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  1. can I really be bisexual or just think it is cool
  2. How can you know if youre in denial?
  3. Overthinking problem or denying Im bi?
  4. A Year of Confusion
  5. Panromantic Demisexual - is this me?
  6. How would you define or describe your sexuality?
  7. Does this sound like Panromantic??
  8. Sexual orientation
  9. A Total Mess. Is there a solution?
  10. Terminology
  11. I feel weird.
  12. confused please help
  13. Question
  14. I think I am bisexual?
  15. I don't want to be the "pursuer"
  16. Sliiiight confusion
  17. So when did you cum last and how?
  18. Question for asexuals/aromantics?
  19. Am I into guys or not or something else?
  20. Straight guy with a gay crush?
  21. How Old?
  22. if our purpose is to procreate then does that mean....
  23. I hate the word lesbian.
  24. can a lesbian find mr right?
  25. help me please help me
  26. Have I lied to myself about being lesbian?
  27. Gay... But can experimenting change your sexual preference to whom your attracted to?
  28. So confused.
  29. Bi but strong preference for women right now
  30. Really need help with my sexuality
  31. I don't know who I am anymore...
  32. Someone please help
  33. Where do you think I am on the Kinsey Scale?
  34. Pansexual or something else
  35. Can orientation change?
  36. A terrible crush, relationship and god what to do
  37. Any other Kinsey 5 gays here?
  38. Not Taken Seriously...
  39. Am I Gay?
  40. Halp ._.
  41. what is this called?
  42. i love the gay hypnosis porn but idk if im gay
  43. Am I pan or bi?
  44. Not sure what I am
  45. I have no idea...
  46. What are your definitions for bi and pan?
  47. Super confused... again
  48. Coming to Terms
  49. Confused and lost
  50. Should I or shouldn't I?
  51. Those who had / have sexual attraction to same sex but romantic attraction to opposit
  52. I'm confusedů Again
  53. I want to be a woman, but only when I'm lonely. Very confused, can anyone help?
  54. I think we need a new sexuality.
  55. I know I'm bisexual but...
  56. Why now? Why so confusing???
  57. Romantic attraction towards same sex, but sexual towards opposite sex?
  58. More gay or equaly bi?
  59. I don't really care about sex?
  60. Does orientation change?
  61. Am I gay, bi, HELP!
  62. A question about suppressing sexuality
  63. I just need someone to talk to
  64. Disgusted with myself after an encounter
  65. Depressed and confused
  66. What am I? it's getting to tell
  67. Questioning sexuality while in a relationship
  68. Can you know without experience?
  69. Confused...
  70. Am I panromantic but asexual?
  71. Am I bisexual or a lesbian?
  72. Am I Gender-queer? or Fluid? or even Androgynous?
  73. I'm so confu
  74. Resurgence
  75. 24-y.o. girl slowly realizing I'm maybe gay. Could use some insight on my feelings
  76. GAY OR CONFUSED? Need help
  77. Is This What Being Straight Is Supposed To Feel Like?
  78. Sure but not?
  79. Confused
  80. Another question answers our appreciated
  81. Another question
  82. Please help!!
  83. Any other demiromantics here?
  84. Struggle with Bisexuality
  85. Demisexuality? Biromantic? What?!
  86. Homoromantic Asexual, or just gay?
  87. Help me
  88. Am i gay?
  89. I really like my best friend
  90. Defining our relationship. Are we alone?
  91. Not sure about my sexuality and gender.
  92. Poly vs. Pansexual?
  93. I could use a clear label.
  94. Questioning my romantic orientation?
  95. telling to your crush?
  96. Please help. I am so confused. What should I do?
  97. Bisexuality and anxiety for girls
  98. Is it wrong to sexualize people?
  99. Finding a Femme
  100. Confused stage
  101. Anyone A Hetero Romantic Bisexual?
  102. About homoromantic relationship
  103. Hetero relationsip, but questioning if I'm gay
  104. How can teens explore bicuriousity?
  105. Yaoi, Yuri, Ero, Futa and the fanboy/girl shippers
  106. Please help me figure this out... i'm so tired
  107. jealous as hell
  108. I think I might be a lesbian... help please?
  109. man/woman like an ultimate help
  110. Dating ... I am doing it wrong ...
  111. I need insight about this
  112. Is it okay if I'm not ashamed..?
  113. Knowing you're gay right away...
  114. Popping The Cherry For Answers
  115. Asexuality?
  116. does it make me bi?
  117. Can a Kinsey 5 call herself a lesbian?
  118. insecurities are not helpful
  119. Very Confused Person
  120. Sexual Orientation is confusing
  121. Feeling gay and trapped
  122. Losing my entire romantic drive \\ Losing the initial thrill
  123. why do you want to come out?
