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  1. Is there a word for this?
  2. Complicated Relationship Situation: Need some good advice
  3. Been questioning for a few years?
  4. What heights do you prefer in a guy
  5. So confused.
  6. I've come to terms
  7. what am i
  8. Questioning my feelings.
  9. I honestly can't take being straight.
  10. What do you think of the opposite sex?
  11. Constant Nagging
  12. unsure
  13. Will bestiality be considered normal ever?
  14. Utterly Confused, lost, unsure and anything in between! Help!
  15. Anyone else turned by their own sexuality?
  16. I could use some help
  17. Have your thoughts on having a wedding, starting a family, etc. changed at all
  18. I don't know what to think
  19. Please please help me :(
  20. Is it possible to turn gay?
  21. Maybe some help, please?
  22. Please help me :(
  23. What do I do?
  24. Gay or Not?
  25. I am bi but maybe leaning towards being gay
  26. wow, so now i believe nurture over nature is what made me gay, can someone decipher ?
  27. Bisexuality?
  28. You know what?
  29. bisexual people, help please?
  30. What am I and how can I begin to accept it?
  31. Stupid
  32. need some help, anxiety and woman.
  33. Romantically gay? huh?
  34. I just don't care anymore..
  35. Prefer gay fantasies, but straight reality. Help?
  36. stuck in a situation because of my sexuality
  37. porn
  38. Confused about myself
  39. If you're struggling-
  40. I feel like my entire life is a lie.
  41. Not sure if gay or bi.
  42. Please read! Need help :/
  43. I need your help
  44. Is this Bisexuality? (Loooong)
  45. should i listen to my dreams???
  46. Is this a real thing????
  47. I'm so confused :/
  48. Im starting to think Im not bisexual...
  49. Need Help!!!
  50. Starting to doubt my sexuality
  51. Gay or Bi?....or just confused? :(
  52. Where do I start?
  53. Embarassing Sexual Moments
  54. Finally Accepting...
  55. I don't think I can do this anymore
  56. Coming to terms and discovering. Advice requested.
  57. Bisexual Gay or Straight?
  58. am i bisexual or could i be a lesbian?
  59. I hate myself
  60. i wish i knew
  61. Random thoughts on identity; a little opinion from outside my head please ?
  62. I've liked guys, but I might be a lesbian?
  63. wanting to be the "woman" in the relationship
  64. Does that make me gay?
  65. Scared of men flirting with me
  66. Straight... Or Gay... Bi? I don't know.
  67. Gay, cuddling with straight girl
  68. Lost
  69. Lesbians and anal sex
  70. Jewish and gay... :(
  71. Confused
  72. Confused...
  73. Beyond the Kinsey Scale
  74. Does phimosis needs to be cured?
  75. am i in denial or am i really half n half
  76. Help? Am I straight or bi sexual?
  77. Lesbian life...but afraid I canít do it!
  78. How can I get rid of this mentality?!
  79. Was sure but now confused.
  80. Help please c;
  81. Confused ramble...
  82. Needing some advice
  83. Finally writing my thoughts down (23 y/o guy)
  84. Why don't I get butterflies in my stomach that often?
  85. Really....Confused...Need advice...Like badly
  86. Am I more straight than bi?
  87. Bi?
  88. I'm seriously confused.
  89. Another confused teen
  90. HAAAALP (still questioning after 1.5 years on this site)
  91. First time being attracted to a woman?
  92. Have I turned gay or was I always bisexual?
  93. Not sure what's happening.
  94. Just a Phase?
  95. Reoccurring Dreams
  96. How deep can denial can be?
  97. I'm really confused!
  98. still confused
  99. I know I am transexual, but
  100. Confused? Bi or lesbian? Help.
  101. About to get married, afraid I'm not gay
  102. Deep deep deep in denial?
  103. Just got called a lesbian
  104. College Experimentation
  105. Open relationship for the bisexuals
  106. I've figured it out.....but am confused
  107. A little confundeld
  108. Need some help/advice
  109. In a relationship with a guy, but crushing on a girl??
  110. need some more help.. hOCD?? Anxiety??
  111. confused and need to talk to someone
  112. Am I really gay?
  113. Some help please
  114. Vocabulary
  115. hOCD
  116. How do I deal with having no sexual identity?
  117. So, I don't know anymore
  118. I'm Not Sure If I Even Believe In Sexual Orientation
  119. Is penis size important?
  120. Severely confused about sexuality
  121. Close to getting settling down but the questions remain
  122. am i in the right forum ?!
