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  1. Mental block
  2. Im Scared
  3. Think i am gay. Any advice
  4. Help Please!
  5. Weirdsexual
  6. Hairdresser...Mutual crush? Has this happened to you?
  7. more confused but less confused?????
  8. It just doesn't make sense.
  9. Wha am I? Yes it's that kind of question
  10. Really confused...
  11. Can you help me with my orientation and what to do?
  12. Thought I was bi then, gay, then bi, now gay. Labels Suck/What's My Label
  13. Phase?
  14. Will it be easier to find gay love in college?
  15. How do I handle being sexually fluid?
  16. What does it mean to gay?
  17. definition of lesbian or bisixual?!
  18. Does this mean I am?
  19. Bi? Lesbian? Confused!
  20. Accepting or Uncomfortable with sexuality?
  21. Another confused individual
  22. Suppressed Desire (Unsure)
  23. Bisexual Fluctuations, and my own complicated sexuality?
  24. Really lost myself.... With my mask of lies....
  25. I was told that I was bisexual/pansexual in denial?
  26. Is it possible to stop being straight?
  27. sexual acts for me just another way to show friendship or am i bi?
  28. Attraction to guys or just emotional warm bodies?
  29. Why does it change?
  30. Could I have wired myself gay by accident?
  31. Confused about sexuality
  32. Is this how friendships are supposed to work?
  33. Straight, but not currently?
  34. Please, someone help me.
  35. Mental Torment over possibly being gay
  36. a question for girls
  37. Why or How?
  38. In denial I think and struggling with affection, how to deal with this?
  39. Identity Confusion Rant
  40. uh, I'm super mega confused...
  41. Can't tell if bisexual or lesbian?
  42. Don't know sexuality because of inexperience!
  43. not accepting myself as gay
  44. Ugh... Unknown Orientation Crush
  45. Future family
  46. Confused.
  47. Don't even know 'what' I am anymore...
  48. I'm afraid of the future...
  49. Polyamorous relationships?
  50. Bornthisway blog, has anyone else seen this?
  51. I am not sure if I am confused or scared
  52. Confused about my sexuality
  53. I made up my own name for a sexual orientation
  54. I'm kind of confused
  55. Orientation Confusion?
  56. My sister isn't straight either - I feel weird.
  57. How did you figure out you are lesbian?
  58. Straight girl confusion
  59. I don't know who I am anymore!
  60. How to proceed?
  61. I am really confused about my orientation...
  62. Fantasy and Reality
  63. Crossdressing Fantasies?
  64. Just wondering…
  65. am i gay or bisexual?
  66. Be careful who you dance with.
  67. Is this proof to myself??
  68. I Need HELP/ADVICE
  69. Hey all, well im done obsessing bout my sexuality but...
  70. Totally lost
  71. Angry, confused, and scared
  72. I want to let it out..
  73. biromantic?
  74. Bisexual or Pansexual
  75. Do you feel it's difficult to come out to yourself?
  76. It's getting hard
  77. Arrghh, so confused!
  78. Odd Dream Interpretation
  79. Here's my situation
  80. You know what blows my mind?
  81. HOCD or possible gayness blocking my life
  82. Can't accept it
  83. I think I like my best friend, as more than a best friend.
  84. Advice needed!
  85. need help with change in orientation
  86. My story (I'm sorry this is long)
  87. Some more questions, before I leave
  88. Newbie - stressed over sexual identity
  89. Would you date someone you don't really like just cause they spend money on you?
  90. confused
  91. What is my identity exactly?
  92. Bisexual or Gay?
  93. Bisexuality plus long-term monogamy
  94. has my OCD turned me gay
  95. Very, very confused.
  96. Have you dated anyone who's like this?
  97. Starting to come to terms?
  98. Have you ever dated a guy to make people think you were straight?
  99. Am I Gay Part II: Electric Boogaloo
  100. What Exactly is Sexual Attraction?
  101. complete change in orientation
  102. Question for gay guys
  103. Is this attraction or a self-esteem issue?
  104. Closeted mum in a gay bar?
  105. Only attracted to femininity but not limited to females
  106. 27 year old male and completely confused (Warning: pretty long)
  107. Married, but in my opinion clearly Bi. Thoughts?
  108. shift in orientation
  109. Lesbian but suddenly attracted to a man
  110. Maybe some tips?
  111. ocd and so freaking confused.
