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  1. I'm really sad I lost my best friend because of some stupid thing I did :(
  2. In love with pregnant best friend
  3. Sexual Orientation can it change?
  4. Inconsistency Within Sexual Orientation
  5. Feel like my sexuality has changed
  6. Just curious.. What makes a feminine lesbian attracted to butch lesbians?
  7. I just want to talk to someone...
  8. Are there exceptions?
  9. Dreaming about Jonathan <3
  10. Wannabe lesbian/bi/asexual?
  11. Bi curious???
  12. I'm so confused
  13. "You don't need all those labels!" When people say this, does it bother you?
  14. had a threesome. bi? or just curious?
  15. Cause of Homosexuality
  16. I Might Be Terrible
  17. Sexual identity problems
  18. How can I be sure I'm a lesbian?
  19. I think I'm a lesbian
  20. Anxiety around masculine ppl mostly guys
  21. I like a guy but...
  22. I feel like I'm 16
  23. Girls: Femme or butch?
  24. For those whose ideology clashed with their sexuality...
  25. so confused..
  26. Sex drive and sexual orientation
  27. Transgender People's Orientation?
  28. Who am I, my version. I guess post 1.
  29. Struggling lesbian. Straight relationship.
  30. Questioning (seeking advice)
  31. How long does questioning take?
  32. Hihihi
  33. So today I learned that there are about 9 types of lesbian XD
  34. Is 16 too young to know your gay?
  35. Am I being overly cautious?
  36. Homo Romantic Bisexual..?
  37. yearning for something else.. please help.
  38. like or love?
  39. Any other "questioning" females go back and forth?
  40. what am i?
  41. I don't know what I am, or how to figure it out.
  42. Am I lesbian?
  43. Can a heteronormative society influence your romantic orientation??
  44. A lot of problems and worry's.
  45. Feeling embarrassed after homosexual activity
  46. Just ranting and trying to figure it out.
  47. So confused
  48. Not sure if bi??
  49. Losing your virginity to a women
  50. I'm reaching out for some serious help here...
  51. Terrified of Men or Actually Into Girls? :confused:
  52. Multiorientation
  53. confused african
  54. Can someone explain the different "romantic" orientations?
  55. How do Agender people express their gender?
  56. I might have ended up gay
  57. Describe Your Denial
  58. Busting out these closet doors, feeling alive and queer
  59. I'm a gay male and I'm attracted to a lesbian, what do I do?
  60. Another confused man
  61. im seeking advice
  62. just watched gay porn
  63. What would you say I am?
  64. Where do people get this idea that 10% of the worlds population is gay?
  65. Feeling I'll ruin my lesbian relationship...
  66. Just trying to figure this out
  67. How do you explain being demiromantic?
  68. Whats my sexuality? Got any ideas?
  69. I'm not sure if I'm bisexual or lesbian?
  70. Straight or Bi? Confused
  71. I have no idea....
  72. Can lesbians be attracted to guys?
  73. I think I'm a lesbian. Please help
  74. I feel really uncomfortable around guys
  75. attracted to men, however...
  76. Why am I more bold with girls than I am with guys?
  77. Homoromantic or gay asexual?
  78. In need of advice.
  79. My Story: Long Term Porn Addiction Effects On The Mind & Sexuality of A Young M
  80. need some advice and support
  81. Woman
  82. How to get a date?
  83. Are Asexuals welcomed on this site?
  84. How to deal with this situation?
  85. Lost and confused
  86. Curious about lesbian sex but...
  87. Bisexuals, when and how did you realize your orientation?
  88. Can't accept
  89. can sexual abuse affect sexuality?
  90. Questioning about my sexuality
  91. How do you feel when you are attracted to someone?
  92. This is the umpteenth thread/post I've made about this...
  93. Confused, SORT OF. Need to rant.
  94. Has my sexuality changed from straight to bi? (or something)
  95. Deciphering my attraction
  96. can someone help me figure this out a bit
  97. Bisexual? Lesbian? None of the above?
  98. Am I a lesbian or Bisexual
  99. Bisexual? Biromantic lesbian? Or confused by the confines of Heteronormativity?
  100. What is the definition for attraction to non-binary?
  101. How "I'm not gay" or "I don't want to be gay" can only make you more gay.
  102. I'm not sure if I'm lesbian or bisexual?
  103. How to make a move?
  104. Just when i think i have my 'type' figured out i see someone that make me question it
  105. Even more confused
  106. Bisexual... Am I losing my homosexual feelings???
  107. I like dressing up as a female, doing female things, and still like women?
  108. Questioning/Confused
  109. Lesbian?
  110. I'm a strange story!
  111. Infatuation with this Hot guy
  112. Bisexual confusion: is there another option?
  113. Asexuality
  114. I'm confused, please help
  115. Ashamed of being aromantic
  116. Unsure
  117. Square Block in Circle Hole
  118. Masturbation Resources
  119. My first girl crush, what's next? - advice needed
  120. Worried about starting a new relationship
  121. How many EC members have an out family member?
  122. Not into sex?
  123. Possibly bisexual...
  124. bisexual, homoromantic?
