More?
  222. Problems maturing? Or other issues.
  223. I've had a long term girlfriend but think I may be gay
  224. I think I'm straight but I need help
  225. Aromantic or just impatient?
  226. woman with male homoerotic prefrences -> insecure
  227. Yep: I am Gay.
  228. I am so confused..
  229. Confused and afraid?
  230. Straight male struggling with relationship with bi/lesbian woman
  231. New to EC and confused
  232. One of my greatest fears
  233. Straight Girl Needs Help
  234. I don't even know.
  235. Soo.. Has anyone else ever felt like this?
  236. I'm out as bisexual but think I am fully into girls
  237. I can't accept possibly being bi
  238. Which label should I use? - Lesbian or bisexual
  239. Are woman attracted to mtf transgender ????
  240. From Bi to Lesbian?
  241. Familiarity
  242. Bise-Wait, wait no. Lesb-Well... Maybe... MEH
  243. Standard Confused Post
  244. my story & my question - can a girl like girls and still find boys attractive?
  245. Lesbian that is secretly bisexual?
  246. Gay men liking boobs?
  247. Doubting identity: straight/lesbian/bi?
  248. A bit young?
  249. Hypothetical aromantic but sexual
  250. Completely new at this...help?