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  1. New and utterly confused
  2. What Does Your Sexuality/Gender Identity Mean to You?
  3. Really confused...or gay?
  4. Organized/labeled sexaulity and gender
  5. How did you know you were NOT attracted to the opposite sex?
  6. Lesbians when you check out girls to look for the same things hetro males do?
  7. Welcome fellow aromantics!
  8. Is it possible for some help?
  9. Publicly Lesbian
  10. I don't know who I am or what I want...
  11. I'm new and confused
  12. Possibly Bi, Definitely Confused
  13. I think I might be gay, but I don't want to be?
  14. Could I be considered bisexual?
  15. Help ! I think i'm gay
  16. I think I'm a lesbian? Help...
  17. Do your dreams match your orientation?
  18. Losing Hope in Finding Love
  19. Is this possible? I need advice please.
  20. Can't define my sexuality!
  21. Am I Gay?
  22. I think I'm biexual?
  23. Please help. Very confused.
  24. Please held. Very confused.
  25. Bi or lesbian?
  26. Bi? I think? Maybe? Help.
  27. What exactly is sexual attraction?
  28. So So Confused
  29. I'm Non-binary and unsure what that means for my sexuality?
  30. Is it weird to be a lesbian who has never had sex with a man?
  31. Sex with married men
  32. What's wrong with me? :bang:
  33. I have a crush on a girl, but im straight
  34. Advice
  35. In need of advice for my sexuality
  36. Klein sexual orientation grid quiz
  37. Insane crush
  38. Really confused
  39. Pretty confused... Looking for help.
  40. Questioning
  41. Panromantic?
  42. Gay or bi guys, I need some guidance
  43. Is it orientation? Is it fetish? Not sure what relationships to look for.
  44. Confused, seeking advice!
  45. Bi or just curious?
  46. Can you identify as bisexual if you’ve never had a crush on a guy?
  47. struggling to understand...
  48. How to stop being depressed
  49. liking penis but not men?
  50. Can someone please explain?
  51. Confused as fuck, maybe my mind is playing tricks on me
  52. Asexual or Lesbian? (long)
  53. Am I lesbian or bisexual?
  54. I think I am a Lesbian After All
  55. My Sexual Identity And My Gender Identity
  56. Not sure if Bi or Gay !? :(
  57. Straight man depression of gay thought
  58. should I care for labels?
  59. Gay and bi guys, give me some advice please!
  60. A disconnect between porn and real life
  61. Am I bi?
  62. Gay and Bi guys, help I need perspective
  63. What am I? Advice needed please
  64. Anxiety and fear
  65. My attraction to men is weird?
  66. I think I'm lesbian help?.
  67. I am gay, or am I?
  68. Gay in denial or bi?
  69. Did I feel sexual attraction?
  70. Long story
  71. Turning bisexual when on period?
  72. I like girls...but don't know whether I'm a lesbian or bisexual
  73. I met a guy I need advice
  74. heteroromantic and homosexual
  75. any thoughts about this??
  76. Help me work out what to do
  77. Who to Come out to Next???? :)
  78. Homoromantic?
  79. The lack of sexual urges makes it hard to figure out my sexuality
  80. Confused about my bisexual attractions
  81. Ex-bi or accepting hetero-side?
  82. Unsure....
  83. So Confused!
  84. How to overcome self-doubt?
  85. I'm confused..
  86. Very confused about my bisexuality
  87. Bisexual, inlove and married to a hetero.
  88. Unsure about my sexuality
  89. Feeling confused about bisexuality and coming out
  90. New member looking for some help
  91. Confused about my sexual orientation. Need Help!
  92. Questioning Tween
  93. New here, need advice
  94. my sex drive has completely died since coming out
  95. Question
  96. I am annoyed and tired
  97. Confusion and advice with dating
  98. Messing around w/ guys
  99. Lifelong heterosexual romantically in love with a guy (apparently.) Ruining my life
  100. Married and questioning
  101. Confused for over 9 years, please help me
  102. Hi
  103. What does bisexual means?
  104. Polysexuals/romantics: How do you define your orientation?
  105. Gay or straight
  106. Missed Opportunities
  107. Collection of most stupid phrases you've heard
  108. 100% heterosexual/homosexual
  109. About my best friend
  110. Here's my dillema, please help.
  111. I just came out to my brother.
  112. I have no idea what I am anymore.
  113. Gay with fear of intimacy
  114. Help.
  115. Could I trans boy (pre-everything) have a chance with a straight girl?
  116. What's the difference between Pansexuals and Trans-friendly bisexuals?
  117. Bisexual or closet gay?
  118. Questioning my sexuality
  119. Weird friend/attraction thing.
  120. A strange question about 'gay face'?
  121. Feeling numb
  122. Girl Crush vs Lesbian Crush
  123. why do girls dress like guys to date girls who like girls?
