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  1. Trying to make sense of this all...
  2. Continuing confusion affecting mental health
  3. When you see a hot girl?
  4. IM SO CONFUSED am I bi or lesbian
  5. And I'm Confused...
  6. What am I?
  7. Confusion after having straight sex? Has anyone else experienced this?
  8. Married Man with some urges.
  9. can one's sexuality change?
  10. Constantly thinking I like this guy
  11. I don't even know
  12. This bothers me. Shifting preferences?
  13. Forced to choose an orientation?
  14. Bi-curious?
  15. Do you agree I'm not straight?
  16. Secret hook up with the new guy ..?
  17. Could I be kinda gay?
  18. bisexual feelings- differences
  19. Bisexual and lesbian women: what body type do you like on women?
  20. How to meet single gay/bi men and experiment with my sexuality safely?
  21. Depression and Boyfriends
  22. Help me understand
  23. Always thought bi, now not so sure!
  24. Am I bi?
  25. Heterosexual & Homoemotional?
  26. Im gay but the other night i felt love for a girl
  27. Thoughts
  28. Is it possible....
  29. Sexual Attraction
  30. Was I wrong about my sexuality after all?
  31. anyone previously unable to 'perform' with opposite sex?
  32. How did you feel towards the opposite sex when you 1st realised you like opposite sex
  33. Am I clinging onto my leterosexuality?
  34. Sexual habits...
  35. Does it make me bi to flirt with guys
  36. Lesbians and preferred porn...
  37. Clueless
  38. Not sure what to do :( kind of a long read, bear with me
  39. Confused and anxious! Plz help!
  40. Mom doesn't believe me
  41. So Confused!!!
  42. Confronting/dealing with internalized homophobia?
  43. Lesbian but with weird emotional feelings for men
  44. Once again unsure.
  45. Is turbulence normal in a bisexual relationship?
  46. Unsure of sexual orientation!
  47. Straight, Cis, and attracted to a genderqueer person?
  48. Helping him realize it's okay to be bisexual?
  49. Didn't know I was gay (thought I was pan)
  50. Unsure (M) - Dreams/Anxiety/Depression
  51. Confused? & Homophobia
  52. I'm really unsure.
  53. *Long post* Advice about moving on?
  54. Curious sexualities?
  55. Colored and Gay
  56. I'm so confused of my sexual/romantic orientation
  57. im scared of being/turning straight
  58. For anyone who's questioning...
  59. Has having an eating disorder in the past made me question? opening up to internet
  60. What would happen if a transguy enters a gay dark room?
  61. Am I just picky or actually a lesbian?
  62. Clues
  63. Update...
  64. This is confusing...
  65. Lost and Confused....
  66. Why do things have to suck so much?
  67. Please I'm freaking out
  68. Confused
  69. Confused about "sexual" attraction.
  70. How I figured out my orientation (My Story)
  71. I think my sexuality and romantic oreintation disagree...
  72. How can i know a friend is gay and hes in onto me
  73. Do you think a Kinsey 1 or 5 is more common than a Kinsey 0 or 6?
  74. 25 y/o not completely sure
  75. 16 year old in need of some advice/help.
  76. trying to figure out my sexuality...again
  77. Biromantic......but?
  78. ... So is it possible to have no idea
  79. Feelings towards girls but in a relationship with a male
  80. New in gay life
  81. I was a lesbian, but if I'm not a girl....
  82. Refusing the Queer Title
  83. Could you be with someone you love but aren't sexually attracted to?
  84. Bisexual?
  85. Unsure if straight or bisexual!
  86. Can sexual attractions ever be considered 'mild'?
  87. Questioning because of best friend.
  88. Bi-/pansexuals - what sex/gender do you prefer?
  89. Questioning, but Confused
  90. Bisexual with low sex-drive or biromantic asexual?
  91. Confused - Gay
  92. Lesbian dating apps?
  93. Compulsory Heterosexuality
  94. Wondering about my sexuality?
  95. Gay dating apps? Yes or No?
  96. Fantasy
  97. Scared
  98. Feel like giving up
  99. Bi but unhappy with men and unhappy with women
  100. a gay man loves me, im a girl
  101. Confused...
  102. Increasing visbility [article].
  103. Do I have to date monosexual people?
  104. Homoromantic? Lesbian? Bi? All in my head?
  105. Question for Bisexuals?
  106. Do you prefer femme/butch/androgynous women?
  107. First encounter
  108. Help?
  109. Some help would be great!
  110. If I think I might be gay does that mean I am?
  111. Looks like I'm back and confused again
  112. afraid of girls
  113. Question for people whose romantic and sexual orientations don't align
  114. Does it make me any less of a man?
  115. guy asks ME out then blocks me the morning of the date?
