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  1. Am I bisexual, or something else?
  2. Ugh. Confused as hell.
  3. lesbian or bisexual?
  4. Do some lesbians wear their strap ons on their pants ?
  5. Questions for fluid bi/pan sexuals...
  6. Confused by dicks
  7. What is the difference between sexual attraction and romantic attraction?
  8. Is it just me or...?
  9. Bisexual Men Coming to Terms with Self
  10. Hetero-romantic?
  11. I have like this fear
  12. I don't understand what's wrong with me
  13. Very confused about my sexuality
  14. Am demisexual or just avoiding relationships?
  15. Not sure as to which side I lean
  16. Coming to terms with being demisexual and what that means for me
  17. not sure how to word this but....
  18. Flipping back and forth from gay to straight.
  19. Am I bi? Gay? Straight? Confused?
  20. Is it possible to be a hetero-romantic homosexual?
  21. advice please!
  22. Am I bi or is it just OCD?
  23. can orientation change over time?
  24. Am I Gay or Bisexual?
  25. Lesbian or what?
  26. Confused and in need of support
  27. Trying to figure it all out
  28. Question for anyone who's bi or gay
  29. Am I gay or bi?
  30. It's hard to fit into a label
  31. Crush on a girl - Not sure if she likes me too
  32. Turned on by straight sex?
  33. help me figure this out. 3 different orientations through out my life
  34. any words of wisdom?
  35. Could I be a biromantic gay?
  36. hopelessly devoted to her
  37. What am I?
  38. "HOCD" and brother just came out
  39. gay boys ?
  40. Hopelessly Confused
  41. I'm so confused about her. Please help.
  42. Please help.. I'm so confused about her.
  43. What is this?
  44. Never any man
  45. Not sure if bisexual or lesbian?
  46. New and confused. Am I bi? Does it matter?
  47. 99% sure I'm a lesbian
  48. Another: "Am I bi or gay?" questions... but with a twist.
  49. Not sure if I'm bisexual with a preference for girls, or just a lesbian?
  50. How did you know if you were bi or in denial?
  51. Just..confused?
  52. confused?
  53. Why is sexuality so Confusing?
  54. Suddenly questioning sexuality
  55. confusion
  56. Demi sexuality query
  57. I'm questioning my sexuality
  58. I'm Really Confused!
  59. How do you know you are gay ?
  60. Confused
  61. Labeling & Terminology
  62. Neverending spontaneous orgasm after coming out?
  63. Can I determine my orientation from porn and dreaming?
  64. Why don't I feel anything towards girls?
  65. Very confused.
  66. need help, I need to speak to someone who was straight then their orientation changed
  67. Sexual Orientation - Im confused
  68. Can anyone else relate?
  69. Can I be a lesbian and dunno about it?
  70. I want to buy a dildo. BUT!
  71. Straight book/ movie character crushes LESBIAN AND GAY ONLY PLEASE
  72. can i not be gay anymore?
  73. Questions for bisexuals
  74. how is this even possible? change in orientation.
  75. How do lesbians experience attraction?
  76. I'm unsure about my orientations and it's causing problems
  77. Hellllppp meee!
  78. Do you get nervous on a gay first date!
  79. Dads - they take worse
  80. Life isnt bad
  81. Crossing the dresses
  82. I am not certain of my sexual orientation, please help.
  83. 20's and questioning
  84. No denying I am gay
  85. Am I Gay for my Bestie??
  86. whats your favortie part of gay sex
  87. do you go down on guys on the first date!
  88. Pansexual or Panromantic?
  89. Did you ever avoid?
  90. I need help!
  91. Is this weird?
  92. I Hate this Phase
  93. Questioning My Sexuality
  94. So frustrated.......what am I?
  95. Masturbation and Sexual Orientation
  96. Confused
  97. do you eat out with boyfriend
  98. So, so confused, attracted to both sex. Complications.
  99. Seem to change my orientation every two weeks
  100. Please help me,I'm really confused..I have no idea what to do..
  101. Unsure about my sexuality
  102. My weird sexuality
  103. What's the other person's orientation?
  104. Does kissing indicate sexual orientation?
  105. Please help me,I'm really confused..I have no idea what to do..
  106. when did you DISCOVER YOU WERE GAY?
  107. who makes the first move on a gay date
  108. Bi-romantic Lesbian or after all bisexual..?
  109. bisexual toture
  110. What am I? (Emoitonal trigger warning)
  111. New Here...and Completely Unsure of Anything
  112. Confused by his Behavior
  113. What is sexual attraction?
  114. Concerning "love"
  115. Not accepted in the 'gay scene'
  116. Orientation: doubt and confessing
  117. What reasons would a guy have to stare at another guy?
  118. Unsure and Stressed
  119. Afraid To Come Out As Bi to Partner
  120. I just don't know anymore (gay/arom-ace/??)
  121. What does this make me?
  122. Doubt regarding my sexual orientation
  123. Guys who realized they were gay in their 20's GTFIH
  124. Married but curious help!!!
  125. Bi guy first time feelings for a guy but I don't want to come out...
  126. Do I have hocd?
  127. Questioning, I suppose
  128. Mind & Body Is Confused
  129. To bi/gay guys out there!
  130. Am I a lesbian? Help please
  131. I Never Orgasm During Sex
  132. He's Straight & I Don't Want To Love Him!
  133. He's Straight & I Don't Want To Love Him!
  134. Sexual attraction to men but romantic to women?
  135. Sxual orientation help
  136. Is it just a phase?
  137. flaw in the system? (with being entirely gay)
  138. long story
  139. What is the difference between sexuality and sensuality?
  140. what word/label should i use to describe my sexuality?
