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  1. Lesbians, how did you know?
  2. Currently freaking out.
  3. Completly lost
  4. Attracted to the male gender
  5. What is my romantic orientation?
  6. I am a mess.
  7. Unrealistic expectations
  8. Just so Fucking Confusing
  9. No Clue: why?
  10. question for people who are homosexual
  11. Confused. Help Please!
  12. I've figured it out :D
  13. People who like guys?
  14. Just freaking out, yet again.
  15. to lesbian/bi/questioning/mtf
  16. One answer, more questions....
  17. Need help
  18. I just have no idea if I'm in denial or not
  19. What comes first?
  20. attracted to people for no reason
  21. Why I am not interested in dating/sex??
  22. A question for bisexuals...
  23. Are my standards too high? im i really 100% gay?
  24. Help! Totally confused!
  25. Never liked guys before, now like guys only. How come?
  26. Not sure
  27. Could I use this is some proof of some sort for my sexuality?
  28. Unrealistic attractions
  29. I'd love some sense in my life >.<
  30. Not sure whether I am Bisexual or Lesbian (i do not mean to offend anyone by this)
  31. Extremely Confused
  32. Any Bears in the Woods...
  33. My sexual and romantic orientation is different?
  34. When did know you were gay?
  35. Freaking out again
  36. 'I think we're all a bit gay'
  37. Am I gay, bi or straight?
  38. I don't like anal is that weird? o.O
  39. Having doubts about 'perfect' sexdate
  40. Anxiety Disorder, Orientation, Getting it all out there...
  41. illogical guilt
  42. Straight or Bi curious what do you think?
  43. Am I gay or bisexual?
  44. I don't know anything I can't do this anymore
  45. Feeling gone?
  46. Falling in love with a transguy
  47. im confuzed
  48. I need some advice... please. Confused...
  49. Possible issue with finding a match
  50. Can you find out that your really not gay?
  51. I think I must be Bi...
  52. I think I am a lesbian and I am married to a man
  53. Afraid I might be straight!
  54. Gaydar with closeted people
  55. aroused by penis in porn?
  56. Sometimes demi?
  57. What are bisexual girls with a strong preference for men called?
  58. A bit depressed, confused.
  59. I find women more appealing clothed, and men more appealing nude. WTF?.
  60. what lesbians think of bisexuals
  61. confuzzled
  62. Have I desensitized myself to women?
  63. I am afraid that I am a lesbian after all.
  64. Dating in secret
  65. Can this all be a phase?
  66. i call my self gay?? but am now very confused
  67. Am I even gay anymore?
  68. I'm having a hard time time accepting i'm a lesbian
  69. Am I Bi if I fantasize?
  70. my sexuality or gender disphoria?
  71. gay curious about girls?
  72. Is she straight or Bi?! I cannot figure her out!
  73. Is he bi?
  74. How do you Know?
  75. Mormon and Bi?!
  76. Old thread
  77. Please help
  78. Not being able to kiss guys
  79. Confused and need advice
  80. Panic Attacks
  81. For "Genderqueers" -
  82. cannot be emotionally attracted to men...what gives?
  83. Am i a open minded lesbian or bisexual ?
  84. married woman called me...
  85. Why am I like this and how can I stop?
  86. Is it true?
  87. bi or lesbian married to a man
  88. Story of a married woman...
  89. Anyone been through this?
  90. I'm really confused about my sexuality :(
  91. Only being sexually attracted to men?
  92. Confused! Please read!
  93. Hurricane Over thinking strikes again!
  94. ermagersh
  95. To any bisexuals:
  96. Lesbian and FTM relationship
  97. Starting to think I am homoromantic-heterosexual =(
  98. How do you know if you're questioning?
  99. second best???
  100. How to deal with someone who is in DEEP denial about being gay?
  101. am i super selfish and a hypocrite for this? i only view women as objects
  102. Biggest factor in determining sexuality? Fantasies, attraction, kissing, or what?
  103. Now I feel bad
  104. Not Really Sure What I consider myself...
  105. Help needed with orientation identity
  106. Im Finding Out, Once And For All!!
  107. Somewhat unsure of sexuality
  108. Confused
  109. Lesbian with an attraction to men whilst drunk? Advice or similar experiences?
  110. Catholic, teenage lesbian?
  111. Whats my sexual orientation? is it a phase?
  112. Homoromantic bisexual?
  113. I want to be Straight.
  114. Am I a lesbian?...
  115. Can someone help explain this to me?
  116. Seems that I'm bi but uncertain?
  117. Oh, this is the place. Am I Bi!?
  118. Possibly Bi?
  119. society WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!!!
