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  1. I have a crush on a straight guy! >.<
  2. Not sure how to define this
  3. Please help! in love with my "straight" friend
  4. Friend keeps questioning me
  5. Seeking advice on how to help ny friend
  6. Confusing crushes
  7. Some Questions About Gay Dating...
  8. This has never happened before.... I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO HERE
  9. Torn between two lovers.
  10. What do i do?! I'm miserable....
  11. Should I make the move?
  12. I fell hard.
  13. I met the love of my life and she might be straight.
  14. Feels Like Something Is Missing
  15. Majorly crushing on my best friend...
  16. Told my friend about me having sexual thoughts about him
  17. Parent Problems.
  18. Cat and mouse game.
  19. Can't Move On
  20. Crush help
  21. I may have fell for my best friend!
  22. I need to get this of my chest.
  23. Don't know how to proceed
  24. Mother has been treating me like shit since I came out
  25. Is it possible to ever get over rejection?
  26. I don't like my friends anymore...
  27. How do I confront my boyfriend about him being on a geosocial networking app?
  28. I might just go for it
  29. Is she into me or is it only in my mind?
  30. Another best friend scenario, but would really appreciate your advice.
  31. is she straight????
  32. My best friend.
  33. Facebook causing relationship problems
  34. He said he likes me but I'm confused by what he meant by that
  35. I was rejected.
  36. Best Friend Makes Me CONFUSED!!!
  37. Having a bromance
  38. Fell in love with a guy
  39. i have a girl crush
  40. Advice about my crush please!
  41. Guys from the UK
  42. going to pride, need help!!
  43. We were getting along, now she suddenly ignores me
  44. Please help! How should I approach another woman?
  45. I'm in love with a boy I don't even know
  46. Making sense of the practicalities of my bisexuality
  47. I need help...
  48. So..argh!
  49. Just a Happy Story I'd Like to Share
  50. puga-chan level cry for help
  51. I'm in love with my best friend
  52. I like a Bisexual guy who I met for two weeks but he has a girlfriend.
  53. I need advice :(
  54. I want my ex back!
  55. First Relationship Confusion
  56. Is It Ok To Ask My Best Friend If He Is Bi
  57. Gay Straight Alliance at school?
  58. First date with a straight girl?
  59. Boyfriend seems depressed and is pushing me away. Advice???
  60. In love ith my best friend
  61. When does love become unhealthy?
  62. A weird thing i've noticed about the crushes i had...
  63. Still stuck in the "it'll happen when you least expect it" cliche
  64. Ex-Boyfriend Troubles??
  65. Jealousy
  66. Worst luck in relationships
  67. Asking a guy out.....
  68. How do I break it to him?
  69. Showing boobs?
  70. Confused and in love with a girl, help me!!
  71. This isn't lgbt related but I don't know who to talk to
  72. Hooked up with a dude for the first time... I feel so different now
  73. Hopeless and depressed
  74. First time relationship... with a girl whose mother is biphobic
  75. What to do when getting REALLY lonely?
  76. homophobic parents
  77. Just a Story
  78. Can't Hide my sexuality and Some 1 has a crush on me :o
  79. homophobic family members???
