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  1. Straight (?) girl flirting
  2. How to know if what I'm feeling is sexual attraction
  3. So lost and confused?
  4. Obsessing about a picture of a random guy I found online
  5. Hocd or just bi/gay?
  6. Can I be asexual if I've never had sex or been in a relationship.
  7. Online dating.
  8. How to know?
  9. I'm a virgin.
  10. Newly Bi.. Confused
  11. Can I be demisexual and a lesbian?
  12. Struggling with what I identify as.
  13. What makes me aroused is changing
  14. Can I worry about it later?
  15. I can't accept myself as bi or gay..Am I homoflexible?
  16. Is it possible gay porn made me feel bi?
  17. Forcing myself to talk about boys
  18. Last virgin of my friend group (I'm Back After A Long Hiatus)
  19. Guilt
  20. Gay man, but find this 1 female attractive..feeling confused
  21. How
  22. Am I gay, bi or pan?
  23. How to get rid of doubts
  24. How to interpret my mom's reaction to me coming out to her
  25. so lost, am i gay, bi, straight ??? lol
  26. I'm confused again.
  27. What are lesbians attracted to exactly?
  28. pretty gay but...
  29. Just feeling the passion (happy :)
  30. is this normal when you're questioning?
  31. ... Confused
  32. Kind od confused
  33. So confused
  34. I Think I Might Be Bisexual?
  35. Does fanfiction reflect my sexuality?
  36. Do straight/bi women look at an attractive man and think about sex?
  37. Stupid circle of not being sure
  38. Can't accept my sexuality
  39. Difficult circumstance
  40. Opinions on my sexuality??
  41. Labels
  42. Confused by intensity of my feelings..
  43. Hesitant about a label?
  44. Advice for a hookup
  45. Mutual affection/feelings?
  46. Looking test
  47. Sexuality confusion
  48. Really a gay or a straight with gay fetish?
  49. I might be gay? Help? Please?
  50. What am I?
  51. Is this something I should be concerned about?
  52. Opinions on my Sexuality?
  53. pan/bi
  54. Fantasys
  55. My Story/request forAdvice on finding a Partner/does somebody feel similar like i do?
  56. Kissing!
  57. Should I "experiment"?
  58. Bicurious? Heteroflexible?
  59. My Gay crush is driving me nuts! help! is he gay? does he like me?
  60. Sexy video, a must watch
  61. Gay guys and girls - can you masturbate to the opposite sex
  62. Paranoid
  63. Opinion of my orientation!!!
  64. Openly i'm gay, but i still like women
  65. Should I just live as Asexual
  66. What would you do?
  67. How accurate are dreams?
  68. im so confused
  69. Help me
  70. Newly Gay?
  71. Is your reaction to solo porn different?
  72. Why is it so hard to accept your own orientation?
  73. Your earliest memory of being sexually aroused? How this could lead to confusion
  74. Question for bisexuals
  75. help me plz
  76. Am I bisexual??? Help!!!
  77. i might be a lesbian
  78. Question for Other Bisexuals
  79. Realizing/Accepting your sexuality
  80. Getting started
  81. Back here again… *Needs Chips Advice Please*
  82. GAH, Im so confused
  83. how do i know if a guy is attracted to me?
  84. I'm starting to question
  85. Paranoid maybe
  86. How to attract the guys you want?
  87. Unwanted sexual thoughts...
  88. Why can't I feel attracted to "sexy" girls?
  89. Exploring my sexuality
  90. Want to act out my desires...
  91. Orientation a non-issue?
  92. When you see someone attractive on the street...
  93. Question
  94. Acting on my fantasies
  95. ...
  96. has anyone else thought...
  97. Thought I already figured out
  98. Wife came out. Wants to stay together.
  99. Extremely Confused!!!!!!!!!
  100. Extremely Confused!!!!!!!!!
  101. Could I have Internalized Homophobia?
  102. Please help I am so confused
  103. Does This Make Me More Of A Bisexual?
  104. Disparity between sexual and romantic feelings? I'm so confused!
  105. Can my sexuality just be "Confused?"
  106. Clarity....not knowing about something and expectations
  107. Help please
  108. Fellings
  109. Romantic/sexual orientations not lining up
  110. How can I break free from sexual orientation?
  111. Could I be bisexual?...
  112. What the heck am I?
  113. Is it necessary to come out if you're more likely hetero-romantic and bi-sexual?
  114. Lesbian and in love with a man
  115. I'm not sure how to live my life! Please help
  116. Help me please
  117. Age gap/sexual attraction/
  118. Confused and feeling lost
  119. Regarding different sexualities... I'd like opinions please!
  120. unorthodox/extreme/fetish sex (porn vs real life) finding it in real life
  121. Anyone who used to think they were straight or was in a straight relationship
  122. Broken?
  123. Completely gay vs. mostly gay
  124. Very confused about sexuality.
  125. Question
  126. Am I attracted to girls?
  127. Watching gay porn and becoming erect
  128. Can you have a preferance?
  129. Scared
  130. Will people take my sexuality seriously ?
  131. Every study about the biology basis of sexuality is based off gender expression?
  132. Sexually attracted/emotionally attracted/not attracted???
  133. i may be a lesbian?
