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  1. Bi, gay, straight?
  2. Gay 20 Year Old Virgin Help :(
  3. Anal fetish - how to tell gf?
  4. Questioning my sexuality for the first time in my life...
  5. Confuzzled, Quite a bit
  6. Was I really THAT stupid...? :help:
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  8. Am Romantic? Help Plz
  9. Bisexual or Lesbian? I need advice!
  10. am i bisexual or straight?
  11. Girl breaks gay heart?
  12. Please Help!!!
  13. I am a gay man who likes watching lesbian porn.
  14. This I know.
  15. Gay, Bi and Confused - Thanks in advance :)
  16. Polyamory
  17. why dont i want to date ?
  18. oh my, so confused
  19. Am i Gay
  20. Am I a lesbian or bi?
  21. Unsure of Orientation
  22. is there anyone els who feels this way?
  23. Dick or Pussy for me?
  24. Still confused about a couple things
  25. Gay or just unresolved issues?
  26. Unsure if asexual or not...
  27. bisexual? asexual? straight?
  28. A little confused
  29. I no this has been done a million times but...
  30. help. i like her.
  31. Feelings for a girl? But I thought I was gay??
  32. confused or denial?
  33. Am i a porn addict or in denial help
  34. Confused and looking for advice
  35. Wanting to feel peace
  36. confusion again help a guy out please
  37. Am I gay?
  38. I really don't want to be straight
  39. Closeted womanizer (gay man)?
  40. Need help, advice, anything.. so confused
  41. bi, gay or just not experienced
  42. Could it be that I am really a repressed homosexual?
  43. I'm not entirely sure if I'm a lesbian or not...
  44. Am i a repressed homosexual?
  45. Confused 30 something
  46. Opinions esp. from women, please! Don't know if I'm gay/bi (curious)/straight
  47. Confused...again
  48. cant tell if im bi or gay
  49. Does this make me bi?
  50. How reliable are fictional crushes, ect?
  51. Is anyone else attracted to older people?
  52. Help!
  53. Help: questioning my orientation
  54. Im unsure about my sexuality?
  55. Gay or afraid of the opposite sex?
  56. how to find lipstick lesbians
  57. Tough time accepting
  58. Confused...
  59. Very nervous about physical contact and unsure about date
  60. uncertainty and confusion
  61. Mom in Need of Help!
  62. "Sexuality Is Fluid"
  63. Am I just paranoid?
  64. Do I find men attractive or am I attracted to them?
  65. dealing with strong transgender issues.
  66. Do I have to be gay?
  67. I'm 31 and I really don't want to be gay
  68. Very confused please help
  69. Jealous of lesbian couples...
  70. Straight, lesbian, then straight again
  71. What is my sexuality determined by?
  72. How do I know that I'm gay?
  73. What does the public think of old man and young man relationships?
  74. Okay, in need of advice
  75. Am I gay?
  76. I think I might be lesbian
  77. HELP ME! This is my last option!!!
  78. In Circles
  79. Answers
  80. I dunno
  81. I Don't Know :(
  82. Not sure if I like a girl. What should I do?
  83. Confused
  84. Do I have to like girls all the time to be bisexual?
  85. Im a girl who told all my friends I only like guys. I lied.
  86. New to this and still decently confused
  87. Horribly lost and confused
  88. I have to figure this out. Please Help!
  89. Gay, bi ... Or just very sexual?
  90. Can I be gay if I'm in love with man?
  91. Can I be gay if I'm in love with man?
  92. Worried about losing the love of my life
  93. I don't really know what's going on?
  94. Can someone give me insight on my random gay thoughts?
  95. Confused as hell - identified as straight until now
  96. Disability - Its Impact On Our Sexual/Social Lives
  97. How did you know you were Bi? ( Or gay/trans/lesbian/whatever)
  98. Am I gay or bi?
  99. Am I gay or bi?
  100. Feeling disrespected, am I overreacting?
  101. What am I?
  102. What am I and where should I go from here?
  103. i think im becoming more lesbian and its soooo confusing
  104. Am i reading too much into this?
  105. So confused...
  106. I just can't make up my mind
  107. How to experiment without a label and while still being in the closet?
  108. happy for the first time about my sexuality
  109. I want to date again... should it be with a man or a woman?
  110. Im lesbian but have a crush on guy?..
  111. Ladies! When/If you like a girl and you aren't sure if she's sapphic-inclined
  112. Confused
  113. Confusion, please help.
  114. It hurts that I love you....
  115. Relationship help
  116. I feel so lost and... lonely
  117. So so so lost... needing guidance
  118. The semantics of bisexuality and pansexuality
  119. What do I do...
  120. Bisexual? and not sure how to mingle
  121. I suppose it's time
  122. Is bisexuality always this confusing?
  123. Help me, Please!!
  124. HOCD/OCD Sexual Orientation
  125. Struggling
  126. I have strong feelings for a guy..but not a girl.
  127. I have strong feelings for a guy..but not a girl.
  128. I have a gay crush and want tips?
  129. Sexual Fantasies and Feelings
  130. Confusion about sexual orientation and attractions
  131. Lost and confused
  132. Can a lesbian...
  133. I'm so confused and scared?
  134. Terrified, confused and... maybe excited?
  135. Terribly Confused
  136. Crying My eyes out!
  137. Is this true?
  138. *Please* stop using bisexuality as an excuse!
