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  1. Getting bored of people
  2. How to deal with crushes?
  3. How to go back to being friends
  4. Being the crush of someone
  5. Having a very bad crush what probably won't work out, and I don't know what to do
  6. First time
  7. How do you fool around with boys when trans?
  8. How do you get over someone?
  9. Do you think he has gay feelings for me?
  10. My brother is disappointed. Need some courage.
  11. Boyfriends Sex Drive.....or lack there of.
  12. I can't hold it in anymore
  13. bad night(long story)
  14. Homophobia from a good friend
  15. My crush may be homophobic :(
  16. crush talking to me about HER crush :/
  17. How to get over it? - Ex gf & straight friend mess
  18. Need advice a help with letter to crush
  19. Getting Over a Friend While Maintaining the Friendship - advice
  20. Should I tell my roommate?
  21. Broken hearted
  22. My Dad might be gay...
  23. Work issue - really need some advice please
  24. How can I stop liking her?
  25. Okay let's talk about trust.
  26. Help Me Please (Homophobic Parents Making Things Hard)
  27. Friend too touchy?
  28. Dream Come True now Shattered
  29. Help my feelings are confused!
  30. What to do about my conservative friends
  31. Confidence Advice (for flirting & rejection)
  32. Won't discrimination never die?
  33. Massive crush on coworker
  34. I'm close to my mom but she doesn't know
  35. Help needed with weird friendship yay
  36. Crushing Reality
  37. In Love With My Best Friend
  38. Came out to my parents and it didn't go well
  39. Advice For My Crush
  40. Mixed signals
  41. How do I confess/deal with this?
  42. First love
  43. Relationship with "best friend" is super complicated - need some explanations
  44. Philophobia: How to overcome
  45. frustrated about her.
  46. Right time to ask him out on a date.
  47. confusing situation with male friend need help
  48. Caught Feelings
  49. Need help with new/first boyfriend
  50. Guys stop talking to me once they find out I've never been with a dude before?
  51. What to do with my "friends"
  52. Open Marriage with Bisexual Wife?
  53. Falling for my best friend?!? Help please
  54. Attracted to friend I came out to
  55. How do you deal with same-sex infatuation to your straight friend(s)?
  56. Friend Trouble
  57. Am afraid to make a fool out of myself?
  58. Coming out to a male friend?
  59. Friend is accepting but..not really?
  60. Is it acceptable to pursue her?
  61. is it just me?...
  62. girl friend just ended it out of the blue.
  63. Don't know how to hide EC from my mom
  64. A bit scorned
  65. What should I do?
  66. How to make parents listen?
  67. Okey to share bed?
  68. Should I tell him my feelings?
  69. Sexual incompatibility. Advice?
  70. Attraction or just wishful thinking?
  71. Best friend said some pretty hurtful things
  72. Testing the water....
  73. How do I tell someone I'm interested in?
  74. Closet problems
  75. Mum Seems to Think Ignorance is Bliss
  76. meeting other people?
  77. Mixed signals
  78. Dating an ex?
  79. lost my "bro-crush"(feeling sad)
  80. In Love Online
  81. Tempted to cheat. Advice?
  82. Should I tell my best friend?
  83. Long Distance Relationship Help
  84. Should I Make A New Twitter?
  85. in love with best friend
  86. Help?
  87. Long distance relationship
  88. This Amazing Woman That I Know
  89. I Love my Best Friend
  90. Suicidal
  91. I need advice, please help. Feeling lost :help:
  92. Crush On A Straight Friend
  93. Am I still trans if I didn't feel like a boy when I was younger?
  94. Would you typically ask out your crush?
  95. Forgiving Mildly Homophobic Mom
  96. I hate people like this..
  97. the new me?
  98. I came out to my mom, it didn't go how I wanted.
  99. Coming Out
  100. dating a girl in the closet
  101. Crushing on a guy when.. questioning?
  102. I have no idea how to ask this girl out
  103. Mother Acting In Contradictory Ways
  104. Sexual/ possibly asexual relationship?
  105. Annoyed
  106. My Mom Is Just Ignorant
  107. Huge Crush on a guy from school
  108. My LDR boyfriend can't accept himself as bisexual/gay
  109. "Straight" best friend drama
  110. What to say?
  111. Lonely Cafe
  112. Struggling to Get Over Straight Friend Crush
  113. 100% My mother changed wtf?
  114. I'm in love with my best friend
  115. Doubts
  116. I didn't even have a chance
  117. Telling someone you aren't interested
  118. My "relationship" drama
  119. I regret falling in love. What should I do?
  120. My crush wants to stay friends
  121. Lonely + messed up family. I don't know what I'm doing with my life...
  122. How to kiss a guy?
  123. In a tough spot with a crush older than me
  124. My dad says he actually wants to change
  125. "Friends" say the word "homo" all the time.
