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  1. I'm gay but scared I might be straight
  2. lost in the island of nowhere
  3. Sexual schizophrenia - can your past lie to you?
  4. She finally told me
  5. reminders of the past :/
  6. How do you get over the fear?
  7. I need help
  8. How much does a fantasy determine?
  9. bi-curious or admiration?
  10. married and confused...
  11. PLEASE HELP ME - Unsure Situation
  12. Unsure
  13. what should me next steps be...?
  14. When confusion about Romantic Orientation screws up your life...
  15. Very confused and fraustrated..please help..
  16. Should I tell a potential room mate that I'm gay?
  17. What is Orientation?
  18. So what determines sexual orientation/attraction?
  19. Confused
  20. Hyper anxiety regarding sexual orientation
  21. Admiration or attraction?
  22. Does Liking Only a Specific Cross-Section of Males Count as Bisexual?
  23. Partner's Afraid To Marry.. Period
  24. an interesting journey
  25. Confused, frustrated... I don't even know anymore!
  26. Identifying Myself
  27. So confused!!!
  28. questioning
  29. Losing Sex Drive
  30. i might like a transexual
  31. Just need some advice
  32. Romatic cancels sex?
  33. Ed...
  34. I don't know what to do with myself
  35. I need to hear it from someone else
  36. I am very confused.
  37. confused
  38. Still straight?
  39. Very Confused
  40. 'Straight for one person' or nothing to worry about?
  41. I cannot shake the feeling... just so unsure.
  42. Am I Bi?
  43. transexuals
  44. I need help
  45. Lost, Torn, and Puking
  46. How much weight does that "icky feeling" have when thinking about sexual orientation?
  47. What to do? What am I?
  48. really need help/advice
  49. Does this mean I'm Bisexual?
  50. Confused About Attraction - Bi?
  51. feelings, sex with girls and a little confused...
  52. What are some signs of denial
  53. Completely confused, please please help
  54. I can't tell if I'm gay, straight, bisexual, or something else.
  55. Does what your hormones want matter?
  56. I thought I was gay my whole life but there's this girl...
  57. I'm straight but there's this guy...?
  58. I am always confused
  59. When friends assume you fancy them! (bi)
  60. I don't know
  61. I came out as gay but now am unsure.
  62. Need help
  63. I'm really confused
  64. Same Sex Marriage
  65. I don't know anymore!
  66. Why is she being distant? Is she gay or straight?
  67. Confused about my feelings for my best friend
  68. Do same sex animals just mate because of dominance or could it also be love too ?
  69. Just when I thought I had it in the bag!
  70. Term for my sexuality?
  71. I keep getting this feeling help
  72. I don't want to be gay
  73. Am I a Lesbian?
  74. Bi,Pan, or?
  75. masculine lesbians vs ftm?
  76. So called friend not so more
  77. Homosexual or Asexual and Homoromantic?
  78. How do you get over a crush ?
  79. Pansexual/gender confused/asexual...??!!
  80. I'm torn and afraid, honestly.
  81. Bad sexual experiences
  82. How long is masturbation supposed to take ?
  83. It's all starting to make sense now. What is sexual orientation and does anyone know?
  84. Think I'm Mixed With a Little Bi...
  85. Crush?
  86. Asexuality: opinions?
  87. Logic is not serving me well
  88. I'm a little confused
  89. Confused about how to proceed
  90. I don't Label myself but I don't know me...
  91. Is not liking sex Odd?
  92. Sexual exploits gone wrong
  93. just total confusion!
  94. To be (gay) or not to be (gay) that is the question.
  95. Cant shake the thought im going to go to hell for being gay
  96. If being gay is not a choice then...
  97. advice needed? turning from gay to bi/str8 in 3 weeks?
  98. I might be gay
  99. Doomed! Lesbians, help me!
  100. Why am I gay?
  101. help! am I a lesbian?
  102. Need advice
  103. It won't stay still!
  104. Could someone help me? ...am I a lesbian?
  105. I've damaged myself?
  106. Why am I like this?
  107. married 'straight' woman likes girl???
  108. Cyclical sexuality
  109. i'm really confused
  110. Sexual Orientation and certain hobbies?
  111. "Straight" girl in love with lesbian friend
  112. how do you deal with being asexual?
  113. question
  114. Torn
  115. feel more connected talking to other lesbians about women
  116. Married but a lesbian?
  117. Why am I who I am
  118. Have I accepted that I'm gay yet?
  119. real crush?
