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  1. I Think Im bi???
  2. Help
  3. What the heck am I?
  4. A little advice sought
  5. not sure?
  6. mixed signals
  7. Does orientation transition really exist?
  8. Am I bi, or am I just wanting to be?
  9. Where do transgender feelings come from?
  10. i am Homoflexible
  11. Transgender?
  12. Always Been Straight, But...
  13. bisexual?
  14. Confused and dont know what to think
  15. Is there a connection between Latent sexuality being hot for tom boys?
  16. how does one become comfortable with their sexual orientation?
  17. Young and Confused
  18. I don't know what to call myself...
  19. Bisexual or Lesbian? Input would be nice :)
  20. Questioning or Something Like That
  21. Bisexual or lesbian
  22. Very confused
  23. Confused..
  24. My friend needs some help.
  25. Back to square one
  26. So what does that make me?
  27. I have a fetish
  28. Am I gay or Bisexual?
  29. Demisexual...?
  30. Do Gay People Get This?
  31. Questioning to the Point of Insanity
  32. Don't really know
  33. Floating in Space
  34. can i choose gay?
  35. Just confused...
  36. Fear and Uncertainty
  37. Here I Am
  38. "Straight" guy problems
  39. Questioning my sanity
  40. Hello EC! I'm confused.
  41. overthinking
  42. Idk...
  43. Why Don't I Feel Like A Lesbian?
  44. Friends, or more? Advice needed.
  45. HOCD help?
  46. Am I attracted to women?
  47. Bi or gay? Could realllyyy use a second opinion
  48. I Need Your Help!!!
  49. I think my boyfriend might be gay
  50. am i gay?
  51. Denial or in the closet or just plain OCD, on the brink of breaking down
  52. I don't feel it's anything new
  53. Lost sexual feelings, but still have romantic feelings (for men)? Please help
  54. i am so confused all over again!
  55. Questioning My Label
  56. Looking for advice on porn use.
  57. Turned on by girls but feel icky afterwards... what's that about??
  58. Straight? Bi? Gay? Confused? Damaged? Anxiety riddled....I am going CRAZY!
  59. so stressful, some opinions needed
  60. Can you fall in love with an idea?
  61. Am I Bisexual? I have some questions.
  62. All signs point to me being gay, but I'm definitely not
  63. i think im gay, but it might be a phase, i dont know, plz help?
  64. Should I take the leap?
  65. I don't know if I'm bi/gay or what
  66. The Kinsey Scale
  67. androgynous or bigender?
  68. I think I'm gay but not sure
  69. Confused...help?
  70. Possibly Gay, and possibly screwed for life.
  71. Two loves
  72. Hey, Can Anyone Spare Some Words/Advice?
  73. Confused and Lost, Help me :(
  74. My story...confused!
  75. Possible Bisexuality?
  76. Gay
  77. Confused
  78. I think I'm a lesbian...
  79. what does that mean??
  80. help
  81. When you were in denial, what made you think you weren't what you are?
  82. porn and sexual identity
  83. so i guess i could use some help..
  84. Just emotional attraction or is it more than that?
  85. Talking about my feels
  86. Am I Straight or a Lesbian? So hard to figure out!
  87. Not sure if I'm gay, straight, or what.
  88. HELP! Can't tell if i'm gay.
  89. NOT SHURE! think im gay
  90. Is that really a normal thing?
  91. There's always something missing...
  92. 26yo... think I be gay.
  93. Can I be certain?
  94. I'm not sure if I'm a lesbian, or bisexual
  95. Should i give heterosexuality a chance
  97. What if my parents are supportive, but don't think I should tell?
  98. bi or gay? i need some help
  99. Flirting with Guys
  100. Just a Wallet
  101. Gay or bi
  102. I think I might be gay
  103. Overthinking things? Tomboy or wanting to be a boy?
  104. I'm not sure sure anymore....
  105. confused
  106. confused, Need help!!!!
  107. I don't want to be gay
  108. I don't know..
  109. utterly befuddled
  110. Was I Never Gay to begin with?
  111. I'm confused please help
  112. Accept myself, but can't accept future?
  113. Bicurious experimentation question
  114. I'm so sad and confused. Please help.
  115. Mad confused.
  116. What if you're bicurious and you want to experiment but you don't know anyone who...?
  117. In-denial? Confused? Help! *looks at Chip*
  118. Pretty sure but not so glad!
  119. Still in denial?
  120. Quick question:
  121. This didn't mean anything right?
  122. Finger test
  123. How to be sure
  124. how do I live like this?
