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  1. semi first date
  2. semi first date
  3. Moving in advice
  4. I have no one to count on
  5. how to tell my daughter
  6. What's wrong with me?
  7. I Should Be Happy... But
  8. Same Sex Relationship Questions
  9. My mother resents me?
  10. I'm deeply infatuated... *PLEASE READ* (Pretty damn long)
  11. Lesbians, gays who once were (or are) in straight relationship, how did this happen?
  12. Dates; projecting and texting in the modern world
  13. This is slowly killing me, I like him so much i dont know what to do.
  14. my best freind and me had a falling out
  15. Island summer w/ straight friend
  16. I don't know what to do
  17. Can't stop thinking about this guy
  18. My dad's real pissed off, and I don't know what to do.
  19. So I had a 'yuge' argument on conversion therapy with my father
  20. Can a 15 year old date a 12 year old?
  21. First Date and Red Flags?
  22. how do confess my feelings towards a guy without losing him
  23. I have ruined my relationship with my best friend
  24. Is he really Bi and does he love me?
  25. Long distance relationship
  26. Had sex with my best friend, now he is slightly avoiding me I think..
  27. Girlfriend hardly talks to me now!!!!
  28. Hello, new here
  29. Never feel loved
  30. After the first date- is he interested?
  31. Not sure what to do at all...
  32. I'm Miserable and Anxious
  33. Is he attracted to me?
  34. Height in Gay Relationships
  35. Is it obvious?
  36. Married, contemplating divorce? Advice?
  37. Not being confident
  38. Best friend's devotion is hard to understand
  39. Mixing different friend groups...some advice?
  40. Making new friends
  41. Feelings for a co-worker
  42. Im in love with my straight best friend, i might be gay...
  43. Feelings for my friend
  44. I want them to leave me alone
  45. Astrological Signs?
  46. what now?
  47. Waves of Resentment
  48. My "straight" best friend said he loves me.
  49. I might have an asexual friend
  50. The cliche 'best friend crush' with a twist
  51. Clingy girlfriend- need advice
  52. Looking for a bit of advice
  53. How do I show her I want her?
  54. Is my wife's brother bisexual?! I'm bi!
  55. When/How to tell kid family members?
  56. i dont love her
  57. Unrequited feelings bestfriend situation
  58. Should I ask her out for a casual coffee? Scared!
  59. My brother is falling for that
  60. I think I have a crush on my friend...and he might on me as well
  61. Sex drive has decreased
  62. my disire is beyond my reach
  63. Somebody read my journal...
  64. I barely understand the gay friend who's being protective of me
  65. Need advice with a friend.
  66. So there's this one guy...
  67. Yeah, I'm selfish.
  68. Yikes
  69. Another is he gay and does he like me but hear me out
  70. Worth Trying?
  71. My crush and her girlfriend broke up...And now I feel lost.
  72. Is she too demanding?
  73. Did I ruin it?
  74. How does confessing your feelings work?
  75. Family letting you down
  76. Confused and In Love With Best Friend
  77. Unrequited crush asked me to go speed dating tonight
  78. getting over my "bro-crush"
  79. Second chance?
  80. Texted my crush, looks like it failed.
  81. straight dating conventions don't apply!
  82. Friend or Foe?
  83. A passing fancy
  84. my parents are in denial? ftm
  85. It's so time.
  86. Strange "is he gay?" story: Need advice!
  87. Heartbroken - how do I get over her?
  88. Is Attachment Healthy?
  89. Friends are fighting?
  90. Help? feelings for f**k buddy
  91. What do I do?
  92. Wasting my time
  93. Too far to go back?
  94. my parents and psychiatrist think i need to be "fixed"?
  95. Question for older gay and bi sexual men age 30-50
  96. What's the deal with sex?
  97. My best friend...
  98. Should I ask her out on Valentine's Day?
  99. I don't know what to do about him
  100. I donīt know what to do.
  101. two girls - new girl vs first love
  102. 24 y/o male with feelings for his best male friend seeking advice
  103. Wanting to Move Out, but afraid to.
  104. Questioning dating
  105. Christian and a lesbian - Dating advice please
  106. does she like me back?
