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  1. Do I like men or are my attractions unhealthy..?
  2. Figuring myself out
  3. My last lover never loved a woman before she met me
  4. Am I lesbian or bi?
  5. Attracted to best friend (long post)
  6. feeling lonely and want to a feel a females touch
  7. How come it's so hard for me to think of sex?
  8. Lesbians how do you feel around guys?
  9. How do I know if I'm attracted to guys?
  10. Am I bi or lesbian?
  11. Need help, MENTAL HEALTH deteriorating
  12. Pan or Ace?
  13. Anal Toy
  14. Is It A Crush Or Not?
  15. Question for people not attracted to women
  16. Had my first kiss with a girl and didn't like it very much, am i really gay?
  17. sexual fluidity and confusion
  18. Stereotypes about other subgroups of LGBT
  19. Good Vibes
  20. sexual fantasies in first person or third person
  21. Am I Gay or not !! Confuse again !!
  22. afraid of anal
  23. I am just so confused!
  24. Does this happen to anyone else?
  25. Confused
  26. do u think i am pretty
  27. Could this have anything to do with me being a lesbian?
  28. 32 and confused
  29. Best mate meetings
  30. Am I bi? Very confused
  31. Do I have to cheat on my husband to know if I'm gay?
  32. Anyone else like identifying as a dyke?
  33. I finally put myself to a "Test" (orientation)
  34. Never had a crush before
  35. Used to be straight but now I'm not. Looking for similar experiences?
  36. Complicated mess
  37. Unexplained asexual emotion "wave"
  38. weird or unsure?
  39. Questioning if I'm pansexual
  40. Horny all the time
  41. Bisexual? Lesbian?
  42. bisexual and lonely
  43. Bisexual? Lesbian? Internalized homophobia?
  44. Bisexual? Lesbian? Internalized homophobia?
  45. The Strange Thing My Friend Said
  46. weed and sexuality
  47. Bi-curious and closeted.
  48. This is a unique story
  49. Coming Out (FINALLY)
  50. Gay man falling in love with straight female best friend
  51. Can someone please explain gender and sexuality
  52. My complicated sexuality... help?
  53. I just can't believe/trust myself
  54. Does imagining that you're a girl whilst jacking off mean you're mentally trans?
  55. Bisexual or lesbian??
  56. The Club is not the best place to find love...but where do the gays go?
  57. No one ever believes I'm gay
  58. Wondering if I'm bisexual
  59. How to flirt when closeted??
  60. Am I straight?
  61. Is this normal?
  62. Thoughts of same-sex when having sex with spouse
  63. Subconscious denial or HOCD?
  64. Looking for Advice and Personal Experience
  65. Can't enjoy sex without my heart going 1000 mph
  66. Bisexuality discrimination
  67. I feel like a contradictory statement
  68. Too confused.
  69. Frustrating bi-related questions
  70. Lesbian who sometimes feels attracted to older men
  71. Is it normal to doubt?
  72. 14 year old girl who likes girls
  73. Gay?
  74. Im 14 and confused about sexuality, would like some help please
  75. Bisexual but turning gay?
  76. Started co-ed school and I dont even know mysef anymore
  77. Help
  78. Read this mess
  79. Questioning/Bisexual: Neding some advice
  80. Does it sound like I have a crush on my friend?
  81. Very confused... maybe a homoromantic heterosexual??
  82. Don't want to be straight
  83. Asexuality and Porn.
  84. Am I a Crossdresser, Transgender, Gay, or Bi?
  85. Help on a High School Crush!
  86. gay but conflicted about sex
  87. Hi am i bi ?
  88. Confused about sexuality
  89. Am I a Lesbian?
  90. Confused about my sexuality
  91. Confused About Sexuality after Realizing I was Gay
  92. I'm a girl (straight) and I think I like my best friend who is also a girl
  93. How to make it known you're bi?
  94. need help coming to terms with my sexuality
  95. Bisexuals, do you have a 'bi-cycle'?
  96. What do I do now?
  97. What is love?
  98. Bisexuality: masculine vs. feminine activities
  99. Not sure anymore
  100. What is my sexuality/label? HELP
  101. Sexuality is fluid?
  102. Heteroromantic bisexual?
  103. struggling at the moment :( advice appreciated
  104. Confused but not so confused 🤷*♀️
  105. please
  106. Question for lesbians who didn't always know
  107. bi-curiously confused and losing interest in girls
  108. really confused need help
  109. Extremely confused about my sexuality
  110. Don't know what to do!
  111. Is cuddling considered gay?
  112. Do you favor a certain ethnicity over others?
  113. Wanting to cuddle with a straight guy...advice needed!
  114. Tried dating a man, felt like crying the next day
  115. Is it normal to miss your ex so long after breaking up?
  116. I thought I was gay, but I now think I could be bisexual?
  117. What am I - when are you a lesbian/ Bisexual
  118. Dreaming straight
  119. Dreaming straight
  120. Very confused about sexuality!
  121. Was Masturbation different once you swung the other way?
  122. Confused and nervous
  123. Confused and hoping someone can talk to me.
  124. Really confused about my sexuality:( need advice
  125. First time sex advice. Neep help
  126. Lgb
  127. What am I??
  128. Hurting people just to stay in the closet
  129. How can you know if you've never been in love with anyone?
  130. I need help
  131. am i a panromantic lesbian?
