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  1. I'm in love with my best friend :O
  2. if some1 you like told you they just wanna try...
  3. OMFG my mother
  4. 1st Confidence boosters in a long time...
  5. Single Again - What Now?
  6. Falling in love with straight friend
  7. Broken Hearted
  8. Gay Relationship Years
  9. Dude...my luck is shit.
  10. Fallen in love with roommate - need advice badly
  11. Confused about my friends sexuality
  12. Yet another "help I've fallen for my best friend" thread
  13. What An Amazing Experience
  14. Awkward wanna-be relationship with straight best friend??
  15. A Memory Of Someone
  16. I seriously need your opinions (does he like me?)
  17. Asexual crush?!
  18. I want to touch her face
  19. I think I have a crush on my friend - I'm not even out and she is straight
  20. Might have feelings for a great friend
  21. BF is fine around me, but when alone he feels... Needy?
  22. I drunk texted my crush. help.
  23. Love Triangle?
  24. Love Triangle?
  25. Hurt, angry and sad
  26. Creepy Uncle at Thanksgiving
  27. Need advice about boyfriend
  28. First Date Advice/Tips
  29. It has been 2 years and now I need more help.
  30. How to get over someone not worth your love?
  31. Homophobic Parents
  32. when will they accept none of it is a phase??
  33. My ex-girlfriend is going to screw me over
  34. Thanksgiving was a nightmare for me
  35. Mixed signals from my possibly closeted friend
  36. "Are kids really like that now?''
  37. Possible girlfriend but advice needed
  38. My bf tells lies about his friends and past -HELP!
  39. Mental health or need to be sober
  40. Is there a way to fix this?
  41. Bringing my BF to Thanksgiving dinner (We're closeted)
  42. Accuracy Of Instincts?
  43. First Break up
  44. Should I leave home or no?
  45. Completely taken off guard.
  46. Boyfriend is trans, doesn't want HRT
  47. Relationship advice
  48. getting women´s attention in an assertive way
  49. The deed is done
  50. Unsure of how to handle my mother.
  51. Ummm.... I like someone I shouldn't...
  52. New Relationship and Christmas
  53. How do I tell him I'm trans?
  54. I Want to Give up Being the Loner...
  55. Birthday/ Christmas Drama
  56. crush & depression
  57. My "straight" friend might like me??
  58. Led on, with no support system
  59. fear of being lonely for the rest of my life
  60. Crush is With Another Girl... I'm Not Angry but What Do I Do?
  61. help me please,lov problems
  62. Interesting Conversation with my dad
  63. Advice for a friend (no really)
  64. Scared for my life due to family threats
  65. Told the girl im dating that im lesbian... and im not.
  66. Help
  67. No Idea
  68. Stuck in a relationship that i don't want to be in
  69. I'm so confused.
  70. Worth it to ask her out?
  71. First girlfriend
  72. Does he like me?
  73. Came out, to no avail
  74. Confused...
  75. A Dilemma
  76. Resentment Towards being Gay
  77. I'm a lesbian and I have a boyfriend
  78. First Date ideas
  79. The usual
  80. Romantic or too Cheesy - need help before tonight!
  81. ....relationship in stand by....i think
  82. is it normal?
  83. Parents and their traditional thinking
  84. I have a crush...
  85. He: Not yet ready? Or truly heterosexual? Came out to him.
  86. How many friends do you have?
  87. Confusion caused by sexting ex
  88. Not Sure If People Fully Believe Me
  89. Boyfriend is male lesbian
  90. Introducing myself, what to say?
  91. I don't understand why
  92. I need advice on my relationship,please help
  93. I need a reason other than the truth why I can't go.
  94. bad week
  95. Trans Dating
  96. Running away from relationships
  97. How to get over a straight best friend ?
  98. UPDATE: long distance and struggling
  99. When should I start feeling a spark?
  100. Text or Call?
  101. (ex) girlfriend is straight
  102. This girl, omg...
  103. Controlling My Urges
  104. Older girls
  105. How can I learn to move forward and start dating?
  106. Should I ask him out?
  107. My boyfriend won't have sex with me...
  108. Is she leading me on?
  109. Want to connect w/ not quite out bi friend but I'm not out at all
  110. Dated an asshole
  111. I feel like I'm hitting on my friend without wanting to.
  112. My girlfriend says I'm boring.
  113. An emotional conncetion with someoen i've never talked to once?
  114. IS SHE GAY? Does she like me?
  115. Need some advice
  116. Need help asking a girl out
  117. Should I be worried?
  118. What is dating?
  119. Can I marry my stepdad’s brother?
  120. I feel uncomfortable
  121. Falling for a straight friend
  122. Falling for Straight Guy
  123. I'm losing my best friend!
  124. Mom is constantly teasing me about guys!
  125. The crush!!!! Confused
  126. Advice needed! How do I move forward?
  127. How to move forward?
  128. i don't know what to do......mehr
  129. I really like him, but unsure if he's gay...
  130. Flirty texts - Please help me?
  131. long distance struggle, any advice?
