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  1. Any advice or opinions would help!!!
  2. would someone question for 4 years if they were straight?
  3. Facing myself. I might just be angry enough to do this.
  4. If you had to guess...
  5. Do you think there is too much emphasis?
  6. Doubting my bisexuality
  7. Bisexual and married
  8. What are the numbers?
  9. The Great Porn Debate
  10. Am I bisexual if I'm in love with a tomboy girl?
  11. Only questioning now at 24...?
  12. Questioning Myself - Looking for advice and discussion
  13. Dating as a Gay Transman
  14. Confused About Sexual Orientation.
  15. Am I the only lesbian who does not have any interest in dildos?
  16. Not enjoy lesbian sex--> not lesbian?
  17. Comment on my experience to help me understand better
  18. So confused,am I a lesbian or bi?
  19. Confused with New Boyfriend
  20. Looking for an outsiders perspective.
  21. Joyful trans
  22. What does my sexuality sound like?
  23. Experiences with Bisexuality /Lesbianism?
  24. Dreadfully Confused About Orientation
  25. Feeling like i'm not really out yet and being confused...
  26. fed up with this feeling
  27. some clarification please?
  28. panromantic asexual
  29. Does lack of split between sexual and romantic orientation apply to women, too?
  30. Need peoples experiences' with sexuality questioning
  31. I don't know what my sexuality it, please help?
  32. I can't believe this has come up AGAIN...
  33. Now really confused
  34. Educational reading material on finding oneself?
  35. Bi or lesbian?
  36. Am I Still Lesbian If I Like Trans Men?
  37. First Time lesbian Sex! How Do I get There?
  38. In the epitome of confusion again
  39. I have a boyfriend, but I'm confused & scared.
  40. Questioning my Orientation
  41. Figuring it out all over again
  42. First Real Lesbian Crush Please Help
  43. Questions: Mirror neurons
  44. Trans guy- wondering if I'm bi? **HELP**
  45. In need of help with Sexuality and Dysphoria
  46. Confused about my Sexuality
  47. Thoughts?
  48. Extreme Switches...
  49. Future ?
  50. LG or B ?
  51. Curious, and crushing on lesbian co-worker
  52. Can someone please help me
  53. General wondering...ment
  54. I want to be friends with my crush
  55. introduction
  56. What is pansexaul
  57. Gray-asexual, asexual, or what?
  58. Constantly assuring myself that being bi is okay
  59. First Post! My Journey Begins Today.
  60. Two romantic orientations?
  61. Oh wait: I'm actually pansexual
  62. Question
  63. Sexuality really that fluid
  64. Is this attraction?
  65. was this a crush???
  66. Figuring out who I really am.
  67. Is anyone demisexual and can they explain it to me?
  68. Why can't I stop questioning?!
  69. Super confused
  70. Not bi but still attracted?
  71. Is same sex attraction and homosexuality the same thing
  72. Doubting myself.. help!
  73. Heteroromantic? Gay and confused? Mostly straight? TMI alert
  74. Hey guys
  75. I don't know who I am anymore
  76. Thoughts/Feelings
  77. I am confused...
  78. Need help!!! Confused
  79. I identify as a gay woman, but I think I may be demisexual towards men
  80. Unsure
  81. Never-ending desire to be straight?
  82. A longer story about my confused self...
  83. Never had a Crush before-- Struggling to Accept
  84. Asexual experience
  85. sexuality and coming out problems
  86. Confused
  87. Hocd...
  88. New to understanding my sexuality
  89. Gay days and straight days
  90. Very confused about, well everything...
  91. Think I'm gay but wants to be straight
  92. Unsure if gay
  93. I can't tell if I'm gay.
  94. I'm confused
  95. A long story. Please help. I need perspective!
  96. questioning my sexuality
  97. Out but doubting a lot
  98. Am I really bi?
  99. Need some help
  100. Confused in MN
  101. Hitting a wall
  102. Confused about sexuality
  103. Please Help Me With My Sexuality
  104. Questioning hard... please help
  105. please help me with answers
  106. Is explicit actually the way to go? (PG:13)
  107. Would This Work?
  108. trouble being a top in intimate situations with men.
  109. Really confused about my sexuality
  110. Completely confused
  111. Am I homoromantic?
  112. Thought I Was Gay But Now Turned On By Opposite Sex
  113. Is this a legit crush or a "friend crush"?
  114. 33 and not sure
  115. Ready to come out, but ... gay or bi?
  116. Looking for answers
  117. Came out but not sure if I should have
  118. Can you be attracted to any person regardless of gender but
  119. Theoretically bisexual, practically lesbian?
  120. Unsure of sexuality
  121. why is this happening?
