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  1. "Gay" vs "lesbian" - thoughts?
  2. i need help - sexuality
  3. Could really do with some help...
  4. Can sexual attraction disappear unexpectedly?
  5. What Does It Say About Me?
  6. LGBT talk tommorow
  7. How long did you stay in the closet?
  8. Am I gay or do I have an attention problem?
  9. I'm confused
  10. Do you think I'm completely gay?
  11. probably confused in more ways than one
  12. Very Confused -insert screaming here-
  13. Would I have leaned towards 'straight' if things turned out differently ?
  14. Still lost (in space)
  15. "Man crush" "girl crush"?
  16. I'm So Confused...
  17. Sexual confusion or Anxiety?
  18. How do masculine cis lesbians experience gender?
  19. Am i bi gay or straight
  20. Can't figure my orientation out
  21. Was my homosexuality latent? As in "Latent Homosexuality?"
  22. Another confused and overthinking it post
  23. Confuse
  24. How to know?
  25. Demisexuality
  26. confused...?
  27. Does every lesbian has a type? Like always go for butch or femme or short hair etc?
  28. What would you call it...
  29. I Want Sex Very Badly
  30. Tips/advice on accepting your bisexuality?
  31. Sexual/romantic orientation overlap?
  32. Um, hi?
  33. Need help on finding a label for my sexuality
  34. I need to know
  35. Confused. for now.
  36. I think I'm straight, but I'm not sure. I might be bi.
  37. Sexuality crisis, lots of doubts
  38. fun before love??
  39. Help! Am I Gay, Bisexual or what?!?!
  40. I'd be a really bad boyfriend.
  41. Is he serious, confused or playing with me?
  42. Confusion between gay and bisexual
  43. I don't know who I am anymore v2
  44. Different Stages
  45. Desperate For Help Confused About Everything
  46. Am I gay or bisexual in denial?
  47. Your first (sexual) experience w/a member of the same sex? Awkward?
  48. Orientation test :P
  49. Finding myself in a crowd.
  50. Hesitant about expressing sexuality?
  51. Does anyone else experience this?
  52. I just need to spew what’s on my mind.
  53. What's preventing me from identifying as a lesbian
  54. Bi or curious?
  55. I am not a good woman?
  56. I feel nothing anymore
  57. Asexuals??
  58. Ever had the urge to...
  59. Help a fella out? :)
  60. Internalized Biphobia
  61. Confused
  62. Questioning and needing advice
  63. i had sex with my bestfriend and i thought both of us were straight
  64. Effects of heteronormative society...
  65. Confused about my sexuality
  66. Bisexual thoughts and feelings
  67. When I came out I felt straight!
  68. Am I really bisexual or do I just date men out of fear.
  69. Romantic attraction to agender?
  70. Physical contact boobs
  71. Unsure of my sexuality
  72. One year later and still struggling with ED and my real self
  73. Little announcement!
  74. Do Sexual Epiphanies Happen?
  75. Am I Questioning Because I Am Lonely? And Scared?
  76. I'm confused about my sexuality
  77. So confused
  78. Romance
  79. Safe To Assume I'm Gay?
  80. can i label myself as gay if i feel this way?
  81. where are you from
  82. so are you gay bi straight?
  83. What are you on the Kinsey scale?
  84. Traumatic experience change my viewing lense?
  85. Might I be gray-aromantic or gray-asexual or something?
  86. Conflicted about sexuality
  87. Is this offensive?
  88. Tell-tale signs that you're gay/bi?
  89. Heteroromantic Demibisexual
  90. Masculine Women are Hot!
  91. Was it platonic or romantic?
  92. Help...
  93. I somehow became gay 2 days ago???
  94. About my sexuality
  95. I want to feel justified in my gayness
  96. Ideal vs reality (mental stress)
  97. Questioning everything
  98. SO Confused
  99. Am I a Lesbian or Bisexual
  100. Is it mommy issues or am I bisexual? 33 yo married female lost and confused...
  101. Can your sexuality change?
  102. my sister is being weird/ should i just stop talking about certain things?
  103. I think expermenting has confused me even more:(
  104. Don't Know What To Do
  105. Really Confused and Looking for Help
  106. I don't know what to think anymore
  107. Gender roles confusing sexuality
  108. Attraction to older men from an early age and its effect on my childhood
  109. the next step...
  110. Straight,lesbian or bi?
  111. Questioning
  112. straight or bi???
  113. straight or bi???
  114. Traitor explanation.
  115. Straight and confused
  116. Need relationship advice please!
  117. Confused
  118. Could I be a repressed Lesbian?
  119. Once I reveal my questioning, I can't take it back
  120. Lost
  121. LGBT Music for Inspiration
  122. lesbian or bi??
