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  1. A question about gay sexual roles
  2. When do you know?
  3. Need help with a few questions please!
  4. Anyone else?
  5. I think I might be a lesbian
  6. Male in love with a lesbian.
  7. Should I feel Different?
  8. Fetish and Sexual Oreintation
  9. Transgender and now so confused
  10. What to do ?
  11. Transgender and now so confused
  12. Obsessed or Romantic!? Help!!!
  13. Any help?
  14. I think im gay
  15. I'm female, possibly bi, but only attracted to BLACK men?!
  16. Why all the hate?
  17. Is this considered sexual attraction?
  18. Question about labels
  19. I don't know what to think. Advice?
  20. So confused... Help please!?!
  21. I'm Really Confused
  22. Quick Decision?
  23. I don't know what I am anymore. Can you help?
  24. I'm so confused
  25. Confusion
  26. Cake and Cards?
  27. Bi/questioning
  28. 75% lesbian ish?
  29. Please! I need help! I don't know what I am
  30. Wondering
  31. Confused
  32. Confused on so many levels
  33. Completely lost...
  34. completely confused...
  35. Feeling guilty for being bisexual
  36. Constantly doubting myself
  37. Masculine but only attracted to masculine women
  38. So much confusion.
  39. What am I? 27 and confused
  40. Are these famliar indications? lesbian or na.
  41. I'm just confused, I need to figure it out.
  42. Is this too good to be true
  43. How can I tell sexual fantasies apart from instrusive thoughts
  44. My Name No Longer Says Quite It All...
  45. unsure
  46. Back again - it got worse
  47. Unsure of I'm gay str8 or bi
  48. How do you label this?
  49. How can I be sure?
  50. Vaguest gay childhood event?
  51. Not Sure/Alot of Questions
  52. Nagging Question
  53. Am I bi?
  54. Really Confused
  55. How can i tell for sure?
  56. sad (need chips advice) repost
  57. Trying to figure this out
  58. Really Confused
  59. How to date?
  60. Androphobia
  61. Biphobic Lesbians...?
  62. confused seeking advice form wbw
  63. love-hate relationship with mysexuality
  64. not really sure whats going on
  65. Girls and guys?
  66. Confused .. Am I gay?
  67. Thoughts?
  68. Cant take this anymore
  69. Girls don't like/notice me?
  70. Gay feelings, but do not want to be gay..
  71. I'm a lesbian but attracted to transmen?
  72. Is it wrong?
  73. I know I am gay...but
  74. Please Help Me!
  75. Physical vs romantic attraction
  76. In desperate need of some opinions
  77. Questioning Seeking Advice
  78. I Just Wanted to Be Close to Her
  79. Really confused
  80. Questioning Sexuality in College
  81. Confused pans
  82. really confused about sex orientation
  83. Using others as a barometer for sexuality
  84. worried about acting on fantasys!
  85. So tired of life already
  86. Confused and seeking insight
  87. Not sure of my orientation. Please help
  88. Help!!!!
  89. how to be safe on hook up apps
  90. Is there a word for this?
  91. Did negative conotations stop you?
  92. How did you feel about the idea of falling in love at first?
  93. Need Help coming out to someone
  94. Confused sexually
  95. My Name says it all...
  96. I'm so confused...
  97. scared of rejection
  98. do they like me back?
  99. scared to tell them how you feel?
  100. Really confused ...
  101. Was I only fooling myself?
  102. Am I just not a very visual person?
  103. Just wondering if I'm labelling wrong?
  104. I'm confused--how do I handle it?
  105. guys who are curious any questions?
  106. Wha do all these labels mean??
  107. Does visual attraction equate to sexual attraction?
  108. I don't know what I want!
  109. Any lesbians that like a little attention from boys ( middle school high school)
  110. Confused Feelings? Bi?
  111. Should I just call myself gay?
  112. sexual attraction vs. love
  113. Like dick but not attracted to men
  114. I'm getting tired of thinking up catchy title names
  115. Fantasy
  116. Sapiosexual ... Requirements???
  117. One. Big. Wall..... and a few small ones
  118. I think im finally coming to terms with at least being bi
  119. Trouble defining sexual attraction
  120. Confusing desires and the difference between hetero/homo intimacy and sexuality
  121. I need advice!
  122. Urgent need of help pleeeease
  123. POLL: Terms for distinguishing Romantic vs. Sexual orientation
  124. not sure
  125. I think my step dad thinks I'm pansexual
  126. sexual orientation?