  122. Am I Bi?
  123. Is the only way to really know to get together with someone?
  124. Questioning
  125. Sexual Orientation Suppression
  126. Help with what this means?
  127. Doubts
  128. Conflicting Feelings
  129. Emotinal & sexual confusion
  130. Gender Confusion
  131. I like a girl and I'm a girl
  132. Terrified of being a lesbian
  133. I'm confused
  134. Need some help!
  135. starting to question romantic attraction
  136. Worried About Making My Sexual/Romantic Debut
  137. Really Confused
  138. Sexuality question
  139. I feel so abnormal.
  140. why can't I stop worrying?
  141. Confused of sexuality
  142. Am I Asexual?
  143. Sexual Roleplay
  144. Silly wee brain
  145. Teacher Crush
  146. It's like i'm two different people
  147. Feeling insecure and anxious about my sexuality?
  148. I thought im gay but i might be bi/ pan
  149. Why is it easier to date men? :(
  150. Am I Gay or Something Else?
  151. Should I Just Date Guys Again?
  152. Am I not as lesbian as I think?
  153. Am I gay?
  154. Lesbian/bi?
  155. Should I Label Myself?
  156. Am I pan/polysexual??
  157. I thought I was a lesbian but I'm not so sure anymore
  158. questioning
  159. Was I straight all along?
  160. I think I'm bi???
  161. Bi, pan or poly?
  162. I really need advice, nobody to talk to
  163. Really need advice, nobody to talk to..
  164. Help me determine my sexuality!
  165. looking for life
  166. Come Out To Myself Now What?
  167. what is my orientation? help
  168. help me determine my orientation
  169. Help me determine my sexual orientation!
  170. Yesterday...
  171. I am a straight man but confused that I am not gay?
  172. Maybe bisexual, confused
  173. Sexual/romantic attraction confusion, anxiety
  174. What is wrong with me?
  175. What is my sexual orientation?
  176. Only made things complicated.
  177. A lesbian that doesn't find lesbian relationships in media appealing...
  178. Am I really lesbian? Or am I making this up?
  179. Feel Like I Should Know By Now
  180. Romantic Orientation
  181. Questioning my sexuality.
  182. Gay or asexual?
  183. Can you be gay but still enjoy sex with women and like straight porn?
  184. Aromantic/demiromantic or just picky???
  185. Completely Unsure
  186. Difference Between Bicurious/Bisexual
  187. if you realized you were gay/lesbian while in a straight relationship....
  188. Feeling exposed.
  189. Emotionally attracted to men but sexually attracted to women
  190. Had a dream I was gay, but it was non-sexual
  191. improperly forward or bold
  192. My Future
  193. Still questioning.
  194. You just haven't met the right man yet
  195. Homosexual & Panromantic or Pansexual?
  196. Straight but curious
  197. Finding love as we get older
  198. Am I demisexual or what?
  199. Denial
  200. questioning..
  201. okay so how d'you know if you've experienced sexual attraction?
  202. Figuring it out
  203. Coming out
  204. Been Confused For Awhile Now.....
  205. Been Confused For Awhile Now.....
  206. Confused about My Orientation
  207. How to respond to being kissed if unsure of sexuality
  208. Confused
  209. sexually and romantically confused
  210. Am I weird?
  211. Top/Bottom/Versatile?
  212. Confused about my sexuality
  213. Can I be "only physically" bisexual?
  214. How do answer are you gay question if still in closet
  215. Obsessing over my sexual orientation
  216. Lesbian or bisexual? Help please!
  217. Do I fancy women or do I just need validation?
  218. Straight, but always questioning...
  219. Do I have daddy issues ?
  220. Thought I was bisexual, now not sure
  221. By the facts of me, do you think I could be bisexual?
  222. Can I be gay but still be with a woman?
  223. Having trouble saying the words
  224. Hi there, may I have some feedback?
  225. Very, very confused...
  226. Want male approval?
  227. I'm not sure about extreme sexual attraction
  228. Confusion over Bisexuality
  229. Why?
  230. Any advice for a confused teenager?
  231. Confused??
  232. Am I Straight? ?
  233. I hate being like this
  234. I'm having a hard time determining if I'm demi or ace
  235. Cross Dreaming - Help!
  236. Can you be gay but not want sex?
  237. Is There a Term for This?
  238. Asexual or late bloomer?
  239. please help :)
  240. Please help me! Depression/anxiety with gender identity and sexual orientation
  241. Sexual or Aesthetic Attraction?
  242. Can't tell if it's a gay phase, if I'm confused or if I'm bi
  243. Gay Cruising?
  244. Why would an older way take advantage of a younger girl
  245. Asexual...?
  246. Please help me... Am i a lesbian??
  247. Questioning how much I actually like men
  248. I think I might be demisexual
  249. I think I might be more gay than straight...
  250. I just came out as gay