  123. I'm beginning to think I might be aromantic/gray-romantic
  124. I Always Feel Like I'm Lying To Myself...
  125. I thought I was bisexual, but now...
  126. Please Help!! Am I gay just in Denial?
  127. Am I bisexual?/Do I love her or just as a friend?
  128. Is this sexual attraction?
  129. Mood swings shifts orientation
  130. Please Help me understand
  131. Not sure what to do.
  132. Porn strike
  133. A tale about confusion and possible responsibilities towards a lesbian.
  134. How to move forward
  135. Help me understand
  136. Gay but dont want a gay relationship
  137. Is it possible to have lived this long without knowing you're gay?
  138. Panromantic?
  139. i am too old for this.....
  140. Do you think I'm bisexual?
  141. Questioning my sexual orientation
  142. Adelaide/Australia
  143. Suppression, Seeking Advice, & Coming to Terms
  144. Another Potentially Stupid Question
  145. A potentially stupid question.
  146. Separation between sexual and romantic attraction?
  147. Help
  148. Questions about attraction and sex
  149. I think I might be Pansexual
  150. I think i might have HOCD
  151. Hate being myself! Help needed!
  152. Is Metrosexuality just stereotypes?!
  153. Feel like I have to force myself
  154. Lesbian? Bisexual? Asexual?
  155. "Gay" men who have sex with women.
  156. Extremely Confused About My Sexuality
  157. Unpeaceful thoughts
  158. I get more and more stuck in my questioning
  159. What does SEXUAL attraction feel like?
  160. Affirming that I am a lesbian (for giggles)
  161. Questioning and Seriously Confused…...
  162. Really confused and it's ruining my life
  163. Internalized Homophobia - Help!
  164. I think my family suspects that I am a Lesbian. Any advice?
  165. advice for dating an older man?
  166. Messed up Lesbian Sexuality
  167. Where do I begin?
  168. No butterflies but equally no repulsion?
  169. Still confused
  170. I feel like a lesbian... were feelings for guys ever real?
  171. How young is too young to know that you're Ace?
  172. Please help! Was i wrong? Have i hidden it all this time?
  173. Feeling like i need a label
  174. Is this normal?
  175. Questioning Orientation Pansexual or Demisexual?
  176. Was this my first love?
  177. am i bi or a lesbian ? - could this end my relationship ?
  178. please help
  179. 20 years old and questioning my sexuality
  180. I Think I'm Bisexual...?
  181. Bisexual or Lesbian? In denial??
  182. Please help since any literature doesn't seem to be useful
  183. Help me
  184. Really confused! HELP!
  185. Homosexual Hetroromantic?
  186. What do you like in bed/What are your sexual fantasies?
  187. Confused, idk what's going on (much shorter post please give insights)
  188. In a Constant State of Self-Doubt
  189. Unsure about sexual orientation
  190. Has your sexual orientation changed?
  191. anyone tried not coming out but just being open? is this a stupid plan?
  192. I do not understand my attraction to men and women.
  193. Just another girl wildly confused about her sexuality
  194. Very confused teen
  195. Hallucinogenics and being in The Closet.
  196. Need some opinions
  197. Where to find a partner
  198. If your spouse comes out as transexual
  199. Idk anymore
  200. Dom or sub lesbian? Is there always such a dynamic?
  201. Questioning sexuality after coming out?
  202. I don't know if I'm attracted to women or not?
  203. very confused.. kind of
  204. Today I Said To Myself
  205. Stuck
  206. Possible to be so far in the closet I don't know it?
  207. i have a girlfriend but im 99% sure im gay
  208. I think I'm a lesbian but maybe I'm bi?
  209. I Got Asked Out By A Girl!!!
  210. I'm the "straight" girl in love with my "straight" bff
  211. Am I A Cliché
  212. I just really dont know....
  213. Please help me figure this out
  214. I'm much more open to the idea of having sex when I've been drinking.
  215. Am I Bisexual ? Does it even matter ?
  216. was there one person who made you realise your sexual orientation?
  217. Phase
  218. Help
  219. Ever wondered if it would just be easier to be gay?
  220. Denial or just inexperienced
  221. Open marriages...
  222. Asexual Marriage?
  223. I thought I was Bi but I'm not sure anymore?
  224. Why I love being gay (and a girl)
  225. Confused about sexuality
  226. Confused about sexuality
  227. Tops or Bottoms
  228. Would a gay guy date a trans man?
  229. The pressure to be openminded
  230. Cannot work out what my sexuality is! Advice please!
  231. I finally met Mr. Right...but I wish he was a girl
  232. love lgbt clubs, bars but im straight
  233. I've started questoning again, help?!
  234. fear of intimacy with men, and orientation confused!!
  235. Why The Shaming and Hatred of Unrequited Love
  236. Why people think asexuals doesn't exist? i'm really angry...
  237. I am questioning my sexuality and need help!
  238. sexuality/masculinity?
  239. Questioning
  240. Confused...
  241. Romantic v. Sexual orientation
  242. i came out 10 years ago, went back in :/
  243. Can childhood abuse affect orientation?
  244. what makes someone truly gay?
  245. I don't feel queer enough
  246. Issues with labels...
  247. So confused! Bi or not?
  248. Is your sexual attraction broader than romantic attraction? (besides ace-identified)
  249. Feeling like I'm deceiving people?
  250. 27 year old male, confused and after advice