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  1. How do I deal with having no sexual identity?
  2. So, I don't know anymore
  3. I'm Not Sure If I Even Believe In Sexual Orientation
  4. Is penis size important?
  5. Severely confused about sexuality
  6. Close to getting settling down but the questions remain
  7. am i in the right forum ?!
  8. i know i like girls more than men
  9. Do all gay men "feel different" when they are younger?
  10. Mind/body and arousal
  11. Is there a such thing as missing out on sex?
  12. These forums are confusing
  13. So I tried gay sex for the first time and it wasn't particularly good...
  14. Maybe gay.....maybe bi
  15. I don't know anymore
  16. Accepting
  17. Am i gay or homoflexible or bi?
  18. Rejected...
  19. Not liking myself
  20. Not Always Sure....
  21. I'm so confused - I thought I was Gay...
  22. Am I lesbian? Yeah. Probably. Maybe. No...?
  23. purely physical
  24. Confused... And want to try a girl...
  25. Straight... ish?
  26. I'm not sure.
  27. I can finally say it
  28. Please help me with this . . .
  29. I dont know if im gay or not
  30. Genetic?
  31. Bi/lesbian? I'm so confused and lost
  32. late acceptance
  33. Possibly biromantic or bisexual?
  34. New Here...
  35. Am I bi or gay if I don't find male nudity arousing? What is attraction? Confused.
  36. I am cerius
  37. Virgin - Do you need experience to be able to determine your sexual orientation
  38. Avoiding the past
  39. what does this mean?
  40. Afraid to Label Myself
  41. Okay this is really weird
  42. Confused
  43. Just need someone to talk to
  44. Confusion in bed?
  45. Again...
  46. Now I think I might be bi... great...
  47. I am ............
  48. Unsure about my orientation. Need advice!
  49. Can sexuality change in 1 month?
  50. Does this mean I'm bi?
  51. Advice needed!
  52. I really need advice please..
  53. straight but confused?
  54. I think I'm losing myself
  55. confused
  56. Undefined Orientation
  57. Extremly confused about sexual orientation.
  58. Just me being confused
  59. Curiosity killed the cat
  60. Scared by Sub/Dom idea
  61. I just don't know anymore
  62. What should I do about my bicurious feelings?
  63. What am I?
  64. Dazed and confused
  65. Why is it easier to get a girl, than a guy :/
  66. Gay or bi?
  67. Can I even call myself gay?
  68. Reverse HOCD or bi in denial?
  69. Bi versus Pan-sexual
  70. I can't stop questioning - It's taking over my life.
  71. Identify as straight, but questioning
  72. Not sure Lesbian or Bi or Straight?
  73. Am i a lesbian or just scared of men?
  74. May I be homosexual?
  75. Regret Something That Happened
  76. Am I straight, bi, gay, or curious?
  77. Bi, Straight, Lesbian or Too Soon To Tell?
  78. Insanity reigns
  79. Depression After Therapy
  80. I need advise
  81. Confused, my story of how I lost myself
  82. 25 year old, still confused
  83. Confused about my sexual orientation
  84. Scared of the /idea/ of having a boyfriend?
  85. Confused about everything!
  86. fluidity? :S
  87. Very confused about my sexual orientation. Need some advice.
  88. I think I'm just gay.
  89. Is coming to terms with possible homosexuality/bisexual supposed to be this difficult
  90. Is he bi or am I crazy?
  91. It's hard being a tomboy.....
  92. Feeling confused...
  93. Do I come out? Am I truly bi? In the Closet?
  94. I have a girlfriend but also have a gay crush
  95. Man, I want to figure my sexuality out
  96. Going to an LGBT church for the first time
  97. what/who am i?
  98. Unsure of Sexual Orientation
  99. Anxiety and sexuality
  100. Am I right to be questioning again or is denial messing with me?
  101. Sexual arousal? Problematic
  102. i wonder if people suspect of me sometimes
  103. Gay, but admire female body?
  104. Why is sexuality so important?
  105. Still kinda confused...
  106. What is from my upbringing and what is me for real?
  107. Name Changes
  108. At total loss with myself
  109. straight or bisexual?? please help !!!!
  110. Bisexual...Lesbian?
  111. Is that normal?
  112. How do I put the pieces of the puzzle together?
  113. I'm already 21 , is it normal to start liking guys at this age ?
  114. Regret coming out
  115. I'm so confused!! Should it matter to me? *LONG*
  116. Anxiety and Me - Sometimes I feel gay
  117. Married with children but in love with a girl
  118. Not that into penis
  119. Guys. Girls. Both. Wait--What?!
  120. Would I be a sucky partner?
  121. I Don't Want to Be Bisexual!
  122. Bi-curious, now what?
  123. Sooooo.....
  124. Confused at 29
  125. Whats going on!
  126. Trying to sort things out
  127. I'm so confused.....
  128. I'm a girl. I love my girl friend. But I'm not attracted to girls. I like boys.
  129. certain friends think there completelt straight but..
