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  1. Lost & Confused (but don't like labels)
  2. I'm so confused on who I am...
  3. All I know is I'm not straight
  4. Not really sure
  5. binders/STP
  6. To tell or not to tell?
  7. Is this normal ?
  8. Love or Leave
  9. Unsure as usual
  10. Help appreciated
  11. I don't know who I am anymore
  12. i think im a lesbian but im so unsure...
  13. For the "wrong reason"?
  14. i don't know what to call myself..?
  15. Bisexuals, pressure to be one way or the other?
  16. *Questioning-Woman Crush*
  17. Lesbian with an exception?
  18. confused and need help
  19. hi...
  20. Well fuck...now I'm really confused.
  21. unsure what I am
  22. No I idea what I am (gay,straight, bi) cause of weird fetish
  23. female sexuality is really confusing
  24. Kind of gay but not really all gay but who cares anyway?
  25. I somehow can't accept myself as gay .
  26. Single Female confused about my sexuality
  27. Am I a lesbian?
  28. A couple of more questions and such (long)
  29. Endlessly Questioning
  30. Semi-Confused Teen.
  31. Semi-Confused Teen.
  32. Why?
  33. Ten years of this...
  34. Am I straight? bi? gay? all three?! Need advice...
  35. Sexuality after issues and medication?
  36. Confused about orientation *WARNING* Very Long
  37. I don't know who I am. someone help me out.
  38. Bisexual Or Gay? Please help
  39. Nervous, scared and confused
  40. Hello
  41. Am I actually a lesbian?
  42. I think my bisexual friend is a lesbian in denial
  43. Such a shame...
  44. Somebody help me!
  45. questioning my sexuality ... why haven't I sorted this out yet?
  46. Myspace flirting?
  47. Book Recommendations for those who are Questioning?
  48. Straight Dreams
  49. porn vs real life attractions
  50. Small Revelation that gave me some space to breathe
  51. Turned by a kiss
  52. Reasons for loving someone
  53. first time having feelings for a guy, need advice
  54. I think I'm gay but my feelings don't make sense...
  55. Yet another confused dude
  56. Kinsey Test - Failed :P
  57. Am I gay or bi? (Or straight haha)
  58. What am I?
  59. Sure it's been asked, but can men be bisexual?
  60. horny thoughts- am i a lesbian?
  61. Can a woman be a lesbian if she's never had a crush on a woman?
  62. Bi and new to all this.
  63. i think i know what i am now
  64. Am I Gay or Bi???
  65. What am I?
  66. Low, confused, and questioning
  67. Is this just a fantasy??
  68. The Gay Debate: The Bible and Homosexuality
  69. From gay to asexual?
  70. Confused, Sad, And Ready To Snap...
  71. Eugh what to do
  72. Very confused
  73. Curious
  74. (this is probably a generic title but) I feel so confused...
  75. Questioning
  76. I'm a transman, she's a straight girl...
  77. Cannot figure myself out!
  78. Masculine gay men
  79. I just don't know...
  80. 33 and eternally confused. Please help!
  81. Not sure what's going on in my head...please help?
  82. Is a straight man that has sex with a transsexual woman still straight ?
  83. Confused? Help!
  84. Why Do Straight Girls Do This?
  85. Help please
  86. Faking heterosexuality
  87. I need help? Please
  88. Wait till highschool or right now?
  89. Lithromantic?
  90. Kinda awkward topic, but here goes...
  91. Realising I loved my best friends growing up
  92. How i found out.
  93. Completely confused
  94. Was my mom trying to get me to not be a lesbian ?
  95. Finally calmed down and now my sexuality is way more clear!!
  96. Maybe a little bit too curious?
  97. Late bloomer...
  98. An Overwhelming Feeling of ... Love? Lust?
  99. Gay, Asexual, and Heteroromantic...and very confused.
  100. The more Gay I allow myself to be, the more Bi I become?
  101. Attraction or just pure fantasies?
  102. I think I'm beginning to accept who I am
  103. Really confused!
  104. Confused
  105. Am I attracted to girls because its easier?
  106. Unsure about what I am...?
  107. Looking for LGBT and Self Harm support
  108. Wannabe lesbian
  109. Homoromantic?
  110. Bi or Pans? Or some other shit?
  111. Is she lesbian? Or just really nice?
  112. can't stop thinking about her
  113. Who Am I Attracted to?
  114. The baby-lesbian butch phase?
  115. Who Am I Attracted to?
  116. Unsure if im Bi or Gay.
  117. Don't Know Why I'm Like This.
  118. Help!Confused about my orientation!
  119. How do you describe sexuality?
  120. Worried I might...
  121. Asexual by default?
  122. So Confused
  123. My fear of being bi
  124. Labels were causing me so much stress
  125. dating
  126. My boyfriend doesn't know I'm gay!
  127. I just need to talk to someone
  128. wow so what should I consider myself now?