  124. I really like a girl, but I don't want to come out.
  125. Attraction to trans man?
  126. Attracted in my head, but not real lfie
  127. Denial, Rationalization? Questioning, could use some advice
  128. Can I call myself bisexual?
  129. Am I Forcing It?
  130. Crushes on Friends?
  131. Could use some advice.
  132. Crush on trans guy
  133. Thinking About My Peferences
  134. Confused, awkward, and needs help ;)
  135. Not sure if lesbian, bi-sexual, have some kind of emotional dependency problem, etc.?
  136. 26 y/o male. Need some advice!
  137. I think I'm gay...
  138. Lesbian and very attracted to a guy. Confused!
  139. Feeling a bit unsure
  140. Best Friend Incident Stirring up Feelings
  141. Not quite sure what I am anymore.
  142. Is X-romantic Y-sexual real?
  143. Not sure where to go from here
  144. Sudden Urges
  145. Do You Believe Sexuality Changes Over Time?
  146. I keep having dreams about my crush's significant other
  147. Lesbian or Bisexual?
  148. biromantic homosexual?
  149. 13, female, and confused.
  150. Complicated story of my crush
  151. Please help, suicidal
  152. Heteroromantic Homosexual?
  153. Been confused my entire life :(
  154. is it less attractive to follow sterotypes?
  155. Soo I am a bicurious teen and I need some help
  156. Difference b/w aesthetic attraction and sexual attraction???
  157. Theory about why we label ourselves in predictable ways
  158. What do I call my sexual Orientation?
  159. I have no clue what to call it.
  160. Am I biromantic?
  161. I think I'm gay, not sure though
  162. Is there a possibility that I am bisexual?
  163. ? For gay men... What type of romantic feelings do you have for women??
  164. At what age did you know you were different
  165. Am i gay or bi?
  166. Sexual Orientation Confusion
  167. Thought I was okay...
  168. Ok..definitely need help.
  169. Figuring Out My Peferences as A Bisexual..
  170. Confused, but maybe not?
  171. Do I need to go and talk with someone?
  172. Demisexual but enjoy porn?
  173. Am I a closetet lesbian? Help!
  174. Need to get this out already
  175. Shame resilience and LGBT issues
  176. Have something like this happened to you?
  177. can you work on your attraction
  178. lost intrest in sex
  179. What is "sexual attraction?"
  180. Could I be asexual?
  181. I can't be gay, since I enjoyed sex with women in the past...right?
  182. Aromantic, Asexual or both, how do you know?
  183. I am so confused :(
  184. Trying to figure out my sexuality
  185. So...Am I...Bisexual?
  186. Is This Normal?
  187. I don't know what I am?
  188. Making peace with being gay?
  189. How do you deal with questioning
  190. Experiment?
  191. I need to know
  192. Why are my fantasies so disproportionate?
  193. Never been in a relationship
  194. Confused with romance and/or sex
  195. Need dating advice
  196. So Lost
  197. unsure and scared (am i straight?)
  198. very confused?
  199. Confused and looking for advice
  200. I'm not sure about my sexuality.
  201. Bisexual Guilt & Worry
  202. Questioning
  203. how to flirt with a girl without "just being nice"
  204. hmm
  205. The idea of being bi makes me sick
  206. College is leaving me confused?
  207. Am I Gay? (14 year old male)
  208. Compulsive heterosexuality and denial questions?
  209. Help!!molested and confused
  210. Is sexuality bullshit?
  211. The "Mounting" Instinct - Is it Real?
  212. No clue who I am -- need advice.
  213. I Don't Understand How
  214. Am I gay or asexual or just sexually immature?
  215. Questioning my sexuality!
  216. I'm confused again!
  217. I think i've almost decided, but please help
  218. New here and confused...
  219. So am I actually a lesbian??
  220. Not sure if I'm a lesbian
  221. I Wish I Were A Lesbian?
  222. Kinda like my best friend?
  223. Anyone 13 and need a chat?
  224. Homoflexible vs. Homoromantic bisexual
  225. Hi! I think I'm bisexual, but I have my doubts?
  226. question to asexuals
  227. I think I'm Bi?
  228. Just needed to put it out somewhere
  229. Is my friend possibly into me?
  230. Does sex deepen love?
  231. Just another confused person hereee
  232. Unsure
  233. I feel like my sexual attraction is changing as I embrace being trans.
  234. MtF my libido increased drastically on spiro?
  235. so confused
  236. I need Help :/
  237. Confused about sexuality
  238. Confused and anxious
  239. Sexual orientation confusion, any advice greatly appreciated.
  240. Bisexual? Maybe?
  241. Frustrated
  242. Coworker Driving Me Nuts
  243. Help
  244. Am I gay? My "perf" with women and tops and bottoms
  245. does it get easier?
  246. How to introduce me to her
  247. This week I had a wtf moment with myself
  248. Confused - sexually attracted to females but emotionally attracted to males
  249. Not gay enough to be gay, but not bi enough to be bi
  250. Lesbian Dreams?