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  1. I really want to tell somebody!
  2. I never met my friend's boyfriend, and he's already coming off invasive.
  3. Siblings: Supportive and NOT
  4. "Straight" Friend Treats Me Weirdly
  5. In closet in a country where being gay is a huge taboo
  6. Is this normal or am i easily freaked?
  7. I don't know what to feel anymore. I feel so numb, I feel dead. I don't know....
  8. Confused about a guy
  9. Complicated issue with a friend..
  10. Ex-girlfriend, old bestie, feelings returning.
  11. What's wrong with her?
  12. Is this hopeless?
  13. Third date. What should be established this time around?
  14. Question about my boyfriend
  15. My introverted crush. Waaay introverted than I am it's frustrating
  16. Confused by Best Friend...
  17. Uh, strange question about relationships
  18. first date with awesome guy help!!
  19. Living Situation Problem
  20. Boyfriend afraid of kissing
  21. Anyone else dealt with this?
  22. Feelings for friend of same sex. What to do!?
  23. Get a relation with a boy(Who is a fellow worker)
  24. am i losing my friendship????
  25. Uncomfortable loneliness
  26. Trying to figure this girl thing out (and failing)
  27. Sacred I might be falling for my best friend?
  28. Only girls find me attractive?
  29. I don't feel like my father really loves me
  30. What to do when supporting a friend with social anxiety triggers my own?
  31. I need your help. I feel so lost and sad....
  32. I need some help... feel so alone
  33. Wanting my first gay kiss...
  34. scared to loose my boyfriend
  35. HELP!! How to make sex with my girlfriend better for her?
  36. I feel unattractive to girls
  37. I love my mom
  38. Does he just wanna hook up, or does he have feelings?
  39. I need to stop this crush
  40. Need relationship advice. Bisexuals: Should I dump him and start dating girls?
  41. Need tips for the second date. Best place to go, Dos and Don'ts?
  42. Dating Women for the First Time - What Should I Expect?
  43. The straight-in-question
  44. I need advice
  45. what have i become
  46. How to tell my dad I'm dating someone?
  47. I'm so uncomfortable around my boyfriend?
  48. I don't feel good enough for him?
  49. Bestfriends Drifting Apart
  50. Life without a relationship so far.
  51. Outed to homophobic parents
  52. My lesbians gf is going to marry a man!!
  53. Apathy
  54. I'm All She Has
  55. My mother says I talk too much about my gender identity
  56. I feel so alone
  57. I met a girl
  58. Hi new here n have no idea where to start....!!
  59. suicidal help
  60. Did your Partner come out to you?
  61. Deal breaker?
  62. Parents Asking about queer opinions
  63. Problems with my Partner
  64. What can I do to help my boyfriend feel comfortable trusting me
  65. Long and confusing 'I can't tell if he likes me back'
  66. Just want other people's opinions on this
  67. Resentment towards parents
  68. Dating is confusing. Help?
  69. Curious Confusion
  70. In so much pain
  71. i want a bf but i'm only 13
  72. Want to show pride, but too scared.
  73. Do girls care more about personality?
  74. Bisexual girl done with boys with a crush on a girl
  75. Boyfriend and I broke up after he became very distant.
  76. Relationship Advice
  77. Stop the flirt
  78. Don't know what to do
  79. Do I have some shallowness or superficiality?
  80. Does she still like me?
  81. My straight best friend
  82. So this happened
  83. What's wrong with me?
  84. Big Problem
  85. Flirtatious friend plays both ways :/
  86. So he goes to my school...
  87. Crush on attached guy - what to do?
  88. Advice on what to do...
  89. first time dating in... years
  90. I think my straight best friend is flirting w/ me?
  91. Brother...
  92. Crush on somebody who might be straight
  93. in being trans sexist? dangerous?
  94. Moving in with your partner
  95. A straight guy has a crush on me?
  96. Parents' Divorce
  97. Mother / Brother / Personal Problems
  98. Crushing On a Friend Who May or May Not Be Gay
  99. Name change
  100. How to find a boyfriend?
  101. Need help and advice. Best friend is coming for a sleepover this weekend.
  102. Going to College and Dating Someone in Highschool
  103. Doing the same things with a new gf as with exes?
  104. Getting Stared At In Public
  105. Nervous
  106. Need Advice!
  107. My sis is evil... That's the only way I can put it.
  108. Why do people in general do this??????????
  109. Is it rude to ask someone if they're really interested with you?
  110. Does my bestfriend like me in any way?
  111. Does he like me?
  112. Bestfriend to lover advice?
  113. Getting over someone
  114. Falling for someone's personality
  115. I'm not sure what to do about my friend...
  116. Bisexual and struggling
  117. Does he like me?
  118. Time to talk about my religious father
  119. College and Roommates...Help!
  120. Parents Not Asking Any Questions...
  121. Intimacy with best friend, who is straight?
  122. Feels like I'm not ready for a relationship.
  123. Straight friends.
  124. I Wish My Boyfriend Was a Girl
  125. Who you're dating affecting future friendships
  126. my dads acting weird
  127. Found out my girlfriend is engaged to someone else
  128. Lack of Friends
  129. making new friends
  130. Scared Of Actually Being In A Realtionship If It Happens In The Future
  131. Stay or go?
  132. Coping with A Long Distance Relationship
  133. Three months later after the turmoil
  134. Advice for later in life
  135. Friends pretend to support me.. Scared for my safety..How to deal?
  136. If you love someone, let them go...
  137. love, friendship, confusion... i need help???
