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  1. Teacher Crush
  2. It's like i'm two different people
  3. Feeling insecure and anxious about my sexuality?
  4. I thought im gay but i might be bi/ pan
  5. Why is it easier to date men? :(
  6. Am I Gay or Something Else?
  7. Should I Just Date Guys Again?
  8. Am I not as lesbian as I think?
  9. Am I gay?
  10. Lesbian/bi?
  11. Should I Label Myself?
  12. Am I pan/polysexual??
  13. I thought I was a lesbian but I'm not so sure anymore
  14. questioning
  15. Was I straight all along?
  16. I think I'm bi???
  17. Bi, pan or poly?
  18. I really need advice, nobody to talk to
  19. Really need advice, nobody to talk to..
  20. Help me determine my sexuality!
  21. looking for life
  22. Come Out To Myself Now What?
  23. what is my orientation? help
  24. help me determine my orientation
  25. Help me determine my sexual orientation!
  26. Yesterday...
  27. I am a straight man but confused that I am not gay?
  28. Maybe bisexual, confused
  29. Sexual/romantic attraction confusion, anxiety
  30. What is wrong with me?
  31. What is my sexual orientation?
  32. Only made things complicated.
  33. A lesbian that doesn't find lesbian relationships in media appealing...
  34. Am I really lesbian? Or am I making this up?
  35. Feel Like I Should Know By Now
  36. Romantic Orientation
  37. Questioning my sexuality.
  38. Gay or asexual?
  39. Can you be gay but still enjoy sex with women and like straight porn?
  40. Aromantic/demiromantic or just picky???
  41. Completely Unsure
  42. Difference Between Bicurious/Bisexual
  43. if you realized you were gay/lesbian while in a straight relationship....
  44. Feeling exposed.
  45. Emotionally attracted to men but sexually attracted to women
  46. Had a dream I was gay, but it was non-sexual
  47. improperly forward or bold
  48. My Future
  49. Still questioning.
  50. You just haven't met the right man yet
  51. Homosexual & Panromantic or Pansexual?
  52. Straight but curious
  53. Finding love as we get older
  54. Am I demisexual or what?
  55. Denial
  56. questioning..
  57. okay so how d'you know if you've experienced sexual attraction?
  58. Figuring it out
  59. Coming out
  60. Been Confused For Awhile Now.....
  61. Been Confused For Awhile Now.....
  62. Confused about My Orientation
  63. How to respond to being kissed if unsure of sexuality
  64. Confused
  65. sexually and romantically confused
  66. Am I weird?
  67. Top/Bottom/Versatile?
  68. Confused about my sexuality
  69. Can I be "only physically" bisexual?
  70. How do answer are you gay question if still in closet
  71. Obsessing over my sexual orientation
  72. Lesbian or bisexual? Help please!
  73. Do I fancy women or do I just need validation?
  74. Straight, but always questioning...
  75. Do I have daddy issues ?
  76. Thought I was bisexual, now not sure
  77. By the facts of me, do you think I could be bisexual?
  78. Can I be gay but still be with a woman?
  79. Having trouble saying the words
  80. Hi there, may I have some feedback?
  81. Very, very confused...
  82. Want male approval?
  83. I'm not sure about extreme sexual attraction
  84. Confusion over Bisexuality
  85. Why?
  86. Any advice for a confused teenager?
  87. Confused??
  88. Am I Straight? ?
  89. I hate being like this
  90. I'm having a hard time determining if I'm demi or ace
  91. Cross Dreaming - Help!
  92. Can you be gay but not want sex?
  93. Is There a Term for This?
  94. Asexual or late bloomer?
  95. please help :)
  96. Please help me! Depression/anxiety with gender identity and sexual orientation
  97. Sexual or Aesthetic Attraction?
  98. Can't tell if it's a gay phase, if I'm confused or if I'm bi
  99. Gay Cruising?
  100. Why would an older way take advantage of a younger girl
  101. Asexual...?
  102. Please help me... Am i a lesbian??
  103. Questioning how much I actually like men
  104. I think I might be demisexual
  105. I think I might be more gay than straight...
  106. I just came out as gay
  107. what do you think i am?
