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  1. What if you're bicurious and you want to experiment but you don't know anyone who...?
  2. In-denial? Confused? Help! *looks at Chip*
  3. Pretty sure but not so glad!
  4. Still in denial?
  5. Quick question:
  6. This didn't mean anything right?
  7. Finger test
  8. How to be sure
  9. how do I live like this?
  10. Confused... don't know what to do- think I might be in love with best friend
  11. There's This One Guy...
  12. good book
  13. Lesbian?
  14. Feeling bad
  15. Identify as questioning
  16. i think my gf is straight.
  17. Can't accept it.
  18. Deciding if I'm Straight or Bi?
  19. Realisation...
  20. Having a hard time
  21. Confused o_O
  22. not really sure
  23. yup.....
  24. FTM Name help
  25. Could not be more confused
  26. I think I'm Bi, but I'm not sure anymore??
  27. So confused. Please help
  28. Some days I feel gay, others not so much
  29. Afraid of Becoming "Straight"
  30. Fantasies about being straight/socially accepted
  31. Starting to wonder if I am now Aromantic
  32. I have feelings for women, but am unsure about men. Help?
  33. Working on being a guy who likes guys
  34. Loss of Sex Drive COnfused
  35. Confused as hell!
  36. Perception
  37. This is weird
  38. Name Help
  39. Confused. Help please?
  40. Confused in my Sexual Orientation
  41. Bargaining/Stages of Grief
  42. A flash from the past
  43. Awkward after spooning
  44. Wondering...
  45. Unsure ;3
  46. Confused! Is this normal?
  47. What am I
  48. Here is my reasoning
  49. Frustrated and confused...
  50. Ever been patronized?
  51. Questioning Everything...
  52. Confused and Insecure
  53. Trying to fit into gender roles
  54. Biromantic or internalizing heteronormality?
  55. At 40, I find I might not be gay.. but it's complicated..
  56. Why am I so unsure of my sexuality now?
  57. Bisexual or Straight and Curious?
  58. Not Sure
  59. What am i ?
  60. Am I bisexual or not...?!?
  61. Falling in love with a friend
  62. Trying to figure out who I am
  63. straight , bi or gay ? a question which is consuming my brain and destroying my life
  64. The Usual Problem + Mental Problem = Too Much!
  65. Answers on a postcard please..
  66. Could anyone give me some advice please?
  67. Marriage Dramas - Confusion in Myself
  68. Gay guy in love with a girl
  69. Terminology
  70. Questioning myself, Please help!
  71. Are you ever 100% sure of your sexuality?
  72. Im pretty sure I am bi.
  73. I am EXTREMELY confused
  74. questening my sexuality
  75. Questioning myself. Please help.
  76. really confused
  77. Just two more question to finish this all.
  78. Am I gay or something else?
  79. Really anxious around gay girls
  80. When you're unsure...
  81. I don't know what I am any more
  82. I think I might have figured myself out today!
  83. HELP! Easiest way of re-coming-out?
  84. bigender sex advice plz!!!!!!,
  85. Somewhere in the Bisexual Spectrum
  86. What the hell am I?
  87. Can denial actually make you attracted to women?
  88. Tired of feeling like I let everyone down
  89. Does your role model have to be your own gender?
  90. Can someone describe the "denial" stage of being gay?
  91. Lesbian/Bi and guilt
  92. Am I Bisexual or Gay?
  93. out bisexual, but maybe lesbian?
