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  1. should I give it a go or no?
  2. How does sexual attraction work?
  3. Please, explain me more about ASEXUAL
  4. hurt and confused
  5. Bisexually Frustrated
  6. cofused
  7. Questioning - Need Advice
  8. Can you be gay if you've had crushes on girls before?
  9. Lost
  10. in my case specifically, does the answer really matter?
  11. Does this makes me Gay?
  12. Please help me figure out my sexuality :S
  13. Is this a common occurance?
  14. managing bisexuality...help!
  15. Possible to Not Have a Sexual Orientation?
  16. ATTENTION ALL GAY GUYS......What happens to you in the men's locker room???
  17. Gay In Love With TransGuy Who Changed His Mind
  18. Help! I'm so confused
  19. Should I back out?
  20. Analyzing the past to find some really confusing signs
  21. Attracted to someone romantically but not sexually, possible?
  22. Ex is still confused
  23. Am I gay?
  24. Can you fall in love in a short time?
  25. Curious guy..
  26. Only person like this? Advice from bi ppl?
  27. Is it common for younger men to like older women?
  28. Confused? or something else?
  29. Another sexuality rant
  30. unsure gay bi d
  31. I don't know... Has anyone else experienced this?
  32. Confused about sexuality. Help me?
  33. Still so confused
  34. Once and for all, Am I GAY?
  35. Is it really sexual fluidity or something else?
  36. (15, F) My story / lonely and unsure where to go from here
  37. uncertainty and dating
  38. i don't know what to do
  39. I'm Happy Today
  40. Denial. What was it like?
  41. Is this what sexual attraction feels like to most people?
  42. What am I?
  43. Am I gay.
  44. Well I'm bisexual.
  45. Wanting to be gay (less weird than it sounds)
  46. Unsure
  47. Who am I? What am I?
  48. I'm really confused on who I am...
  49. Very confused please help me :(
  50. i'm going back and forth
  51. Am I gay, bi, or straight?
  52. Does this happen to anyone else?
  53. Is this wrong?
  54. Request on advice
  55. I love dildo
  56. what are all these new gay terms?
  57. Confused about my sexuality!
  58. I Don't Fit Into A Label
  59. ??? what is this
  60. Sometimes I feel I like I am the one being objectified.
  61. What is my orientation?
  62. I think deep down everyone is capable of being bisexual.
  63. Research Topic: Sexual and gender minority stressors and mental health
  64. What if I'm wrong
  65. What are things to think on/ask yourself when exploring sexual/romantic orientation?
  66. Proportion of women and men you find attractive
  67. How to quit on your soul mate?
  68. My FiancÚ is Confused
  69. Not sure what to do.
  70. If gender isn't binary, neither is sexual orientation.
  71. Somewhat confused about my sexuality.
  72. totally confused
  73. Bisexual support?
  74. Just need a little guidance
  75. Is 15 too old?
  76. Insight on Sexuality
  77. Bisexual or lesbian?
  78. Story of a desperate and hopeless ROMANTIC! Help
  79. Sexual Attraction Synonymous with being "Turned on"?
  80. How to be sure if i'm bisexual or str8?
  81. Gender and clothing
  82. Confused bi-otherkin
  83. This feeling?
  84. I'm gay and still I check out girls?
  85. Is scissoring a real thing?
  86. I'm 15 and I'm really confused
  87. Very Confused. Gay or Bisexual?
  88. So unsure
  89. Is this wierd?
  90. Talking to a crush?
  91. Random crushes on strangers
  92. Confused lesbian
  93. What am I??
  94. Sexuality confustion/unsureness?
  95. Mannerisms
  96. What could this mean? (Struggling here)
  97. Seriously confused! Please Help!
  98. I can't disassociate HIV with sex
  99. What if I'm not really this way?
  100. scared that i'm faking gayness??
  101. struggle finding an identity
  102. "You need a husband/boyfriend to provide/protect you"
  103. Totally confused
  104. Using the bisexual or lesbian label
  105. Confusion and fear everywhere!! ; _ ;
  106. thinking/questioning/confusion?