  125. A mountain of fear
  126. first gay experience
  127. First same sex crush (bisexuals)
  128. Opening my eyes
  129. Is it over?
  130. Questioning/examining my sexuality
  131. It seems so surreal . . .
  132. Question about Pansexuality
  133. Boyfriend is having bisexual fantasies and I'm worried!
  134. Confused.com (not an advertisement or something...lol)
  135. Lesbian dating
  136. I see hot girls everywhere now!!
  137. Is this just a phase>
  138. Is there a word for this/I'm confused
  139. Not sure what to call this but is a label even necessary for this type of thing?
  140. How come I've been in love with a girl?
  141. It only lasted 7 months
  142. Completely lost on where I fit in
  143. Seeking input
  144. So frustrated
  145. What am i
  146. Little to no sex drive but not asexual?
  147. Two situations - what do you think?
  148. Discussion - Cause of sexual orientation
  149. I am a mess.
  150. How old were you?
  151. Bi leaning straight?
  152. I don't want to like girls
  153. A friend of mine needs a bit of help
  154. Confused... Help!
  155. Confused About Friend
  156. Realising your sexual orientation
  157. Same Sex Best Friend Confessed Love
  158. Am I gay?
  159. Unsure, can't read the signs...
  160. just dont know
  161. Help with not-so-random hookup
  162. Am I bi?
  163. So confused. Advice/help please?
  164. Have i turned from Gay to Bi? (male)
  165. I'm so confused..
  166. Is Being into Tomboy's Make You Gay?
  167. Embarrassed about all the biphobia out there
  168. Spectrums.
  169. Nervous around girls mean i could be gay?
  170. Why do i feel guilty?
  171. Has she change from straight to gay?
  172. Bisexuality- different types of arousal?
  173. Different ways of experiencing romantic love
  174. I really need some advice on this
  175. Once again just totally confused about my own feelings =/
  176. Is homoflexible a thing?
  177. something missing in straight relationship
  178. Orientation indication unreliable when going through stuff?
  179. I don't know...
  180. I've been confused
  181. I am so confused
  182. Internalized homophobia
  183. Could a single-sex school have actually made things worse?
  184. In love with boyfriend, but questioning sexuality. Please help
  185. Sexually Confused Teen Girl! Help!
  186. Straight, gay, bi, hocd, porn addict? Denial?
  187. Labels
  188. does anyone else identify?
  189. idk if I'm gay or bisexual??
  190. Ok so i'm confused
  191. Re-Thinking Orientation While Coming Out! Help?
  192. Sometimes I feel like I'm lying to myself?
  193. Ace/Aro Spectrum Discussion Thread?
  194. Sexually/Romantically confused female
  195. Not Born Gay
  196. College grad finally realized I'm not straight...but gay or bi?
  197. I could use an opinion
  198. How do you accept being bi?
  199. Trying to accept being bi...
  200. Bi or Gay
  201. support in coming out
  202. Suddenly attracted to every other men!
  203. How do you know?
  204. I am not sure whether I am straight or bi?
  205. I'm not sure if I'm gay or just want to be
  206. What do I do?
  207. I'm not sure about my sexual orientation
  208. I have salient questions regarding my sexual orientation.
  209. Confused by sexuality...Could your sexual orientation be effected by mental illness?
  210. Do you always know you're gay?
  211. I'm so confuse... need help -__-
  212. Not sure if I`m bisexual or asexual
  213. Confused and not knowing who I am...
  214. Physically attracted to men, emotionally attracted to women. Help?
  215. I don't know where to start...
  216. Thoroughly confused…..Gay, bisexual, straight? She’s just not the one?
  217. Bisexuals, how do you come across...
  218. Lesbian attrected to feminine men
  219. Can you enjoy sex with a person you are not attracted to?
  220. Bisexual or Lesbian?
  221. Unsure
  222. I think I have been convincing myself I am straight for a long time
  223. Me and Men..
  224. I thought I was gay but...
  225. Confused like a lot of us
  226. Abuse And Sexuality
  227. Constantly changing my mind about my sexual orientation
  228. Feeling Depressed, Still not sure.
  229. I think it's time now
  230. The Standards In Sex
  231. Very very confused.
  232. Coming out while Questioning?
  233. I don't know what to do anymore.
  234. Married, questioning, worried.
  235. "Sexuality only counts when it involves men"
  236. Does the actual act of sex mean anything in terms of sexuality?
  237. I'm not sure what to think.
  238. I've been confused for a long time
  239. Is this a common thing?
  240. Thought I was over this. Getting seriously anxious.
  241. Ive gotten to that point...
  242. Fantasizing has really confused me
  243. How do you sort any of this out
  244. Question for women
  245. I can't get a hold of my sexual orientation...
  246. I'm feel so trapped
  247. Sexuality through a loop
  248. Conflicted in the Heart
  249. Estrogen and testosterone
  250. Daddy Issues