  134. Gay or BI?
  135. what if pinocchio was gay?
  136. Am I more than just curious??
  137. Answer, finally, a way to move forward
  138. How to become confident again?
  139. I have realized that I'm a lesbian and now I have a few concerns
  140. Liking a guy when I'm 'almost' a lesbian
  141. How would I know if I was lithromantic?
  142. I just can't tell if I'm lesbian or bisexual!
  143. loosing my lesbian virginity..need advice bad!
  144. Do you think it is easier to be gay or bi?
  145. I have a crush, ughh!
  146. Are you gay test
  147. Am I bi?
  148. Feeling peaceful and confused.
  149. Not sure that I'm Lesbian (no experience et al)
  150. I am actually gay? Or just thinking I am
  151. Questions about porn and lesbian sexual attraction
  152. Help
  153. Need some Clarity
  154. a very tough subject for me, but maybe someone can help
  155. Don't know what to do!
  156. What would I be considered?
  157. Do i like girls romantically? or sexually?
  158. trying to explain my sexuality to my family/friends - help?
  159. Help! What does this mean?
  160. Is sexualfluid a thing?
  161. help! Am I a lesbian?
  162. Worried
  163. bi or lesbian?
  164. HOCD or Gay. PLEASE HELP!
  165. Help! Unsure if lesbian or not!
  166. aging anxiety/sexuality confusion?
  167. Questioning my orientation
  168. Why trans women, I don't know
  169. whats it like to have to come out as bi after you originally came out as gay?
  170. Kinda Confused About My Sexuality
  171. Mixed Messages from my "Friend"
  172. What's up with me??
  173. When Im with a man I want a girl and when im with a girl i want a man...
  174. Is He Gay?
  175. spectrum of bisexuality(confusion again!)
  176. Help
  177. Im in love with my same sex best friend
  178. Confused About My Sexuality
  179. I have no idea
  180. Glad I didn’t come out the closet, but now more confused than ever
  181. Please Help?!
  182. Bi or Gay?
  183. Confused as Heck
  184. Bi or Lesbian? I thought I had it figured out.
  185. Question for bisexuals
  186. "We can't all have straight hair"
  187. Why do I find gay guys attractive?
  188. confusion on sexuality(again!)
  189. Crush on a coworker
  190. Dilema
  191. Straight guys that fancy butch woman
  192. Am I gay or just a pervert
  193. Are These People Just In Denial?
  194. Struggling with orientation...
  195. Bi but I've never had a proper girl crush?
  196. How do I tell someone of the same sex I like them
  197. I thought I knew, and now I'm not so sure
  198. Am I aromantic?
  199. How do i resolve these feelings? Communication?
  200. Am I really a lesbian?
  201. When will it stop being a big deal?
  202. Bi-sexual but might be lesbian?
  203. You never know until you try it
  204. Not sure what to do
  205. Something On My Mind
  206. my stupid mind ??
  207. I don't know what to think
  208. Bisexual? Or pansexual?
  209. Questioning and dating
  210. Am I more Bisexual or Lesbian?
  211. How Do I Get Help Without My Parents Knowing?
  212. This guy triggered the questioning
  213. please help.. please be nice!!
  214. Labeling?
  215. Straight woman freaks out dating a lesbian
  216. College Guy Questioning Sexuality: Thoughts?
  217. Am I demisexual if...?
  218. Gay and not bisexual?
  219. Unsure
  220. im lost
  221. What really is romantic orientation, i'm confused?
  222. Help me!
  223. I feel broken and insecure about my lesbian-ness
  224. Have a long term girlfriend but think I'm changing.
  225. Weird
  226. describe my sexuality(label)
  227. Am I bi?
  228. Coming out help
  229. Questioning
  230. I'm totally lost
  231. Help me
  232. I'm neither straight nor gay thus you/I would presume I'm bisexual
  233. Attraction
  234. Am I really bi, or am I homoromantic, possibly asexual?
  235. Is this bi-curious or just wanting to experiment?
  236. Wanting to be butch
  237. Lesbian or bi?
  238. What does 'E[X]' (x=number) mean?
  239. Bisexuals feeling differently about men and women: what are your experiences?
  240. Orientation and Religion - Confusion
  241. Fuzzy attractions
  242. Confusion..
  243. A Little Help Would Go A Long Way
  244. I know I like girls but my smut preference says otherwise?
  245. I'm lonely and I hate my life!
  246. Man nobody will ever love me back
  247. Would you date a gay transguy?
  248. Pretending To Be Someone I'm Not
  249. Asexual or Late Bloomer Homosexual?
  250. post this in wrong thread. I dont know