  108. I don't know if I am gay or bisexual? Going through a really confusing time...
  109. Don't want to be gay
  110. New and utterly confused
  111. What Does Your Sexuality/Gender Identity Mean to You?
  112. Really confused...or gay?
  113. Organized/labeled sexaulity and gender
  114. How did you know you were NOT attracted to the opposite sex?
  115. Lesbians when you check out girls to look for the same things hetro males do?
  116. Welcome fellow aromantics!
  117. Is it possible for some help?
  118. Publicly Lesbian
  119. I don't know who I am or what I want...
  120. I'm new and confused
  121. Possibly Bi, Definitely Confused
  122. I think I might be gay, but I don't want to be?
  123. Could I be considered bisexual?
  124. Help ! I think i'm gay
  125. I think I'm a lesbian? Help...
  126. Do your dreams match your orientation?
  127. Losing Hope in Finding Love
  128. Is this possible? I need advice please.
  129. Can't define my sexuality!
  130. Am I Gay?
  131. I think I'm biexual?
  132. Please help. Very confused.
  133. Please held. Very confused.
  134. Bi or lesbian?
  135. Bi? I think? Maybe? Help.
  136. What exactly is sexual attraction?
  137. So So Confused
  138. I'm Non-binary and unsure what that means for my sexuality?
  139. Is it weird to be a lesbian who has never had sex with a man?
  140. Sex with married men
  141. What's wrong with me? :bang:
  142. I have a crush on a girl, but im straight
  143. Advice
  144. In need of advice for my sexuality
  145. Klein sexual orientation grid quiz
  146. Insane crush
  147. Really confused
  148. Pretty confused... Looking for help.
  149. Questioning
  150. Panromantic?
  151. Gay or bi guys, I need some guidance
  152. Is it orientation? Is it fetish? Not sure what relationships to look for.
  153. Confused, seeking advice!
  154. Bi or just curious?
  155. Can you identify as bisexual if you’ve never had a crush on a guy?
  156. struggling to understand...
  157. How to stop being depressed
  158. liking penis but not men?
  159. Can someone please explain?
  160. Confused as fuck, maybe my mind is playing tricks on me
  161. Asexual or Lesbian? (long)
  162. Am I lesbian or bisexual?
  163. I think I am a Lesbian After All
  164. My Sexual Identity And My Gender Identity
  165. Not sure if Bi or Gay !? :(
  166. Straight man depression of gay thought
  167. should I care for labels?
  168. Gay and bi guys, give me some advice please!
  169. A disconnect between porn and real life
  170. Am I bi?
  171. Gay and Bi guys, help I need perspective
  172. What am I? Advice needed please
  173. Anxiety and fear
  174. My attraction to men is weird?
  175. I think I'm lesbian help?.
  176. I am gay, or am I?
  177. Gay in denial or bi?
  178. Did I feel sexual attraction?
  179. Long story
  180. Turning bisexual when on period?
  181. I like girls...but don't know whether I'm a lesbian or bisexual
  182. I met a guy I need advice
  183. heteroromantic and homosexual
  184. any thoughts about this??
  185. Help me work out what to do
  186. Who to Come out to Next???? :)
  187. Homoromantic?
  188. The lack of sexual urges makes it hard to figure out my sexuality
  189. Confused about my bisexual attractions
  190. Ex-bi or accepting hetero-side?
  191. Unsure....
  192. So Confused!
  193. How to overcome self-doubt?
  194. I'm confused..
  195. Very confused about my bisexuality
  196. Bisexual, inlove and married to a hetero.
  197. Unsure about my sexuality
  198. Feeling confused about bisexuality and coming out
  199. New member looking for some help
  200. Confused about my sexual orientation. Need Help!
  201. Questioning Tween
  202. New here, need advice
  203. my sex drive has completely died since coming out
  204. Question
  205. I am annoyed and tired
  206. Confusion and advice with dating
  207. Messing around w/ guys
  208. Lifelong heterosexual romantically in love with a guy (apparently.) Ruining my life
  209. Married and questioning
  210. Confused for over 9 years, please help me
  211. Hi
  212. What does bisexual means?
  213. Polysexuals/romantics: How do you define your orientation?
  214. Gay or straight
  215. Missed Opportunities
  216. Collection of most stupid phrases you've heard
  217. 100% heterosexual/homosexual
  218. About my best friend
  219. Here's my dillema, please help.
  220. I just came out to my brother.
  221. I have no idea what I am anymore.
  222. Gay with fear of intimacy
  223. Help.
  224. Could I trans boy (pre-everything) have a chance with a straight girl?
  225. What's the difference between Pansexuals and Trans-friendly bisexuals?
  226. Bisexual or closet gay?
  227. Questioning my sexuality
  228. Weird friend/attraction thing.
  229. A strange question about 'gay face'?
  230. Feeling numb
  231. Girl Crush vs Lesbian Crush
  232. why do girls dress like guys to date girls who like girls?
  233. I really like a girl, but I don't want to come out.
  234. Attraction to trans man?
  235. Attracted in my head, but not real lfie
  236. Denial, Rationalization? Questioning, could use some advice
  237. Can I call myself bisexual?
  238. Am I Forcing It?
  239. Crushes on Friends?
  240. Could use some advice.
  241. Crush on trans guy
  242. Thinking About My Peferences
  243. Confused, awkward, and needs help ;)
  244. Not sure if lesbian, bi-sexual, have some kind of emotional dependency problem, etc.?
  245. 26 y/o male. Need some advice!
  246. I think I'm gay...
  247. Lesbian and very attracted to a guy. Confused!
  248. Feeling a bit unsure
  249. Best Friend Incident Stirring up Feelings
  250. Not quite sure what I am anymore.