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  1. Can someone help me?
  2. Confused and need help
  3. Platonic love vs Romantic love
  4. Looking for support
  5. Who do i really love?
  6. Heteromantic dreams
  7. Anxiety Messing With My Attraction?
  8. Confused about something
  9. I Kissed A Boy... But I'm A Lesbian
  10. Sexual Attraction
  11. Denial
  12. what's a heteromantic homosexual
  13. Lesbian or simply a preference?
  14. I'm 90% sure that I'm gay
  15. really confused at 19
  16. Bisexuality Duality
  17. Love a girl but attracted to guys
  18. Married, closeted, in love with female coworker
  19. Confused.. am I gay?
  20. Finally, feeling some real confusion...
  21. Clarification on the term Fluid
  22. Am I wrong for feeling like this?
  23. Sexual attractions towards imagery
  24. questioning
  25. What exactly is demisexual?
  26. Confused
  27. Weaving heterosexual identity from minimal 'straight' attractions while in denial
  28. Maybe ace
  29. Skirting labels for better understanding
  30. How long did it take for you to accept your sexuality?
  31. How to be more accepting of yourself?
  32. What do you do when you come across someone who is homophobic? And they know?
  33. tired of the anxiety
  34. The struggles of being bisexual.
  35. I think I'm bisexual, but I'm not sure
  36. Sexual or romantic attraction?
  37. Possible Lust?
  38. Struggling to figure out who I really am
  39. "Fangirling" vs...
  40. I'd Really Appreciate Some Input
  41. Can I call myself bisexual?
  42. 23yo and still unsure
  43. 8 Things Not To Ask Bisexuals
  44. Confused
  45. Confused to what I am..
  46. Questioning
  47. Am I a lesbian...?
  48. Avoiding my life
  49. Porn vs. Fantasy?
  50. Asexual and Transgender help/advice?
  51. Ever question if you're "really gay"?
  52. Bi-to-gay; aka haaallppp nothing makes sense...
  53. Bisexual or Lesbian?
  54. Does it make sense to call myself gay even though it's more nuanced?
  55. What am I?
  56. Emotionally attracted but not sexually attracted to this girl
  57. I know this is common, but I'm so confused!
  58. A few questions...
  59. confused and looking for an opinion
  60. Don't know if I am gay or bi or curious
  61. Life as a fluid bisexual...thoughts?
  62. Me and Anime Boys
  63. I feel as if I don't know myself...
  64. Who is attracted to you?
  65. What am I?
  66. Am I really gay?
  67. ..... am I gay??
  68. I've already posted this but I still need some help.
  69. Confused and nervous?
  70. Do younger lesbians enjoy making love a lesbian in her late 20's that never had lesbi
  71. Questioning Again :/?
  72. For Simplicity's Sake: Gay?
  73. Friend frequently bring up gay discussion?
  74. What to identify as...
  75. Self Sabotaging Subconscious or True Feelings?
  76. I am losing my mind, someone please help me figure this out
  77. Bi-anything people: do you ever feel pressured to be straight by parents?
  78. New to making love with a woman....
  79. Confused about my sexual orientation?
  80. Bisexual in denial
  81. help! what do i do? I'm kinda confused. . .
  82. Could I really be a lesbian, rather than pan?
  83. Going down
  84. Kinda Confused
  85. Confused me :0
  86. Unsure of myself?
  87. I have no idea what is going on here.
  88. Sudden realization
  89. Another confused girl
  90. Questioning gender identity/sexual orientation
  91. So Unsure
  92. Just looking for some advice
  93. Confused With My Sexuality. Pweese Help
  94. Butch as Gender Identity?
  95. A Question From The Lost
  96. Nagging doubts, and sorting out attraction to women
  97. If you have a different romantic/sexual orientation, how do you identify?
  98. confused? am I a lesbian or what?
  99. Lesbian Relationships
  100. Im still confused
  101. Im still confused
  102. What is more important to you sex or romance ?
  103. Hating this
  104. How to stop stressing out?
  105. Just a question... (to the girls)
  106. Can lesbians think celebrity guys are hot?
  107. One last question.
  108. Is something wrong with me, am I gay?
  109. Need Help Accepting It
  110. What the hell am I then?
  111. Thinking too hard?
  112. Bisexual fluctuations
  113. People Who Say They Were Born LGBTQ VS Those That "Chose" It?
  114. So confused. Help
  115. Super confused and anxious...
  116. I like it when guys are attracted to me, but I'm attracted to girls
  117. Help
  118. Am I a lesbian? Would greatly appreciate your help
  119. Questions - Please Help
  120. I don't know if I'm Bisexual or...
  121. Trying to figure some things out: Gay or Bi; Sexual or Asexual
  122. Am I gay or bi?
  123. And confusion sets in
  124. confused...
