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  1. gay or bi or straight or nothing/anything as of yet?
  2. Fooling around with queer guys
  3. not feeling very bi.
  4. Asexual crisis?
  5. Finally just got a prostitute and completely unable to perform when convinced I would
  6. I was so confident and now it's too much...
  7. Am I actually gay?
  8. Possible pan?
  9. Please help
  10. Am I in denial about my sexuality?
  11. Help please
  12. In a lesbian relationship but questioning...
  13. Had 3 "hook ups"..now what
  14. Do they know and why?
  15. I like him and it hurts me
  16. The exception which proves the rule
  17. Questioning my sexaulity...might help others
  18. My friend came out to me and...
  19. Questioning my sexuality
  20. How can I know if a girl's lesbian ?
  21. Help, I just don't know...
  22. Gay? Bi? Straight? I'm so confused
  23. Am I bisexual, heteroflexible or scared? Questioning male
  24. confused and down about romantic and sexual orientation
  25. Reassuring
  26. Help me break this down please (friend question)
  27. I came out here a couple of nights ago
  28. Asexual? aromantic? Or am I just a "late bloomer"?
  29. Feels like I would like 'gay' sex but with the opposite sex
  30. Broken
  31. Porn and Asexuality Questions
  32. Confused Gay
  33. I think I'm a lesbian.. In a straight relationship help!
  34. Does this girl like me? Do i like her?
  35. I don't know if I'm gay or straight?
  36. I think I'm gay..
  37. Wanting vs attracted
  38. I don't know
  39. Advice
  40. Is anal sex essential in gay life?
  41. I really don't know...
  42. feeling confused, Gay?bi?denial? OCD ? please i need your help
  43. Unsure
  44. Does anyone else feel wistful about not being straight?
  45. Fun things to do in a car?
  46. Lesbian, Straight or in Denial?
  47. Gay or Bi
  48. Am I in a relationship?
  49. Stressing
  50. I just deny it?
  51. am I actually a lesbian?
  52. Different kinds of crushes
  53. I want to identify myself
  54. Can you be attracted to the idea of someone but not their gender?
  55. Starting to think I was bi all this time. Might be time to come out. Help!
  56. Guess I'll never find out...
  57. Im gay right?
  58. Experience
  59. Sexual attraction is confusing me
  60. How to experiment?
  61. So confused
  62. Question
  63. "Straight" female. Cannot differentiate admiration and love.
  64. worried
  65. Wtf even am I
  66. What is wrong with me??
  67. Bisexual but hate myself
  68. Totally lost. Please help me find myself.
  69. I hate being a lesbian.
  70. Your experience in relationships
  71. Physically type
  72. Lesbian but feel a strange connection with a guy
  73. Was she interested, playing around, or was she questioning my sexuality?
  74. **please help**
  75. Genuinley so confused, is anyone else experiencing this?
  76. Paranoid
  77. Questioning and confused
  78. I Am So Lost
  79. Dads so homophobic
  80. Attraction Questions
  81. 19 yo male still unsure
  82. Please help
  83. confused, gay, bi, straight?
  84. Digit Ratio?
  85. Am I Lesbian or Bi?
  86. Honestly I could write a book
  87. I didn't know I had a broken heart... Over another guy
  88. I Don't Like Anyone (?)
  89. Am I A Lesbian
  90. Bi, or lesbian? Ah, help!
  91. im a lesbian now what??
  92. Please help me
  93. Digit ratio
  94. What is the issue?
  95. Is she bi?
  96. Confused Masculine College Guy
  97. Really confused about my sexual orientation
  98. I have to be gay
  99. Am I gay?
  100. Loving someone but not wanting to be with them
  101. not sure about sex life right now
  102. Straight Colleague
  103. I finally was with a guy and now I'm even more confused
  104. I might have internalized homophobia...? Help?
  105. How do I accept that I am Gay or Bisexual
  106. Confused
  107. "Straight" girls who have sex with women but don't want to date them
  108. conclusionish?
  109. Question about dating trans people
  110. How long does it take?
  111. Why must I confuse myself?
  112. OCD or Am I Gay
  113. How to ask someone
  114. Queer and lonely as hell
  115. Still don't know what I am
  116. Pan or bi or just plain confused
  117. What do I do?
  118. Just wanna know who I am??
  119. think im straight but maybe im gay/bi?help?
  120. Bisexuality And Being With Partners
  121. i`m gay or is just a fetish?
