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  1. Should I push it?
  2. Little problem...
  3. Friend with a Crush... :L
  4. First Breakup :/
  5. Awkwardness after confessing
  6. Feel like Im being lead on
  7. Asexual Friend & Crush
  8. Looking for some viewpoints
  9. Clashing degrees of comfort
  10. obsessed with her
  11. A burden
  12. Bestfriend sending mixed signals
  13. A Couple of Issues...
  14. Love at first sight....but we've never met!
  15. My Friends Seem Different Now
  16. my mom is...questionable.
  17. It's complicated, do I go for it or not?
  18. At a loss.
  19. To parents?
  20. I'm so confused?
  21. How to tell someone at school?
  22. Friends over boyfriend/girlfriend?
  23. Skyped with this girl...
  24. How to know if he's curious/questioning?
  25. He's terrible at communicating...
  26. How to ask her?
  27. How to ask her?
  28. Two days with my girlfriend, already doubting
  29. Just feeling a bit upset...
  30. first pride parade triggered depression, looking to meet people and get out more
  31. Anyone with a good gaydar?!
  32. Am I being unreasonable?
  33. Advice for a friend
  34. I can't get over her
  35. One of my best friends/housemate was basically raped. What do I do?
  36. He is so confusing and it's killing me.
  37. Long distance relationships
  38. I would really appreciate your insight!!!
  39. Sister's avoiding me... again
  40. Does he like me?
  41. An Ode to Online Dating Apps
  42. Friend of a Friend died.
  43. A straight but very feely friend
  44. She doesn't want oral sex...HELP!
  45. Friends treat me differently
  46. Would you stay as friends or cease communication?
  47. Feminine Guys
  48. Stuck in the Vortex, Send Help
  49. Advice for Very "Friendly" Friend
  50. New family with new unexplored questions...
  51. My girlfriend is trying to sabotage our relationship
  52. Boyfriend refuses to let me meet his friends or family
  53. What do I do next? Message him or not?
  54. Confused
  55. Is this a normal or an abusive relationship?
  56. puzzled that what I should do after coming out to a friend I like
  57. How do I give my lil brother the sex talk?
  58. When it comes to my family...
  59. Please just tell me I'm being a paranoid weirdo?
  60. Help me please!
  61. telling my crush I like them
  62. Is it in my head? Did I do something wrong? Shouldn't this have brought us closer?
  63. Need help with ldr
  64. Help me please!
  65. Will I Ruin Her Life?
  66. Close Minded Friends??
  67. Should I tell my friend I have a crush on her
  68. I feel so guilty?
  69. A Lot to Process
  70. How to get out in the world and meet people?
  71. How to deal with crush on straight classmate
  72. She can call Caitlyn Jenner by the right pronouns, but not me???
  73. Something Good
  74. I couldn't help myself...
  75. How did you know you were ready for a relationship?
  76. Vent sesh.
  77. Defying God and Biology
  78. Dating as a lesbian
  79. Telling my crush i'm gay.
  80. Family is extremely religious
  81. Family is extremely religious
  82. Advice on managing a relationship with a closeted guy?
  83. Wanted to kiss my friend. Should I tell her?
  84. Told my crush, not enough
  85. Am I just a 'bit on the side' in another country?!
  86. Confusion with an important friendship
  87. PLEASE help me out
  88. How to approach my father
  89. parents making me feel horrible about my decisions...:(
  90. So My friend came out to me and I like him
  91. Dating in a homophobic country?
  92. I want a perfect relationship like in the stories
  93. help me please
  94. Shes Bi Im a lesbian
  95. Hiding from my parents
  96. Shes Bi Im a lesbian
  97. How to help a friend who feels like no one could love him
  98. Defending yourself without outing yourself
  99. my brain is gone
  100. Best friend woes
  101. My Dad is an ignorant biggot
  102. Completely Embarrassed
  103. Relationships, Sexuality, and School
  104. Would you do it?
  105. Enjoying kissing and cuddling but not sex with a guy
  106. Her actions vs. her orientations?
  107. Cute girl no number
  108. What to do?
  109. Daddy issues becoming relationship issues
  110. Do I Need Constant Friends?
  111. need advise or help :(
  112. Should I tell him ?
  113. Can anyone with LDR experience please advise
  114. I feel like a slut
  115. crush is confusing
  116. Severely Depressed and Suicidal
  117. Confusing friend
  118. Going on my first lesbian date this Saturday! advice??
  119. Coming Out to My Crush?
  120. I'm the only non straight person at work
  121. Pursuing a Guy in a Strictly Straight Enviorment
  122. Need advice, not much time
  123. Chaos as cover?
  124. Friends with benefits slowly ruined my friendship with a straight guy
  125. I should not have to deal with this
  126. How to deal with falling in love
