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  1. Very Confused
  2. Love bipolarism
  3. Will friends think of me differently
  4. Thinking about my sexuality every day?
  5. I don't know what to do anymore, there is just so much going on.
  6. In love with my best friend. Does he like me back?
  7. Confused about identity! Just want to know....
  8. Am I gay straight or bi?
  9. Possibly lesbian but in longterm het relationship. :/
  10. i think I am in love with my best girl friend
  11. Should I turn in my lesbian card ?
  12. Do I just not enjoy kissing?
  13. Not gay but not Straight?
  14. Bi? Gay? I don't know
  15. mom is expecting me to marry a guy!
  16. Got myself in deep trouble...again
  17. Just a massive mess, really.
  18. Very confused
  19. im not sure if i like girls
  20. I could be wrong but i think this girl at my job likes me
  21. Labeling advice?
  22. Think I'm bisexual but still slightly confused?
  23. Gay, But trying to change it.
  24. Genuinely don't feel need to come out?
  25. I suck at approaching people...
  26. Bisexual relationships
  27. What should I make of this?
  28. Discovering you are not gay
  29. Very complicated and very confused...
  30. Newbie trying to find her way, I guess
  31. So heres the thing.....
  32. sexual orientation lost
  33. I'm just having trouble
  34. Probably a lesbian, in need of some support
  35. What sexuality should I consider myself?
  36. thoughts about gay=opposite gender
  37. I am utterly perplexed by my sexuality
  38. What sexualities are there?
  39. my story, my confusion, need help
  40. emotionally drained
  41. am i gay?
  42. Who I am...
  43. Is it just a phase?
  44. Why don't I feel comfortable calling myself a lesbian?
  45. How do i know?
  46. Difficulties from going straight, to gay.
  47. Why did i get use to being a lesbian so quickly ?
  48. Been questioning for a long time
  49. Pretty sure I'm gay, but wanting some reassurance
  50. Don't know if I'm straight or bi
  51. Not sure if I'm Bi or Gay
  52. What if I'm wrong?
  53. Subconscious Signals?
  54. Am I a lesbian?
  55. Sexuality Question
  56. Always saw myself as straight untill I met him
  57. Confused and a little down
  58. Confused
  59. Therapy triggering 'feminine side' and gender/sexual identity crisis
  60. Why do I find men more attractive but fall in love with women?
  61. What does acceptance feel like?
  62. Pansexual;Bisexual;Gay?
  63. Really Scared
  64. Has my ex made me gay
  65. So Confused!
  66. Gay guys pulling straight guys...easy?
  67. Bummed about her... Help :( perfect to reality... :/
  68. Lesbian, Straight, Asexual?
  69. :/
  70. My ever confusing sexual orientation
  71. I'm starting to wonder if it's been denial this whole time.
  72. What am I
  73. One step closer to figuring out my sexuality!
  74. I'm confused about my sexual orientation
  75. Self Doubt comes and goes...
  76. Lingering doubts
  77. Constant self-doubt
  78. Demisexuality?
  79. Been Confused For A Long Time?
  80. Not sure what I am (as my name shows)
  81. Confused about my sexuality
  82. How do you know...?
  83. Confusion and second-guessing
  84. What does it mean when a woman says she only wants a causal relationship ?
  85. Uncertain of what to do. PLEAZ HELP!
  86. fast acceptance of being gay, bi, etc.?
  87. SENSUAL Attraction? Woah. *Lightbulb*
  88. 27yo Male, confused my whole life & at a complete loss...
  89. Need some help and advice
  90. Is it possible for someone to become gay overnight?
  91. Confused, frustrated.
  92. Why am I so confused about my sexuality?
  93. If you are slightly bisexual would you consider yourself bisexual?
  94. I don't know what to tell her...should I give it a try?
  95. I think I am straight but have been unsure for a while.
  96. so, i believe i am leaning towards only women!
  97. Bi in love with straight
  98. General disposition to queerness.
  99. Man In The Relationship?
  100. Why...why did God make me a Demisexual?
  101. First Time
  102. how do i go from regular hook up to boyfriend
  103. Questioning everything about myself
  104. So Confused
  105. What Am I? (Straight, Lesbian, Bisexual)
  106. What do femmes find attractive???
  107. never had female to male sex
  108. A question for everyone...
  109. I'm straight, but I'm in love with a guy?
  110. First time coming soon...
  111. weird dream last night
  112. I think I need help figuring things out
  113. So here's my story...
  114. Oh dear god I might be gay
  115. I think I'm gay
  116. Extremely Confused and In Need of Help
  117. Confused
  118. How can i differentiate the two?
  119. Need help finding who I am
  120. Very confused!
  121. I have a question for gay guys?
  122. I need your advice.
  123. Parents trying to convince you that you're heterosexual/bisexual not gay
  124. I am attracted to gay men
  125. How does the gay fantasy thing work?
  126. what if i never figure out my sexuality??
