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  1. Dealing with straight guys
  2. I feel so bad and guilty!!
  3. Can't get over my ex-bf, and it's been over a year. What should I do?
  4. Questions for People Whose Friends Came Out
  5. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. How to get over my (ex) boyfriend?
  7. I knew I was straight until two days ago...
  8. A normal phase?
  9. I Wish I Could Be Seen In A Romantic Light
  10. One of my "straight" friends tried to have sex with me?
  11. I Never Want children...
  12. Need resources to send to Dad
  13. Looking for some friends
  14. dating question
  15. Long distance dating. Need some advice.
  16. Mom is fantasizing..
  17. How important REALLY is physical attractiveness?
  18. I Am In Love With A Straight Guy ( Need Advice, Plz Read)
  19. Over straight girl crushes
  20. What do you want people to remember about you?
  21. He is my best friend and i fell hard for him. Does he like me like that.
  22. Lesbian in love with a guy
  23. What to do? Might be outed
  24. Constant rejection drives me insane.
  25. Sliding back into depression over this...
  26. Confronting the past
  27. Feelings for straight best friend?
  28. Love really hurts :'(
  29. Love really hurts :'(
  30. Where can we go to be alone?
  31. Step-dad 'uncomfortable'
  32. Straight guys are more dangerous to me than I am to them.
  33. Falling in Love
  34. I honestly don't know what to do
  35. Help. How do I get over this woman fast?
  36. My own mind is fighting me on this...
  37. Bad Experiences - Just a rant
  38. Boyfriend goes on webcam with strangers - is this right!?
  39. Past "relationship" still makes me feel bad, need advice
  40. What height difference is generally acceptable in a couple?
  41. Where'd they all go?
  42. 3 Guys like me..
  43. Should I ask her?
  44. relationship trouble-could it work?
  45. Finding lipstick lesbians..
  46. how do i find my somebody
  47. My Gay Christian Marriage
  48. BROmantic experiences?
  49. I need help with hostile parents
  50. Relationships and doubts
  51. What is the point of romantic relationships?
  52. Advice/Experiences: Crush on a Straight Friend?
  53. My friend went with me to the GSA and then made fun of gay people
  54. Something positive for once - I want to share it with you.
  55. Something positive for once.
  56. ...and a Hard Place
  57. Marriage
  58. Is this normal?
  59. What's the next step?
  60. Grandparents...
  61. closeted but want a relationship
  62. First relationship. How to tell my parents? xd
  63. Straight homophobic friend with a twist.
  64. My partner has homophobic parents
  65. Six month celebration ideas?
  66. Relationships
  67. When in denial, behaving more distant with the same sex?
  68. My former roommate
  69. Tired of fantasy, want something real.
  70. How to know whether your relationship is good enough?
  71. Mom thinks "I'm better than the type of people I'm attracted too"
  72. Confusion Over Attraction to friend:/
  73. Best friend
  74. i may have to go to a hospital but what will my freinds think when i get back
  75. I think I love him
  76. Does he know that I know that he knows?
  77. What should I do?
  78. I want my best friend back...
  79. crazy to kiss my best friend
  80. Crush on this guy halfway across the world, need help with multiple things
  81. He cheated on me...
  82. Boyfriend issues??
  83. How do I stop longing for her?
  84. told my bestfreind about me being schizophrenic did not end well
  85. Partner envy
  86. I thought the feelings were gone
  87. i need emotional support.......
