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  1. Gay but dont want a gay relationship
  2. Is it possible to have lived this long without knowing you're gay?
  3. Panromantic?
  4. i am too old for this.....
  5. Do you think I'm bisexual?
  6. Questioning my sexual orientation
  7. Adelaide/Australia
  8. Suppression, Seeking Advice, & Coming to Terms
  9. Another Potentially Stupid Question
  10. A potentially stupid question.
  11. Separation between sexual and romantic attraction?
  12. Help
  13. Questions about attraction and sex
  14. I think I might be Pansexual
  15. I think i might have HOCD
  16. Hate being myself! Help needed!
  17. Is Metrosexuality just stereotypes?!
  18. Feel like I have to force myself
  19. Lesbian? Bisexual? Asexual?
  20. "Gay" men who have sex with women.
  21. Extremely Confused About My Sexuality
  22. Unpeaceful thoughts
  23. I get more and more stuck in my questioning
  24. What does SEXUAL attraction feel like?
  25. Affirming that I am a lesbian (for giggles)
  26. Questioning and Seriously Confused…...
  27. Really confused and it's ruining my life
  28. Internalized Homophobia - Help!
  29. I think my family suspects that I am a Lesbian. Any advice?
  30. advice for dating an older man?
  31. Messed up Lesbian Sexuality
  32. Where do I begin?
  33. No butterflies but equally no repulsion?
  34. Still confused
  35. I feel like a lesbian... were feelings for guys ever real?
  36. How young is too young to know that you're Ace?
  37. Please help! Was i wrong? Have i hidden it all this time?
  38. Feeling like i need a label
  39. Is this normal?
  40. Questioning Orientation Pansexual or Demisexual?
  41. Was this my first love?
  42. am i bi or a lesbian ? - could this end my relationship ?
  43. please help
  44. 20 years old and questioning my sexuality
  45. I Think I'm Bisexual...?
  46. Bisexual or Lesbian? In denial??
  47. Please help since any literature doesn't seem to be useful
  48. Help me
  49. Really confused! HELP!
  50. Homosexual Hetroromantic?
  51. What do you like in bed/What are your sexual fantasies?
  52. Confused, idk what's going on (much shorter post please give insights)
  53. In a Constant State of Self-Doubt
  54. Unsure about sexual orientation
  55. Has your sexual orientation changed?
  56. anyone tried not coming out but just being open? is this a stupid plan?
  57. I do not understand my attraction to men and women.
  58. Just another girl wildly confused about her sexuality
  59. Very confused teen
  60. Hallucinogenics and being in The Closet.
  61. Need some opinions
  62. Where to find a partner
  63. If your spouse comes out as transexual
  64. Idk anymore
  65. Dom or sub lesbian? Is there always such a dynamic?
  66. Questioning sexuality after coming out?
  67. I don't know if I'm attracted to women or not?
  68. very confused.. kind of
  69. Today I Said To Myself
  70. Stuck
  71. Possible to be so far in the closet I don't know it?
  72. i have a girlfriend but im 99% sure im gay
  73. I think I'm a lesbian but maybe I'm bi?
  74. I Got Asked Out By A Girl!!!
  75. I'm the "straight" girl in love with my "straight" bff
  76. Am I A Cliché
  77. I just really dont know....
  78. Please help me figure this out
  79. I'm much more open to the idea of having sex when I've been drinking.
  80. Am I Bisexual ? Does it even matter ?
  81. was there one person who made you realise your sexual orientation?
  82. Phase
  83. Help
  84. Ever wondered if it would just be easier to be gay?
  85. Denial or just inexperienced
  86. Open marriages...
  87. Asexual Marriage?
  88. I thought I was Bi but I'm not sure anymore?
  89. Why I love being gay (and a girl)
  90. Confused about sexuality
  91. Confused about sexuality
  92. Tops or Bottoms
  93. Would a gay guy date a trans man?
  94. The pressure to be openminded
  95. Cannot work out what my sexuality is! Advice please!
  96. I finally met Mr. Right...but I wish he was a girl
  97. love lgbt clubs, bars but im straight
  98. I've started questoning again, help?!
  99. fear of intimacy with men, and orientation confused!!
  100. Why The Shaming and Hatred of Unrequited Love
  101. Why people think asexuals doesn't exist? i'm really angry...
  102. I am questioning my sexuality and need help!
  103. sexuality/masculinity?
  104. Questioning
  105. Confused...
  106. Romantic v. Sexual orientation
  107. i came out 10 years ago, went back in :/
  108. Can childhood abuse affect orientation?
  109. what makes someone truly gay?
  110. I don't feel queer enough
  111. Issues with labels...
  112. So confused! Bi or not?
  113. Is your sexual attraction broader than romantic attraction? (besides ace-identified)
  114. Feeling like I'm deceiving people?
  115. 27 year old male, confused and after advice
  116. Sex Advice? I really need help!
  117. I Don't Know How To Be Happy
  118. I thought I was straight until last weekend
  119. Trying to make sense of this all...
  120. Continuing confusion affecting mental health
  121. When you see a hot girl?
  122. IM SO CONFUSED am I bi or lesbian
  123. And I'm Confused...
  124. What am I?
  125. Confusion after having straight sex? Has anyone else experienced this?
  126. Married Man with some urges.
  127. can one's sexuality change?
