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  1. What to do with an Insensitive Boyfriend
  2. Should I tell my crush I like them?
  3. Some Catholics. . .
  4. Trouble Connecting...
  5. What am I supposed to do?
  6. Religious Family
  7. Wondering if I am the other man
  8. How do/would you ask another girl out?
  9. So how you guys deal with this?
  10. Is it me or them?
  11. Sad friend. What do I do?
  12. I need help with 2 guys...
  13. Help! I'm just not a very good gay.
  14. Torn Between Two Friends?!?
  15. Time is now
  16. How to get over crush? I'm tired of this feeling.
  17. OK so you have these feeling, your married!
  18. So my Crush likes me Back. But,....
  19. What is love?
  20. I was guilt tripped
  21. Need Advice ASAP!
  22. Problems with my boyfriend's parents...
  23. My ex gf (lesbian) wants to be with men
  24. How do I tell him that I'm a lesbian?
  25. did I do the right thing
  26. Do you think I should tell him? or just move on?
  27. Prom
  28. Should I tell him how I feel or just forget about it?
  29. inviting bi friend that's more than a friend now to a social group
  30. Overly insecure and can't pintpoint why
  31. My friend.
  32. New Friend Relationships
  33. Another suicide
  34. Crush problem...
  35. advice and conversation topics
  36. Single 4ever
  37. Same-gendered Crush
  38. Was it my behavior ?
  39. Dilemma
  40. I have a crush
  41. What to do about friend...
  42. Breakup...
  43. Can i have some of you inputs or advice please? meduim length posted
  44. Dealing with sex post-rape
  45. A wonderful feeling
  46. Is He Gay or Not?
  47. Gay Advice with a "straight" best friend
  48. Outed?!
  49. I'm not out but neither is she, which complicates things.
  50. I'm not out but neither is she, which complicates things.
  51. Homo-Ignorance (Daily Microaggressions)
  52. I feel like friends and family are forgetting my sexuality...
  53. I've just been dumped
  54. I can't tell if he's into me
  55. to forgive and wait OR to forget
  56. When's the right time in a relationship to call someone your boyfriend/girlfriend?
  57. Mixed Orientation Marriage and Self Acceptance
  58. Thought I was straight, but I have feelings for my gender fluid friend...
  59. Gender Identity in High School...
  60. Should I tell my friend?
  61. How to make gay friends?
  62. Missing my girlfriend
  63. Who wouldn't date their friend or possibly best friend?
  64. Help?
  65. Feeling overwhelmed since I found out I'm gay
  66. If a woman is with a man, it makes me more jealous
  67. can't get over her. Fuck!
  68. My family do not accept me anymore
  69. Having a hard time finding a bf
  70. How to get over a crush
  71. Trying to connect with other lesbians, but it makes me feel even more alone
  72. Am I being a good person or just STUPID?
  73. What to do..
  74. I am horrified by what my mother just said. Don't know how to react.
  75. So like, does anyone else have that one friend?
  76. Parents really want me to have kids one day...
  77. My crush is really sexy but he's genuinely stupid.
  78. Polyamorous relationships?
  79. Lesbian with Homophobic mom
  80. Parents hate my girlfriend
  81. Getting back with an ex who still isn't out
  82. Would you date someone with your name?
  83. Guy falling in love with Guy Friend
  84. I miss my ex girlfriens.
  85. Is this messed up?
  86. In a bit of a quandry
  87. ️I don't know how to tell my boyfriend I'm trans*
  88. Should I kiss my friend?
  89. My girlfriend won't let me touch her?
  90. A cruel trick of nature
  91. My boyfriend is making me disappointed about our relationship...
  92. I am leaving someone dear. How do I tell him what I feel?
  93. Online dating
  94. Fading friendship? Or is it all in my head?
  95. Why doesn't she like me ? :(
  96. The feelings are gone. So why am I thinking like this?
  97. My Unrequited Love Story (Officially Over!)
  98. What happened to me in junior high
  99. A case of the blues
  100. How much sex is normal in a serious romantic relationship?
  101. Bisexual Men, Beards and the Down Low.
  102. is my friend attracted to me or what?
  103. Crush on best friend
  104. Internet ex panic
  105. Teenage guys, where havd you met your boyfriends?
  106. Is it me? Am I a bad person
  107. Feeling insecure about dating someone unhealthy
  108. I have a goal In life
  109. Heartbroke
  110. How to handle a roommate
  111. Bi, in love with my Bestfriend
  112. Good Lesbian/Bisexual Phone Apps?
  113. An Old Debt
  114. Has mum finally accepted me?
  115. Noak's Ark
  116. Mom surprised?
  117. Longterm relationship with a man but keep wanting women!
  118. Is she playing games?????
  119. Can women be driven to become lesbian?
  120. The Perils of Online Dating as an Academic?
  121. I'm not sure what my gf is comfortable with
  122. Am I just being paranoid?
  123. Confused about what's going on
  124. Why do I feel disconnected from my husband?
  125. Unreasonable anger?
  126. Asked out my fellow bisexual crush and...
  127. harsh ending?
