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  1. Fluid nature of sexual identity
  2. My Head Hurts...
  3. I could use some help from those who know it best!
  4. Hormones Hitting the Feels Hard
  5. Changes LOL
  6. am i asexual or biromantic
  7. Is my homosexuality a psychological reaction?
  8. confused female - nice to meet you :D
  9. Straight girl confused
  10. Getting Nowhere Fast - Still feeling confused about Orientation
  11. My story: Would like some advice.
  12. what would you do
  13. Wanting to be Lesbian
  14. back to square one
  15. Need your help!! fast! :D
  16. Sexually confused. Considering trying dating women. Scared and freaked out.
  17. I want to be gay
  18. So Confused... Need Answers
  19. someone help me determine my sexuality plz
  20. someone help me
  21. confused a little still
  22. Pronouns
  23. So I'm probs gay... why's it still hard for me to accept?
  24. Can I Say I'm A Lesbian?
  25. Can you help explain to me what my sexual orientation is?
  26. kinsey scale
  27. I masturbated without porn for the first time...
  28. need some advice on first gay experience
  29. Feel Like I am Hurting Everyone
  30. Impatient or confused???
  31. I'm not sure if im lesbian or bisexual, but i want to be lesbian.
  32. I'm into another stage of confusion
  33. 19 and confused?
  34. Getting comfortable with a label
  35. Utter confusion!
  36. I still don't know who I am...?
  37. Unsure of my orientation. Lack of experience is making it worse.
  38. How to accept yourself?
  39. I might be lesbian?
  40. What am I?
  41. Where do I even begin?
  42. Confused . com
  43. How Do You Know??
  44. OCD and Sex
  45. Clarity, help, please?
  46. v. confused
  47. bi but in heteronormative monog relationship... feeling stupid
  48. Confused and Frustrated.
  49. Confused male in 30s - gay/bi/straight?
  50. Moving beyond questioning
  51. I don't know who I am
  52. Im not sure if im gay...
  53. Am I gay or bisexual... Or neither?
  54. I'm unsure now what my problem is.
  55. Gay, but Constantly Crushing on Gender Fluids!
  56. Need Help (Sorry if this sounds stupid)
  57. I thought I was Bi, but what if I'm a lesbian? .-.
  58. Confused about Attraction
  59. Not sure if this is normal
  60. Questions
  61. Sometimes I don't know...
  62. I know I like women...BUT
  63. Bisexual or Indenial Lesbian?
  64. compliments vs. attraction
  65. I think I may be a lesbian...but I can't even say it.
  66. Am I lesbian?
  67. Am I lesbian? Bi? Straight? Just a phase?
  68. i think i am actually bisexual instead of gay
  69. My Lesbian Identity 'Trigger' Seems Silly...
  70. Never have crushes on straight friends
  71. I'm bisexual but being with a guy has never felt right.. confused???
  72. how do I get more estrogen?
  73. Pan or Omnisexual?
  74. Straight friend sending me signals
  75. Help (MtF)
  76. Am I still just pretending?
  77. I was SO sure, but then...?
  78. Feel a little bi, but viginas scare me!
  79. what am i exactly into?
  80. Just the regular? I dont know what to do
  81. Am I really bi?
  82. Can someone define sexual attraction?
  83. Questioning in My 30s. Perhaps I'm Bi?
  84. Questioning my sexuality
  85. Am I gay or is this just a phase
  86. Have any other gay men experienced this? A split, compartmentalization
  87. Questioning Identity?
  88. Proud to be a masculine gay man
  89. Straight-ish?
  90. Help! Do your fantasys/daydreams determine sexual orientation!?
  91. Not a clue...
  92. rocd and denial
  93. Confused about my Sexuality?!
  94. Do you think I'm bi or gay?
  95. 18 and disorientated
  96. 26 and very confused
  97. Please help!
  98. 25 and confused
  99. Bisexual or Lesbian
  100. When did you know your sexual orientation
  101. Sexual desires for guys
  102. Beginning To Question Myself
  103. I feel I should know this by now...
  104. Confused as to what or who i am
  105. I'm very confused, please help
  106. Does emotional attraction to girls make u bi
  107. Majorly confused
  108. Acceptance?
  109. Im dont even know what i am now even though i know i have HOCD* LONG*
  110. Help on Acceptance
  111. Are you supposed to feel your gender?
  112. Confused.
  113. Am I Bisexual or is it just Hormones?
  114. Could I actually be asexual rather than a lesbian?
  115. ptsd growing up affecting orientation?
  116. Lesbian? Oh, wait, Demisexual. Oh, no, lesbian. No, demisexual! Help?
  117. Help (New here)
  118. Have got to clear my mind
  119. Is it possible to be both male and female?
  120. My Story
  121. Not Feeling Gay Enough
  122. Im confused...
  123. Am I bisexual or a lesbian?
  124. Confusion with Sexual Orientation and Wanting a Conclusion
  125. Am I straight until proven gay?
  126. Confused as to whether I am gay or straight (or maybe even bi)??
  127. Bisexual or HOCD?
  128. 24 years old male lost, wish this happened before...