  116. Can a woman sexually please me
  117. Need to vent.
  118. Im not sure what i want, help please.
  119. Confused
  120. What does this say about my orientation?
  121. What am I? Please help
  122. telling someone of the opposite sex that you are interested in that you're questionin
  123. Bisexuality and pansexuality feeling restrictive
  124. Want to explore
  125. Life story-LongThread-Sorry - Gay/bi/str8?
  126. so I confess my feelings to my straight crush
  127. Double questioning being a lesbian?
  128. Please read my story and give some advice...
  129. Gay vs Bi?? Lots of confusion please help.
  130. How do you overcome/control your feelings?
  131. Going from zero to hero
  132. Please help paniking
  133. What happened to my attraction to men?
  134. Figuring it out
  135. Not Wanting To Come Off As An Attention Hog
  136. I like romance better with guys, but sex with women turns me on more.
  137. Hurting and not sure how to help it...
  138. Lesbian?
  139. Do Bisexuals always have a mental switch?
  140. Kinsey Scale
  141. Should I avoid dating until I know my sexuality?
  142. biromantic?
  143. Aroused but not attracted? Don't know my sexual orientation anymore.
  144. Your experience telling people whilst questioning?
  145. I feel like I'm going crazy. Advice?
  146. Can sexual orientation change?
  147. Need help with sexuality
  148. How to not label myself
  149. friendship
  150. Well, I think I might be bi.
  151. To Be or Not To Be
  152. So, here I am...
  153. Thought I was lesbian, but there's this guy...
  154. Ah....what am I? Let the confusion commence.
  155. What's happening to me
  156. 27 and Seriously Confused
  157. Skoliosexual ?
  158. Confused...in mid 30's never been in love or sexually intimate
  159. More symptoms of suppression
  160. Sexual Fantasises
  161. Question
  162. Fetishising Lesbians???
  163. Feeling guilty/not gay when in low libido
  164. Male pheromones/hormones
  165. having strong fantazie to be pegged by women, does that make repressed homosexual ?
  166. Lost!
  167. im so confused!!
  168. sexual and romantic attraction out of sync
  169. Feelings
  170. First Gay Experience = Not so good
  171. Fantasies
  172. teenage-y hormones, can't really talk with friends
  173. Am I gay? Straight? Or just acting?
  174. Strong doubts about my sexual orientation
  175. Im completely confused if I'm straight or not
  176. Relationship anxiety
  177. I Really Don't Know
  178. Weird
  179. Questioning Sexuality
  180. i want to crawl back into the closet and not deal with it sometimes
  181. Is this worth pursuing?
  182. Lesbian? Advice PLEASE!
  183. So this is what happened
  184. Confused about sexuality and feeling trapped.
  185. Eating Cum/Sperm
  186. Extremly depressed ( a long thread ahead )
  187. Feeling confused about sexuality.
  188. confused
  189. Theory: bromance vs romance
  190. Not sure if OCD or coming to terms with the thought of maybe liking girls?
  191. she wants us to bring in one of our friend
  192. Help relationship troubles and I think I'm crazy :(
  193. Why do people assume bisexual means experimenting?
  194. idk im sorry
  195. denial or truly not interested?
  196. Thought I had sorted everything out but I'm confused again
  197. Looking for insights and advice on sexual identity
  198. Update
  199. Hocd
  200. I'm married to a man but I fantasize about women
  201. I need help with my sexual orientation
  202. new here and desperately in need for some help
  203. Falling for my gay friend
  204. Coming terms with liking women more than men
  205. I have no idea anymore
  206. Am I Straight, Gay, Bi ... or HOCD?
  207. Questioning while in a relationship
  208. Is this weird?
  209. want to impress her
  210. Canít make life decisions
  211. Overly flirty or actually curious?
  212. How to stop screwing myself over
  213. Questioning my sexuality
  214. Your Opinion
  215. No gender identity?
  216. Craving a tomboy
  217. Just really, really confused, help!!
  218. Lesbian or horny?? please help
  219. Questioning: Pansexual or Asexual Spectrum?
  220. Need help
  221. Lil help?
  222. hetero romantic homosexual? labels.....
  223. HOCD or in Denial
  224. i hate the term sexuality
  225. Dont know what to call my sexuality
  226. bi/homoromantic?
  227. Lesbian? Confused
  228. Gay, but unable to be with anyone
  229. Bisexual confusions
  230. Not sure about sexuality
  231. Dont know what to do!
  232. Same Sex Relationship Noob
  233. Am I bi?
  234. My sexuality is really confusing
  235. Questioning whether lesbian or not?
  236. Is it okay to be a non-binary gender and be straight?
  237. Yay I'm Bi :D
  238. Bi or fruity straighty guy?
  239. Can you tell if you're pansexual if?
  240. questioning my orientation in general
  241. I don't know what to think
  242. Do I Need To Come Out Again? (Thought I was gay, but maybe not?)
  243. I'm Not Sure If I'm Gay Or Bisexual
  244. Coming out to yourself twice and grief
  245. "negotiating masculinity"
  246. Questioning. Am I actually lesbian?
  247. Sexual orientation confusion/labelling
  248. gay or bi or straight or nothing/anything as of yet?
  249. Fooling around with queer guys
  250. not feeling very bi.