  88. Confused about my feelings for my boyfriend
  89. Growing Up Religious
  90. Dating question???
  91. I had my first kiss yesterday!
  92. How often should I text?
  93. dateing an older boy
  94. Can friendship work when there is mutual attraction but one person is in the closet?
  95. safe dating
  96. Talking about crushes pre-coming out?
  97. Well this is a distributing realization.
  98. Am I In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship?
  99. Boyfriend Just Came Out
  100. What can I do?
  101. When should I contact him
  102. I love a girl I met online.. She lives far away
  103. Are they just trying to make me jealous?
  104. child services
  105. Okay, how do I interpret all this?
  106. Not as good as I thought
  107. When to Date Again?
  108. Emancipation seems like the only answer
  109. What's your Preference?
  110. Have problem with a boy who is in love with me
  111. Lesbian married to a man, struggling with lots of guilt
  112. First relationship since coming out
  113. Summer Fling turning serious?
  114. long distance gay romio and juliet thing
  115. do i have more of a chance to date now that im out
  116. Relationship Advice
  117. My fourth relationship, I need your help
  118. Enigmatic Friend Who Appears to Change Sexuality Daily
  119. How did you get over 'that straight girl/boy crush'?
  120. Had a dream of my friend
  121. I found one of my floor-mates on ******
  122. coming out disater
  123. Does coming out help with making friends?
  124. How to ask someone what their intentions are?
  125. scouting problems
  126. Christian(for sure) and Bi(I think)
  127. Friend or boy friend
  128. I Think My Friend Is Bi or Likes Me or Something
  129. Unsent - To my married fling
  130. How to tell parents about going to the GSA at my school
  131. How do I keep things peaceful?
  132. Hypocritical Mom :/
  133. Married woman in love with lesbian
  134. Dating Advice - Online
  135. Long Distance Relationship - Advice/opinions
  136. So... Lightning can strike twice?!
  137. no one understands me
  138. So...
  139. Finally
  140. Finding new friends when you can't be yourself
  141. I hate being alone
  142. What do I do if I think my church friends think Im a lesbian?
  143. running away
  144. First date EVER
  145. For Queer identified women - a dating question
  146. does anyone here have a gay father
  147. Can't stand this anymore?
  148. I don't think I can take it anymore...
  149. How do you know when to move on from a crush?
  150. Found the perfect guy, why am I not happy?
  151. Twin Probs? :/
  152. My First Date Plan!
  153. My date is looking for me, but Im not interested in him. What should I do?
  154. Led on
  155. Sexist/Homophobic Friend
  156. Should I play harder to get?
  157. Awkward Friend Crush Probs..?
  158. I think she likes me
  159. Three months til I get married to a girl...but I think I like men more
  160. How to get my first kiss?
  161. How to be attractive?
  162. Family Issues
  163. my boyfreind is extremly sexuall
  164. Complicated Friend
  165. I really want to tell somebody!
  166. I never met my friend's boyfriend, and he's already coming off invasive.
  167. Siblings: Supportive and NOT
  168. "Straight" Friend Treats Me Weirdly
  169. In closet in a country where being gay is a huge taboo
  170. Is this normal or am i easily freaked?
  171. I don't know what to feel anymore. I feel so numb, I feel dead. I don't know....
  172. Confused about a guy
  173. Complicated issue with a friend..
  174. Ex-girlfriend, old bestie, feelings returning.
  175. What's wrong with her?
  176. Is this hopeless?
  177. Third date. What should be established this time around?
  178. Question about my boyfriend
  179. My introverted crush. Waaay introverted than I am it's frustrating
  180. Confused by Best Friend...
  181. Uh, strange question about relationships
  182. first date with awesome guy help!!
  183. Living Situation Problem
  184. Boyfriend afraid of kissing
  185. Anyone else dealt with this?
  186. Feelings for friend of same sex. What to do!?
  187. Get a relation with a boy(Who is a fellow worker)
  188. am i losing my friendship????
  189. Uncomfortable loneliness
  190. Trying to figure this girl thing out (and failing)
  191. Sacred I might be falling for my best friend?
  192. Only girls find me attractive?
  193. I don't feel like my father really loves me
  194. What to do when supporting a friend with social anxiety triggers my own?
  195. I need your help. I feel so lost and sad....
  196. I need some help... feel so alone
  197. Wanting my first gay kiss...
  198. scared to loose my boyfriend
  199. HELP!! How to make sex with my girlfriend better for her?
  200. I feel unattractive to girls
  201. I love my mom
  202. Does he just wanna hook up, or does he have feelings?
  203. I need to stop this crush
  204. Need relationship advice. Bisexuals: Should I dump him and start dating girls?
  205. Need tips for the second date. Best place to go, Dos and Don'ts?
  206. Dating Women for the First Time - What Should I Expect?
  207. The straight-in-question
  208. I need advice
  209. what have i become
  210. How to tell my dad I'm dating someone?
  211. I'm so uncomfortable around my boyfriend?
  212. I don't feel good enough for him?
  213. Bestfriends Drifting Apart
  214. Life without a relationship so far.
  215. Outed to homophobic parents
  216. My lesbians gf is going to marry a man!!
  217. Apathy
  218. I'm All She Has
  219. My mother says I talk too much about my gender identity
  220. I feel so alone
  221. I met a girl
  222. Hi new here n have no idea where to start....!!
  223. suicidal help
  224. Did your Partner come out to you?
  225. Deal breaker?
  226. Parents Asking about queer opinions
  227. Problems with my Partner
  228. What can I do to help my boyfriend feel comfortable trusting me
  229. Long and confusing 'I can't tell if he likes me back'
  230. Just want other people's opinions on this
  231. Resentment towards parents
  232. Dating is confusing. Help?
  233. Curious Confusion
  234. In so much pain
  235. i want a bf but i'm only 13
  236. Want to show pride, but too scared.
  237. Do girls care more about personality?
  238. Bisexual girl done with boys with a crush on a girl
  239. Boyfriend and I broke up after he became very distant.
  240. Relationship Advice
  241. Stop the flirt
  242. Don't know what to do
  243. Do I have some shallowness or superficiality?
  244. Does she still like me?
  245. My straight best friend
  246. So this happened
  247. What's wrong with me?
  248. Big Problem
  249. Flirtatious friend plays both ways :/
  250. So he goes to my school...