  132. Falling for a man but am a lesbian.... What does it mean?
  133. Im straight but I have fallen in love for another guy Advice please
  134. Possible Panromanic
  135. Gay Club
  136. I can't tell if I'm gay or not?
  137. I can't figure it out..
  138. I'm "too young to know"
  139. Help. Gay questioning or HOCD?
  140. I have a crush and it's making me question my sexuality??
  141. Dating while still in the closet not completely sure
  142. Anyone else have those moments when..?
  143. Coming out in my 20's
  144. Im unsure about my sexuality.
  145. Lesbian but feel attracted to a much younger guy. So confused.
  146. When was your first time?
  147. A question to gay men
  148. Im confused and not sure how to feel.
  149. I think I'm lesbian?
  150. Bisexual to lesbian?
  151. Has this ever happened to you?
  152. I feel disgusting for being Lesbian
  153. Thoughts on Orientation?
  154. Struggling to accept myself
  155. To Bisexuals: Does your attitude/personality change depending on who you're with?
  156. Ultimately aromantic?
  157. Conflicted :/ ...
  158. People keep putting admirers off me. Please help- I'm getting desparate!
  159. Feeling uncertain and confused.
  160. 30 years old and still trying to figure it out
  161. > I don't know what to do
  162. What's it like not being asexual?
  163. Where Do I Even Start
  164. Any demisexual/chaste people here? Tell me about it!
  165. Can I actually consider myself lesbian at this stage?
  166. Things went too far
  167. I feel uncomfortable dating women? (bisexual)
  168. So confused about everything pls help
  169. What is my sexuality? Bisexual or Lesbian?
  170. Possibly a lesbian? Or still Pan? Super confused with myself.
  171. Is Gigi Gorgeous really a lesbian?
  172. I've labeled myself as straight my entire life but there's this girl
  173. I am unpredictable and can not commit
  174. Questioning my sexuality
  175. My intrusive thoughts are back :(
  176. Why does my boyfriend love to squat on tippy toes to masturbate?
  177. Not attracted to older women
  178. Biromantic Demisexual?
  179. I might be gay...
  180. A is for...
  181. Unsure of sexuality
  182. Going around in circles regarding my sexual orientation
  183. I keep doubting myself
  184. gay - at least i think so?
  185. What am I?
  186. I think I'm lesbian but don't want to be?
  187. Help! Need to find myself.
  188. I'm trying to figure out who I am?
  189. Married man had affair with guys
  190. Trying to figure out my sexuality
  191. Help. I think I'm a lesbian.
  192. romantic /sexual orientation confusion
  193. 23 years old and confused
  194. I'm not sure rather or not I feel sexual attraction to girls
  195. Demisexuality
  196. Can I used this forum to hook up
  197. Meeting a gay man for the first time and I'm nervous
  198. I won't say I'm in love
  199. Confused
  200. Do people think you're straight because you're not too comfortable talking about sex?
  201. Question about being bisexual
  202. Signs of Repression or Suppression from a crush?
  203. Questioning
  204. OK you scrawny guys
  205. Reflecting on male-to-male sex and Christians reaction
  206. What would you say I am and why?
  207. Sexuality change in the 20's?
  208. Am I the only one who thinks the sexuality can change overtime theory isn't real?
  209. Lipstick/feminine lesbian.. bi -gender
  210. Would like a bit of help with my situation
  211. Discovering I'm a lesbian?
  212. My first kiss with a guy
  213. In a dilemma...am I even a Lesbian?!
  214. Confused about Sexual/Romantic Orientation
  215. I am so confused
  216. I'm confused again
  217. My cravings and tastes
  218. In a relationship with someone closeted - help
  219. Confused, as always
  220. Straight, bi or lesbian?
  221. Intimacy
  222. What's wrong with me?
  223. Im 14 male and extremely confused need help
  224. very confused
  225. Coming out to college roommate
  226. Anyone identify as homosexual but been able to masturbate to opposite gender?
  227. Strength of erections
  228. Problem with sexual orientation
  229. So I Kinda Came Out But...
  230. Confused by coworkers behavior
  231. Semi Confused?
  232. Internalised homophobia? Fancying vaginas but not butts
  233. I can't seem to reciprocate flirting
  234. I'm beginning to question things...
  235. Cons of being a straight trans male
  236. Confused for a long time
  237. Normal not to like sex?
  238. Confused for a long time
  239. Am I Straight/Bisexual/ Lesbian ?
  240. from gay to bisexual
  241. Cuddling for the first time with a guy
  242. Gay or Bi
  243. Very Confused & Questioning
  244. Am I bi?
  245. Confused
  246. can't figure out if i'm on the asexuality spectrum.
  247. Never be ashamed of who you are!
  248. Coming out Story/Finding Myself
  249. Attraction debate/question please help
  250. Kinsey scale