  127. Confused about everything
  128. It's ok to not like sex
  129. Father is questioning me
  130. Question for you guys- (Real One)
  131. Butch, femme, none of the above?
  132. Romantic attraction was just an illusion..?
  133. Lately i've been thinking i might be a lesbian?
  134. I can't sleep, I am so confused...
  135. Help please
  136. Am I gay/bi or straight
  137. Can someone be bi and then..
  138. Am I gay/bi or straight
  139. I don't want to change
  140. Unsure of my sexuality
  141. "bi" is a flawed and incoherent category and leads to confusion for a lot of people.
  142. struggling closeted femme lesbian, has anyone been here??
  143. Recent break up with boyfriend leaving me confused
  144. Still trying to figure this out...
  145. Porn has got me confused!!
  146. Confused on gender identity.
  147. Anxiety About Sexuality
  148. In hetero relationship but I might be gay
  149. life sucks
  150. There's Always that One Person
  151. I just don't know.
  152. So confused
  153. Realising bisexuality within a relationship? HELP!
  154. In a hetero relationship but I might be lesbian
  155. What I'll do if I turn out to be bi
  156. Does this make me less of who I am?
  157. really confused
  158. Am I more gay acting or straight acting?
  159. Depression?
  160. Is it okay for me to identify as gay?
  161. I'm panicking again
  162. Attraction: What traits do you define as feminine or masculine?
  163. So unsure
  164. Bi or pan?
  165. My Mom Thinks Homosexuality Is A "Practice"...
  166. Confused
  167. One more thing
  168. Is this a sign from my body/subconscious?
  169. Is there any masculine guys who prefer feminine/effeminated guys?
  170. Is it ok to identify as a bisexual in this case?
  171. Is it ok to identify as a bisexual in this case?
  172. Very confused sexuality.
  173. Trying to work things out
  174. Long time bisexual questioning things
  175. I'm so desperately confused:(
  176. Will I ever be happy
  177. Help! Still so confused but trying to accept myself
  178. confused married female
  179. What could be my sexuality?
  180. Does religious people hate gay people this much?
  181. More sleep-related sexual cravings. Is this a sign? HELP!
  182. Is it normal feel this way help
  183. Bi? CANT TELL!!!!!
  184. Between bi's?
  185. I don't want to be attracted to males!!!
  186. Randomly started questioning my Sexual Orientation
  187. Having a hard time accepting myself
  188. Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin...?
  189. I need an opinion please
  190. So confused.
  191. Still a lesbian?
  192. Childhood celebrity "crushes" and sexuality???
  193. Analyzing my childhood for "gay" actions...
  194. Questioning what I am. Please help
  195. Unsure once again...
  196. I think I'm Biosexual, or maybe turning Gay? Advice/Help Needed!
  197. Drawing pictures of a naked girl as a kid. Could this be a sign?
  198. 20 year old male confused
  199. Not knowing what sexual attraction feels like
  200. Asexual or something else
  201. Am I gay?
  202. How can you figure out your sexuality without dating anyone?
  203. How to stop caring about labels?
  204. Demisexuality
  205. Help me please!
  206. I think I'm Bio, or maybe turning gay, I'm not sure at all. Help? Advice?
  207. Sexual Attraction
  208. Finally kissed a girl...
  209. Confused and questioning...please help!
  210. I need answers.
  211. a bit lost..
  212. I want to be gay, but I think I'm not, or am I?
  213. 23 male need advice
  214. Confused
  215. Guy hitting on me and I'm turned on? Still need help! SOO CONFUSED!
  216. I am pretty sure I'm a lesbian but indeed some advice
  217. I need some advice. :/ Dreams about girls.
  218. In a 3 yr. relationship with a man, but I feel gayer by the day...
  219. Pushing myself being lesbian?
  220. Does Seeing An Erect Penis In Porn As Anything Other Than Hetero?
  221. I just don't want to live anymore...
  222. Groinal response sufferers
  223. Can't sleep or focus
  224. I'm desperate for a boyfriend.
  225. I'm not proud of sexual expression
  226. Am I bi or lesbian?
  227. Help, PLEASE! Married & confused :'(
  228. I love woman
  229. Is gay porn making me confused?
  230. Why do I get turned on fantasizing about being a gay male?
  231. Will dating make me feel more secure in my sexuality?
  232. I'm a Just Little Bit Confused - Advice Please...
  233. I don't really know
  234. Another sexuality thing
  235. What is my sexuality?
  236. Trying to sort things out...
  237. question for lesbians - behavior growing up?
  238. "polysexual" is too vague and blurry!
  239. Am I a lesbian?
  240. Confused Teenage girl what do I do
  241. What's the difference between being in denial and having an actual fear
  242. Am I gay if I'd rather be gay?
  243. Straight Dream?
  244. In love with a girl...
  245. Am I becoming gayer
  246. I'm a confused 20 year old male. HELP?
  247. This sexuality thing (HELP!)
  248. open to possibility
  249. I suppose I'm a gray-asexual
  250. What am I?!