  94. Scared
  95. Questioning...
  96. Questioning...
  97. I thought I was a lesbian, could I have been wrong?
  98. Gay or Bi?
  99. Less sexual or repressed?
  100. Am I straight, lesbian, or bisexual?
  101. Bisexual or Lesbian, Im confused.
  102. Sexual arousment and confused
  103. Periodic Confusion
  104. Turning 20 and discovering myself
  105. I feel like a sexual question mark.
  106. Straight or bisexual?
  107. Bi-curious?
  108. Help! ;(
  109. I'm afraid
  110. Im just really confused...
  111. Are there any REAL bisexuals out there that go through this?
  112. Married and have a huge crush on a girl!!
  113. Can anyone associate with this
  114. Gay Acceptance
  115. Talking to guys
  116. Am I gay?
  117. Am i gay or bi?
  118. I don't know whether I'm bisexual or lesbian? Or something else?
  119. Klein Grid, Anyone?
  120. What do I do about these feelings?
  121. Completely confused
  122. Am I faking this???
  123. I think i figured it out
  124. Male - my history, in brief, and your opinions, please
  125. The constant questioning does not stop!
  126. Blerg! Straight friends are difficult.
  127. Need advise and help
  128. Well it turns out...(My Story)
  129. Coming to terms with myself
  130. Can't handle the D, not sure where it leaves me sexually..
  131. Also Questioning - Any Advice?
  132. I've been having feelings for guys
  133. Heelp me?
  134. Bi & panicking over commitment to same-sex partner
  135. In a serious relationship, but now I am questioning.
  136. Fear, OCD and confusion
  137. Pretty confused...
  138. Yet again confused. Help?
  139. No Idea where I'm at
  140. Did I Turn Gay?
  141. Maybe it's obvious in retrospect. maybe not.
  142. Bisexual, Lesbian, or No Label Necessary?
  143. any advice/feedback appreciated
  144. Not even sure
  145. Normal for bi girls?
  146. I think I may be fully Asexual now.
  147. well....
  148. Any insight?
  149. What should I do? Sexually confused
  150. Do I sound bisexual or lesbian?
  151. I'm SO incredibly confused!
  152. Should I let go of the past? (This is long)
  153. Have you ever wanted/tried to be a different sexual orientation? Why?
  154. Why doesn't this feel right?
  155. I hate myself for it
  156. hugs?
  157. single n alone...
  158. Trying to Come to Terms
  159. Lost and bisexual
  160. Neutrality: What does it mean to you?
  161. Just a phase?
  162. This is it...
  163. Just when I think I figured it out.
  164. Don't know if I'm gay or Asexual.
  165. Very Confused, Sad and Depressed
  166. Is He?
  167. So what am I?
  168. Fighting my sexuality.
  169. Kinsey5, afraid to date boys
  170. Lost
  171. weird sciencey s**t
  172. (Maybe) lesbian turned on by guys making out?
  173. What the heck am I?
  174. Think I've finally got it figured out!
  175. Turned myself bisexual?
  176. You could say that I'm a bit confused
  177. no experience
  178. So confused
  179. Will I be questioning forever?
  180. Did I just look up to her?
  181. I don't know where I stand about this whole thing
  182. More comfortable labeling self as gay, but still uncertain and don't want to come out
  183. Thought I was genderfluid, probably agendered?
  184. I know I'm gay but...
  185. Is there such a thing as no orientation?
  186. Hating myself for being gay
  187. What is wrong with me?
  188. Not sure if gay or bi
  189. I'm not sure if I'm straight or gay?
  190. I think im straight, but i can't figure it out.
  191. My Issues Regarding My Sexuality.
  192. Is Sexual Attraction Immediate?
  193. Can't accept that I'm straight?
  194. can you be pansexual and lesbian
  195. Lost
  196. Unsure and feeling bad...
  197. Is constant questioning of ones sexuality a sign?
  198. some perspective would be nice for this guy
  199. Councelling/therapy
  200. Question About My Orientation
  201. Need serious help and advice
  202. Enema
  203. Not really sure...
  204. My boyfriend slept with a man
  205. Could really use help
  206. Help I was straight but now don't seem to be.
  207. Confused with Sexual Orientation...
  208. help and need advice plzzzzzzzzzz.
  209. I'm confused..
  210. How do I interpret this?
  211. Weird Dreams
  212. Please tell me I'm sexual
  213. Questioning = Deep depression?
  214. Confusing romantic dreams
  215. What does it mean to be sexually confused?
  216. What is my orientation?
  217. scared plz help
  218. Always been straight, but crushing HARD on my best friend...
  219. Wondering
  220. So now I'm really confused....Gay, Straight, or Bi?
  221. Questioning and Confused
  222. I feel gay when im aroused..
  223. Talked to Therapist--Now What?
  224. Couldn't be more confused
  225. Really, really unsure about my sexuality! Help!
  226. Sexually repressed straight guy or denying gayness?
  227. How do I know for sure?
  228. Reconsidering
  229. Uh, just help. I don't know a good title.
  230. I've no idea if i'm gay or not.
  231. Pretending
  232. I don't even know anymore.
  233. Sexual orientation OCD?
  234. When will the questioning stop?
  235. If I don't have gay thoughts am I gay?
  236. I'm Kinsey5!!
  237. Every time I think I know. . .
  238. Does this make sense?
  239. Confused and need advive..please!?
  240. confused
  241. Question on my Orientation
  242. Am i a lesbian or not???
  243. What is Kinsey6?
  244. The guide of stages of experiencing fluid sexuality/fluid sexual orientation
  245. Been confused for a while now
  246. I don't want to be straight...
  247. Gay for ten years...maybe?
  248. Interesting story... Any thoughts?
  249. how do you know for sure?
  250. I think I'm in denial, possibly bi and shaking in her socks