  129. I'm okay with being gay, but not bi
  130. I think I'm bi, but i don't want to
  131. I think I'm gay but I like a girl
  132. How deep in the closet can you be?
  133. Whats my sexual orientation!?!
  134. Panicking about being bi
  135. i cant
  136. In Search of a Label
  137. Wishing I had fully functional male&female organs
  138. not sure of my sexuality. lesbian or straight
  139. Does my bisexual coworker like me ?
  140. I'm married but I think I'm a lesbian.
  141. very confused please lots of help.
  142. is it normal
  143. I'm not sure....~HELP~
  144. Bisexual!? HOW can you tell?!
  145. CRUSH on possible STRAIGHT (?) hair dresser?! HELP please?
  146. I am 25 and now I have gay feelings...
  147. Confused about my orientation....
  148. Can you help me out?
  149. I don't understand
  150. Trans - Lesbian or Bisexual?
  151. It seems like Asian are the least desired in gay dating?
  152. General frustration
  153. bisexual but extremely afraid
  154. I think I'm GAY but only GIRLS like me?
  155. I think about girls and its confusing
  156. Questioning
  157. Am i bi, straight or in denial?
  158. ever fall for someone that makes you question your sexuality?
  159. I think I'm GAY but only GIRLS like me?
  160. Officially "in love" with her
  161. Am I lithromantic, or damaged?
  162. anyone heard of this before?
  163. I'm falling for my friend. But idk if he's gay??
  164. My Best Friend Became More.
  165. How to know? (questioning orientation)
  166. Where to draw the line between questioning/curiosity and denial?
  167. Should the sex that finds you attractive determine your sexuality?
  168. Trans and losing hope (about dating)
  169. How do i tell her?Married with baby have always been attracted to both men & women.
  170. Double sexuality?
  171. Married in love with a lesbian.....confused by sexuality
  172. questioning sexuality
  173. Confused and Heartbroken or Lesbian?
  174. I Need Help
  175. New to life again
  176. 1st timer
  177. Bisexuality male and female
  178. I am confused help?
  179. I am confused? help please
  180. Does my bisexual coworker like me ?
  181. Turned on by male attention
  182. The inner-struggle
  183. I need to vent!!
  184. the saga continues....
  185. thoughts
  186. Any lesbians thought they were bi then later found out their actually lesbian ?
  187. confused...
  188. On the verge of hyperventilating for 3 years isn't fun
  189. Confused about my sexuality
  190. In need of help and advice
  191. Very confused.
  192. Boy do I have a puzzle for you!
  193. I am desperately trying to figure out a workable sexuality
  194. I Sort Of, Changed?
  195. Bisexual mannerisms
  196. Bisexual girls dating
  197. What's a good way to know
  198. Was my friend a lesbian ?
  199. In love with a friend? I had to get it out.
  200. Why does my brain do this?
  201. Feeling pressured
  202. where do i go from here...
  203. Will I be confused about my sexuality forever?
  204. Confusing and complicated bisexuality
  205. Transgirl Sexuality Confusion..Seeking Advice!
  206. Confused
  207. I came out to a friend today, I don't know if I should have
  208. Are people born homosexual or is sexuality fluid?
  209. How can I overcome my fears around her?
  210. Learning who I am
  211. Confused about whether i am a lesbian or not.
  212. Love Letters
  213. How obvious does it have to be to know? -HELP
  214. My crush is treating me different now that she knows I like her
  215. Been questioning a long time...
  216. Is it okay to be gay?
  217. Fear of being bisexual
  218. How many of you have figured out you were gay/les after being hit on by a gay/les?
  219. Confused
  220. Should I try lesbian dating secretly?
  221. About feeling womanly
  222. Really Confused
  223. How to talk to Guys
  224. Is gay a choice?
  225. confused, not questioning
  226. Help...
  227. Are "phases" a real thing?
  228. Fine Line Between Sexuality and OCD
  229. Confusion
  230. How to cope?
  231. Worried about hormones changing sexuality
  232. Insecure in my sexuality
  233. Terribly confused
  234. Has anybody else gone through this?
  235. here again..
  236. Realising My Sexuality
  237. if I'm feminine, but male assigned at birth ...
  238. Living with Uncertainty...
  239. I feel really down
  240. I think of myself as ugly.
  241. Back and forth between bi and gay.
  242. Felt Bisexual for years but am now questioning that...
  243. I just don't know what to do
  244. How to "test the waters" without being 100% sure
  245. Love is always so Complicated!
  246. Sexuality changing
  247. sexually attracted to men, romantically attracted to women
  248. thinking about women
  249. Is there such a thing?
  250. i think im self-sexual??