  126. How can I survive my family until I move out?
  127. Becoming friends with your Ex
  128. Feeling invalidated by others gender??
  129. Stereotyping Masculinity
  130. When did you find acceptance?
  131. Strange question
  132. relationship melt down!! HELP!
  133. Question after coming out to parents
  134. Should I ask my crush out?
  135. Gaydar correct??
  136. Should I come out?
  137. Trying too hard to like someone else?
  138. Dad's "concerned about my lungs" (re: binder)
  139. My Mom May Know... Everything.
  140. Do I hate my parents?
  141. Mixed feelings
  142. Anxiety Source, School or Relationship?
  143. Not Fitting In
  144. the most horrifying moments of my life
  145. Am I being paranoid? I probably am aren't I?
  146. My boyfriend wont have sex, I've found out he's chatting to others and more..
  147. Come out to crush?
  148. Mixed messages from my "Friend"
  149. Too fast too soon?
  150. two sides...
  151. I don't know what to think/do.
  152. Crushing over someone but unsure if he likes back
  153. I have this urge to know this guy deeply.
  154. Talk to my family
  155. I Think My Mind Is Going Into Shock
  156. In love with my roommate
  157. Feeling awkward around my friends?
  158. Is it creepy to be secretly attracted to a girl?
  159. To all in shock, fear and unknown
  160. Does anyone else
  161. Been 3 was since a horrible breakup
  162. When the tears come streaming down your face and you're stuck in goddamned reverse
  163. Feeling down again
  164. So I made a friend over youtube
  165. Sister Being Bullied.
  166. why is it so harrrrrrddd
  167. Feel awkward around the boyfriend of my crush?
  168. is he gay or bi or what?
  169. Mom Causes Anxiety
  170. Is it already the time to stop waiting for him?
  171. Saying Something In A Non-Serious Way
  172. Can friendship blossem into romantic love? And how do you know when it is?
  173. What was it like growing up Christian and LGBTQ+?
  174. How popular are different types of lesbian sex?
  175. Should I ask them if they like girls?
  176. Crush on this girl??????
  177. I'm too obsessive.
  178. really confused about a (boy)friend
  179. Can Lesbians...
  180. Silent Treatment
  181. Jealousy
  182. My friend and I are in love with the same person...
  183. thinking about a sexy friend...
  184. Feeling bad about certain things
  185. so i let myself fall in love for the first time and he pretty much led me on so woo
  186. HUGE crush on my straight friend!!!
  187. I really can't come up with a good and fitting title.
  188. I Guess I Got "Recruited"
  189. How to workaround parents when in a closeted relationship
  190. Is she sending me signals? does she like me as more than a friend?
  191. what could my ex mean?
  192. Problem with younger friend
  193. Sparking a connection
  194. Just A Random Thing I Noticed
  195. Confused
  196. Confusion with an ex
  197. Ugh. Crush Struggles.
  198. I can never tell someone I love them again
  199. Do sexual thoughts affect your relationship with male friends you're attracted to?
  200. My family's reaction to my relationship.
  201. Dating and helicopter parents
  202. Need Some Help
  203. Long distance
  204. Need advice on preventing a heartbreak
  205. My parents are casting me out and making me hate myself
  206. Married to a man, now might be a lesbian?
  207. Can't stop misgendering my boyfriend
  208. Girls hitting on a gay guy!
  209. What is your opinion about this?
  210. How long did it take your friends to adjust to new pronouns?
  211. I want a hug.
  212. What's the deal with this new friend?
  213. how can i be more versatile?
  214. I Really Messed Up!
  215. Depressed about having no experience with girls
  216. Am I Overthinking This?
  217. Mixed Orientation Marriage Problem-being outed
  218. I'm so very lonely and I hate my life
  219. I REALLY like her and I don't know what to do!!
  220. Do I really like him? How can I tell?
  221. How to find a date
  222. My Mom saw stuff on my phone.
  223. Mum saw some stuff on my PC.
  224. how do i support a friend properly?
  225. Was i right in this situation?
  226. Recent dating Vs overseas holiday/vacation
  227. What To Do Now
  228. New Year's Resolution
  229. Fear Of Coming Out
  230. How do I talk to my parents & friends?
  231. Breaking a bad friend's habits peacefully.
  232. Homophobic and Transphobic family.
  233. advice needed :(((
  234. Please help me parse down a letter to my mother
  235. I'm Doing This Right, Right?
  236. I messed up big time with my friend
  237. how do act around a friend that likes you but does not want to date you
  238. I found out I have so many LGBT friends
  239. How Do I Let Him Out of My Life?
  240. Thinking about coming out a bit more
  241. Friends
  242. Trial Attempt to Come Out to Parents...Backfired!
  243. Best friend trying to out me
  244. Not sure what I should do
  245. Step family is making me depressed
  246. Bitter over my ex.
  247. Advice please!! : )
  248. Family wars, I don't know what to think or do
  249. Breaking up crosses my mind here and there... But why?
  250. Gay kiss when drunk