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  1. Just fantasy or real?
  2. OCD, want to be lesbian (or at least hope I really am)
  3. Questioning...should I go out on a date?
  4. Quick Question About Labels and Fluidity
  5. Denial vs reality?
  6. Feelin a little uncomfortably homo
  7. Ok just being honest
  8. My Ex makes me question myself.
  9. In love with my best friend? ( Man-Man)
  10. Inside my head
  11. I"m at crossroads with my sexuality
  12. Has this ever happened to anyone?
  13. I don't know if I'm gay
  14. Bisexual or lesbian?
  15. Can emotional turn into sexual? Or vice versa?
  16. I Don't Want To Be Attracted To Anyone.
  17. Another confused soul ...
  18. Fear of sudden change
  19. Desperate or in denial?
  20. Guess my sexuality! :D
  21. On and off questioning
  22. My story
  23. Uncharted Waters
  24. Should I tell him or just end it?
  25. making the 1st move...
  26. am i bisexual or lesbian?
  27. i'm a lesbian-ish, what now?
  28. Lesbian Labels/Terms
  29. 18 And still a VIRGIN. Am i super weird?
  30. Coming Out! Day 1, Year 4
  31. am I a lesbian?
  32. Well I am terribly confused
  33. I think I'm gay, but I'm obsessed with heterosexuality
  34. Am I really straight???
  35. Dating a girl
  36. confused gay... long story
  37. Am I Lesbian?
  38. Do it sound like I'm starting to accept myself?
  39. Am I gay or is it just a phase?
  40. I just don't know.
  41. Confused about sexuality, need help.
  42. I have no idea what's going on.
  43. Would you date a bi/pansexual person?
  44. gays, do you like butches?
  45. Sexual vs Physical Attraction
  46. Am I Bi or aesexual? (You've probably heard the story before)
  47. I'm kinda scared about sex
  48. Am I bi? (probably the millionth post with a similar title)
  49. I just don't know what to do
  50. Desperate for help, tired of questioning
  51. Never had meaningful sex.
  52. Queer, Bi or Gay? Steps I'm taking to explore my sexuality
  53. definitely attracted to women bu scared any advice
  54. Jelousy, manipulation or something else?
  55. dreams
  56. Am I more gay than bi?
  57. Am I bi or is it just that I wish to be bi?
  58. Very Confused & Not Sure What To Do
  59. my best friend dilemma
  60. dreams
  61. Friendly or Flirty???
  62. Is this a sign of being gay?
  63. Lesbian fantasy or reality?
  64. Bicurious but bisexual?
  65. Told Straight Friend I was lesbian and....
  66. Ok, so I'm slightly confused...
  67. help plz, I need advices
  68. Mixed feelings about bisexuality
  69. Help me. So confused.
  70. Where do I fall in to things?
  71. Can you 'really' be gay if you were attracted to the opposite sex in the past?
  72. I feel like I need a "questioning my sexuality life coach"
  73. straight romantic, gay sexual?
  74. Lesbian? Bi-romantic? Demi? So many terms
  75. What's going on? I need HELP.
  76. almost there
  77. What do you make of this? Long post, I need advice
  78. The new arguments against homosexuality
  79. I don't want to be straight.
  80. So, this is a weird question >_>
  81. Am I gay
  82. Ex wants me to be his fubu
  83. In desparate need of advice!
  84. Bisexual Dyke? Is that possible?
  85. Personal Acceptance
  86. Experiencing
  87. At peace with myself
  88. I think she likes me but I want the D
  89. Scientific studies on asexuality and aromanticism
  90. What do I come out as?
  91. Straight experience
  92. Could I be a lesbian?
  93. Confused - Opinions Wanted! (Kind of TMI)
  94. Confused - had sex with best friend, want more..
  95. Endless Stream of Conflicting Thoughts
  96. Competing for a lesbian
  97. Lesbian in high demand
  98. HOCD or Gay?
  99. Queer in Theory, But in Practice?
  100. A Slight Bit of Confusion
  101. Confused about my sexuality.
  102. messed up big time and i'm confused
  103. Am I or am I not..?
  104. possibly bi and SO many questions
  105. Is this girl I liked in denial about being a lesbian?
  106. Romantic attraction to cis males, trans men, and male-presenting non-bianary genders?
  107. My heart is saying two different things at once.
  108. Really uncomfortable with my sexuality
  109. Years wasted. So much rage, so much betrayal. No more. No more rage, no more anger...
  110. I think I'm an asexual? Would love some advice!
  111. Not sure if I'm bi or not!
  112. Is it OK to use an inaccurate label?
  113. Sure this has been posted but
  114. Kissed a straight Guy??
  115. why?
  116. Hello! I'm new here, I'd love some advice :)
  117. Not sure what to do
  118. Lesbian Intuition....
  119. Doubtful
  120. Aromantic lesbian? Does that work?
  121. Giving up your bisexuality?
  122. I think I'm a lesbian.
  123. Completely Gay?
  124. thought i was bi and now not so sure...