  130. How do I make my sexuality more obvious?
  131. Struggling
  132. Having a hard time identifying my orientation.
  133. Weirdly confused now, even though I wasn't.
  134. confused
  135. Trans* male haircuts
  136. I'm gay but lately I've been curious about women.
  137. Confidence after coming out (another "am I gay?")
  138. Reaching My Destination...
  139. Just ranting/commenting...
  140. super deep post bad cold voice :(
  141. straight guy considering indulging gay blowjob fantasies
  142. Does anyone know a good HRT in the los angeles area?
  143. Really confused - Please help
  144. Not sure if I'm bisexual or lesbian..?
  145. Queer-identified woman crushing on a man - WTF... Thoughts?
  146. Feeling out of place
  147. Bad case of overthinking here...
  148. Does anyone else regret coming out?
  149. Is sexuality limited to sexual desire?
  150. I think I'm gay. but am I?
  151. Do people alway know?
  152. I wish someone could just tell me what this is!
  153. can anyone help ? confused female!
  154. Never-ending questioning
  155. Strange sexual emotions? Or just bisexuality...?
  156. Bewildered!
  157. don't know what to do!!
  158. don't know what to do!!
  159. Just need a little help...
  160. Intense feelings in the stomach.
  161. I always thought I was bi, but now I'm not so sure
  162. please help. am I gay? straight? bi? so confused! !
  163. So school is starting for me this Monday..
  164. Bi or Lesbian??
  165. More than just bi?
  166. am i a split?
  167. a little mixed up sexually and emotional
  168. New and confused.
  169. Orientation/dating question.
  170. Confused over my orientation. Help?
  171. how do lesbians feel?
  172. Gay for as long as I can remember but ...
  173. She wrote the wrong letter first
  174. Where am I?
  175. If you were me would you label yourself gay or bi?
  176. Confusion reigns
  177. Completely Confused
  178. What is going on with me?
  179. I'm Puzzled
  180. any advice?
  181. Am I bi-curious?
  182. hello im new
  183. Questioning Sexual Orienation Step 1
  184. I feel so confused.
  185. I have no idea what this is called.
  186. what does kissing feel like?
  187. Not a forumer, but so confused
  188. Seeking out answers
  189. Should we divide sexual orientation into groups????
  190. Questioning??
  191. Unsure
  192. Confused
  193. Confused about myself
  194. Why did HE kiss me?
  195. Does this mean I am asexual?
  196. Bi, straight, what?
  197. Can lesbians enjoy kissing men?
  198. Really confused
  199. Just Making Sure
  200. Not sure anymore...
  201. In need of advice
  202. Confused...
  203. Confused about what to do
  204. Urge to kiss people - anyone whom I'm close to
  205. For "HOCD" Sufferers
  206. doubting I'm bisexual and possibly lesbian/ how can I get my family to support me
  207. straight with done girl crushes
  208. Straight-Acting
  209. Questioning sexuality (along with other problems).
  210. Unsure about things
  211. Sick of confusion. Tired of self-loathing and lying to myself.
  212. Starting to hate labels. Trying to find my place. "Queer"?
  213. I want to be a lesbian
  214. My reality isn't always real
  215. Sexual Orientation Help...
  216. Confused and terrified: Am I really what I am?
  217. Are my dreams telling me I'm a lesbian?
  218. In Need Of Assistance...
  219. Wait a second what have just happened?
  220. I am really confused right now
  221. Living a lie
  222. Interested in dating
  223. Trying to make my mind up
  224. I don't know if I am bisexual or not
  225. Bi-polar sexuality?
  226. Most confident to least confident
  227. confused about sexual orientation.
  228. i might be gay or straight alsp im in a situation involving it
  229. Now I'm Unsure
  230. My story so far... (long)
  231. Not really quite sure
  232. Please help! Need advice! Am I bi?
  233. confused again
  234. I'm confused and it is messing with my head
  235. have some questions about sexuality
  236. Bisexuals: Questions
  237. Am I going crazy?
  238. The more I debate about it, the more confused I become
  239. Confused again :P
  240. Confused :(
  241. Well..'I'm confused'
  242. I don't want these feelings
  243. Confused Homosexual: Homoromantic or Biromantic
  244. Doubts
  245. confused as **** ... i'm a girl btw
  246. First experiment sooooo embarrassing
  247. Mother's character
  248. Please help..
  249. masterpost for packing?
  250. Confused about myself