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  1. Cyclical sexuality
  2. i'm really confused
  3. Sexual Orientation and certain hobbies?
  4. "Straight" girl in love with lesbian friend
  5. how do you deal with being asexual?
  6. question
  7. Torn
  8. feel more connected talking to other lesbians about women
  9. Married but a lesbian?
  10. Why am I who I am
  11. Have I accepted that I'm gay yet?
  12. real crush?
  13. Came out to family, feel more confused.
  14. Pissed off at myself
  15. So very confused...
  16. Making sure I'm bi
  17. Need help figuring this out- thought I was gay
  18. I think I like my best friend
  19. My thoughts
  20. Weird thought?
  21. Fuck Everything
  22. Questioning
  23. Defensive
  24. I'm sure you've heard this before
  25. I'm sure you've heard this before
  26. Is this something I should be worried about?
  27. Bicurious and wondering
  28. "Split" Sexuality -- Can anyone relate?
  29. not sure what's going on with my orientation...
  30. Confused and a little scared....
  31. I feel like I'm stuck
  32. sexual orientation different from romantic orientation?
  33. feelings ive never felt..
  34. What to do when your gay but your living your life like a straight person?
  35. Gay but. Questioning
  36. For those confused about orientation and have anxiety
  37. Was I born Bisexual or was it developed?
  38. Um...I might be bisexual?
  39. Help!!! I'm Still scared!
  40. Am I Gay?
  41. I think I'm a closet heterosexual
  42. Accepting? :C
  43. I am only attracted to this one guy
  44. Recently started questioning myself
  45. What does it feel like to not be attracted to a sex or gender?
  46. Confused about my sexuality orient! Pls help!
  47. Confused sexual identity
  48. Need piece of mind
  49. Don't know if I'm into guys anymore
  50. Only attracted to straight/bi/curious
  51. Do strangers opinions matter?
  52. Love him
  53. Should I tell her?
  54. This is me today
  55. Is she gay or scared or what?
  56. Really confused - am I a lesbian?
  57. Lesbian or bi?
  58. Attention
  59. Newbie - first time experience
  60. How to...?
  61. Help what does this mean
  62. I fall in love really quickly. What am I ?
  63. Can you guys help me define this
  64. I'm Completely Confused
  65. gay and asexual?
  66. Need some advice :/
  67. Fascinated with bisexuality
  68. what is fluid sexuality to you?
  69. Confused
  70. so confused, so very confused
  71. How to be sure?
  72. I am a little flustered
  73. Gay or Bi?
  74. What do I do next?
  75. So confused
  76. Porn: is it an indicator?
  77. just need reassurance!
  78. help
  79. I can't be comfortable with guys.
  80. Do sexual fetishes determine your sexual orientation? Am I really gay?
  81. Advice from bisexuals
  82. Questioning, and feel like an a**hole
  83. Like men romantically, women sexually
  84. A crazy couple of weeks of sightings AND dreams
  85. Man I'm confused!
  86. im probably gay
  87. Identity and dating advice needed
  88. Unsure about a lot of things...
  89. Hello to you all
  90. Some musings after lurking a bit
  91. Confused and finally asking for some feedback
  92. Confused about whether I'm gay
  93. confused :/ help!!
  94. What constitutes attraction
  95. How do you determine your sexuality???
  96. I'm Not Sure
  97. I want to meet a bisexual
  98. Welp!
  99. I keep going through this kind of cycle`
  100. I'm a girl and my sexuality is confusing me
  101. Not entirely sure what I am... Might anyone be able to give me an answer?
  102. Confused
  103. different roles with different sexes?
  104. Mission Accomplished
  105. So i took the Kinsey Test
  106. 25, in a long-term relationship, and confused.