  128. Constantly thinking I like this guy
  129. I don't even know
  130. This bothers me. Shifting preferences?
  131. Forced to choose an orientation?
  132. Bi-curious?
  133. Do you agree I'm not straight?
  134. Secret hook up with the new guy ..?
  135. Could I be kinda gay?
  136. bisexual feelings- differences
  137. Bisexual and lesbian women: what body type do you like on women?
  138. How to meet single gay/bi men and experiment with my sexuality safely?
  139. Depression and Boyfriends
  140. Help me understand
  141. Always thought bi, now not so sure!
  142. Am I bi?
  143. Heterosexual & Homoemotional?
  144. Im gay but the other night i felt love for a girl
  145. Thoughts
  146. Is it possible....
  147. Sexual Attraction
  148. Was I wrong about my sexuality after all?
  149. anyone previously unable to 'perform' with opposite sex?
  150. How did you feel towards the opposite sex when you 1st realised you like opposite sex
  151. Am I clinging onto my leterosexuality?
  152. Sexual habits...
  153. Does it make me bi to flirt with guys
  154. Lesbians and preferred porn...
  155. Clueless
  156. Not sure what to do :( kind of a long read, bear with me
  157. Confused and anxious! Plz help!
  158. Mom doesn't believe me
  159. So Confused!!!
  160. Confronting/dealing with internalized homophobia?
  161. Lesbian but with weird emotional feelings for men
  162. Once again unsure.
  163. Is turbulence normal in a bisexual relationship?
  164. Unsure of sexual orientation!
  165. Straight, Cis, and attracted to a genderqueer person?
  166. Helping him realize it's okay to be bisexual?
  167. Didn't know I was gay (thought I was pan)
  168. Unsure (M) - Dreams/Anxiety/Depression
  169. Confused? & Homophobia
  170. I'm really unsure.
  171. *Long post* Advice about moving on?
  172. Curious sexualities?
  173. Colored and Gay
  174. I'm so confused of my sexual/romantic orientation
  175. im scared of being/turning straight
  176. For anyone who's questioning...
  177. Has having an eating disorder in the past made me question? opening up to internet
  178. What would happen if a transguy enters a gay dark room?
  179. Am I just picky or actually a lesbian?
  180. Clues
  181. Update...
  182. This is confusing...
  183. Lost and Confused....
  184. Why do things have to suck so much?
  185. Please I'm freaking out
  186. Confused
  187. Confused about "sexual" attraction.
  188. How I figured out my orientation (My Story)
  189. I think my sexuality and romantic oreintation disagree...
  190. How can i know a friend is gay and hes in onto me
  191. Do you think a Kinsey 1 or 5 is more common than a Kinsey 0 or 6?
  192. 25 y/o not completely sure
  193. 16 year old in need of some advice/help.
  194. trying to figure out my sexuality...again
  195. Biromantic......but?
  196. ... So is it possible to have no idea
  197. Feelings towards girls but in a relationship with a male
  198. New in gay life
  199. I was a lesbian, but if I'm not a girl....
  200. Refusing the Queer Title
  201. Could you be with someone you love but aren't sexually attracted to?
  202. Bisexual?
  203. Unsure if straight or bisexual!
  204. Can sexual attractions ever be considered 'mild'?
  205. Questioning because of best friend.
  206. Bi-/pansexuals - what sex/gender do you prefer?
  207. Questioning, but Confused
  208. Bisexual with low sex-drive or biromantic asexual?
  209. Confused - Gay
  210. Lesbian dating apps?
  211. Compulsory Heterosexuality
  212. Wondering about my sexuality?
  213. Gay dating apps? Yes or No?
  214. Fantasy
  215. Scared
  216. Feel like giving up
  217. Bi but unhappy with men and unhappy with women
  218. a gay man loves me, im a girl
  219. Confused...
  220. Increasing visbility [article].
  221. Do I have to date monosexual people?
  222. Homoromantic? Lesbian? Bi? All in my head?
  223. Question for Bisexuals?
  224. Do you prefer femme/butch/androgynous women?
  225. First encounter
  226. Help?
  227. Some help would be great!
  228. If I think I might be gay does that mean I am?
  229. Looks like I'm back and confused again
  230. afraid of girls
  231. Question for people whose romantic and sexual orientations don't align
  232. Does it make me any less of a man?
  233. guy asks ME out then blocks me the morning of the date?
  234. Can a woman sexually please me
  235. Need to vent.
  236. Im not sure what i want, help please.
  237. Confused
  238. What does this say about my orientation?
  239. What am I? Please help
  240. telling someone of the opposite sex that you are interested in that you're questionin
  241. Bisexuality and pansexuality feeling restrictive
  242. Want to explore
  243. Life story-LongThread-Sorry - Gay/bi/str8?
  244. so I confess my feelings to my straight crush
  245. Double questioning being a lesbian?
  246. Please read my story and give some advice...
  247. Gay vs Bi?? Lots of confusion please help.
  248. How do you overcome/control your feelings?
  249. Going from zero to hero
  250. Please help paniking