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  1. Questioning becoming anger
  2. I think I'm Bisexual, how do I know?
  3. Too confused..
  4. So confusing
  5. Determining Sexuality
  6. Confused
  7. Trying new things and moving forward
  8. Perfume
  9. Awkward arousal questions
  10. Should I dicsuss my sexuality before I'm certain I'm gay?
  11. Am I gay or bi?
  12. Not Sure If I'm Bi Or Gay.. help?
  13. Can't resist your gay feelings?
  14. Gay, Bisexual or...?
  15. Not sure if i'm gay or not..
  16. Gay, straight or in between - I have no clue
  17. Coming Out/HRT
  18. Getting over denial?
  19. Bisexual? Or Lesbian and Afraid?
  20. Help?
  21. What do you do if your sexual/romantic attractions don't match?
  22. what should my next step be?
  23. Scared of being Gay
  24. I Just... Argh
  25. Might be gay but still not sure
  26. Anonymous Posting
  27. Losing it..
  28. working this thru ............
  29. What to do?
  30. I need help figuring this out. I don't really know what to do
  31. I'm unsure now
  32. am i gay...im in love with a girl
  33. Am I gay and ready to come out?
  34. I don't know who I am anymore
  35. I hate being asexual.
  36. I'm gay but don't like sex
  37. Confused.
  38. Am i bisexual or just confused?
  39. Emotional mess
  40. Am I bisexual or gay?
  41. Need some basic support/advice
  42. am i bi
  43. Talked to the campus counselor...
  44. Questioning here and I'd really appreciate advice
  45. A chick in need of some perspective
  46. Heterosexual/homoromantic? Or otherwise?
  47. So confused about my Sexuality
  48. Confused. Am I gay/bi?
  49. Sexuality Spark
  50. How do you truly 100% know your sexuality?
  51. I Don't understand my sexuality?
  52. Wondering about my orientation
  53. My sexuality is a mess
  54. Confused of my sexuality
  55. Who am I, my gender identiy problem
  56. Extremely Confused About My Sexuality
  57. Questioning sexuality...?
  58. Advice: My Sexuality
  59. Another girl confused about her sexuality
  60. Help with my sexuality? Please..
  61. Just really want to know my sexuality
  62. I'm confused about my sexuality...why now
  63. I don't know my sexuality. Is that normal?
  64. Being open about my sexuality
  65. So this is my story...
  66. Confused, scared.. Struggling w/ my sexuality
  67. Sexuality
  68. What sexuality is this?
  69. wondering about my sexuality
  70. How to be comfortable (and sure) about your sexuality?
  71. is anyone else questioning their sexuality?
  72. i feel embarrassed for questioning my sexuality?
  73. Was I in Denial Of My Sexuality? repost
  74. Race and Sexuality
  75. So now I've accepted my sexuality
  76. Sexuality
  77. why do we question our sexuality?
  78. did you ever question your sexuality?