  107. Meeting Someone Tomorrow. HELP!
  108. Break off contact?
  109. Deep Hatred...
  110. Is she gay? (straight bf troubles)
  111. I do not know what to do, I am desperate
  112. I Didn't Get My Cliches
  113. In love with best friend and mixed signals
  114. Need Friendship Advice
  115. What should I do?
  116. My Mom is Pregnant Update
  117. My sister doesn't believe in bisexuality
  118. pros and cons of dating a curious guy
  119. Breakup.
  120. Some one who sort of supports you
  121. Very confused , please help
  122. Questions from parents
  123. Depressed
  124. I'm emotionally unavailable
  125. Just feel so sad and angry and like a complete idiot ( i guess...) i don't know why?
  126. Is she a lesbian and could she like me back?
  127. Crush on a kinda new fren
  128. What Should I Get My Girlfriend?
  129. My bestftiend is getting on my nerves what should i do?
  130. Getting socially isolated because of LGBT stuff
  131. Turning people down
  132. I still talk to my ex [LONG]
  133. Need to leave someone I care about
  134. Does she like me back?
  135. How do I ask him
  136. I just feel like crap
  137. i am in love with best freind
  138. Dating a Pansexual
  139. Should I send him a Valentine?
  140. Friend on teen date app, what do I do?!
  141. Vacation stuff?
  142. Not sure if he's gay???
  143. Should I get back with my ex?
  144. I like her more than I should
  145. How Do I Do This?
  146. How to Talk to Mom About Hot Guys
  147. FWB and love.
  148. I'm in love with my best friend...
  149. How to get over my confusing feelings and salvage our friendship ?
  150. TIFU by taking BF on a date, ruining both our relation & his with his parents.
  151. Dating while hooking up with someone else.
  152. All over me, does she want me tho?
  153. Her Parents Found Out and I Don't Know How to Help
  154. To go or not to go to a party
  155. the "straight" bestfriend dilemma . please help
  156. losing friends after coming out as transgender
  157. Two bad things've happened to me at the same time.
  158. Getting bored of people
  159. How to deal with crushes?
  160. How to go back to being friends
  161. Being the crush of someone
  162. Having a very bad crush what probably won't work out, and I don't know what to do
  163. First time
  164. How do you fool around with boys when trans?
  165. How do you get over someone?
  166. Do you think he has gay feelings for me?
  167. My brother is disappointed. Need some courage.
  168. Boyfriends Sex Drive.....or lack there of.
  169. I can't hold it in anymore
  170. bad night(long story)
  171. Homophobia from a good friend
  172. My crush may be homophobic :(
  173. crush talking to me about HER crush :/
  174. How to get over it? - Ex gf & straight friend mess
  175. Need advice a help with letter to crush
  176. Getting Over a Friend While Maintaining the Friendship - advice
  177. Should I tell my roommate?
  178. Broken hearted
  179. My Dad might be gay...
  180. Work issue - really need some advice please
  181. How can I stop liking her?
  182. Okay let's talk about trust.
  183. Help Me Please (Homophobic Parents Making Things Hard)
  184. Friend too touchy?
  185. Dream Come True now Shattered
  186. Help my feelings are confused!
  187. What to do about my conservative friends
  188. Confidence Advice (for flirting & rejection)
  189. Won't discrimination never die?
  190. Massive crush on coworker
  191. I'm close to my mom but she doesn't know
  192. Help needed with weird friendship yay
  193. Crushing Reality
  194. In Love With My Best Friend
  195. Came out to my parents and it didn't go well
  196. Advice For My Crush
  197. Mixed signals
  198. How do I confess/deal with this?
  199. First love
  200. Relationship with "best friend" is super complicated - need some explanations
  201. Philophobia: How to overcome
  202. frustrated about her.
  203. Right time to ask him out on a date.
  204. confusing situation with male friend need help
  205. Caught Feelings
  206. Need help with new/first boyfriend
  207. Guys stop talking to me once they find out I've never been with a dude before?
  208. What to do with my "friends"
  209. Open Marriage with Bisexual Wife?
  210. Falling for my best friend?!? Help please
  211. Attracted to friend I came out to
  212. How do you deal with same-sex infatuation to your straight friend(s)?
  213. Friend Trouble
  214. Am afraid to make a fool out of myself?
  215. Coming out to a male friend?
  216. Friend is accepting but..not really?
  217. Is it acceptable to pursue her?
  218. is it just me?...
  219. girl friend just ended it out of the blue.
  220. Don't know how to hide EC from my mom
  221. A bit scorned
  222. What should I do?
  223. How to make parents listen?
  224. Okey to share bed?
  225. Should I tell him my feelings?
  226. Sexual incompatibility. Advice?
  227. Attraction or just wishful thinking?
  228. Best friend said some pretty hurtful things
  229. Testing the water....
  230. How do I tell someone I'm interested in?
  231. Closet problems
  232. Mum Seems to Think Ignorance is Bliss
  233. meeting other people?
  234. Mixed signals
  235. Dating an ex?
  236. lost my "bro-crush"(feeling sad)
  237. In Love Online
  238. Tempted to cheat. Advice?
  239. Should I tell my best friend?
  240. Long Distance Relationship Help
  241. Should I Make A New Twitter?
  242. in love with best friend
  243. Help?
  244. Long distance relationship
  245. This Amazing Woman That I Know
  246. I Love my Best Friend
  247. Suicidal
  248. I need advice, please help. Feeling lost :help:
  249. Crush On A Straight Friend
  250. Am I still trans if I didn't feel like a boy when I was younger?