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  1. Dating as a lesbian
  2. Telling my crush i'm gay.
  3. Family is extremely religious
  4. Family is extremely religious
  5. Advice on managing a relationship with a closeted guy?
  6. Wanted to kiss my friend. Should I tell her?
  7. Told my crush, not enough
  8. Am I just a 'bit on the side' in another country?!
  9. Confusion with an important friendship
  10. PLEASE help me out
  11. How to approach my father
  12. parents making me feel horrible about my decisions...:(
  13. So My friend came out to me and I like him
  14. Dating in a homophobic country?
  15. I want a perfect relationship like in the stories
  16. help me please
  17. Shes Bi Im a lesbian
  18. Hiding from my parents
  19. Shes Bi Im a lesbian
  20. How to help a friend who feels like no one could love him
  21. Defending yourself without outing yourself
  22. my brain is gone
  23. Best friend woes
  24. My Dad is an ignorant biggot
  25. Completely Embarrassed
  26. Relationships, Sexuality, and School
  27. Would you do it?
  28. Enjoying kissing and cuddling but not sex with a guy
  29. Her actions vs. her orientations?
  30. Cute girl no number
  31. What to do?
  32. Daddy issues becoming relationship issues
  33. Do I Need Constant Friends?
  34. need advise or help :(
  35. Should I tell him ?
  36. Can anyone with LDR experience please advise
  37. I feel like a slut
  38. crush is confusing
  39. Severely Depressed and Suicidal
  40. Confusing friend
  41. Going on my first lesbian date this Saturday! advice??
  42. Coming Out to My Crush?
  43. I'm the only non straight person at work
  44. Pursuing a Guy in a Strictly Straight Enviorment
  45. Need advice, not much time
  46. Chaos as cover?
  47. Friends with benefits slowly ruined my friendship with a straight guy
  48. I should not have to deal with this
  49. How to deal with falling in love
  50. Torn-up relationships because of gender/sexuality?
  51. Closeted teenager. Just had first break up. Heartbreak-ing alone.
  52. Infatuated with my Professor?
  53. Is this guy just messing with me?
  54. Should I talk to my dad?
  55. Ask for permission or beg for forgiveness?
  56. Social anxiety disorder and dating
  57. Dream guy? aka In love with my neighbour
  58. Feeling weird about the relationship
  59. my dad is so nosy and my senior picture is ugly
  60. Advice please?
  61. Not really friends anymore
  62. Had a dream about marrying my girlfriend but...
  63. Coming out as a weapon?
  64. My ex thinks she is psychotic
  65. Just want to isolate myself
  66. I don't give off the vibe
  67. I don't know how my family would react?
  68. 2 Friends Ruined This Year For Me...
  69. How do I exsplain this?
  70. ending things with my girlfriend
  71. Should I end the relationship?
  72. Wait.. what? She has feelings for me too?!
  73. Standing on the Outside
  74. do you think my sister knows?
  75. Dealing with friends who don't get along
  76. I need to be loved and to be held so secure
  77. friend coming out to me? kinda?
  78. I hate myself?
  79. How do I get one of my friendship groups back to normal?
  80. How do I get friendship group back to normal?
  81. Hurt and confused
  82. My friends outed me! I'm really scared and help.
  83. online dating websites and thoughts.
  84. In love with Straight friend should I confess or move on.
  85. How can you hint to a gay/bi friend that you like him and/or are bi/gay?
  86. Want To Tell My Best Friend, But Don't Know What To Say
  87. Straight Friend Likes My Crush
  88. How to meet other gay girls my age?
  89. Am I seeking emotional support?
  90. Does my Crush Like me Back?
  91. Bisexual Male & Closeted Gay Male - Could really use some advice :S
  92. Me and my friend...what?
  93. Mixed signals are messing up my head...
  94. My family hates me
  95. Bisexual / Relationship Issues
  96. Messed up situation
  97. And update and a problem
  98. Am I too 'straight' for her?
  99. Feeling "silly"
  100. what to do about this? feeling doomed
  101. Sister filled with hostility
  102. Can we stay together? HELP!
  103. I can't get over her?
  104. Mixed Orientation Marriages
  105. Show your LOVE! What do you love about your gf/bf?
  106. friends with benefits??
  107. Are there ever two "masculines" in a gay relationship?
  108. I need help with this guy who keeps giving mixed signals...
  109. pretty sure this guy likes me, need to get over him. help.
  110. age gap
  111. Torn Between Two People?!?
  112. Torn Between Two People?!?
  113. Is she attracted to me or is it all innocent?
  114. Casual Sex
  115. new situation for me
  116. My friend probably thinks I actually want to be with her now..
  117. my narcissistic father
  118. Need someone in my position to text.
  119. She has stopped responding, and idk why!
  120. I'm gonna have my first time in two days..
  121. My 3 yr old cousin keeps getting knives
  122. Bad Happenings and Loneliness
  123. is it ok to want to be the "boy" in the relationship?
