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  1. What should i do?
  2. Wanting to fix relationship but might be impossible
  3. My boyfriend is the best
  4. Work Bullying - How to Deal?
  5. Should I call my uncle???
  6. Parents are Transphobic
  7. Need to get talk and get it out of my system.
  8. Please help...
  9. Transphobic friends setting me back
  10. confusing friendship please help
  11. Issues
  12. What will my children think?
  13. Is the problem with me?
  14. Could she be bi or is this straight girl admiration?
  15. He wants time :/ what should I do?
  16. Not Sure Why This Bothered Me
  17. Eight years later...
  18. Is my Fiancée going to stop finding me attractive?
  19. feeling pressure to lose my virginity??
  20. Am I Selfish?
  21. How can I move on like this
  22. Where do I meet new people this summer?
  23. Gay Men: Do You Ever Get Turned On by Your Girl Friends?
  24. Advice needed!
  25. Bi Men And Women
  26. Forgetting about that special someone (Moving on)
  27. Any lesbian women need a cover up boyfriend?
  28. Positive stories of homophobic families?
  29. The "first" first date. Advice?
  30. Sex with coworker
  31. My mother favors her religion over me
  32. Help with my pestering uncle!!!
  33. How do I stop liking her?
  34. Getting over her?
  35. How Should I Take This?
  36. Abusive Father
  37. The Relationship "Talk"
  38. Looking for advice
  39. Schrödinger's cat situation...
  40. Dating advice
  41. Is she into me?
  42. Need advice for relationship
  43. Panic!! [rantish]
  44. Help
  45. Can't get a read on a guy
  46. I am bi in a straight relationship. How do you remain within the lesbian community?
  47. Lonely
  48. Mother Issues
  49. Not fitting in...
  50. Yet More Facebook Drama...
  51. Is this guy really straight? WTF?
  52. Do I take the next step? Should I add him?
  53. I only like older guys
  54. Someone I know has started self-harming.
  55. How to tell my daughter
  56. New Relationship
  57. Straight Woman in Love with a Transgender Woman
  58. making new friends...
  59. My Friend
  60. I want to cry... Facebook arguments.
  61. I don't want kids
  62. Help for my mom after I came out
  63. Parental Freakout
  64. can't press send
  65. I'm not sure if I should just give up...
  66. Ask my old mom before it is to late?
  67. advice on breaking up with straight girlfriend
  68. Should I give men a try (again)?
  69. My girlfriend's homophobic family found out about us
  70. Relationship advice
  71. Fake friends rant?
  72. Disowned by my father
  73. Mixed feelings on losing my virginity: Where do I go from here?
  74. Religious best friend
  75. Cousin
  76. how to deal with homophobic family?
  77. messy situation
  78. told friend I like her
  79. Boyfriend Advice?
  80. I'm Afraid My Dad Will Hate Me
  81. feeling lonely and it is causing me to become depressed
  82. Advice on Best Friend
  83. Does sex usually come after a kiss?
  84. Living at home
  85. Confused about being attracted to my boyfriend
  86. Family issues
  87. So... There's this guy...
  88. How Do You Make Friends?
  89. Help with closeted bi
  90. need help dealing with controlling parents
  91. After Four Months...
  92. How do I ask if he's gay?
  93. One of her friends really doesn't like me
  94. Help to get over a bestfriend Crush?
  95. Dealing with a Summer Separation
  96. can't work this out
  97. Recently.
  98. What stops her?
  99. Don't know how much longer I can deal with mom
  100. Getting Over Him
  101. Apparently I "act gay"?
  102. why does it sting so much?