  139. Why I hate who I am.
  140. Not Sure
  141. So Confused
  142. Still going through some sexuality pains..
  143. What am I? straight? bi? lesbian?
  144. I really don't know...
  145. Is the old me coming back or is this me now?
  146. is she? or is she not?
  147. I feel like a fake
  148. The Stupidest of Steps
  149. I'm desperate :(
  150. Label Question
  151. Help! is she into me?
  152. I feel too old to be feeling this gender confusion
  153. Am I bisexual... or lesbian?
  154. Could I be a lesbian..?
  155. Cannot accept sexuality
  156. How to get into the dating game ?
  157. Online dating sites for lesbians
  158. Do I really like girls?
  159. Real Crush?
  160. This sucks. I suck. I hate feelings.
  161. Terms
  162. Long Distance Relationship
  163. Why couldn't it just be simple?
  164. Scared to be alone
  165. I am love sick over a Girl i met through a friend
  166. Can a sexual be aromantic?
  167. by letting my self be use by older men its what made me gay as I got older?
  168. How did you know you were sure?
  169. Confused again...
  170. Girls seem like nothing more than just a pretty face.
  171. Questioning
  172. anybody experienced anything similar?
  173. Here it is....
  174. fantasies
  175. I Have Been a Jerk.
  176. It's all starting to make sense but im still a little confused..
  177. very confused and unsure
  178. I don't know who I am anymore
  179. The versatile role
  180. Is it possible...
  181. Labeling question
  182. Questioning
  183. Maybe A Lesbian But I Find Some Guys Hot?
  184. Confused?
  185. So scared to really deal with this
  186. Did any bisexuals later came out as gay?
  187. Come out without a label?
  188. Don't know if I am straight, gay or bi
  189. Long, Rambly Confusion
  190. Wondering
  191. I like girls moreso than guys...I'm bi??
  192. New Relationship.... but scared??
  193. My story...any tips?
  194. No experience with either gender?
  195. My obsession in who I am.
  196. porn
  197. Demisexual?, Asexual? Or just low libido?
  198. please help me
  199. DO gay men find women sexually attrative?
  200. So, about that other gender
  201. (WARNING: ESSAY) Just when I had it all figured out.... VENTING
  202. Not Quite Certain
  203. Straight and a tad bit curious or bi?
  204. I'm so confused!
  205. Confused
  206. My attraction
  207. Bi or just horny
  208. childhood sexual "experience"
  209. Bisexual male?
  210. I don't know what I am!
  211. 2 things
  212. Is bisexuality really the norm?
  213. Is attraction black and white?
  214. Denial? What if I'm wrong?
  215. Pansexualism- The New bisexual???
  216. Meeting women while still questioning?
  217. Faking it?
  218. Still confused after 23 years
  219. Lesbian dating
  220. Wondering about my sexuality as a teen.
  221. just an update - what are your thoughts
  222. Really confused teen! Help, please?
  223. What do you think of these kind of greek old men/bears?
  224. married bi/gay men in heterosexual marriages
  225. Are we supposed to feel a certain way after coming out?
  226. I wish I had an answer (long)
  227. So confused, bi? lesbian? straight? AGH!
  228. Okay..?
  229. I think I like this girl...HELP!!
  230. Close friend, crush?
  231. Sexuality Confusion
  232. Been questioning myself
  233. the years leading up to being out of the closet
  234. Is there a word for this?
  235. Complicated Relationship Situation: Need some good advice
  236. Been questioning for a few years?
  237. What heights do you prefer in a guy
  238. So confused.
  239. I've come to terms
  240. what am i
  241. Questioning my feelings.
  242. I honestly can't take being straight.
  243. What do you think of the opposite sex?
  244. Constant Nagging
  245. unsure
  246. Will bestiality be considered normal ever?
  247. Utterly Confused, lost, unsure and anything in between! Help!
  248. Anyone else turned by their own sexuality?
  249. I could use some help
  250. Have your thoughts on having a wedding, starting a family, etc. changed at all