  127. Torn-up relationships because of gender/sexuality?
  128. Closeted teenager. Just had first break up. Heartbreak-ing alone.
  129. Infatuated with my Professor?
  130. Is this guy just messing with me?
  131. Should I talk to my dad?
  132. Ask for permission or beg for forgiveness?
  133. Social anxiety disorder and dating
  134. Dream guy? aka In love with my neighbour
  135. Feeling weird about the relationship
  136. my dad is so nosy and my senior picture is ugly
  137. Advice please?
  138. Not really friends anymore
  139. Had a dream about marrying my girlfriend but...
  140. Coming out as a weapon?
  141. My ex thinks she is psychotic
  142. Just want to isolate myself
  143. I don't give off the vibe
  144. I don't know how my family would react?
  145. 2 Friends Ruined This Year For Me...
  146. How do I exsplain this?
  147. ending things with my girlfriend
  148. Should I end the relationship?
  149. Wait.. what? She has feelings for me too?!
  150. Standing on the Outside
  151. do you think my sister knows?
  152. Dealing with friends who don't get along
  153. I need to be loved and to be held so secure
  154. friend coming out to me? kinda?
  155. I hate myself?
  156. How do I get one of my friendship groups back to normal?
  157. How do I get friendship group back to normal?
  158. Hurt and confused
  159. My friends outed me! I'm really scared and help.
  160. online dating websites and thoughts.
  161. In love with Straight friend should I confess or move on.
  162. How can you hint to a gay/bi friend that you like him and/or are bi/gay?
  163. Want To Tell My Best Friend, But Don't Know What To Say
  164. Straight Friend Likes My Crush
  165. How to meet other gay girls my age?
  166. Am I seeking emotional support?
  167. Does my Crush Like me Back?
  168. Bisexual Male & Closeted Gay Male - Could really use some advice :S
  169. Me and my friend...what?
  170. Mixed signals are messing up my head...
  171. My family hates me
  172. Bisexual / Relationship Issues
  173. Messed up situation
  174. And update and a problem
  175. Am I too 'straight' for her?
  176. Feeling "silly"
  177. what to do about this? feeling doomed
  178. Sister filled with hostility
  179. Can we stay together? HELP!
  180. I can't get over her?
  181. Mixed Orientation Marriages
  182. Show your LOVE! What do you love about your gf/bf?
  183. friends with benefits??
  184. Are there ever two "masculines" in a gay relationship?
  185. I need help with this guy who keeps giving mixed signals...
  186. pretty sure this guy likes me, need to get over him. help.
  187. age gap
  188. Torn Between Two People?!?
  189. Torn Between Two People?!?
  190. Is she attracted to me or is it all innocent?
  191. Casual Sex
  192. new situation for me
  193. My friend probably thinks I actually want to be with her now..
  194. my narcissistic father
  195. Need someone in my position to text.
  196. She has stopped responding, and idk why!
  197. I'm gonna have my first time in two days..
  198. My 3 yr old cousin keeps getting knives
  199. Bad Happenings and Loneliness
  200. is it ok to want to be the "boy" in the relationship?
  201. Questions for people with abusive parents?
  202. What should I do?
  203. Im in love with my best friend , should I tell her ?
  204. Talking to my parents
  205. Paranoid or Being Played?
  206. Here we go again :/
  207. Question
  208. Just came out to an old good friend
  209. I don't know how to date
  210. Is it right to detach myself?
  211. What have I done?
  212. texting too much
  213. 1 at a time
  214. His coming out went too well?
  215. Wanting to talk to my mom. Please help.
  216. Friends boyfriend might be gay?
  217. How to make (LGBT) friends?
  218. Possesive boyfriend
  219. How to move on?
  220. Need help, Crazy BF's Mother thinks Im cheating!
  221. Snappy Attitude
  222. Genderfluid Friend HELP!
  223. Opinion on dating apps?
  224. Bisexuals
  225. Emotional Abuse?
  226. Boyfriend and roommates
  227. making myself undesirable? *possibly triggering*
  228. does she like me?
  229. Age gap...
  230. Came out to a friend HELP PLS
  231. Rude boyfriend.
  232. What to do with an Insensitive Boyfriend
  233. Should I tell my crush I like them?
  234. Some Catholics. . .
  235. Trouble Connecting...
  236. What am I supposed to do?
  237. Religious Family
  238. Wondering if I am the other man
  239. How do/would you ask another girl out?
  240. So how you guys deal with this?
  241. Is it me or them?
  242. Sad friend. What do I do?
  243. I need help with 2 guys...
  244. Help! I'm just not a very good gay.
  245. Torn Between Two Friends?!?
  246. Time is now
  247. How to get over crush? I'm tired of this feeling.
  248. OK so you have these feeling, your married!
  249. So my Crush likes me Back. But,....
  250. What is love?