  129. I think I'm bi?
  130. A huge realization (but what do I do with it?)
  131. Maybe bisexual is just a phase for me?
  132. Bi and leaning towards lesbian feeling
  133. I Think Im bi???
  134. Help
  135. What the heck am I?
  136. A little advice sought
  137. not sure?
  138. mixed signals
  139. Does orientation transition really exist?
  140. Am I bi, or am I just wanting to be?
  141. Where do transgender feelings come from?
  142. i am Homoflexible
  143. Transgender?
  144. Always Been Straight, But...
  145. bisexual?
  146. Confused and dont know what to think
  147. Is there a connection between Latent sexuality being hot for tom boys?
  148. how does one become comfortable with their sexual orientation?
  149. Young and Confused
  150. I don't know what to call myself...
  151. Bisexual or Lesbian? Input would be nice :)
  152. Questioning or Something Like That
  153. Bisexual or lesbian
  154. Very confused
  155. Confused..
  156. My friend needs some help.
  157. Back to square one
  158. So what does that make me?
  159. I have a fetish
  160. Am I gay or Bisexual?
  161. Demisexual...?
  162. Do Gay People Get This?
  163. Questioning to the Point of Insanity
  164. Don't really know
  165. Floating in Space
  166. can i choose gay?
  167. Just confused...
  168. Fear and Uncertainty
  169. Here I Am
  170. "Straight" guy problems
  171. Questioning my sanity
  172. Hello EC! I'm confused.
  173. overthinking
  174. Idk...
  175. Why Don't I Feel Like A Lesbian?
  176. Friends, or more? Advice needed.
  177. HOCD help?
  178. Am I attracted to women?
  179. Bi or gay? Could realllyyy use a second opinion
  180. I Need Your Help!!!
  181. I think my boyfriend might be gay
  182. am i gay?
  183. Denial or in the closet or just plain OCD, on the brink of breaking down
  184. I don't feel it's anything new
  185. Lost sexual feelings, but still have romantic feelings (for men)? Please help
  186. i am so confused all over again!
  187. Questioning My Label
  188. Looking for advice on porn use.
  189. Turned on by girls but feel icky afterwards... what's that about??
  190. Straight? Bi? Gay? Confused? Damaged? Anxiety riddled....I am going CRAZY!
  191. so stressful, some opinions needed
  192. Can you fall in love with an idea?
  193. Am I Bisexual? I have some questions.
  194. All signs point to me being gay, but I'm definitely not
  195. i think im gay, but it might be a phase, i dont know, plz help?
  196. Should I take the leap?
  197. I don't know if I'm bi/gay or what
  198. The Kinsey Scale
  199. androgynous or bigender?
  200. I think I'm gay but not sure
  201. Confused...help?
  202. Possibly Gay, and possibly screwed for life.
  203. Two loves
  204. Hey, Can Anyone Spare Some Words/Advice?
  205. Confused and Lost, Help me :(
  206. My story...confused!
  207. Possible Bisexuality?
  208. Gay
  209. Confused
  210. I think I'm a lesbian...
  211. what does that mean??
  212. help
  213. When you were in denial, what made you think you weren't what you are?
  214. porn and sexual identity
  215. so i guess i could use some help..
  216. Just emotional attraction or is it more than that?
  217. Talking about my feels
  218. Am I Straight or a Lesbian? So hard to figure out!
  219. Not sure if I'm gay, straight, or what.
  220. HELP! Can't tell if i'm gay.
  221. NOT SHURE! think im gay
  222. Is that really a normal thing?
  223. There's always something missing...
  224. 26yo... think I be gay.
  225. Can I be certain?
  226. I'm not sure if I'm a lesbian, or bisexual
  227. Should i give heterosexuality a chance
  229. What if my parents are supportive, but don't think I should tell?
  230. bi or gay? i need some help
  231. Flirting with Guys
  232. Just a Wallet
  233. Gay or bi
  234. I think I might be gay
  235. Overthinking things? Tomboy or wanting to be a boy?
  236. I'm not sure sure anymore....
  237. confused
  238. confused, Need help!!!!
  239. I don't want to be gay
  240. I don't know..
  241. utterly befuddled
  242. Was I Never Gay to begin with?
  243. I'm confused please help
  244. Accept myself, but can't accept future?
  245. Bicurious experimentation question
  246. I'm so sad and confused. Please help.
  247. Mad confused.
  248. What if you're bicurious and you want to experiment but you don't know anyone who...?
  249. In-denial? Confused? Help! *looks at Chip*
  250. Pretty sure but not so glad!