  124. Sexual/romantic orientation changing?
  125. What is the split attraction model?
  126. Liking masculine/androgynous traits- but only on girls?
  127. For those struggling with their sexuality, a must read
  128. Will I be stuck like this forever?
  129. I want to date women but I don't want to admit I'm not straight.
  130. Screen writer looking for advise from lesbian
  131. Why / where did I learn, sex is dirty
  132. My Crush
  133. Starting to get feelings for a girl???
  134. I think I may have an overthinking problem.
  135. Categorising my bisexuality?
  136. How do I feel about men? (Am I a lesbian?)
  137. Am
  138. Am I just faking it?
  139. Not fully out but want to go to pride and give myself a chance to meet a woman
  140. Forcing things
  141. Mtf
  142. Weirdly in love
  143. How should I experiment in HS?
  144. Attractions increase after acceptance?
  145. Nipples, both sexes.
  146. Is he attracted to me?
  147. A question for lesbian and bisexual girls/women
  148. Do you find you're treated better in gay clubs?
  149. Bisexual stereotypes?
  150. She is straight, had feelings for me but couldn't accept that??
  151. Bisexual question
  152. Idk if I am straight or bi nor how to experiment with guys period
  153. Some advice needed on exploring myself and coming out.
  154. How to decipher real attraction from heteronormative attraction
  155. I just need to hear that it's okay...
  156. An "ah ha" reflection on my early sex life
  157. Aro/bisexual?
  158. Am I possibly gay?
  159. Bisexuality question
  160. My friends think I'm a lesbian...
  161. Astrology being used to determine sexual orientation? (Kind of a rant)
  162. I kissed a guy today and I identify as lesbian?
  163. Do crushes on fictional characters mean anything?
  164. Looking for insight.
  165. I'm a gay trans man
  166. overthinking my life
  167. Childhood Experience-How significant is it?
  168. Is my attraction to men just a desire/fantasy?
  169. Can a lesbian think a guy is cute?
  170. Came out; went back in; came out again not I'm confused
  171. coming out
  172. Freaking out
  173. Confused whether I'm bisexual or gay...
  174. Any gay guys - have you turned out to be gay and previously felt the following?
  175. Confused About My Sexuality
  176. So confused
  177. Need to vent
  178. Questioning
  179. Trans, Gay but also Straight?
  180. Confused - Women are magical // Men are sexy
  181. I don't know who I am
  182. Unsure of Being a Lesbian
  183. Were you previously homophobic before realising your orientation?
  184. Is Sexuality Fluid?
  185. I dont know if I straight or bi.
  186. I'm a lesbian, but I lost romantic/sexual desire.
  187. HOCD? Or nah?
  188. I need help.
  189. How do you get over someone you still love?
  190. I'm talking to a guy and it has made me start to question again!
  191. Finally accept I'm gay--I think
  192. female steroid user...gender confusion....
  193. Thank you!
  194. This has gotten weird... non-sexual preference for tg?
  195. I accidently posted this in the Welcome Lounge and now I feel like a fool
  196. Late Twenties and Unsure of Sexual Orientation
  197. Completely confused about my orientation
  198. Not entirely sure what I like.
  199. How do I stop a crush on a straight friend?
  200. Need advice...n love with her
  201. Need some advice ?
  202. What do I do??
  203. I don't know exactly, who I am
  204. What am I to do?
  205. Mind states and their effect on sexuality
  206. From straight to bi? to lesbian
  207. What is reparative therapy?
  208. Voice tells me "Im Gay" Am I gay or straight?
  209. lesbian? bisexual? both if even posible?
  210. How to Accept Not Knowing...
  211. How to come out a second time?
  212. Attracted to masculinity
  213. Am I really bisexual?
  214. Labels ...do they matter ?
  215. Questioning my sexuality
  216. Video About Questioning
  217. I don't know what I want anymore
  218. how to accept myself?
  219. What if I don't act lesbian?
  220. How do you define attraction?
  221. Who am I
  222. confused
  223. Am I on the way to acceptance?
  224. Get stuck in the past?
  225. Question about HOCD
  226. Affection and labels???
  227. I feel like I'm pretending...
  228. Need help!!!!
  229. Bi or Lesbian?
  230. Need Some Help/advice
  231. 4 years in and the excitement has worn off..
  232. Clothing problems
  233. Need advice from mature/grown people
  234. Am I bisexual?
  235. Bisexual - Want a Biological Child but Better w/ Women?
  236. Advice for young in questioning
  237. I was fine until...(long post sorry///)
  238. Struggling with my sexuality
  239. Confused?
  240. any advice is appreciated
  241. How do I know/find out if someone is a lesbian?
  242. I don't know if I'm bi or a lesbian.
  243. Am I Bisexual or a Lesbian?
  244. Gay who romantically attracted to women?
  245. Seriously questioning...
  246. Really confused??
  247. I need help
  248. I don't know if I'm bisexual or lesbian?
  249. How should I identify (bi/gay)?
  250. Probably a typical post about being unsure