  120. Came out to family, feel more confused.
  121. Pissed off at myself
  122. So very confused...
  123. Making sure I'm bi
  124. Need help figuring this out- thought I was gay
  125. I think I like my best friend
  126. My thoughts
  127. Weird thought?
  128. Fuck Everything
  129. Questioning
  130. Defensive
  131. I'm sure you've heard this before
  132. I'm sure you've heard this before
  133. Is this something I should be worried about?
  134. Bicurious and wondering
  135. "Split" Sexuality -- Can anyone relate?
  136. not sure what's going on with my orientation...
  137. Confused and a little scared....
  138. I feel like I'm stuck
  139. sexual orientation different from romantic orientation?
  140. feelings ive never felt..
  141. What to do when your gay but your living your life like a straight person?
  142. Gay but. Questioning
  143. For those confused about orientation and have anxiety
  144. Was I born Bisexual or was it developed?
  145. Um...I might be bisexual?
  146. Help!!! I'm Still scared!
  147. Am I Gay?
  148. I think I'm a closet heterosexual
  149. Accepting? :C
  150. I am only attracted to this one guy
  151. Recently started questioning myself
  152. What does it feel like to not be attracted to a sex or gender?
  153. Confused about my sexuality orient! Pls help!
  154. Confused sexual identity
  155. Need piece of mind
  156. Don't know if I'm into guys anymore
  157. Only attracted to straight/bi/curious
  158. Do strangers opinions matter?
  159. Love him
  160. Should I tell her?
  161. This is me today
  162. Is she gay or scared or what?
  163. Really confused - am I a lesbian?
  164. Lesbian or bi?
  165. Attention
  166. Newbie - first time experience
  167. How to...?
  168. Help what does this mean
  169. I fall in love really quickly. What am I ?
  170. Can you guys help me define this
  171. I'm Completely Confused
  172. gay and asexual?
  173. Need some advice :/
  174. Fascinated with bisexuality
  175. what is fluid sexuality to you?
  176. Confused
  177. so confused, so very confused
  178. How to be sure?
  179. I am a little flustered
  180. Gay or Bi?
  181. What do I do next?
  182. So confused
  183. Porn: is it an indicator?
  184. just need reassurance!
  185. help
  186. I can't be comfortable with guys.
  187. Do sexual fetishes determine your sexual orientation? Am I really gay?
  188. Advice from bisexuals
  189. Questioning, and feel like an a**hole
  190. Like men romantically, women sexually
  191. A crazy couple of weeks of sightings AND dreams
  192. Man I'm confused!
  193. im probably gay
  194. Identity and dating advice needed
  195. Unsure about a lot of things...
  196. Hello to you all
  197. Some musings after lurking a bit
  198. Confused and finally asking for some feedback
  199. Confused about whether I'm gay
  200. confused :/ help!!
  201. What constitutes attraction
  202. How do you determine your sexuality???
  203. I'm Not Sure
  204. I want to meet a bisexual
  205. Welp!
  206. I keep going through this kind of cycle`
  207. I'm a girl and my sexuality is confusing me
  208. Not entirely sure what I am... Might anyone be able to give me an answer?
  209. Confused
  210. different roles with different sexes?
  211. Mission Accomplished
  212. So i took the Kinsey Test
  213. 25, in a long-term relationship, and confused.
  214. Anal stimulation?
  215. Straight-ish girl problems...
  216. Questioning, but not really in a rush
  217. Confused and Scared and Sad...
  218. what the fuq
  219. Confused and its killing me
  220. Am I the only one not clued in?
  221. When did you know?
  222. what do i call myself
  223. Mostly attracted to guys, yet i luv flirting with chicks?
  224. Kinsey Test
  225. You know how they say "deep down, you know"?
  226. Very Confused... Looking for any advice!
  227. I hate this
  228. I have a question
  229. Should i pursue her even though im not sure of my sexuality?
  230. I think I forced/talked myself into believing I was a lesbian...
  231. So I did something crazy and probably stupid (NSFW text)
  232. Demisexuality? Etc. etc.
  233. I thought i was bi but now im not sure
  234. I'm still questioning
  235. Its already been 5 years
  236. I fall in love so easily
  237. Crushing on my best friend
  238. One step forward, two steps back :S
  239. Am i gay or not?
  240. Ughh
  241. seeing therapist for identity issues
  242. Am I bi enough to be bi?
  243. Homoromantic Bisexual
  244. Could this be some sign?
  245. Am I bisexual?
  246. Unsure of the future
  247. Have I made a hastey decision?
  248. Definitely bi...but maybe a real lesbian
  249. Very unsure
  250. Is he gay?