  125. Confused... don't know what to do- think I might be in love with best friend
  126. There's This One Guy...
  127. good book
  128. Lesbian?
  129. Feeling bad
  130. Identify as questioning
  131. i think my gf is straight.
  132. Can't accept it.
  133. Deciding if I'm Straight or Bi?
  134. Realisation...
  135. Having a hard time
  136. Confused o_O
  137. not really sure
  138. yup.....
  139. FTM Name help
  140. Could not be more confused
  141. I think I'm Bi, but I'm not sure anymore??
  142. So confused. Please help
  143. Some days I feel gay, others not so much
  144. Afraid of Becoming "Straight"
  145. Fantasies about being straight/socially accepted
  146. Starting to wonder if I am now Aromantic
  147. I have feelings for women, but am unsure about men. Help?
  148. Working on being a guy who likes guys
  149. Loss of Sex Drive COnfused
  150. Confused as hell!
  151. Perception
  152. This is weird
  153. Name Help
  154. Confused. Help please?
  155. Confused in my Sexual Orientation
  156. Bargaining/Stages of Grief
  157. A flash from the past
  158. Awkward after spooning
  159. Wondering...
  160. Unsure ;3
  161. Confused! Is this normal?
  162. What am I
  163. Here is my reasoning
  164. Frustrated and confused...
  165. Ever been patronized?
  166. Questioning Everything...
  167. Confused and Insecure
  168. Trying to fit into gender roles
  169. Biromantic or internalizing heteronormality?
  170. At 40, I find I might not be gay.. but it's complicated..
  171. Why am I so unsure of my sexuality now?
  172. Bisexual or Straight and Curious?
  173. Not Sure
  174. What am i ?
  175. Am I bisexual or not...?!?
  176. Falling in love with a friend
  177. Trying to figure out who I am
  178. straight , bi or gay ? a question which is consuming my brain and destroying my life
  179. The Usual Problem + Mental Problem = Too Much!
  180. Answers on a postcard please..
  181. Could anyone give me some advice please?
  182. Marriage Dramas - Confusion in Myself
  183. Gay guy in love with a girl
  184. Terminology
  185. Questioning myself, Please help!
  186. Are you ever 100% sure of your sexuality?
  187. Im pretty sure I am bi.
  188. I am EXTREMELY confused
  189. questening my sexuality
  190. Questioning myself. Please help.
  191. really confused
  192. Just two more question to finish this all.
  193. Am I gay or something else?
  194. Really anxious around gay girls
  195. When you're unsure...
  196. I don't know what I am any more
  197. I think I might have figured myself out today!
  198. HELP! Easiest way of re-coming-out?
  199. bigender sex advice plz!!!!!!,
  200. Somewhere in the Bisexual Spectrum
  201. What the hell am I?
  202. Can denial actually make you attracted to women?
  203. Tired of feeling like I let everyone down
  204. Does your role model have to be your own gender?
  205. Can someone describe the "denial" stage of being gay?
  206. Lesbian/Bi and guilt
  207. Am I Bisexual or Gay?
  208. out bisexual, but maybe lesbian?
  209. Scared
  210. Questioning...
  211. Questioning...
  212. I thought I was a lesbian, could I have been wrong?
  213. Gay or Bi?
  214. Less sexual or repressed?
  215. Am I straight, lesbian, or bisexual?
  216. Bisexual or Lesbian, Im confused.
  217. Sexual arousment and confused
  218. Periodic Confusion
  219. Turning 20 and discovering myself
  220. I feel like a sexual question mark.
  221. Straight or bisexual?
  222. Bi-curious?
  223. Help! ;(
  224. I'm afraid
  225. Im just really confused...
  226. Are there any REAL bisexuals out there that go through this?
  227. Married and have a huge crush on a girl!!
  228. Can anyone associate with this
  229. Gay Acceptance
  230. Talking to guys
  231. Am I gay?
  232. Am i gay or bi?
  233. I don't know whether I'm bisexual or lesbian? Or something else?
  234. Klein Grid, Anyone?
  235. What do I do about these feelings?
  236. Completely confused
  237. Am I faking this???
  238. I think i figured it out
  239. Male - my history, in brief, and your opinions, please
  240. The constant questioning does not stop!
  241. Blerg! Straight friends are difficult.
  242. Need advise and help
  243. Well it turns out...(My Story)
  244. Coming to terms with myself
  245. Can't handle the D, not sure where it leaves me sexually..
  246. Also Questioning - Any Advice?
  247. I've been having feelings for guys
  248. Heelp me?
  249. Bi & panicking over commitment to same-sex partner
  250. In a serious relationship, but now I am questioning.