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  1. Trying to Make Sense of It All
  2. Am I extremely closeted?
  3. My gay best friend only accepts me as straight... grr
  4. dunno if gay or bi but i'm definitely emotional
  5. I fought to be accepted as gay, and now I'm full on questioning again
  6. I like both guys and girls, but in different ways. Is this normal?
  7. Confused Demisexual Over Here
  8. Lesbian but always attracted to men with long hair
  9. 38 year old male still avoiding the inevitable?
  10. How to find out someone's sexuality without asking
  11. What made you feel ready to come out?
  12. Wrap Your Head Around This One
  13. Damn I wish I was your lover... or do I?
  14. Help! How do you figure this stuff out.. 36 yo Female veryyy confused
  15. Does This Mean I'm Bi?
  16. I need some help...
  17. Opposite sex attraction or social pressure?
  18. Becoming gay... or not?!
  19. Lesbian but probably not??
  20. lesbian but attracted to transgender boy??
  21. Abstaning from sexual things to clear up thoughts?
  22. Lesbian but unsure again?
  23. Signed up for an LGBT women's meetup!
  24. Break Up General Advice
  25. What is the dumbest/most annoying thing you've heard when coming out as pansexual
  26. Sex sex sex
  27. How to explore my sexuality without a relationship
  28. Bi but Not Really?
  29. how to please another woman sexually
  30. Bottoming
  31. I hope i don't have to do this again...
  32. Confused
  33. Bi to questioning?
  34. Confused attention seeker?
  35. Confused
  36. Am I bi or gay?
  37. bisexual or lesbian?
  38. Demisexual or just a lesbian?
  39. For those who questioned their sexuality for a long period of time
  40. admitted curiosity to straight friend what now?
  41. I Think I'm Gay; What To Do?
  42. Does questioning my sexuality, by default, mean I'm gay?
  43. How can I know? Help please.
  44. First experience that left me with feelings and lost
  45. Feel like I'm in puberty at age 26 after loooong denial of lesbian attraction
  46. [Long Vent] What does this feeling mean?
  47. Virginity
  48. I really don't know!
  49. Is this gaydar
  50. Am I really asexual?
  51. Neither Here Nor There
  52. Just Questioning \_(ツ)_/
  53. How many Fleshjack toys do you own and sex toys in general?
  54. Fluid sexuality?
  55. Thoughts on British accents?
  56. Why do I feel like this?
  57. First gay experience. Now I totally regret it. Need help.
  58. Not sure whether I'm Bi or straight?
  59. Trans* Male date another Trans* Male?
  60. Suddenly questioning my sexuality...
  61. Need help
  62. Don't know where to start...
  63. How to stop overanalyzing EVERYTHING
  64. I'm worried
  65. Please help and send me some love
  66. Bad circumcision?
  67. Dreams
  68. What am I?
  69. Sexual orientation? Fetish? Who am I?
  70. I have been curious for a while
  71. I'm straight but I'm worried
  72. My Only Fear About Coming Out is Being Wrong...
  73. Have I been in denial all this time?
  74. Confused.
  75. questioning
  76. Uncertain (probably a lot later in life than I should be!)
  77. Questioning Continues
  78. Ostracized because of sexual orientation
  79. Why have I never had a crush? Questioning romantic attraction
  80. What's wrong with me
  81. ok without romantic relationships?
  82. Not sure if sex has to do with my attraction
  83. The kinsey scale says they're "not sure what my deal is"...
  84. Questioning Bisexuality
  85. Unsure yet again
  86. Taking steps backwards, unsure again
  87. I'm a bit confused?
  88. This must be obvious to everyone but me
  89. Gay? Bisexual? What?
  90. Dealing with internalized homophobia...
  91. Sexual harassment by other girls?
  92. struggling
  93. Do I need professional help?
  94. Sexual Fluidity
  95. Repressed Memories of "Praying the Gay Away"
  96. i wonder if i am on the wrong path, thinking i am a lesbian
  97. Confused
  98. Questioning my Heterosexuality.
  99. What's happening!
  100. Gay or bi??
  101. Not sure
  102. Confused and alone
  103. Forgive me, I have a silly question..
  104. Bisexual to biromantic lesbian to lesbian to demisexual biromantic?
  105. Confused about sexuality but in a relationship
  106. Questioning My Homosexuality???
  107. Very confused, and how do you live without a label?
  108. Confusion
  109. Hiding my nonexistent erection
  110. OCD related to sexual orientation
  111. Doubts about sexuality?
  112. What am I doing?
  113. I'm gay, but could I like women too?
  114. Can you know your sexuality before sex?
  115. Hey all, first post. Need some
  116. I love girls but
  117. Polyamorous?
  118. Wondering...?
  119. Anal masturbation tips?
  120. Feeling Guilty about my Sexuality
  121. lesbian: attraction to men?