  120. Getting hard to guys, but can only finish to women
  121. I realized I'm attracted to females but I'm in a relationship with a male
  122. HELP me if you can, I'm feeling bi. (I think?....)
  123. I'm attracted to my female teacher?
  124. Gay now, bi later?
  125. Trying to understand my orientation
  126. What are some other terms for queer?
  127. Leeeeetle confuzzled...
  128. Can someone please explain sequential Bisexuality?
  129. I think I'm a lesbian married to a man...
  130. Gay kid messaged me?
  131. Really confused... :(
  132. people uneducated about Asexuals
  133. Newbie Here
  134. I like guys more than girls... but i like girls more than guys?
  135. To pansexuals: how do you define pansexuality?
  136. Pansexuality (No, Really, I mean it this time)
  137. Do you think everyone questions sexuality at some point?
  138. Lesbians that have sex with men ?
  139. Give me some advice... Demi? Pan? Confused? WTF??
  140. So I'm a bit confused.
  141. Feelings
  142. Whats my sexual orientation? is it a phase?
  143. confusion and sex
  144. confused, help!
  145. Limitless Confusion. Advice?
  146. How to tell if its a phase?
  147. Understanding Bi-sexuality.
  148. Very confused
  149. Bi?
  150. Is he straight acting or just straight
  151. Any words of advice?
  152. Big Crush HELP! Advice needed
  153. I Think I'm a Late Bloomer, I'm 21
  154. Does this closet need to be emptied?
  155. Um... Help?
  156. Whats my sexual orientation? is it a phase?
  157. Gay? Straight? Bi? Help please!
  158. New Here. Appreciate some help.
  159. Need serious advice on a touchy matter... Please
  160. help with mom??
  161. In need of some help...
  162. Never feel confused . Anyone ?
  163. Trying to figure this out..
  164. Trying to understand if I'm gay.
  165. How to tell if you're bi or gay?
  166. Is it possible to "used to be bi"
  167. Do I have feelings for same sex friend?
  168. Why do I feel this way?
  169. sex info: bottoms
  170. Dreams
  171. Actually Interested in women or only because I'm picking up on their signals
  172. Broken Gaydar- May I borrow yours?
  173. Very confused :/
  174. confused
  175. Gaydar readings.
  176. So freaking confused. Please help!
  177. Feeling sad
  178. What is demisexual?
  179. oooooooh boy. okay.
  180. Hello.
  181. On valuing myself...
  182. What determines if u have feelings for a Sam sex friend?
  183. Super confused
  184. I can't live like this
  185. Curious/Confused
  186. Bi-sexual?
  187. Oh god. Help. I did something terrible.
  188. I need of some advice! Seriously
  189. Sexuals and Romantics
  190. I wish I meant something to her...
  191. How do you know?
  192. How to get over your first love?
  193. Am I bi?
  194. Fake
  195. People who spent a while questioning- what helped you figure yourself out?
  196. Feeling confused and alone
  197. This race question has probably been asked before millions of times....
  198. Am I bisexual or gay?
  199. Elephant in the room
  200. girls are rlly cute
  201. Unsure
  202. Feeling Sad Lately about Orientation
  203. im really confused if someone can please help me figure this out
  204. i was so gay as a child...
  205. Unsure what to think.
  206. I'm sick of being called a dyke
  207. For some reason, I think I am bi
  208. Is It Possible
  209. Came out Gay, think I'm BI ...
  210. In denial?
  211. still not positive of orientation
  212. Hocd?
  213. This whole things with labels
  214. Bisexual/homosexual or something else?
  215. Am I Gay/Bi???
  216. Sexuality is so complicated and yet so simple
  217. I'm confused
  218. Had I been latent all these years?
  219. Sexuality Question
  220. Demisexual trying to figure out if she is bi, or could go all the way with a woman.
  221. What is a good indicator of sexual attraction?
  222. Can't Decide on a Label
  223. Thought I was gay, but...
  224. Problems with homophobia and hate towards myself?
  225. Does this sound lesbian..ish to you?
  226. the the shine of coming out is a little dim today.
  227. I really need help!
  228. dont know anymore.
  229. Why do I want to be gay?
  230. Extremely confused about my sexuality, and my friends can make it a bit worse.
  231. How do I NOT label myself?
  232. Why am I homophobic towards myself?
  233. Seriously need help. Please!
  234. Romantic attraction vs. sexual attraction
  235. Confusion
  236. Depressed and having doubts now
  237. I don't know how to fend people off when referring to my orientation :(
  238. confused
  239. Natured to be straight/nurtured to be gay = bi?
  240. I hate being Demisexual... I do not feel like I belong anywhere
  241. Questioning
  242. Shy Guy
  243. Married, but wanting a man
  244. Bi vs. pan
  245. having a terrible time with sexuality
  246. 24, married mum. So confused.
  247. Do you agree?
  248. The L Word For An L Word.
  249. Why am I feeling this way?
  250. I'm gay but scared I might be straight