  128. Boyfriend still loves his ex
  129. My mom know I'm gay (bi) but doesn't support gay marrige ..
  130. I think my little sister might be bi
  131. Should I come back in her life?
  132. What do I do in this situation?! Love square?!
  133. is she doing this because she likes me?????
  134. Looking for Friends
  135. i need some advice please
  136. Is it selfish of me to fade out on my friend?
  137. In Love with my (Straight) Best Friend
  138. I need help learning how to express my emotions.
  139. How would some of you handle or approach this?
  140. I think my straight best friend may have feelings for me (long)
  141. Would you be with a bisexual person?
  142. How long before exchanging numbers?
  143. Meeting guys?
  144. Crush on best friend... What to do...
  145. I simply don't know what to do
  146. My boyfriend Cheated on me
  147. Just friends or more?
  148. Is asking for your number a huge indicator?
  149. Using dating apps to make friends. Is that possible? Donīt think so.
  150. A sad story
  151. i told the girl...
  152. How much effort is too much?
  153. Finding Friendship in the LGBT community?
  154. Have I ruined a friendship? (w/long backstory)
  155. How to ask someone out
  156. Really need an answer. Time is running out.
  157. Mom, please don't do that
  158. Help! Went to meet LDR and need to leave the country
  159. Struggling finding potential girlfriends
  160. When to Compromise
  161. Staring a relationship
  162. forgive and forget or just forget?
  163. I love a straight woman
  164. How do I tell a friend that I like him?
  165. Open relationship
  166. How to explain...
  167. In love with my straight best friend/Fraternity little brother
  168. How Do I Know If My Best Friend Likes Me?
  169. work and co-workers
  170. family member that is still in the dark
  171. My boyfriend doesn't know I'm bisexual
  172. For the love of all queers!
  173. How can I just stop thinking about her?
  174. Friend jealous of my boyfriend
  175. Need help with my depressed friend
  176. Out of League Dating
  177. Well I guess I can't say I'm not attracted to him now.
  178. Online Flirting Issue
  179. Terrified of dying alone
  180. Help with my mum
  181. Should I ditch them?
  182. Family Issues
  183. Something to get off my chest
  184. People & stuff.
  185. More reasons not to come out to my parents..
  186. 'Straight' best friend
  187. a bit obsessed with me?
  188. IM REALLY mean with some friends and i ask for friends not to be mean i feel bad
  189. Straight guy best friend in denial?
  190. My father wants gays to "just go away"
  191. Help Making Gay Guy Friends
  192. Homophiaaaaaa. D:
  193. Not sure what to do?????Part of me says yes....other says no.
  194. why when i'm over a crush I hate them so much?
  195. High School friends were so unreliable and fake.
  196. Mixed Messages
  197. How should I deal with these friends?
  198. What do I tell my parents?
  199. Should I come out to a religious friend?
  200. I finally want a relationship (1st time ever!)
  201. Bi Friend is confusing me?
  202. Not As Accepting As I Once Thought?
  203. My Straight Friend Kissed Me
  204. I can't keep doing this and I need help
  205. 6 months in, and still haven't kissed.
  206. Tips for discussion while on dates?
  207. Homophobic long-time friend
  208. My mom does not understand
  209. ex boyfriend troubles
  210. Accidental drama between my crush and a new friend.
  211. How should I behave?
  212. I'm dying inside, my heart is bleeding
  213. (I Think I'm in Love) and I don't know what to do
  214. What was your first openly gay/lesbian relationship like?
  215. I am alone.
  216. The next step
  217. First boyfriend... maybe first break up all in the same day
  218. Am I denying because my parents are transphobic?
  219. Not Sure how this should go...
  220. What's the deal here. PLEASE HELP
  221. The Forbidden Fruit!
  222. I'm crushing on my straight friend...
  223. I'm in love with my best friend
  224. How do you deal with unaccepting family members?
  225. Bisexual Help
  226. a friend of mine getting harrassed
  227. Dissonant on this one... :'(
  228. Crush
  229. Threesomes in a relationship
  230. Crushing on a straight guy I can't get away from
  231. Thirsty af
  232. Dating again
  233. Mismached Libido and General Attachment
  234. not sure what this is
  235. My ex is sleeping with my roomate
  236. Attraction and complimenting.
  237. Got a boyfriend but I like girls... Help!
  238. Does he like me?
  239. Hurt my bisexual ego
  240. dealing with biphobia
  241. This always happens
  242. Do any bisexuals feel like their friends don't believe them/judge them?
  243. Idk what to put this under...posted earlier under "coming out advice"
  244. Help! Crush on friend
  245. Man or woman??
  246. Leaving the past where it is? Or following my heart?
  247. Blackmailed due to coming out
  248. Boyfriend found on dating app
  249. I Am Deeply IN LOVE With My Best Friend
  250. I Need Help!