  103. Boy problems
  104. I've hit rock bottom and feel like I'm running out of time.
  105. What is this?
  106. Getting a girl
  107. Hard time envisioning marriage..
  108. Difference between a friend or crush?
  109. Not sure if Craigslist is a good idea
  110. People like me... in real life
  111. Need some advice for my friend...
  112. What to do
  113. Do I leave or stay?
  114. Desires and disgusts
  115. Do I wait for her?
  116. Religious Mom
  117. How successful relationships bud and bloom
  118. Mysterious love note/chocolates, is it really that obvious I'm lesbian?
  119. Will I ever get over him?
  120. Like a straight girl
  121. How to move on from negative friends?
  122. Relationship Problem
  123. I can't stop obsessing about being alone
  124. What to get
  125. Grandma thinks I need to grow out of my sexuality.
  126. How far do you go with platonic friends?
  127. Fighting with mom, feeling conflicted and need help
  128. Baggage
  129. Does she like me more than a friend?
  130. Does this guy at school like me?
  131. How to make friends when you have social anxiety? PLEASE
  132. Mom won't talk to me.
  133. Is it okay to avoid these sorts of people?
  134. I think my dad is dying
  135. A heart broken rant more then anything
  136. Should I come out to a confusing friend group?
  137. Hey guys
  138. Falling in love with a straight girl...
  139. Age foiled me again..
  140. How to deal with frustratingly homophobic friend
  141. who else have done this
  142. A rant about my sister
  143. Can anyone give me some advice? Workplace related*
  144. I think I'm too clingy
  145. My crush tried to kiss me?
  146. old relation ship to friends with benefits
  147. How do I confront her?
  148. I am completely shattered
  149. Could my friend be gay?
  150. Any bisexuals in NZ?
  151. Is it all about sex?
  152. Right to privacy
  153. Dating in high school.
  154. disgusting.
  155. Liking a homophobic?
  156. Keep falling in love with older women as a 19yr old
  157. Sleepaway camp
  158. Advice/help/lonely
  159. Need advice....
  160. this girl is driving me CRAZY!
  161. How do I Tell her?
  162. Came out to my Husband
  163. My friends and family have no idea...
  164. In a relationship with a man and questioning everything
  165. Silly question, but want opinions...
  166. "You'll end up alone"
  167. ok screw it im moving out
  168. Came out to more folks
  169. she isnt living my life I am.
  170. what my parents wants?
  171. Homosexuality as a sin
  172. Crushing again, wishing he'd like me back
  173. My crush asked me to hang out and.....
  174. Should I push it?
  175. Little problem...
  176. Friend with a Crush... :L
  177. First Breakup :/
  178. Awkwardness after confessing
  179. Feel like Im being lead on
  180. Asexual Friend & Crush
  181. Looking for some viewpoints
  182. Clashing degrees of comfort
  183. obsessed with her
  184. A burden
  185. Bestfriend sending mixed signals
  186. A Couple of Issues...
  187. Love at first sight....but we've never met!
  188. My Friends Seem Different Now
  189. my mom is...questionable.
  190. It's complicated, do I go for it or not?
  191. At a loss.
  192. To parents?
  193. I'm so confused?
  194. How to tell someone at school?
  195. Friends over boyfriend/girlfriend?
  196. Skyped with this girl...
  197. How to know if he's curious/questioning?
  198. He's terrible at communicating...
  199. How to ask her?
  200. How to ask her?
  201. Two days with my girlfriend, already doubting
  202. Just feeling a bit upset...
  203. first pride parade triggered depression, looking to meet people and get out more
  204. Anyone with a good gaydar?!
  205. Am I being unreasonable?
  206. Advice for a friend
  207. I can't get over her
  208. One of my best friends/housemate was basically raped. What do I do?
  209. He is so confusing and it's killing me.
  210. Long distance relationships
  211. I would really appreciate your insight!!!
  212. Sister's avoiding me... again
  213. Does he like me?
  214. An Ode to Online Dating Apps
  215. Friend of a Friend died.
  216. A straight but very feely friend
  217. She doesn't want oral sex...HELP!
  218. Friends treat me differently
  219. Would you stay as friends or cease communication?
  220. Feminine Guys
  221. Stuck in the Vortex, Send Help
  222. Advice for Very "Friendly" Friend
  223. New family with new unexplored questions...
  224. My girlfriend is trying to sabotage our relationship
  225. Boyfriend refuses to let me meet his friends or family
  226. What do I do next? Message him or not?
  227. Confused
  228. Is this a normal or an abusive relationship?
  229. puzzled that what I should do after coming out to a friend I like
  230. How do I give my lil brother the sex talk?
  231. When it comes to my family...
  232. Please just tell me I'm being a paranoid weirdo?
  233. Help me please!
  234. telling my crush I like them
  235. Is it in my head? Did I do something wrong? Shouldn't this have brought us closer?
  236. Need help with ldr
  237. Help me please!
  238. Will I Ruin Her Life?
  239. Close Minded Friends??
  240. Should I tell my friend I have a crush on her
  241. I feel so guilty?
  242. A Lot to Process
  243. How to get out in the world and meet people?
  244. How to deal with crush on straight classmate
  245. She can call Caitlyn Jenner by the right pronouns, but not me???
  246. Something Good
  247. I couldn't help myself...
  248. How did you know you were ready for a relationship?
  249. Vent sesh.
  250. Defying God and Biology