  122. Fear and self loathing is Le Captain.
  123. Why am i having gay cravings only when horny?
  124. Homophobia and abusive behavior triumph over me
  125. Different Roles
  126. Have you heard about this?
  127. I'm gay and having difficulty accepting myself.
  128. Ace...relationship?
  129. Erm... I'm... Bi?
  130. Bisexual or just imagining things?
  131. I don't know what to do.. Please help!
  132. Still questioning...
  133. Depressed and dealing with self-hatred as a lesbian
  134. Not ready to give up guys
  135. Couple of questions and thoughts to clear up
  136. Thirteen, Maybe Lesbian, Looking for Help
  137. When were you 100% sure of your sexuality?
  138. Why am i having gay cravings only when horny?
  139. Confused and depressed
  140. confused as hell
  141. Has anyone else experienced this?
  142. Penis Envy: Surprising Discovery
  143. Penis Envy: Surprising Discovery
  144. Advice/Support Needed
  145. Yet another questioning man
  146. How do you figure out if your asexual?
  147. Confused. Ugh.
  148. a woman came on to me.
  149. Do I like men or are my attractions unhealthy..?
  150. Figuring myself out
  151. My last lover never loved a woman before she met me
  152. Am I lesbian or bi?
  153. Attracted to best friend (long post)
  154. feeling lonely and want to a feel a females touch
  155. How come it's so hard for me to think of sex?
  156. Lesbians how do you feel around guys?
  157. How do I know if I'm attracted to guys?
  158. Am I bi or lesbian?
  159. Need help, MENTAL HEALTH deteriorating
  160. Pan or Ace?
  161. Anal Toy
  162. Is It A Crush Or Not?
  163. Question for people not attracted to women
  164. Had my first kiss with a girl and didn't like it very much, am i really gay?
  165. sexual fluidity and confusion
  166. Stereotypes about other subgroups of LGBT
  167. Good Vibes
  168. sexual fantasies in first person or third person
  169. Am I Gay or not !! Confuse again !!
  170. afraid of anal
  171. I am just so confused!
  172. Does this happen to anyone else?
  173. Confused
  174. do u think i am pretty
  175. Could this have anything to do with me being a lesbian?
  176. 32 and confused
  177. Best mate meetings
  178. Am I bi? Very confused
  179. Do I have to cheat on my husband to know if I'm gay?
  180. Anyone else like identifying as a dyke?
  181. I finally put myself to a "Test" (orientation)
  182. Never had a crush before
  183. Used to be straight but now I'm not. Looking for similar experiences?
  184. Complicated mess
  185. Unexplained asexual emotion "wave"
  186. weird or unsure?
  187. Questioning if I'm pansexual
  188. Horny all the time
  189. Bisexual? Lesbian?
  190. bisexual and lonely
  191. Bisexual? Lesbian? Internalized homophobia?
  192. Bisexual? Lesbian? Internalized homophobia?
  193. The Strange Thing My Friend Said
  194. weed and sexuality
  195. Bi-curious and closeted.
  196. This is a unique story
  197. Coming Out (FINALLY)
  198. Gay man falling in love with straight female best friend
  199. Can someone please explain gender and sexuality
  200. My complicated sexuality... help?
  201. I just can't believe/trust myself
  202. Does imagining that you're a girl whilst jacking off mean you're mentally trans?
  203. Bisexual or lesbian??
  204. The Club is not the best place to find love...but where do the gays go?
  205. No one ever believes I'm gay
  206. Wondering if I'm bisexual
  207. How to flirt when closeted??
  208. Am I straight?
  209. Is this normal?
  210. Thoughts of same-sex when having sex with spouse
  211. Subconscious denial or HOCD?
  212. Looking for Advice and Personal Experience
  213. Can't enjoy sex without my heart going 1000 mph
  214. Bisexuality discrimination
  215. I feel like a contradictory statement
  216. Too confused.
  217. Frustrating bi-related questions
  218. Lesbian who sometimes feels attracted to older men
  219. Is it normal to doubt?
  220. 14 year old girl who likes girls
  221. Gay?
  222. Im 14 and confused about sexuality, would like some help please
  223. Bisexual but turning gay?
  224. Started co-ed school and I dont even know mysef anymore
  225. Help
  226. Read this mess
  227. Questioning/Bisexual: Neding some advice
  228. Does it sound like I have a crush on my friend?
  229. Very confused... maybe a homoromantic heterosexual??
  230. Don't want to be straight
  231. Asexuality and Porn.
  232. Am I a Crossdresser, Transgender, Gay, or Bi?
  233. Help on a High School Crush!
  234. gay but conflicted about sex
  235. Hi am i bi ?
  236. Confused about sexuality
  237. Am I a Lesbian?
  238. Confused about my sexuality
  239. Confused About Sexuality after Realizing I was Gay
  240. I'm a girl (straight) and I think I like my best friend who is also a girl
  241. How to make it known you're bi?
  242. need help coming to terms with my sexuality
  243. Bisexuals, do you have a 'bi-cycle'?
  244. What do I do now?
  245. What is love?
  246. Bisexuality: masculine vs. feminine activities
  247. Not sure anymore
  248. What is my sexuality/label? HELP
  249. Sexuality is fluid?
  250. Heteroromantic bisexual?