  124. Questions for people with abusive parents?
  125. What should I do?
  126. Im in love with my best friend , should I tell her ?
  127. Talking to my parents
  128. Paranoid or Being Played?
  129. Here we go again :/
  130. Question
  131. Just came out to an old good friend
  132. I don't know how to date
  133. Is it right to detach myself?
  134. What have I done?
  135. texting too much
  136. 1 at a time
  137. His coming out went too well?
  138. Wanting to talk to my mom. Please help.
  139. Friends boyfriend might be gay?
  140. How to make (LGBT) friends?
  141. Possesive boyfriend
  142. How to move on?
  143. Need help, Crazy BF's Mother thinks Im cheating!
  144. Snappy Attitude
  145. Genderfluid Friend HELP!
  146. Opinion on dating apps?
  147. Bisexuals
  148. Emotional Abuse?
  149. Boyfriend and roommates
  150. making myself undesirable? *possibly triggering*
  151. does she like me?
  152. Age gap...
  153. Came out to a friend HELP PLS
  154. Rude boyfriend.
  155. What to do with an Insensitive Boyfriend
  156. Should I tell my crush I like them?
  157. Some Catholics. . .
  158. Trouble Connecting...
  159. What am I supposed to do?
  160. Religious Family
  161. Wondering if I am the other man
  162. How do/would you ask another girl out?
  163. So how you guys deal with this?
  164. Is it me or them?
  165. Sad friend. What do I do?
  166. I need help with 2 guys...
  167. Help! I'm just not a very good gay.
  168. Torn Between Two Friends?!?
  169. Time is now
  170. How to get over crush? I'm tired of this feeling.
  171. OK so you have these feeling, your married!
  172. So my Crush likes me Back. But,....
  173. What is love?
  174. I was guilt tripped
  175. Need Advice ASAP!
  176. Problems with my boyfriend's parents...
  177. My ex gf (lesbian) wants to be with men
  178. How do I tell him that I'm a lesbian?
  179. did I do the right thing
  180. Do you think I should tell him? or just move on?
  181. Prom
  182. Should I tell him how I feel or just forget about it?
  183. inviting bi friend that's more than a friend now to a social group
  184. Overly insecure and can't pintpoint why
  185. My friend.
  186. New Friend Relationships
  187. Another suicide
  188. Crush problem...
  189. advice and conversation topics
  190. Single 4ever
  191. Same-gendered Crush
  192. Was it my behavior ?
  193. Dilemma
  194. I have a crush
  195. What to do about friend...
  196. Breakup...
  197. Can i have some of you inputs or advice please? meduim length posted
  198. Dealing with sex post-rape
  199. A wonderful feeling
  200. Is He Gay or Not?
  201. Gay Advice with a "straight" best friend
  202. Outed?!
  203. I'm not out but neither is she, which complicates things.
  204. I'm not out but neither is she, which complicates things.
  205. Homo-Ignorance (Daily Microaggressions)
  206. I feel like friends and family are forgetting my sexuality...
  207. I've just been dumped
  208. I can't tell if he's into me
  209. to forgive and wait OR to forget
  210. When's the right time in a relationship to call someone your boyfriend/girlfriend?
  211. Mixed Orientation Marriage and Self Acceptance
  212. Thought I was straight, but I have feelings for my gender fluid friend...
  213. Gender Identity in High School...
  214. Should I tell my friend?
  215. How to make gay friends?
  216. Missing my girlfriend
  217. Who wouldn't date their friend or possibly best friend?
  218. Help?
  219. Feeling overwhelmed since I found out I'm gay
  220. If a woman is with a man, it makes me more jealous
  221. can't get over her. Fuck!
  222. My family do not accept me anymore
  223. Having a hard time finding a bf
  224. How to get over a crush
  225. Trying to connect with other lesbians, but it makes me feel even more alone
  226. Am I being a good person or just STUPID?
  227. What to do..
  228. I am horrified by what my mother just said. Don't know how to react.
  229. So like, does anyone else have that one friend?
  230. Parents really want me to have kids one day...
  231. My crush is really sexy but he's genuinely stupid.
  232. Polyamorous relationships?
  233. Lesbian with Homophobic mom
  234. Parents hate my girlfriend
  235. Getting back with an ex who still isn't out
  236. Would you date someone with your name?
  237. Guy falling in love with Guy Friend
  238. I miss my ex girlfriens.
  239. Is this messed up?
  240. In a bit of a quandry
  241. ️I don't know how to tell my boyfriend I'm trans*
  242. Should I kiss my friend?
  243. My girlfriend won't let me touch her?
  244. A cruel trick of nature
  245. My boyfriend is making me disappointed about our relationship...
  246. I am leaving someone dear. How do I tell him what I feel?
  247. Online dating
  248. Fading friendship? Or is it all in my head?
  249. Why doesn't she like me ? :(
  250. The feelings are gone. So why am I thinking like this?