  127. Not comfortable
  128. just a question...
  129. Trouble accepting myself?
  130. sexual orientation
  131. The difference between bi-sexual and bi-curious?
  132. Here's my story, I guess
  133. I think I might be gay but..
  134. Another question - is she or isn't she?
  135. I'm not sure what to identify as?
  136. Confused and Questioning
  137. Sexually impotent?
  138. Not sure at all where i'm at
  139. I'm a lesbian that love getting her nails done is this a bad thing ?
  140. Here it goes
  141. Questioning My Sexuality
  142. Lesbians, how did you know?
  143. Currently freaking out.
  144. Completly lost
  145. Attracted to the male gender
  146. What is my romantic orientation?
  147. I am a mess.
  148. Unrealistic expectations
  149. Just so Fucking Confusing
  150. No Clue: why?
  151. question for people who are homosexual
  152. Confused. Help Please!
  153. I've figured it out :D
  154. People who like guys?
  155. Just freaking out, yet again.
  156. to lesbian/bi/questioning/mtf
  157. One answer, more questions....
  158. Need help
  159. I just have no idea if I'm in denial or not
  160. What comes first?
  161. attracted to people for no reason
  162. Why I am not interested in dating/sex??
  163. A question for bisexuals...
  164. Are my standards too high? im i really 100% gay?
  165. Help! Totally confused!
  166. Never liked guys before, now like guys only. How come?
  167. Not sure
  168. Could I use this is some proof of some sort for my sexuality?
  169. Unrealistic attractions
  170. I'd love some sense in my life >.<
  171. Not sure whether I am Bisexual or Lesbian (i do not mean to offend anyone by this)
  172. Extremely Confused
  173. Any Bears in the Woods...
  174. My sexual and romantic orientation is different?
  175. When did know you were gay?
  176. Freaking out again
  177. 'I think we're all a bit gay'
  178. Am I gay, bi or straight?
  179. I don't like anal is that weird? o.O
  180. Having doubts about 'perfect' sexdate
  181. Anxiety Disorder, Orientation, Getting it all out there...
  182. illogical guilt
  183. Straight or Bi curious what do you think?
  184. Am I gay or bisexual?
  185. I don't know anything I can't do this anymore
  186. Feeling gone?
  187. Falling in love with a transguy
  188. im confuzed
  189. I need some advice... please. Confused...
  190. Possible issue with finding a match
  191. Can you find out that your really not gay?
  192. I think I must be Bi...
  193. I think I am a lesbian and I am married to a man
  194. Afraid I might be straight!
  195. Gaydar with closeted people
  196. aroused by penis in porn?
  197. Sometimes demi?
  198. What are bisexual girls with a strong preference for men called?
  199. A bit depressed, confused.
  200. I find women more appealing clothed, and men more appealing nude. WTF?.
  201. what lesbians think of bisexuals
  202. confuzzled
  203. Have I desensitized myself to women?
  204. I am afraid that I am a lesbian after all.
  205. Dating in secret
  206. Can this all be a phase?
  207. i call my self gay?? but am now very confused
  208. Am I even gay anymore?
  209. I'm having a hard time time accepting i'm a lesbian
  210. Am I Bi if I fantasize?
  211. my sexuality or gender disphoria?
  212. gay curious about girls?
  213. Is she straight or Bi?! I cannot figure her out!
  214. Is he bi?
  215. How do you Know?
  216. Mormon and Bi?!
  217. Old thread
  218. Please help
  219. Not being able to kiss guys
  220. Confused and need advice
  221. Panic Attacks
  222. For "Genderqueers" -
  223. cannot be emotionally attracted to men...what gives?
  224. Am i a open minded lesbian or bisexual ?
  225. married woman called me...
  226. Why am I like this and how can I stop?
  227. Is it true?
  228. bi or lesbian married to a man
  229. Story of a married woman...
  230. Anyone been through this?
  231. I'm really confused about my sexuality :(
  232. Only being sexually attracted to men?
  233. Confused! Please read!
  234. Hurricane Over thinking strikes again!
  235. ermagersh
  236. To any bisexuals:
  237. Lesbian and FTM relationship
  238. Starting to think I am homoromantic-heterosexual =(
  239. How do you know if you're questioning?
  240. second best???
  241. How to deal with someone who is in DEEP denial about being gay?
  242. am i super selfish and a hypocrite for this? i only view women as objects
  243. Biggest factor in determining sexuality? Fantasies, attraction, kissing, or what?
  244. Now I feel bad
  245. Not Really Sure What I consider myself...
  246. Help needed with orientation identity
  247. Im Finding Out, Once And For All!!
  248. Somewhat unsure of sexuality
  249. Confused
  250. Lesbian with an attraction to men whilst drunk? Advice or similar experiences?