  107. Anal stimulation?
  108. Straight-ish girl problems...
  109. Questioning, but not really in a rush
  110. Confused and Scared and Sad...
  111. what the fuq
  112. Confused and its killing me
  113. Am I the only one not clued in?
  114. When did you know?
  115. what do i call myself
  116. Mostly attracted to guys, yet i luv flirting with chicks?
  117. Kinsey Test
  118. You know how they say "deep down, you know"?
  119. Very Confused... Looking for any advice!
  120. I hate this
  121. I have a question
  122. Should i pursue her even though im not sure of my sexuality?
  123. I think I forced/talked myself into believing I was a lesbian...
  124. So I did something crazy and probably stupid (NSFW text)
  125. Demisexuality? Etc. etc.
  126. I thought i was bi but now im not sure
  127. I'm still questioning
  128. Its already been 5 years
  129. I fall in love so easily
  130. Crushing on my best friend
  131. One step forward, two steps back :S
  132. Am i gay or not?
  133. Ughh
  134. seeing therapist for identity issues
  135. Am I bi enough to be bi?
  136. Homoromantic Bisexual
  137. Could this be some sign?
  138. Am I bisexual?
  139. Unsure of the future
  140. Have I made a hastey decision?
  141. Definitely bi...but maybe a real lesbian
  142. Very unsure
  143. Is he gay?
  144. sometimes i know but sometimes i don't
  145. Dig yourself
  146. Never been in a relationship but still ..i'm totally CONFUSED
  147. Really Annoyed & Confused
  148. Sexual vs Emotional attraction?
  149. Crossdresser. One of those late night "what am I?" posts
  150. Totally confused
  151. Phase? Or am I now just noticing it?
  152. Help with my sexual orientation!
  153. Bi, gay, straight?
  154. Gay 20 Year Old Virgin Help :(
  155. Anal fetish - how to tell gf?
  156. Questioning my sexuality for the first time in my life...
  157. Confuzzled, Quite a bit
  158. Was I really THAT stupid...? :help:
  159. Straight? Curious? Advice?!
  160. Am Romantic? Help Plz
  161. Bisexual or Lesbian? I need advice!
  162. am i bisexual or straight?
  163. Girl breaks gay heart?
  164. Please Help!!!
  165. I am a gay man who likes watching lesbian porn.
  166. This I know.
  167. Gay, Bi and Confused - Thanks in advance :)
  168. Polyamory
  169. why dont i want to date ?
  170. oh my, so confused
  171. Am i Gay
  172. Am I a lesbian or bi?
  173. Unsure of Orientation
  174. is there anyone els who feels this way?
  175. Dick or Pussy for me?
  176. Still confused about a couple things
  177. Gay or just unresolved issues?
  178. Unsure if asexual or not...
  179. bisexual? asexual? straight?
  180. A little confused
  181. I no this has been done a million times but...
  182. help. i like her.
  183. Feelings for a girl? But I thought I was gay??
  184. confused or denial?
  185. Am i a porn addict or in denial help
  186. Confused and looking for advice
  187. Wanting to feel peace
  188. confusion again help a guy out please
  189. Am I gay?
  190. I really don't want to be straight
  191. Closeted womanizer (gay man)?
  192. Need help, advice, anything.. so confused
  193. bi, gay or just not experienced
  194. Could it be that I am really a repressed homosexual?
  195. I'm not entirely sure if I'm a lesbian or not...
  196. Am i a repressed homosexual?
  197. Confused 30 something
  198. Opinions esp. from women, please! Don't know if I'm gay/bi (curious)/straight
  199. Confused...again
  200. cant tell if im bi or gay
  201. Does this make me bi?
  202. How reliable are fictional crushes, ect?
  203. Is anyone else attracted to older people?
  204. Help!
  205. Help: questioning my orientation
  206. Im unsure about my sexuality?
  207. Gay or afraid of the opposite sex?
  208. how to find lipstick lesbians
  209. Tough time accepting
  210. Confused...
  211. Very nervous about physical contact and unsure about date
  212. uncertainty and confusion
  213. Mom in Need of Help!
  214. "Sexuality Is Fluid"
  215. Am I just paranoid?
  216. Do I find men attractive or am I attracted to them?
  217. dealing with strong transgender issues.
  218. Do I have to be gay?
  219. I'm 31 and I really don't want to be gay
  220. Very confused please help
  221. Jealous of lesbian couples...
  222. Straight, lesbian, then straight again
  223. What is my sexuality determined by?
  224. How do I know that I'm gay?
  225. What does the public think of old man and young man relationships?
  226. Okay, in need of advice
  227. Am I gay?
  228. I think I might be lesbian
  229. HELP ME! This is my last option!!!
  230. In Circles
  231. Answers
  232. I dunno
  233. I Don't Know :(
  234. Not sure if I like a girl. What should I do?
  235. Confused
  236. Do I have to like girls all the time to be bisexual?
  237. Im a girl who told all my friends I only like guys. I lied.
  238. New to this and still decently confused
  239. Horribly lost and confused
  240. I have to figure this out. Please Help!
  241. Gay, bi ... Or just very sexual?
  242. Can I be gay if I'm in love with man?
  243. Can I be gay if I'm in love with man?
  244. Worried about losing the love of my life
  245. I don't really know what's going on?
  246. Can someone give me insight on my random gay thoughts?
  247. Confused as hell - identified as straight until now
  248. Disability - Its Impact On Our Sexual/Social Lives
  249. How did you know you were Bi? ( Or gay/trans/lesbian/whatever)
  250. Am I gay or bi?