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  1. 26 y/o male. Need some advice!
  2. I think I'm gay...
  3. Lesbian and very attracted to a guy. Confused!
  4. Feeling a bit unsure
  5. Best Friend Incident Stirring up Feelings
  6. Not quite sure what I am anymore.
  7. Is X-romantic Y-sexual real?
  8. Not sure where to go from here
  9. Sudden Urges
  10. Do You Believe Sexuality Changes Over Time?
  11. I keep having dreams about my crush's significant other
  12. Lesbian or Bisexual?
  13. biromantic homosexual?
  14. 13, female, and confused.
  15. Complicated story of my crush
  16. Please help, suicidal
  17. Heteroromantic Homosexual?
  18. Been confused my entire life :(
  19. is it less attractive to follow sterotypes?
  20. Soo I am a bicurious teen and I need some help
  21. Difference b/w aesthetic attraction and sexual attraction???
  22. Theory about why we label ourselves in predictable ways
  23. What do I call my sexual Orientation?
  24. I have no clue what to call it.
  25. Am I biromantic?
  26. I think I'm gay, not sure though
  27. Is there a possibility that I am bisexual?
  28. ? For gay men... What type of romantic feelings do you have for women??
  29. At what age did you know you were different
  30. Am i gay or bi?
  31. Sexual Orientation Confusion
  32. Thought I was okay...
  33. Ok..definitely need help.
  34. Figuring Out My Peferences as A Bisexual..
  35. Confused, but maybe not?
  36. Do I need to go and talk with someone?
  37. Demisexual but enjoy porn?
  38. Am I a closetet lesbian? Help!
  39. Need to get this out already
  40. Shame resilience and LGBT issues
  41. Have something like this happened to you?
  42. can you work on your attraction
  43. lost intrest in sex
  44. What is "sexual attraction?"
  45. Could I be asexual?
  46. I can't be gay, since I enjoyed sex with women in the past...right?
  47. Aromantic, Asexual or both, how do you know?
  48. I am so confused :(
  49. Trying to figure out my sexuality
  50. So...Am I...Bisexual?
  51. Is This Normal?
  52. I don't know what I am?
  53. Making peace with being gay?
  54. How do you deal with questioning
  55. Experiment?
  56. I need to know
  57. Why are my fantasies so disproportionate?
  58. Never been in a relationship
  59. Confused with romance and/or sex
  60. Need dating advice
  61. So Lost
  62. unsure and scared (am i straight?)
  63. very confused?
  64. Confused and looking for advice
  65. I'm not sure about my sexuality.
  66. Bisexual Guilt & Worry
  67. Questioning
  68. how to flirt with a girl without "just being nice"
  69. hmm
  70. The idea of being bi makes me sick
  71. College is leaving me confused?
  72. Am I Gay? (14 year old male)
  73. Compulsive heterosexuality and denial questions?
  74. Help!!molested and confused
  75. Is sexuality bullshit?
  76. The "Mounting" Instinct - Is it Real?
  77. No clue who I am -- need advice.
  78. I Don't Understand How
  79. Am I gay or asexual or just sexually immature?
  80. Questioning my sexuality!
  81. I'm confused again!
  82. I think i've almost decided, but please help
  83. New here and confused...
  84. So am I actually a lesbian??
  85. Not sure if I'm a lesbian
  86. I Wish I Were A Lesbian?
  87. Kinda like my best friend?
  88. Anyone 13 and need a chat?
  89. Homoflexible vs. Homoromantic bisexual
  90. Hi! I think I'm bisexual, but I have my doubts?
  91. question to asexuals
  92. I think I'm Bi?
  93. Just needed to put it out somewhere
  94. Is my friend possibly into me?
  95. Does sex deepen love?
  96. Just another confused person hereee
  97. Unsure
  98. I feel like my sexual attraction is changing as I embrace being trans.
  99. MtF my libido increased drastically on spiro?
  100. so confused
  101. I need Help :/
  102. Confused about sexuality
  103. Confused and anxious
  104. Sexual orientation confusion, any advice greatly appreciated.
  105. Bisexual? Maybe?
  106. Frustrated
  107. Coworker Driving Me Nuts
  108. Help
  109. Am I gay? My "perf" with women and tops and bottoms
  110. does it get easier?
  111. How to introduce me to her
  112. This week I had a wtf moment with myself
  113. Confused - sexually attracted to females but emotionally attracted to males
  114. Not gay enough to be gay, but not bi enough to be bi
  115. Lesbian Dreams?
  116. 8 years of unrequited love for a man = gay?
  117. Does the questioning ever stop?
  118. I have a girlfriend but might be gay..
  119. Noticing the opposite sex (in the street, on tv etc) when gay?
  120. I am confused about my sexuality
  121. confused...
  122. Confused
  123. bicurious girl wants me?