  138. The plot thickens! - Father issues, suspicion and a new face
  139. How do I stop it from getting to me?
  140. I want to move out so badly :(
  141. Aaagghh my friend is getting so much crap
  142. Looking for buds I can relate to!!
  143. So this cutie at a convenient store was flirting w/me
  144. I had sex with my best friend I'm extremely confused need advice
  145. Advice for an on going friend w/ benefit relationship?
  146. Experimenting with a friend
  147. Is there anything wrong with your family finding out your orientation not from you?
  148. Found out that friend outed me?
  149. The Common "I Can't Tell If He Likes Me" Thread
  150. I don't know what to think
  151. What is your take on this?
  152. I suspect my boyfriend is Bi-sexual
  153. Boys trying to hit on my girlfriend? :/
  154. How long should I wait before I text him?
  155. How to put online relationship on the right track?
  156. I really want a gay BF
  157. I like him but I need some advice.
  158. Was unsure how to handle friends consern
  159. How to find other bi/ gay girls?
  160. I think I'm losing my best friend...
  161. How to meet teenage lesbians?
  162. Should I ask him out? NEED ADVICE
  163. Intergenerational Dating
  164. Is it a polite rejection? Or...
  165. she is straight but has feelings for me, would it be unwise to get involved?
  166. Any advice for dating a girl who is Transgender?
  167. Gener neutral cute nicknames?
  168. Does this dude like me?
  169. Confusing signs from my best friend
  170. I know thatbi have been bi forba long time...
  171. Does he like me, or doesn't he?
  172. First same-sex experience in late twenties or later…
  173. Hidden Frienship
  174. advice needed for a lesbian teen
  175. In love with best friend
  176. Confused! How to understand this situation?
  177. Finally in love... but definitely out of luck.
  178. When your friends say everyone goes through this
  179. How to be sure I'm right? There's too much to lose if I'm wrong
  180. How do I get over a crush?
  181. Old love has me lost
  182. Too Young?
  183. So, does he feel the same way? 😥
  184. Hookup with straight best friend
  185. My Parents Confuse Me
  186. Gay-Friendly, Bi-Phobic.
  187. Making new friends
  188. Difficulty making friends
  189. Trouble With Mom
  190. I'm So Confused About My Friend
  191. First "Date" and more! need advice
  192. I could use some affection now and then...
  193. Gay Crush on my Bi-questioning Friend
  194. Different Race Relationship and Racist Parents...
  195. I'm not in a good way.
  196. My sexuality is complicated
  197. possible to fall out of love?
  198. My sister doesn't care about me???
  199. Anyone Else With Homophobic Parents?
  200. Good First Date, No Second
  201. What to say in response to this response to my apology?
  202. Confused
  203. Worried gf
  204. Cutoff by best friend
  205. Should I be OK with this?
  206. boy problemsss
  207. Younger siblings don't understand being gay, and I'm not allowed to correct them
  208. Meeting the Parents - Super Nervous
  209. Mom won't acknowledge me being lesbian?
  210. Break Up Feelings
  211. Band Camp
  212. Platonic or not?
  213. What is your take on this????
  214. Why can't I move on from relationship
  215. "Just" friends, worried about me or a crush on me?
  216. Breakup and Knowing No-one
  217. Sapiosexual and easily turned off.
  218. Surrounded by homophobes.
  219. The Closet
  220. LGBT with disabilities -- how do you fare in the dating world?
  221. Relationship problems
  222. 23 yr old lesbian seeking 1st time relationship advice
  223. Will my family hate me?
  224. My Family Issue.
  225. When kids are involved
  226. How should I approach this?
  227. Feeling alone
  228. Relationship with a closeted gay.
  229. Is she acting like an affectionate friend?
  230. is this girl gay or I am overly paranoid?
  231. Could This Be a Healthy Relationship?
  232. Not caring what people think
  233. How to go about finding gay friends or relationships in college?
  234. How do you know if it's love?
  235. How to stop being such a jealous and insecure b***h
  236. Relocating
  237. Raincheck??
  238. Losing friends
  239. Convince me that I'm wrong. Please
  240. Want to Do a Coming Out Update....
  241. Crush on best friend... Help!!!!!!
  242. I'm kind of in a bad place because of cutting...
  243. My friend is gay but he doesn't know I know
  244. Is it normal to feel odd before a first date?
  245. Dating when you have a disability
  246. I feel so great
  247. Feeling lonely
  248. Confused, scared, and in love
  249. Crying because I am abandoning everyone I love?
  250. Advice Appreciated