  122. Social conditioning or am I attracted to guys?
  123. Struggling
  124. I chose my sexuality
  125. Need some advice here.
  126. Are we into eachother?
  127. Bisexual but find it difficult to actually be attached to someone
  128. Need opinions please
  129. Don't know how to approach girls?
  130. Hmm...some advice please
  131. Gay? Straight? Bi?
  132. Convinced I am gay or OCD?
  133. I'm attracted to girls but.....
  134. Mostly turned on by men but sometimes to women?
  135. I get turned on but don't really want to have sex?
  136. Straight (?) girl flirting
  137. How to know if what I'm feeling is sexual attraction
  138. So lost and confused?
  139. Obsessing about a picture of a random guy I found online
  140. Hocd or just bi/gay?
  141. Can I be asexual if I've never had sex or been in a relationship.
  142. Online dating.
  143. How to know?
  144. I'm a virgin.
  145. Newly Bi.. Confused
  146. Can I be demisexual and a lesbian?
  147. Struggling with what I identify as.
  148. What makes me aroused is changing
  149. Can I worry about it later?
  150. I can't accept myself as bi or gay..Am I homoflexible?
  151. Is it possible gay porn made me feel bi?
  152. Forcing myself to talk about boys
  153. Last virgin of my friend group (I'm Back After A Long Hiatus)
  154. Guilt
  155. Gay man, but find this 1 female attractive..feeling confused
  156. How
  157. Am I gay, bi or pan?
  158. How to get rid of doubts
  159. How to interpret my mom's reaction to me coming out to her
  160. so lost, am i gay, bi, straight ??? lol
  161. I'm confused again.
  162. What are lesbians attracted to exactly?
  163. pretty gay but...
  164. Just feeling the passion (happy :)
  165. is this normal when you're questioning?
  166. ... Confused
  167. Kind od confused
  168. So confused
  169. I Think I Might Be Bisexual?
  170. Does fanfiction reflect my sexuality?
  171. Do straight/bi women look at an attractive man and think about sex?
  172. Stupid circle of not being sure
  173. Can't accept my sexuality
  174. Difficult circumstance
  175. Opinions on my sexuality??
  176. Labels
  177. Confused by intensity of my feelings..
  178. Hesitant about a label?
  179. Advice for a hookup
  180. Mutual affection/feelings?
  181. Looking test
  182. Sexuality confusion
  183. Really a gay or a straight with gay fetish?
  184. I might be gay? Help? Please?
  185. What am I?
  186. Is this something I should be concerned about?
  187. Opinions on my Sexuality?
  188. pan/bi
  189. Fantasys
  190. My Story/request forAdvice on finding a Partner/does somebody feel similar like i do?
  191. Kissing!
  192. Should I "experiment"?
  193. Bicurious? Heteroflexible?
  194. My Gay crush is driving me nuts! help! is he gay? does he like me?
  195. Sexy video, a must watch
  196. Gay guys and girls - can you masturbate to the opposite sex
  197. Paranoid
  198. Opinion of my orientation!!!
  199. Openly i'm gay, but i still like women
  200. Should I just live as Asexual
  201. What would you do?
  202. How accurate are dreams?
  203. im so confused
  204. Help me
  205. Newly Gay?
  206. Is your reaction to solo porn different?
  207. Why is it so hard to accept your own orientation?
  208. Your earliest memory of being sexually aroused? How this could lead to confusion
  209. Question for bisexuals
  210. help me plz
  211. Am I bisexual??? Help!!!
  212. i might be a lesbian
  213. Question for Other Bisexuals
  214. Realizing/Accepting your sexuality
  215. Getting started
  216. Back here again… *Needs Chips Advice Please*
  217. GAH, Im so confused
  218. how do i know if a guy is attracted to me?
  219. I'm starting to question
  220. Paranoid maybe
  221. How to attract the guys you want?
  222. Unwanted sexual thoughts...
  223. Why can't I feel attracted to "sexy" girls?
  224. Exploring my sexuality
  225. Want to act out my desires...
  226. Orientation a non-issue?
  227. When you see someone attractive on the street...
  228. Question
  229. Acting on my fantasies
  230. ...
  231. has anyone else thought...
  232. Thought I already figured out
  233. Wife came out. Wants to stay together.
  234. Extremely Confused!!!!!!!!!
  235. Extremely Confused!!!!!!!!!
  236. Could I have Internalized Homophobia?
  237. Please help I am so confused
  238. Does This Make Me More Of A Bisexual?
  239. Disparity between sexual and romantic feelings? I'm so confused!
  240. Can my sexuality just be "Confused?"
  241. Clarity....not knowing about something and expectations
  242. Help please
  243. Fellings
  244. Romantic/sexual orientations not lining up
  245. How can I break free from sexual orientation?
  246. Could I be bisexual?...
  247. What the heck am I?
  248. Is it necessary to come out if you're more likely hetero-romantic and bi-sexual?
  249. Lesbian and in love with a man
  250. I'm not sure how to live my life! Please help