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  1. Mother Problems
  2. Getting high alone with my crush tonight - What should I do?
  3. Asking for Space...
  4. Should i tell her about my experimentation
  5. A justified block? Need reassurance
  6. Approaching guys at work
  7. Talking to girls with girlfriends
  8. How to find/date a bi curious guy
  9. Convinced a girl I like is gay and in denial
  10. Still Not Fully Used To Being "Out"
  11. How can I find a gay or bi guy to date?
  12. 6 months after coming out and things have not gotten much better.
  13. Parents.
  14. I need relationship advice
  15. Help!!!
  16. My (difficult) situation
  17. Came out to my cousin!!!
  18. This Past Year
  19. But he knows how I feel...
  20. Frustrated with situation
  21. How to out yourself to a friend/tell them you're interested in them?
  22. I don't even talk to this person in real life but does she like me?
  23. She love me. I love her. But it's complicated. HELP
  24. attraction or feeling towards male friends?
  25. Should I pursue this guy?
  26. First steps in gay land at 37
  27. Attracted to Best Friend
  28. new relationship
  29. Sensitive people are so difficult
  30. Loving a closet case?!??
  31. presents' hidden meaning
  32. Obsessed(?) With Straight Friend
  33. Mom is ok with me dating my girlfriend, but wants it to stay "platonic"
  34. I need help
  35. My first gay crush and why it won't work out
  36. To Disclose Or Not To Disclose
  37. Upset at my boyfriend
  38. I have a boyfriend but have fallen for lesbian coworker
  39. In love with a bicurious coworker/friend
  40. Where and how to make friends and meet people
  41. I think my friend has feelings for me
  42. Sexual Incompatibility
  43. Sorry About Some Of My Posts
  44. Whats wrong with me?
  45. We broke up...getting back together?
  46. Lonely
  47. "Not Under My Roof"
  48. Hold on or let go, friends after dating
  49. First Same-Sex Crush is a Straight Crush
  50. I Realized Why I Keep Posting The Same Stuff
  51. Being An Adult At Home Sucks
  52. Why do I get so thirsty? :/ Is this normal for a teen boy?
  53. How To Piss Off My Parents
  54. Puched my V-Card...
  55. (Unhealthy) obsession with teacher?( who doesn't seem to like me as a person, anyway)
  56. Brought It Up Again...... Just More Of The Same
  57. Help
  58. Move on or keep trying?...
  59. Mainly unsupportive family-need to cry
  60. Lost BFF... It's complicated-help
  61. Insecure About Relationship
  62. Boy Advice
  63. How does one reject someone gently?
  64. Dealing with extended family...
  65. Do you know what I mean ?
  66. I lost my virginity to my brother at 14. Feeling traumatized.
  67. depression and dating
  68. Trans* problems
  69. Coming out on Christmas
  70. Not sure if she truly likes me romantically...
  71. Family party went horribly wrong
  72. Horrible Situation
  73. My love broke up with me, I'm feeling suicidal.
  74. Is this Stalkery?
  75. I feel obsessed with my boyfriend
  76. Dad's Side of the Family Know...
  77. I'm Really Need Help
  78. ...randomly crushing?
  79. Think My Mother Suspects?!
  80. Is he into me? How can I know if he's gay
  81. Putting distance between me and a friend
  82. Help with family member
  83. a 17 years old want to date a man who is 39!!!
  84. Preparations
  85. Dysphoria and sex
  86. Crush Advice
  87. I hate myself [Rant Mode]
  88. Let's talk about being.... Effeminate.
  89. Feeling lonely
  90. Dirty Little Secret
  91. Should I Bring It Up Again?
  92. "Date" with a straight guy??
  93. Annoying kid in my class that bothers me?
  94. Should I do anything about this guy in my class?
  95. Amazing guy, hopeful me.
  96. I'm so angry
  97. Anti PDA
  98. Being in a relationship whilst you're not out?
  99. Crush Advice
  100. My Female Friends Don't Get Me Anymore.
  101. possible emotional abuse?
  102. The Mind of a Bigoted Mother
  103. Trans guy with a "straight" boyfriend?
  104. Is it a crush or not?
  105. This "friend" has betrayed my friend and her girlfriend too much and it needs to stop
  106. Um
  107. Etranged mother
  108. bi guy with gf, help!
  109. Betrayed or not?
  110. My Girlfriend's Parents Hate Me
  111. How do you deal with "leftover" feelings
  112. Maybe.... Time To Move On
  113. I slept with my "straight" friend
  114. How do I meet a guy?
  115. Does anyone else have bi siblings?
  116. Does physical detachment lead to emotional detachment?
  117. Dating with Depression
  118. Awesome best friend...but...
  119. Will I be forever alone
  120. Scared of being in a relationship?
  121. "no chemistry" and FWB
  122. Dealing With A Judgmental Family
  123. Toxic friendship advice needed
  124. my ex boyfriend is gay
  125. Is Wanting This To Work Out Realistic?
  126. Question/Rant for the Black Sheep Out There
  127. Advice needed
  128. A gay moment with my straight friend... what to do?
  129. oh really sis? really?
