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  1. Thought I had it figured out...
  2. newbie confused...
  3. Lesbian, preference for girls or just a phase?
  4. Gender Confusion. (Sort of.)
  5. True sexual orientation evolving or just a psychological issue?
  6. Is there a way to be sure?
  7. Massive wall of confused text. TW
  8. Im confused and frustrated about my sexuality.
  9. Sex not Sexy
  10. when will I stop questioning?
  11. Advice...?
  12. Controling the madness (possible help for people who feel they have HOCD)
  13. I'm gay but...........
  14. Wish it would stop.
  15. Confused as hell about life.
  16. What on Earth would you call this?
  17. Question for the Bi Sexuals
  18. Pan-romantic Homosexual???
  19. Please help me!=)
  20. What kind of sexuality is this
  21. Always been attracted to guys, but questioning things
  22. Appropriate co worker Behavior?
  23. I am a lesbian but itīs not okay!
  24. Gay sex without sex?
  25. 13 M Need Support
  26. 29, confused if bi or lesbian
  27. is it Gay, or is it Bi.. or maybe even straight?
  28. Is it possible for sexual orientation to change?
  29. Acceptance of self
  30. What exactly am I?
  31. Don't like guys touching me?
  32. freaking out a bit
  33. Can you talk yourself into being gay?
  34. How do I stop these Bi-curious thoughts?
  35. Pan or no?
  36. I need help...
  37. HRT question
  38. Confused.
  39. I Never have strong sexual urges (for people)
  40. Confused? not confused?
  41. Bisexual? Confusion.
  42. Confused about sexuality and inability to form emotional bonds (big wall of text)
  43. Gay boss\Gay Co-worker
  44. my update; for those interested
  45. How do I tell my best friend how I feel
  46. Confused, bisexual.
  47. I don't think I've ever felt like this before in my life
  48. 2 weeks until my first endo appt.
  49. Bisexual or gay? In need of help quickly!!
  50. Bisexuals Assemble!
  51. Am I a Lesbian?
  52. I don't know what to do:/
  53. OCD sufferer looking for clarity (wall of text)
  54. Sexual confusion, idea of being gay
  55. Could use some help accepting my other half
  56. The Southside of Lonesome
  57. seriously attracted to soft masculine women
  58. This is probably the most accurate thing I've ever read
  59. Confused, lost, frustrated, sick of stressing over this.
  60. still a little confused
  61. Really Confused Girly Girl
  62. A bit of help please? c:
  63. An Unsupportive Family?
  64. I've been struggling for 3 years: am I a lesbian or not?
  65. How Do YOU Define Attraction?
  66. What or who am i ?
  67. Please help
  68. Internet not helping, unique case
  69. Confused. how do I know if I'm in denial?
  70. Also questioning orientation
  71. Emotionally attached and unable to function
  72. Denial? Confusion? What is this?
  73. mtf struggle
  74. First Day As Alison ^_^
  75. Hard to Define
  76. Acceptance
  77. I am confused? Hocd, Denial, What?
  78. I feel like such a pervert
  79. Am I gay? or whatever with a phase?
  80. A little confused and not sure what to do!
  81. Pretty sure I'm gay
  82. Determining my sexuality.
  83. How to Live?
  84. Older Bisexuals...30-107.
  85. So very confused.
  86. Confused about sexuality..
  87. Do I have a possibility of being gay?
  88. Just trying to work things about
  89. I don't know who I'm
  90. No idea if straight/lesbian....
  91. I feel dirty.
  92. Let's talk penises.
  93. clothes shopping- how to look sharp?
  94. Video - 1 year hrt
  95. A little help would be much appreciated.
  96. What IS Bisexuality?
  97. Advice on determining attractions?
  98. Wanting some advice....
  99. Depression and Confusion
  100. On sexual fluidity
  101. first known British transsexual woman to undergo sex reassignment surgery.
  102. Struggling to define my sexuality
  103. Trying to get used to the idea, but afraid
  104. Can your Kinsey number change ?
  105. prospect of new home?
  106. I don't understand myself
  107. Need to know who i am
  108. Peer Pressure and Confusion
  109. I'm so confused, please help:icon_sad:
  110. Dropped the "bomb" to my mom
  111. Asexual or just paranoid?
  112. Am I Gay or Bisexual?
  113. Am I completely in the closet or am I bi?
  114. Feel like a man without a country...not sure if im gay, bi or straight
  115. These fantasies though
  116. So much has changed!
  117. Not sure
  118. I sound like a bisexual, don't I
  119. Desperately want to be Gay
  120. Fear of intimacy or gay?
  121. Getting rid of this attraction?
  122. So confused
  123. My Life as a Cinderella (With a Prince?)
  124. I feel stupid
  125. Has anyone been obsessed with your sexuality?
  126. The difference between attraction and brotherhood (Men)
  127. what the heck am I?