  123. i know i like girls more than men
  124. Do all gay men "feel different" when they are younger?
  125. Mind/body and arousal
  126. Is there a such thing as missing out on sex?
  127. These forums are confusing
  128. So I tried gay sex for the first time and it wasn't particularly good...
  129. Maybe gay.....maybe bi
  130. I don't know anymore
  131. Accepting
  132. Am i gay or homoflexible or bi?
  133. Rejected...
  134. Not liking myself
  135. Not Always Sure....
  136. I'm so confused - I thought I was Gay...
  137. Am I lesbian? Yeah. Probably. Maybe. No...?
  138. purely physical
  139. Confused... And want to try a girl...
  140. Straight... ish?
  141. I'm not sure.
  142. I can finally say it
  143. Please help me with this . . .
  144. I dont know if im gay or not
  145. Genetic?
  146. Bi/lesbian? I'm so confused and lost
  147. late acceptance
  148. Possibly biromantic or bisexual?
  149. New Here...
  150. Am I bi or gay if I don't find male nudity arousing? What is attraction? Confused.
  151. I am cerius
  152. Virgin - Do you need experience to be able to determine your sexual orientation
  153. Avoiding the past
  154. what does this mean?
  155. Afraid to Label Myself
  156. Okay this is really weird
  157. Confused
  158. Just need someone to talk to
  159. Confusion in bed?
  160. Again...
  161. Now I think I might be bi... great...
  162. I am ............
  163. Unsure about my orientation. Need advice!
  164. Can sexuality change in 1 month?
  165. Does this mean I'm bi?
  166. Advice needed!
  167. I really need advice please..
  168. straight but confused?
  169. I think I'm losing myself
  170. confused
  171. Undefined Orientation
  172. Extremly confused about sexual orientation.
  173. Just me being confused
  174. Curiosity killed the cat
  175. Scared by Sub/Dom idea
  176. I just don't know anymore
  177. What should I do about my bicurious feelings?
  178. What am I?
  179. Dazed and confused
  180. Why is it easier to get a girl, than a guy :/
  181. Gay or bi?
  182. Can I even call myself gay?
  183. Reverse HOCD or bi in denial?
  184. Bi versus Pan-sexual
  185. I can't stop questioning - It's taking over my life.
  186. Identify as straight, but questioning
  187. Not sure Lesbian or Bi or Straight?
  188. Am i a lesbian or just scared of men?
  189. May I be homosexual?
  190. Regret Something That Happened
  191. Am I straight, bi, gay, or curious?
  192. Bi, Straight, Lesbian or Too Soon To Tell?
  193. Insanity reigns
  194. Depression After Therapy
  195. I need advise
  196. Confused, my story of how I lost myself
  197. 25 year old, still confused
  198. Confused about my sexual orientation
  199. Scared of the /idea/ of having a boyfriend?
  200. Confused about everything!
  201. fluidity? :S
  202. Very confused about my sexual orientation. Need some advice.
  203. I think I'm just gay.
  204. Is coming to terms with possible homosexuality/bisexual supposed to be this difficult
  205. Is he bi or am I crazy?
  206. It's hard being a tomboy.....
  207. Feeling confused...
  208. Do I come out? Am I truly bi? In the Closet?
  209. I have a girlfriend but also have a gay crush
  210. Man, I want to figure my sexuality out
  211. Going to an LGBT church for the first time
  212. what/who am i?
  213. Unsure of Sexual Orientation
  214. Anxiety and sexuality
  215. Am I right to be questioning again or is denial messing with me?
  216. Sexual arousal? Problematic
  217. i wonder if people suspect of me sometimes
  218. Gay, but admire female body?
  219. Why is sexuality so important?
  220. Still kinda confused...
  221. What is from my upbringing and what is me for real?
  222. Name Changes
  223. At total loss with myself
  224. straight or bisexual?? please help !!!!
  225. Bisexual...Lesbian?
  226. Is that normal?
  227. How do I put the pieces of the puzzle together?
  228. I'm already 21 , is it normal to start liking guys at this age ?
  229. Regret coming out
  230. I'm so confused!! Should it matter to me? *LONG*
  231. Anxiety and Me - Sometimes I feel gay
  232. Married with children but in love with a girl
  233. Not that into penis
  234. Guys. Girls. Both. Wait--What?!
  235. Would I be a sucky partner?
  236. I Don't Want to Be Bisexual!
  237. Bi-curious, now what?
  238. Sooooo.....
  239. Confused at 29
  240. Whats going on!
  241. Trying to sort things out
  242. I'm so confused.....
  243. I'm a girl. I love my girl friend. But I'm not attracted to girls. I like boys.
  244. certain friends think there completelt straight but..
  245. How do I make my sexuality more obvious?
  246. Struggling
  247. Having a hard time identifying my orientation.
  248. Weirdly confused now, even though I wasn't.
  249. confused
  250. Trans* male haircuts