  112. Am I just freaking out?
  113. Should I experiment with guys before thinking about coming out as bi?
  114. My Buddy
  115. A guy asked me out, I'm freaking out too much for it to be normal
  116. Should I experiment to see if I'm gay? ;/
  117. Questioned myself for years, still unsure
  118. HOCD and fluid sexuality
  119. Why does my orientation keep changing?!? It's so frustrating/confusing...
  120. Help me please
  121. Scared and confused
  122. Pretty sure I'm gay
  123. Born this way?
  124. Is she in the closet or straight?
  125. Q for lesbians who have been with a man.
  126. Asexuality Stuff
  127. Bi or gay
  128. Tops and Bottoms in lesbian and gay relationships
  129. Tomboy\Butch - what is the difference?
  130. Not really interested in sex. Is that OK?
  131. Straight Women
  132. Furries and bisexuality
  133. What's the general diagnosis? Gay or Bi?
  134. Is this a normal feeling?
  135. How did you decide?
  136. Confused Again XP
  137. ocd or.....
  138. Going back to Straight/Bi.
  139. Confused....need some advice/support
  140. Am I partially asexual/aromantic or just socially isolated?
  141. i think this boy has a crush on me but he sends mixed signals
  142. I know what I am but have trouble accepting it
  143. I'm (probably) gay but I only like straight porn?
  144. Share your stories?
  145. confused
  146. It probably isn't HOCD. Maybe it's just "being straight."
  147. 32 year old married mum..looking for advice
  148. I need some wisdom and advice please!
  149. I don't know...
  150. What am I?
  151. Joining the League of Lesbians.
  152. conflicting sexuality?
  153. Biromantic or Homoromantic?
  154. "Oh my god, I think I might be a lesbian."
  155. Confused :/
  156. Married and questioning. I need advice.
  157. Questioning myself?
  158. Confused Cycle -- Advise needed.
  159. Very Confused
  160. Bisexuality is confusing!
  161. Questioning lesbian!
  162. officially 'in love' with her part2
  163. 13 and gay?
  164. Am I gay or bi?
  165. I keep thinking about girls?!
  166. complicated sexual orientation thoughts
  167. Bi, gay or straight?
  168. your experience as a young teen?
  169. My Gay Best Friend
  170. Worried
  171. question to bisexuals
  172. Confused
  173. A weird problem.
  174. I am so, so confused.
  175. Unsure of myself
  176. Let it slip that I thought I might be a little bit bi. OOPS
  177. Unsure
  178. Bi Cross Dressers
  179. What does it feel like to be attracted to someone?
  180. I wish tonight had gone better.
  181. Gay or bi?
  182. boys make me fluttery, but that's it.
  183. Questioning
  184. Just an update!
  185. The dreaded "What am I?"
  186. What?? Help
  187. I could be gay, but then again...
  188. So damn confused :(
  189. Now I'm really not sure...
  190. Im confused
  191. Accepting my sexuality..where to go from here?
  192. Is it wrong to date when questioning?
  193. I am starting to become homophobic
  194. the differences
  195. Questioning Sexual orientation again?
  196. little help friends
  197. Trying to figure things out...
  198. Can I change her mind?
  199. I want someone
  200. Can I kiss you to check if I'm a lesbian?
  201. ermm
  202. Inlove with girl I met 3 years ago !!!
  203. Unsure of what I am/want
  204. What is get turned on by a specific gender?
  205. I'm so confused....
  206. Is it possible to do a 180 in sexuality?
  207. I dont know what to label myself as
  208. I think I'm gay...I think...
  209. Really confused right now
  210. The Story of my love life.....
  211. Gay but feelings for girls?
  212. Wait, what am I??
  213. Is this even attraction?
  214. ugh...
  215. Opinions on Phases
  216. Really not sure if straight.
  217. Confused, A Phase, Or...
  218. Great, He likes me now?!
  219. Aromantic bisexual?
  220. Am I a lesbian? Or...?
  221. I used to be sure. But then again...
  222. On the border
  223. When will I know for sure?
  224. Questioning for the first time
  225. Do you think I'm gay?
  226. I think I like my bi friend (girl) but I'm dating a guy..
  227. So confused
  228. Completely confused and depressed
  229. Please help! Am I lesbian?
  230. Opposite-Sex-Only Bisexuals
  231. Things are confusing.
  232. Fighting Within Myself
  233. Attracted to Lesbians
  234. Confused
  235. Paranoid about being bi
  236. Am I lesbian? I don't want to be.
  237. Is it just time to accept that I am gay or could I be both?
  238. First time sexual dreams...
  239. I don't know myself anymore . PLEASE help :(
  240. 22. Female. Lost.
  241. What am I
  242. straight but like gay porn
  243. I can't tell why I'm doubtful
  244. What's my sexuality?
  245. This youtube video...
  246. Asexual maybe? :(
  247. Can I really know??
  248. What if. . .
  249. So confused
  250. Am I gay? .. I don't even know anymore.