  124. I think I'm actually straight.
  125. I came out to a friend for the first time and my relationship is complicated!
  126. Not sure if I'm lesbian/bi
  127. Am I bi/gay?
  128. I need desperate help...
  129. Lesbian but I dreamed about falling in love with some guy lol
  130. Dyke with straight fantasy life
  131. How can you be positive?
  132. from straight to trans to gay porn to gay cam chat
  133. Deep breath and here I go...
  134. Lesbian or Asexual?
  135. Difference between clear preference and exclusive attraction??
  136. How can this be happening?
  137. Quiz [[mature-ish content? maybe just TMI]]
  138. Am I a homo-romantic bisexual?
  139. confused
  140. Trying to Figure out What I am...
  141. Trigger a community not a person?
  142. Bisexual/pansexual, lesbian or maybe straight...?
  143. New here / Sex to feel loved
  144. jelous of other people's acceptance?
  145. The Real Reason Why I Am Questioning
  146. Post intimacy guilt and confusion
  147. I need to make up my mind - Girls or Boys
  148. Feelings for my bestfriend
  149. Ever Been Mistaken for Gay?
  150. Heteroromantic homosexual?
  151. boys vs girls: kissing
  152. Don't know if I'm bi or gay..?
  153. Am I gay? if not what am I.
  154. Want to be bi for my family
  155. How do you know if your gay or...
  156. Recently came out (partially) and seeking advice
  157. Please Help ! Very confused...
  158. Help me out with identifying my sexual orientation? :)
  159. help
  160. Lesbianism too sexual?
  161. Questioning My Sexuality Identity
  162. Still A Little Lost...
  163. Can you tell me if I'm gay or simply bi-curious?
  164. I don't know if I'm bisexual or straight and it's really messing me up
  165. Asexual?
  166. I feel like an abnormal lesbian.
  167. I haven't posted here for a while, but here goes. I'm confused
  168. What the heck?
  169. Crush on older person
  170. Can anyone relate to this?
  171. ''Too young to know'' - ace question
  172. I think im bi
  173. Very Very Questioning + Confused
  174. Being Gay Is Cool...?
  175. In need of some perspective
  176. confused
  177. Did you get pleasure from gay thoughts?
  178. I don't know who I am or who I love and it's freaking me the heck out.
  179. Middle School Crush in High School
  180. Coming out as lesbian and genderqueer/fluid
  181. What is aesthetic attraction?
  182. Is it possible for me to love a man? (Lesbian)
  183. In partnership with man and wanting to be with a women! Need advise!
  184. Sleeping with another man?
  185. Completely Confused - Advice needed Urgently
  186. I have always liked men and now suddenly get aroused by women's bodies
  187. I still like looking at girls?
  188. Lost hope on finding happiness
  189. Extremely confused!! Please help me! Voice in my head tell
  190. Extremely confused!! Please help me! Voice in my head tells me
  191. Panromantic?
  192. Subconsciously talking myself into feelings?
  193. Is this what real attraction feels like?
  194. Hey, I am Ric. Should I buy a dildo?
  195. Unsure what to label myself and my future?
  196. What is it with the expectation of SEX with every date!
  197. So what if we both like guys?
  198. I just realizedů.
  199. Double Ace?
  200. I don't want to have sex with The Perfect guy
  201. Checking
  202. Interesting update
  203. unsure of my sexuality
  204. Fluctuating sexuality + long term relationship
  205. Confused bisexual
  206. Does this sound gay? Bi?
  207. *RANT* Thought I was bi but I might be a lesbian
  208. Mind games
  209. Reconciling Past and Present
  210. Eating Disorders getting in the way
  211. I wish I was monosexual...am I?
  212. How do you separate curiosity from real attraction?
  213. I'm extremely confused
  214. For those of you who've dealt with denial or coming out..
  215. I Don't Want To Have Sex with a Guy. But With A Girl?
  216. Help with irrational feelings about sexuality
  217. i think i might be bi?
  218. Horrible kisses
  219. What is happening????
  220. Seriously, who am I?
  221. Just questioning some things
  222. The idea of being a lesbian
  223. Is it a crush or what ?
  224. Dreams?
  225. I think that I am bisexual? i feel confused
  226. Scared I'll try to do something with my friend
  227. Sexual fluidity
  228. Trouble accepting I'm bi or something else?
  229. Crush on a straight friend
  230. I don't know my orientation D:
  231. How Did You Know?
  232. Haven't been this confused since I met my first girl crush...
  233. Considering sleeping with a man as a lesbian?
  234. wtf hsjdjshhjsabanh
  235. questioning
  236. Sex with my bestfriend again .. help
  237. feeling pressured
  238. Liking penis but not guys?
  239. Questioning Myself Questioning Myself
  240. How can I stop doubting myself like this?
  241. New revelations and trouble accepting myself
  242. Do I have to know?
  243. How Does This Work???
  244. Reflections on the last two months of learning to accept that I'm gay
  245. First run in with homophobia
  246. Huge denial issue
  247. Can denial ever be the other way around?
  248. Is it bad to tell people I'm asexual?
  249. Reconsidering sexual orientation
  250. Sexual/Romantic Orientation Problem