  130. Gender-neutral names for significant other?
  131. coming out to family..?
  132. relationships and social anxiety
  133. New to being gay and confused af
  134. Still Not Over It
  135. Advice on confusing guys :) and everything in between!
  136. Naive and a little scared...
  137. Head Over Heels
  138. Gay guys; did you ever crush on a straight guy?
  139. How to convince them of depression
  140. Scared of intimacy?
  141. alone
  142. Stupid conversations...
  143. Just a question for lesbians and bi women.
  144. How to stop being so awkward?
  145. I Just Need Advice
  146. After 4 months, he emailed me again.
  147. how to stop being so paranoid?
  148. My current experience of coming out (bi) to my wife of four years
  149. I need relationship advice
  150. I'm scared
  151. Let's talk about CHEATING
  152. Relationship doomed to failure?
  153. is there anyone that gets this?
  154. Post-Coming Out Paranoia
  155. no true friends?
  156. Crush on older internet friend
  157. Messy situation. Any help?
  158. I am a coward.
  159. Forgive or not forgive?
  160. Relationship may hurt her in the end
  161. Finding someone like me..
  162. Gay Celibate
  163. What Is This Supposed To Mean?
  164. Advice for being too jealous?
  165. Is it stupid to fake it?
  166. I want to break up with my boyfriend
  167. I asked one of my friends if I could give him a blowjob.
  168. Are They Planning Things Behind My Back?
  169. I'm gay, my twins bi... Coming out to the family??
  170. Date:kiss or no kiss
  171. What to do?
  172. So my mom is freaking out like usual
  173. I can't stand it...
  174. This Girl I Like...
  175. Need Advice
  176. Three Girls, One Me
  177. Weird Vibes Coming From Mom
  178. My family insists on misgendering me
  179. You Were All Right, They Did Come Around :)
  180. Getting Over First Break Up- Still Closeted
  181. Family distancing/ residual anger/blame
  182. meeting crush!
  183. First Time Thing With A Guy
  184. I just got my first girlfriend...now what?
  185. My friend's strange response to me being gay
  186. Did you act on your best friend crush?
  187. Things May Be Coming Together
  188. Met a new girl, may have slept with her, how do I persue?
  189. Jealousy
  190. How do you know if your friend is falling for you?
  191. Should I apologize to my crush
  192. When did you know you found the right person?
  193. I got a question that keeps me up at night
  194. LGBT and Monogamy
  195. Confusing situation! Help!
  196. Rules of bisexuality.
  197. Really lost MTN
  198. Commitment Phobia
  199. This guy is confusing me ..
  200. Help asap
  201. I'm in love with my best friend
  202. I don't even know.
  203. new relationship problems
  204. She's in love with her ex
  205. I really need someone
  206. Should I include this in a note to my crush/friend?
  207. Is This Normal??
  208. How To Tell If Someone Is Lying
  209. Betrayed by my best "friend"
  210. scared of becoming attached
  211. This Is Some Seriously Bad News
  212. That Was A Slap In The Face
  213. Best Friend Troubles
  214. Need help finding that special someone.
  215. Girlfriend's ex-girlfriend
  216. Need distance but in love?????
  217. Strange situation with a girl
  218. "Best Friend" being transphobic
  219. Me and my sexy guy neighbor
  220. After almost 5 years she's moved on w someone else and I'm lost...
  221. Will The Negativity Go Away
  222. I think I'm in love with a straight guy
  223. Emotional intimacy
  224. Should I stop being friends with my best friend of 5 yrs?
  225. I Hate My Parents Now
  226. Platonic or Romantic Crush?
  227. Losing a loved one and confusion about something new
  228. Polar Feelings
  229. HELP!!! How do I tell this boy I like him?!?
  230. Christmas Gift for gf's mom?
  231. My Mom Says She Finds It "Disturbing"
  232. This boy...
  233. Getting Frustrated Again With Parents
  234. Will this feeling go away or ruin my relationship?
  235. Do They Sound Accepting?
  236. Any cute songs i can dedicate to my girlfriend?
  237. What to do about the crush....
  238. Insecurity overshadows attraction
  239. What should I do?
  240. Masculine guy only attracted to fems
  241. My sister is stuck in trainwreck relationship.
  242. A Story of Betrayal and Love: My Story
  243. Bring Me The Horizon
  244. A Male Classmate is interested in me in indirect way!
  245. Divorce and Homophobic Father
  246. Setting the Standard
  247. Best friends, bromance, or...something else??
  248. Could This Really Be?
  249. Suicide, and my girlfriend
  250. 2 straight guys trying to make it work