  132. Lesbians help me!!
  133. Help - best friend who now I have feelings for
  134. It's Like A Reset
  135. should I stop hanging out with my gay friends? This is so painful. Please help.
  136. No more escape route
  137. Was she flirting with me?
  138. I'm sorry I need to rant about my Mother
  139. Need some advice...
  140. Asking a girl out/flirting
  141. Would you give them a chance even if you don't like them that way at first ?
  142. My mother
  143. Falling for a straight boy
  144. my friend
  145. Where/How did you meet your girlfriend or boyfriend?
  146. Need opinions on this
  147. What does it mean?
  148. re-uploaded: long distance and stuggling
  149. Parents :I
  150. I came out to my best friend
  151. I fell in-love with my best friend- who is not really my best friend anymore..
  152. How do you fall out of love with someone?
  153. I am struggling with life.
  154. Possibly queer lady at my work?
  155. Help me understand her..
  156. How to forget him :(
  157. Everything's falling apart.
  158. Looking for love on dating apps?
  159. I Just Feel Really Weird Now
  160. Really kind of confused...?
  161. Opinions needed on this situation!
  162. parents
  163. One sided polyamory?
  164. In love with straight ex best friend or misguided feelings?
  165. Should I even be bothered?
  166. Do I tell him I like him?
  167. Cheating Girlfriend Advice Needed
  168. Concerned about friend's reaction to my coming out
  169. confused about boyfriend
  170. I have a REALLY great girlfriend, but...
  171. Understanding my ex - wanting him back
  172. Upset about best friend
  173. Problems in my straight relationship
  174. She found out I like her...
  175. Will she ever let me make her come ?
  176. When your crush de-friendzones you (?)
  177. Do I just think too much? Is she where I'm at?
  178. Relationship advice - next step?
  179. worried about parents reaction!
  180. Does my best friend have a crush on me?
  181. Fake Bi?
  182. Concerns of family threats.
  183. So in love with her help!!!
  184. How do I accept myself?
  185. Should i ask her out? Advice for a newbie at dating?
  186. I might have a crush on my friend?
  187. I Don't Know How To Ask For Support
  188. The Day after a Party/Holiday Gathering
  189. Help with JW Parents & Friend
  190. Will they let me adopt?
  191. Me and my girlfriend are both submissive and im needing to do alot of the work.
  192. Emerging feelings for my bff: Blame it on the alcohol or is it something deeper?
  193. Does he like me?
  194. Am I enough? Am I wrong? Is he manipulative?
  195. Straight friend got confusing
  196. 'Straight' friend giving off weird vibes
  197. Making the first move
  198. My Feelings
  199. She will be loved
  200. Roommate's Family Thought We Were Dating
  201. My best friend is killing me
  202. abandond by friends
  203. Come back or go away?
  204. Ex making up rumours about me
  205. Not enjoying going out as much since coming out
  206. Having a crush on a maybe straight boy
  207. Anxiety About My Dad, constantly worried.
  208. Confused Feelings
  209. Brother/Mom issues
  210. Ramblings about falling in love when inappropriate
  211. Confused about a guy
  212. Clingy "straight" friend...confusing
  213. Is It Wrong To Experiment?
  214. Post-Breakup trauma. Advice needed.
  215. How to get over him
  216. Serious trust issues in relationship (desperate)
  217. How to date?
  218. I think I might just be terrible at relationships.
  219. Relationship Problem
  220. It gets better over time, right?
  221. Coming out before sharing a bed in hotel room??
  222. Needless to say, I'm pissed.
  223. dateing a girl no idea what to do
  224. My trans friend has a girlfriend but...
  225. Felt left out
  226. Anxiety while in a Relationship
  227. something there? or am i crazy
  228. Engagement Age: Does it matter?
  229. How to ask someone out?
  230. In His Zone
  231. met this girl...
  232. Just a slight dilemma...
  233. Scared of my parents - advice please
  234. Boyfriend Obsessed with Anal & Trans
  235. Having a hard time getting over a breakup
  236. Can you call that interest/flirting or am I just interpreting what I want?
  237. He asked me out!? Advice pwease ;;
  238. Bisexual best friend wanted to have sex with me
  239. Just Need to Vent
  240. Too attached to my boyfriend?
  241. I have a crush on a straight guy! >.<
  242. Not sure how to define this
  243. Please help! in love with my "straight" friend
  244. Friend keeps questioning me
  245. Seeking advice on how to help ny friend
  246. Confusing crushes
  247. Some Questions About Gay Dating...
  248. This has never happened before.... I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO HERE
  249. Torn between two lovers.
  250. What do i do?! I'm miserable....