  141. What is this i am feeling???????
  142. Where do you stand with labels?
  143. Best friend or more
  144. Is she nervous around me? (Girl-Girl)
  145. Can music show the other side of you?
  146. Bisexual and hating it
  147. Can your sexual fantasies indicate your sexual orientation?
  148. Question for everyone who is gay/lesbian
  149. Sexual versus romantic versus emotional attraction
  150. HELP! Is BF gay???
  151. Bisexuals: gay days and straight days?
  152. Any bisexuals feel like this?
  153. Confirming it? :/
  154. Dammit Shaun! (long)
  155. My first lgbtq alliance meeting!!
  156. lesbian in a hetero marriage
  157. Gay w/ straight tendencies?
  158. Awkward Around Girls
  159. Why is she mad at me?!?
  160. Not ready for a lifestyle change
  161. Is it something more?
  162. What am I? Cuz I really dont know
  163. keep doing things i regret
  164. My demisexuality is confusing my sexual orientation?
  165. A relationship with a straight woman
  166. Attracted to foreign women
  167. Going through a very tough time
  168. Confused?
  169. Welp, now I'm wondering if I'm actually bi or just gay?!
  170. Does this mean I'm bi?
  171. how do I "experiment"?
  172. Is the "Kinsey Scale Test' accurate?
  173. Can a lesbian be [B]really[/B] girly?
  174. Is it okay if I don't want to experiment with the opposite sex?
  175. Married and Confused
  176. Questioning?!?!?!
  177. Confused and Unsure
  178. Does she like me?
  179. Is it okay?
  180. Asexual or gay?
  181. How do I learn to not care what the cis straight guy would think of me ?
  182. I Really Like Her But I Am Unsure of My Sexual Feelings
  183. Poly, curious, or just a douche?
  184. Bisexual rant, confused again
  185. Need Advice...
  186. Is being gay Hereditary?
  187. Am I just trying to bargain?
  188. Do I tell people that I am gay when I'm not sure myself?
  189. If anyone can identify let me know...
  190. Desire to have sex but not turned on...
  191. Do people truly love or fancy a certain group of people or are they indoctrinated?
  192. the day I woke up gay
  193. What is my problem?
  194. am I bisexual? or just confused?
  195. What Does This Mean?
  196. A little help here...
  197. Help me decide, please?
  198. In desperate need of help. I could use someone's advice
  199. bigender sexual orientation
  200. Am I a lesbian?
  201. Confused about my sexuality
  202. Well...gay it is....but..
  203. Why can't I refer to myself as lesbian?
  204. How to know what my sexuality actually is?
  205. Thought I was a lesbian but now I'm confused?
  206. Fear of inadequacy giving me sexuality issues
  207. If a biromantic homosexual woman dates a straight guy?
  208. Were you in a relationship before you knew for sure what your sexuality was?
  209. is this possible
  210. How do you be bi when in a straight relationship?
  211. Deep rooted latent homosexuality
  212. How do you flirt with "straight" possibly "bisexual" or "bicurious" woman?
  213. Inappropriate crush? Have you had one on ur hairdresser?
  214. I don't know what I am?
  215. Hopeless... HELP !!!
  216. Feeling confused
  217. If I had a nickel for each of my issues...
  218. Mostly straight, but crushing on my roommate
  219. Help, please
  220. fluidity
  221. Not sure if Gay or Bi
  222. I've never felt this way!
  223. "Straight" girls?! crush. HOW to approach
  224. is there a label for this?
  225. Bi or lesbian?
  226. Finally being true to myself...frustrated
  227. Gay or bisexual? What do you think I am?
  228. Suggestions?
  229. Lesbians and motherhood
  230. can what you find attractive change?
  231. How do I confirm my sexual orientation?
  232. I wanna have sex with my bisexual coworker !!!
  233. I don't know if this makes me bisexual...
  234. Totally lost. Am I gay?
  235. categories
  236. my friend thinks im gay
  237. bi but DONT want to have sex with a guy....
  238. I'm 35 and I just realized I'm a lesbian
  239. My wish and fantasy
  240. Am I straight?
  241. Help to understand myself
  242. Need advice on dating transgebder
  243. No idea what I am...and I am almost 24
  244. Am I bisexual or gay?
  245. Change
  246. help with meeting new people
  247. Romantic feelings vs sexual feelings: why can't they just match up?
  248. Am I gay?
  249. Can I have an emotional attachment to another woman?
  250. Help with my story