  128. Should I just out myself and get it over with?
  129. Too Many Thoughts In My Head
  130. Admitted it, but not quite accepted.
  131. Do you think my friend is gay?
  132. How to Come Out to a Boyfriend and then leave him for a GIRL? I'm a terrible person.
  133. I think I'm a lesbian...
  134. Am I gay or bi?
  135. I think I just discovered my sexuality :)
  136. So much confusion
  137. Should I assume that I'm Bi?
  138. Toaster comment
  139. Many thanks
  140. Sadistic homosexual fantasies...
  141. Confused and Afraid
  142. Can you be in love with a man but be a lesbian?!?!?!?!?!
  143. kinda ran into the wall
  144. The line between Bi and Gay
  145. Is it possible to not really have an "orientation"?
  146. Bi or lesbian? How to know without experience?
  147. I'm not like the usual gay
  148. Still confused..
  149. I keep hearing I need to experiment
  150. Confusion strikes once more..
  151. What Is Attraction?
  152. Anxiety or Sexual Orientation?
  153. how do i know if i'm bisexual
  154. Does she sound like she is in denial or homophobic?
  155. I'm not that gay?
  156. I'm Bi
  157. Very confused: I am 14 and think I might be bisexual. Help?
  158. So confused
  159. questioning and dating?
  160. Am I just scared?
  161. Im just not quite sure and i want to know what to do
  162. How deep can denial be?
  163. Approaching another Gay Guy when you are closeted
  164. Uncomfortable with gay sex
  165. On becoming "less of a man"
  166. I'm so freaking confused
  167. What would be the correct term?
  168. straight to gay now possibly bi?
  169. Confused
  170. Help figuring out my sexual orientation
  171. I'm so confused
  172. How do I know if I'm really gay?
  173. Is this just a phase???
  174. Gender is a Universe- Lacey Roop
  175. Please help, this is so weird.
  176. inner battle
  177. Is there a pill I could take to get rid of this?
  178. Accepting myself as a gay man
  179. same sex attracted and rebounding to straight relationship??
  180. Dont know what to think anymore
  181. Is it new or is it true?
  182. up till now? what is going on
  183. confusion
  184. first lesbian sex...is it normal to feel awkward?
  185. wanting to be sure
  186. out of the mouth of babes
  187. I dunno...
  188. Can your sexuality change as you grow up?
  189. Does this mean anything?
  190. Tearing apart my f/f marriage with orientation uncertainty
  191. Super confused
  192. Anyone else like me?
  193. Can't seem to shake off stereotypes and gender identities-was raised to believe?
  194. Sometimes I'm in between feelings of I want her body and I WANT her body...?
  195. porn and mastrubation
  196. Confused
  197. Accepting myself
  198. If only I knew back then...
  199. Experimenting
  200. I Want A Label!
  201. confused and overwhelmed
  202. Accepting it I guess
  203. Tired of hiding
  204. confused on this help please
  205. Trying to accept
  206. Confused
  207. Third time lucky?
  208. Not sure i'f im lesbian
  209. Please help me..
  210. How to confirm that I'm gay?
  211. Questioning - heavily
  212. slightly confused again
  213. A phase
  214. Honestly have no idea what I am. Help guys
  215. Opinions please
  216. Kinsey test...
  217. I'm confused and going in circles
  218. Is this even a matter of sexual orientation?
  219. I was not born bisexual
  220. At a loss....
  221. What counts as sex?
  222. if I'm using my lesbianism to be alone?
  223. IDK What's Going On...
  224. Hiya...help, please?
  225. hi, help?
  226. Tired of Confusion
  227. i'd love some help
  228. Confused about Sexual Orientation
  229. bisexual or denial
  230. Gay but not?
  231. questioning for some time
  232. Questioning my oreintation
  233. Outed at work
  234. Questioning myself
  235. Confused (I know many are) and need some advice.
  236. I'm so confused
  237. Someone please help
  238. A New Day
  239. Crushes before realising you are homosexual?
  240. how to know the difference between internalized homophobia and beeing straight?
  241. Some answers to your questions
  242. Coming out and how your life has changed for better or worse!!
  243. Lesbian or just a 'Phase'
  244. First Time Post... Help me out please.
  245. I'm very confused...
  246. Confused
  247. Not fully attracted to either sex?
  248. Will things get any easier?
  249. what's your kinsey scale rating?
  250. Really REALLY stressed out...