  125. Hello, some guidance please
  126. sexuality
  127. So confused
  128. Am I lesbian, bi, or just confused??
  129. Super Confused - Advice & Experience Welcome!
  130. am i the only one?
  131. in the process...
  132. Has pornography changed me?
  133. Can't shake the doubt
  134. Help... I'm lost
  135. Thought I was a lesbian, then I met a guy...
  136. relationship help plz
  137. a little help my friends
  138. Can a lesbian not be turned on by lesbian porn?
  139. Lost, Confused and Lonely
  140. What if it just feels WRONG?
  141. Putting a label on it?
  142. Poll Regarding Fluidity (or lack thereof...).
  143. Never felt love. How can you know if gay if asexual?? :'(
  144. im ready
  145. social factors and the desire for certainty
  146. am i lesbian or curious
  147. (For girls: Am I lesbian/bisexual?)
  148. So I guess I have no effing idea....
  149. Obsession vs. Love and dealing with complicated crushes (advice wanted!)
  150. lost my sexual confidence
  151. 72 some hours in...
  152. Why do i like her so much
  153. Confused for almost 15 years...
  154. I'm having "straight feelings"?
  155. Confusing situation: I don't know what to do.
  156. Am I gay?
  157. I'm sure you've heard this before...
  158. Confused, stressed and maybe gay?
  159. What should I do now?
  160. Think I'm Bi? Why these tastes?(male)
  161. Missing piece to closing the gap? (Sorry It's long)
  162. strictly "on paper", do I sound gay (or bisexual)?
  163. help me explain this.
  164. Iím I just kidding myself or what?
  165. attraction vs. admiration + expectation
  166. Afraid of liking guys
  167. Therapist
  168. HOCD or gay?
  169. Bi or gay??
  170. Hi
  171. Any advice would be great guys!
  172. Confused about my sexuality
  173. Unrequited love hurts like crazy...
  174. straight but I'm in love with a guy
  175. Lesbians-what "type" of woman are you attracted to?
  176. Will he still love me?
  177. Paradoxical Orientation?
  178. I'm Confused
  179. Unsure
  180. Straight - Questioning
  181. What the hell am I?
  182. Feeling a bit lost
  183. I feel like an anomoly
  184. Gay/Bi/Straight? I'm Confused.
  185. Do you feel like your attraction for the opposite sex reduced?
  186. Am i Bi?
  187. Seeing Her Opened the Door That I Closed So Long Ago
  188. Why do I enjoy being dominated?
  189. feel like i will never know.. or at least accept
  190. I have a feeling that I might of turned gay.
  191. Going around the bend
  192. Can't work it out needs some advice
  193. If ya have the time for a comment....
  194. I just want to be straight...
  195. Still questioning... Question for straight or bi women
  196. Confused... unsure of my sexual orientation(Lengthy, but I'm just pouring myself out)
  197. Am I bi or gay?
  198. Mind in another place
  199. Mind in another place
  200. Am i even normal?
  201. bisexual, or just curious?
  202. Does he like me? =O
  203. Looking for Answers: Possible Lesbian
  204. Accurate test to watch naked bodies?
  205. Not sure how to react?
  206. I'm 22 and still confused: am I a lesbian?
  207. What do you think? (ALERT - BAD GRAMMAR)
  208. Am I not confused anymore?..
  209. Am I gay?
  210. First impressions!! Please help!!!
  211. Discreet Dating?
  212. I'm still not sure.
  213. I feel like I'm just kidding myself at this point :/
  214. Very Confused.
  215. So confused :(
  216. I don't even know anymore...
  217. First time here. I'm confused on whether I may be bisexual or not
  218. Do you (anyone) find naked men attractive
  219. confused about sexual orientation
  220. Pre-Op HIV+ Transsexual and Intercourse
  221. I feel like I'll never know my orientation and it kills me
  222. Heteroflexible?
  223. A Question To All
  224. An interesting perspective on male sexuality
  225. Used to feel like I was pretending I wasn't gay, now feel like I'm pretending I am
  226. I feel like I'm so close to understanding... yet so far
  227. I have a family but think I might be a lesbian!
  228. Don't Know What To Do...
  229. I am at peace and I love it
  230. back to thinking i might be bisexual...
  231. Question about sexual orientation...Bi?
  232. A question for my fellow bisexuals
  233. Is this HOCD or is this me discovering something more about me?
  234. Relapsed.
  235. Can/does your upringing influence your sexuality?
  236. Married and looking?
  237. Am I a Lesbian? Or just in love with a girl?
  238. Will I be confused forever?
  239. Confused questioning girl with a boyfriend
  240. lesbian feelings brought on by emotional distress?
  241. Hello
  242. what am i??
  243. Unsure of what to do regarding boyfriend
  244. How do you know for sure what your orientation is?
  245. Likelyhood I will find a girlfriend?
  246. Gay guys: Is this normal?
  247. Ok... so I thought every thing was going well.......
  248. Bisexual? Lesbian? Just bicurious?
  249. Does anyone relate to this?
  250. Lesbian and bisexual women, what is your signature sexual move?