  125. My sexual orientation?
  126. Flirting or just being friendly.
  127. How to know for sure?
  128. Your feelings toward men?
  129. i think im in love with my lesbian friend
  130. Questioning Myself
  131. Asexuality and Queerplatonic Relationships
  132. Unsure/confused about my sexual orientation?
  133. Insecure hetero or actually bi-curious
  134. Confused about my Curiosity
  135. Confused, pansexual? lesbian? gah!
  136. So close...but still some doubts?
  137. Lesbian in all-girl environment
  138. Okay, so...just to clear things up
  139. I've always identified as straight, but there's this one woman
  140. Labels
  141. I'm really sad I lost my best friend because of some stupid thing I did :(
  142. In love with pregnant best friend
  143. Sexual Orientation can it change?
  144. Inconsistency Within Sexual Orientation
  145. Feel like my sexuality has changed
  146. Just curious.. What makes a feminine lesbian attracted to butch lesbians?
  147. I just want to talk to someone...
  148. Are there exceptions?
  149. Dreaming about Jonathan <3
  150. Wannabe lesbian/bi/asexual?
  151. Bi curious???
  152. I'm so confused
  153. "You don't need all those labels!" When people say this, does it bother you?
  154. had a threesome. bi? or just curious?
  155. Cause of Homosexuality
  156. I Might Be Terrible
  157. Sexual identity problems
  158. How can I be sure I'm a lesbian?
  159. I think I'm a lesbian
  160. Anxiety around masculine ppl mostly guys
  161. I like a guy but...
  162. I feel like I'm 16
  163. Girls: Femme or butch?
  164. For those whose ideology clashed with their sexuality...
  165. so confused..
  166. Sex drive and sexual orientation
  167. Transgender People's Orientation?
  168. Who am I, my version. I guess post 1.
  169. Struggling lesbian. Straight relationship.
  170. Questioning (seeking advice)
  171. How long does questioning take?
  172. Hihihi
  173. So today I learned that there are about 9 types of lesbian XD
  174. Is 16 too young to know your gay?
  175. Am I being overly cautious?
  176. Homo Romantic Bisexual..?
  177. yearning for something else.. please help.
  178. like or love?
  179. Any other "questioning" females go back and forth?
  180. what am i?
  181. I don't know what I am, or how to figure it out.
  182. Am I lesbian?
  183. Can a heteronormative society influence your romantic orientation??
  184. A lot of problems and worry's.
  185. Feeling embarrassed after homosexual activity
  186. Just ranting and trying to figure it out.
  187. So confused
  188. Not sure if bi??
  189. Losing your virginity to a women
  190. I'm reaching out for some serious help here...
  191. Terrified of Men or Actually Into Girls? :confused:
  192. Multiorientation
  193. confused african
  194. Can someone explain the different "romantic" orientations?
  195. How do Agender people express their gender?
  196. I might have ended up gay
  197. Describe Your Denial
  198. Busting out these closet doors, feeling alive and queer
  199. I'm a gay male and I'm attracted to a lesbian, what do I do?
  200. Another confused man
  201. im seeking advice
  202. just watched gay porn
  203. What would you say I am?
  204. Where do people get this idea that 10% of the worlds population is gay?
  205. Feeling I'll ruin my lesbian relationship...
  206. Just trying to figure this out
  207. How do you explain being demiromantic?
  208. Whats my sexuality? Got any ideas?
  209. I'm not sure if I'm bisexual or lesbian?
  210. Straight or Bi? Confused
  211. I have no idea....
  212. Can lesbians be attracted to guys?
  213. I think I'm a lesbian. Please help
  214. I feel really uncomfortable around guys
  215. attracted to men, however...
  216. Why am I more bold with girls than I am with guys?
  217. Homoromantic or gay asexual?
  218. In need of advice.
  219. My Story: Long Term Porn Addiction Effects On The Mind & Sexuality of A Young M
  220. need some advice and support
  221. Woman
  222. How to get a date?
  223. Are Asexuals welcomed on this site?
  224. How to deal with this situation?
  225. Lost and confused
  226. Curious about lesbian sex but...
  227. Bisexuals, when and how did you realize your orientation?
  228. Can't accept
  229. can sexual abuse affect sexuality?
  230. Questioning about my sexuality
  231. How do you feel when you are attracted to someone?
  232. This is the umpteenth thread/post I've made about this...
  233. Confused, SORT OF. Need to rant.
  234. Has my sexuality changed from straight to bi? (or something)
  235. Deciphering my attraction
  236. can someone help me figure this out a bit
  237. Bisexual? Lesbian? None of the above?
  238. Am I a lesbian or Bisexual
  239. Bisexual? Biromantic lesbian? Or confused by the confines of Heteronormativity?
  240. What is the definition for attraction to non-binary?
  241. How "I'm not gay" or "I don't want to be gay" can only make you more gay.
  242. I'm not sure if I'm lesbian or bisexual?
  243. How to make a move?
  244. Just when i think i have my 'type' figured out i see someone that make me question it
  245. Even more confused
  246. Bisexual... Am I losing my homosexual feelings???
  247. I like dressing up as a female, doing female things, and still like women?
  248. Questioning/Confused
  249. Lesbian?
  250. I'm a strange story!