  80. Is it ever good to hide a relationship?
  81. Could use a little advice on relationship
  82. Tips to make friends, win my crush over, and hint to her I'm a lesbian too.
  83. Religious lesbians?
  84. The girl who likes girls called me adorable!
  85. Love-Sick/Angry(whining)
  86. Seeing my ex
  87. Advice
  88. Excited but terrified
  90. Too ugly
  91. I Did A Really Stupid Thing For My Straight Friend
  92. Help.
  93. Relationship advice
  94. A dream my BFF had might be telling the future?!
  95. Is he too old?
  96. Not sure I can cope
  97. Having wierd thoughts and dreams about people
  98. My first experience with a straight boy
  99. Leading A Guy On
  100. I'm Sick of Having to Choose
  101. Friend's Parents are Irresponsible (not about sexuality)
  102. Worst friend ever...
  103. Is She Interested?
  104. Anyone else?
  105. Falling in love again (great)
  106. My boyfriend and I
  107. Friend putting me in a hard situation
  108. Breaking an International relationship
  109. I Love Him But He's Driving Me Nuts
  110. Love my Boyfriend, but my crush is still crushing me
  111. Is he Bi? Does he like me?
  112. No family left
  113. Scared to have a boyfriend!
  114. Annoying them?
  115. im never going to have a sleep over probubly ever
  116. Is it wrong to give an identical twin brother a handjob?
  117. What should I do? Advice needed
  118. I've got her phone number!
  119. Thought my family was ok with gay but maybe not?
  120. Anxiety Is Making All Of This So Much More Difficult
  121. At what point does friends cross the line into relationship
  122. Getting over (possible) rejection
  123. Want to feel loved
  124. I don't want a relationship, but...
  125. Feel like friend likes me but not sure
  126. Emotional Detachment
  127. How can I meet people and make meaningful friendships/bonds? + help with a crush
  128. Found an old friend's dating profile
  129. Stuck in a small town
  130. Confusing crush
  131. Homophobic Friend That Everyone Else Likes
  132. How to ask if he is interested in me?
  133. Not sure what to do
  134. This friend
  135. How to meet girls? help!
  136. I'm worried I'll never find anyone :(
  137. Had my first GSA meeting! ^_^
  138. I love my girlfriend but my mom doesn't like her at all.
  139. Unable to be open to a relationship
  140. My philosophy professor thinks that homosexuality is a psychological illness!
  141. Does he have a crush on me?
  142. I want to be friends with straight girls :(
  143. How should I flirt back?
  144. why???
  145. Need advice!!!
  146. Is he flirting with me?
  147. think someone's flirting with me but im not out
  148. Friend's mom sucks
  149. I'm changing and I feel like I don't fit in anymore
  150. How long does it take?
  151. What should I do with my feelings...?
  152. The 'Right' thing to do
  153. Overwhelming guilt
  154. a crush rant; i think i'm obsessed with her
  155. Is She Using Me?
  156. How do I get over my feelings?
  157. Newbie to Lesbian Relationships
  158. everything i know is wrong
  159. Is this a sign my girlfriend is ready to take things to the next level(sex)?
  160. How do I know if she likes me?
  161. Out but not out
  162. Out but not out
  163. Possibility of being outed
  164. App matched with someone is going well HELP
  165. I Feel Like My Friends Are Bored/Done With Me
  166. So the only person I've come out to...
  167. Does she like me?
  168. What does this mean? Religious homophobia
  169. I really hate this...
  170. Friend in a very abusive relationship
  171. Dating Help
  172. URGENT HELP PLEASE ON Telling your friend your gay and have feelings for him
  173. Could this actually work?
  174. I'm so (insert emotion here)
  175. Wondering if friend is gay...
  176. Wanting to give up my feelings but they won't?!
  177. Not Sure What To Do
  178. Im in love with best friend
  179. My parents don't like talking about my identity.
  180. 😵😵😵😵
  181. Friendship with the one I love
  182. Maternal Ties
  183. Would you ever get married?
  184. 2 Quick things
  185. first time to a gay bar...advice and stories!
  186. When someone isn't into you...
  187. Boyfriend going to a different college. Feeling heartbroken
  188. I am gay but i dont accept it. Help. I am getting sick.
  189. My friend is now seeing the guy I liked and both stopped talking to me.
  190. LGBT Club
  191. My best friend just blew me off?
  192. what do I do with my friend?
  193. This dilemma
  194. How to not turn sour from all the homophobes and mean people in your life.
  195. How did you tell your crush you liked them?
  196. The Crush...
  197. Parents are die hard christians and ive hit rock bottom
  198. Friend doesnt like gay men
  199. She rejected me
  200. Feelings for My Best Friend
  201. Probably my last thread on straight crushes!
  202. Pressure as an only son.
  203. My friend.
  204. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh
  205. Drunk an confused about romantic relationships
  206. Conversation Starters?
  207. Landed a Date! .... But Now What Do I Do?
  208. pushing feelings down for opposite gender, b/c u like same gender much better???
  209. He's in love with me, but something is holding me back
  210. I just discovered my dad is homophobic
  211. What to do or say?
  212. Should I still tell her?
  213. help confused about this guy
  214. What to do?
  215. How too meet a gay guy
  216. Boyfriend doesn't want to have sex
  217. It's so hard to get close to her. :/
  218. What was your guys expirence with a seemingly gay "straight guy"?
  219. Confused and Curious
  220. Gay/Straight crush...? Help being social with guys
  221. This girl called me a..
  222. Losing my mind & my friend - Help
  223. Was I being disrespectful to my mom?
  224. How should I tell her?
  225. Dating tips?
  226. Strange experience
  227. Family therapy and homophobic parents
  228. Between Us
  229. Long Distance Relationhsip - Any tips?
  230. What's My Next Step?
  231. Online Distance Relationship Help PLEASE
  232. Are my feelings justified? How do I deal with this? (Relationship advice)
  233. How to find cute queer girls?
  234. My cousin today told me today that I've never been in love...
  235. Left a Friend
  236. Feelings for a friend's boyfriend
  237. Coming Out to Family
  238. Keeping friends after coming out
  239. How to become friends with my crush?
  240. How do I tell him I like him?
  241. Young suicidal sister HELP?
  242. Old Friends
  243. This guy I like
  244. Came out to my straight friend, and now it's a disaster.
  245. Is she interested, how soon is too soon to ask her out?
  246. Why did this girl do a 180?
  247. Friend came out to me and likes me. What do I do?
  248. The Typical I'm Not Sure if He's Gay Or Into Me Thread
  249. Ex-Boyfriend Troubles: Regretting the Break Up?
  250. A girl I like