  107. Confused on identity
  108. Another questioning thread - But still different
  109. I need some help
  110. Were you devastated when you realized you were gay?
  111. Still can't 'get off' on women in fantasy - maybe I'm not Bi?
  112. I'm so confused!
  113. Gay/bi men- First time anal?
  114. I'm scared I'm straight
  115. anxious about attraction again
  116. Male: First Time
  117. Describe your Romantic Attraction
  118. Unsure....
  119. A conundrum
  120. Any form of help
  121. Confused about my sexuality
  122. Can asexuals be gay and straight too?
  123. Falling for a straight guy problem....
  124. Need your input
  125. Are Furries just too much?
  126. Need help figuring out my possible bisexuality
  127. apparently oblivious
  128. Knowing whether you feel sexual attraction.
  129. Is it just a phase?
  130. I have no idea what I am anymore.
  131. Wait... I never even thought of this...
  132. Idk if I'm emotionally attracted to girls? I feel like I want to be.
  133. A Paradox???
  134. Who here never entered the "confused" stage?
  135. How would you describe my sexual orientation?
  136. How do they test what percentage of the population are gay/bi?
  137. Bi-curiosity. How do you define it?
  138. So Confuzzled
  139. 100% gay ..... but
  140. same issue, need more advice
  141. Unsure of Myself
  142. Obsessed with the Finger Ratio
  143. Anesthesia and sexual orientation changes
  144. I Don't Care For Kissing Very Much?
  145. Describe your sexual attraction.
  146. Does it happen to every bisexual?
  147. How did you get used to it?
  148. Very Confused - Need Help!
  149. Can you experience sexual attraction, yet not want sex?
  150. Quick, change the subject!
  151. Questioning
  152. Lost my feelings for men again...
  153. This has been on my mind. Advice appreciated!
  154. Losing my lust?
  155. Showing My Pride
  156. I have been questioning my sexual orientation for 10 years. What do you think?
  157. Should I say I'm pansexual?
  158. Can Sexual Orientation Suddenly Change?
  159. Presumed Bisexual questioning attraction to men.. please tell me what you think!
  160. recent questioning
  161. could i be gay?
  162. Girls...have you ever wished you had a penis?
  163. Finding men attractive but wanting a relationship with a woman
  164. Am I Gay? What Do You Think?
  165. Straight Relationship / Bi feelings
  166. Confused
  167. Could my label be giving people false hope?
  168. Similarities Of Anxiety And Sexual Arousal
  169. From Bisexual to Gay
  170. Still don't know who I am after 3 years.
  171. I'm out to everyone as gay, but I think I'm Bi
  172. Question for all: Dating/Relationships or Hookups?
  173. Straight, like gay porn, but think I should have penis...oh dear
  174. Has anybody ever had a "straight dream"?
  175. Gay, but want to experience with a girl O.o
  176. Very unsure and confused about my sexual orientation
  177. How i resist this hot guy
  178. Surprising and Confusing Performance Issue
  179. I can't believe I'm doing this again.
  180. Is it possible to have had feelings for the opposite sex before but still be gay?
  181. Bisexual or Oblivious?
  182. Could I possibly be aromantic? Someone define me please?
  183. How did you realize your orientation? What signs were there?
  184. Am I asexual or just sexually repressed?
  185. Straight cis, now confused
  186. Pansexual but doubting?
  187. Gay Guy Gets Panic Attack When Looking At Women - HELP!!!!!!
  188. How to tell if you're Sexually Attracted to someone?
  189. I'm in Love...With my Best Friend
  190. Childhood signs that you were LGBT
  191. Never fell in love with a guy before
  192. Did your attractions scare you?
  193. Questioning
  194. Reflections of a Male Kinsey 1-2
  195. Things are becoming clearer... and queerer
  196. Positively terrified of sex
  197. Had a thought and now I'm distressed. Am I aromantic?
  198. straight, in denial, or just curious?
  199. Suddenly stumped AGAIN. *sigh*
  200. Gay or Bi..
  201. I need help.
  202. Terrible anxiety around opposite sex?
  203. Am I allowed to call myself bisexual?
  204. Do I like my best friend?
  205. How do I know if I'm gay?
  206. So many questions, so little answers after such a long time.
  207. I don't know what I am
  208. Probably Bisexual. Anxiety Runs Riot Yet I'm Happy :)
  209. Doubting my queer identity bc of the girls I like
  210. Wut
  211. The boy i like/ my best friend
  212. Straight girl/guy crushes
  213. Confused please help me out :)
  214. How did you realise that you weren't straight?
  215. Am I bi? Lesbian? Or something else?
  216. Questioning my sexuality
  217. So confused please help
  218. Before you realised your orientation, any physical interest in the opposite sex?
  219. Questioning my sexuality
  220. Not liking it when men hit on me
  221. Question for gay guys
  222. Am I gay, or bisexual with a higher interest in Men?
  223. Please help me figure things out (lesbian or bi, pan?)
  224. Am I lesbian?
  225. Bissexual people? One question
  226. I suspect I might be pansexual
  227. I almost killed myself tonight....
  228. May change mind not sure
  229. I am gay? Yes or no?
  230. It Almost Doesn't Feel Real
  231. Femization
  232. List of facts...tell me what I am
  233. Really Need Help
  234. Am i not attracted to guys?
  235. I really hate this uncertainty...
  236. Should I Just "Accept" It?
  237. Bi or pan?
  238. Confused...
  239. Unsure of everything
  240. this makes 0 sense to me?
  241. Finger ratio and gay porn
  242. Am I gay?
  243. Gay Crush
  244. After all this time, unfortunately still unsure about my sexuality
  245. Very Confused.. Please Help.
  246. Attracted to women and effeminate men?
  247. Am I bi? (a bit graphic)
  248. Bisexual Confusion
  249. Confused or in denial?
  250. am I a lesbian(please i need help)