  79. Catholicism and Sexuality
  80. Still really quite confuzzled about sexuality
  81. I love him but I blame myself for his sexuality...
  82. Tips for dressing gender neutral?
  83. Mom finally brought up my sexuality
  84. What i am? Problems with sexuality...
  85. How can I stop my sexuality from leaking around school?
  86. Figuring out Sexuality?
  87. need some advice about my sexuality
  88. How can stop fussing about my sexuality without friends?
  89. Questioning my sexuality.
  90. Totally confused about my sexuality
  91. Acceptance of Sexuality
  92. Is it possible to make crushes? And what does that mean for my sexuality
  93. Questioning my sexuality and need advise
  94. Stuck. unknown sexuality
  95. For the first time since accepting my sexuality, I don't want to be gay
  96. Really, really struggling with sexuality!
  97. Deepening concern about my sexuality, advice?
  98. a very confusing sexuality conundrum
  99. Advice on sexuality & Coming Out To Best Friend
  100. It does get better.. reconciling your faith with your sexuality.
  101. Confused about sexuality :( please help!
  102. Questioning My Sexuality. Questioning my Mindset, Kind of Confused?
  103. Very confused about my sexuality, opinions very much appreciated! (WARNING:Very Long)
  104. As an abuse victim, how can I GENUINELY be sure of my sexuality?
  105. Confused and concerned about my sexuality
  106. Gender confused
  107. confused about my sexuality :|
  108. What do you think about wearing certain "tags" to hint at your sexuality?
  109. boring mall job and people watching- realizing my sexuality
  110. Questioning my Sexuality
  111. Sexuality blooper
  112. How to handle people very close to you being incredulous to your sexuality?
  113. Confused about my sexuality - The details
  114. Help with understanding my sexuality?
  115. Questioning my sexuality
  116. The bible tells me being gay is wrong and now I just don't know what to do.....
  117. What do ya'll think of HOCD vs denial debate (I'm trying to figure out what I am!)?
  118. Accepting my sexuality
  119. Questioning sexuality
  120. Accepting My Sexuality
  121. Confused about my sexuality, please help
  122. Not related to my sexuality, but I think I might have repressed memories of abuse?
  123. Questioning my sexuality.
  124. Sexuality Confusion and Depression?
  125. Confused about my sexuality
  126. My sexuality has become my identity... Please advise...
  127. questioning my sexuality?
  128. Confused about my sexuality
  129. Really confused about my sexuality
  130. How to get parents o accept sexuality as not a choice??
  131. Extreme depression, crush and sexuality related
  132. Unsure of Sexuality at 18
  133. sexuality question
  134. My Confusing Sexuality...
  135. Confused about sexuality...
  136. Mom becoming comfortable with sexuality
  137. Ocd and Sexuality
  138. Gender issues affecting experience of attraction?
  139. As my gender status says, i'm "desoriented"
  140. I don't know my sexuality :(
  141. Been questioning my sexuality, 1st cousin is gay. Wondering if the 2 are linked...?
  142. Sexuality and Porn
  143. Questioning my Sexuality...Advice?
  144. Gender Neutral forms of boyfriend/girlfriend?
  145. Understand my Sexuality
  146. Sexuality Changed and family/friends
  147. Really confused about my sexuality
  148. Need to decide my sexuality
  149. Still questioning sexuality after three years
  150. My advice about being LGBT and Christian (very long)
  151. Feeling Alone with my Sexuality
  152. Very upset and confused about my sexuality
  153. Lack of pleasure, doubts of sexuality
  154. Does coming out to a person of the same gender change the way they treat you?
  155. Need Advice on how to ask someone about its sexuality...
  156. confused about sexuality
  157. Sexuality
  158. Question about sexuality
  159. my sexuality
  160. Gender issues?
  161. sexuality confusion
  162. I'm thinking about using my sexuality in an essay for a summer program at princeton
  163. Confused about sexuality
  164. sexuality?
  165. Shifting/growing adult sexuality...
  166. Telling someone you are question your sexuality
  167. sexuality hints?
  168. sooo confused about my sexuality. this has been upsetting me all week. help
  169. a crush on the opposite gender???
  170. A Girl...Virginity...Sexuality...You know the deal!
  171. Questioning my sexuality, again
  172. Conversation with friend re: sexuality - opinions please!
  173. Afraid to come out because I'm afraid my sexuality is going to change?
  174. Coming out to your straight friends of the same gender
  175. confused sexuality
  176. sexuality
  177. still not confident with sexuality; even at gay pride
  178. Religion vs. Sexuality ?
  179. Realisation of Sexuality
  180. What are some things a guy might do if he's struggling with his sexuality?
  181. confusing sexuality and masculinity
  182. Conflict of religion and sexuality.
  183. Ever Changing Sexuality
  184. I Need Help - My Sexuality is Tearing Me Up Inside
  185. Am I gay?