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  1. Should I Tell My Mom?
  2. Do liars change?
  3. Conflicted feelings with my new guy
  4. Elder Brother, Mentally Unfit
  5. Monogamy in Gay relationships?
  6. A difficult choice...
  7. Having a nightmare with my family
  8. Just friends?
  9. My "friend" is extremely rude to me
  10. No relationship experience. At all.
  11. More Straight Friend Drama
  12. Lying about my BF
  13. Why?
  14. I want to ask a guy out tomorrow, but I fear rejection
  15. Frustrated by Not Being Out
  16. I swear she's at least bi . . .
  17. Can't really be around my family?
  18. he left me for his girlfriend.
  19. Best Friend = Girlfriend?
  20. Coming out to bf about being lesbian.. help
  21. Friendship and messy feelings
  22. Girlfriend cheating and lying?
  23. ninth grader dating an eighth grader
  24. sexual assault
  25. How to deal with my first breakup
  26. Mother in law moved in and it's tearing me apart
  27. Ex boyfriend and I seem to be getting closer - advice on how not to ruin it?
  28. Terrible gf?
  29. My girlfriend is Bi
  30. We did it!
  31. need tips/advice
  32. How should I face this?
  33. need advice badly
  34. Unrequited love with a twist?
  35. Moving
  36. All the affection took a halt so fast! im hurt! Advice?
  37. LD boyfriend sounds down and lonely. Should I be worried?
  38. Boyfriend belittles my sex drive
  39. How do I know if my friends attracted to guys
  40. I give up... I'll be forever alone
  41. Date ideas? Help me out guys
  42. Should I take a chance at ruining our friendship to suggest the possibility of LDR?
  43. Don't ask, don't tell?
  44. my "straight" friend is into me
  45. How to tell him I'm not interested
  46. Is my partner my mother? Huh?
  47. I wish I had a.."normal" brother my age..
  48. Wanting privacy
  49. My Best Friend . . .
  50. Can someone have multiple LGBT+ kids?
  51. Need help with a tricky situation.
  52. How to Friends?
  53. Crush Rejects You, Then Comes Back
  54. Does he love me? because I think he's staright
  55. Normal? What's that?
  56. My girlfriend is a stone butch and I want to give
  57. I masturbated with my male friend over the phone .
  58. These feelings for this guy I just met
  59. Advice on relationship
  60. working things back out with his ex
  61. Probably just in my head...
  62. ldr lover friends with ex? is that bad?
  63. First relationship confusion
  64. my ex is in love with my brother
  65. how to fix my friendship with a straight guy i was involved with
  66. Well this is crazy
  67. Help! is he into me or straight?
  68. Age gaps...
  69. Why is he teasing me?
  70. Feeling the same way?
  71. Hopeless
  72. How do I tell her I want to kiss her?
  73. Issues with straight friends?
  74. Idk if he hates me or likes me?
  75. Relationships and Family
  76. Bi, coupled and confused: friend with benefits?
  77. Supporting Girlfriend with Depression
  78. Someone out of your comfort zone
  79. Bromance Advice
  80. My boyfriend is into politics and I'm not
  81. Exciting and unusual: dating someone in a open relationship
  82. Stumbled into something serious?
  83. Need a little perspective on this one.
  84. Why did I get married?
  85. Girlfriend drinking
  86. What is REALLY important in a partner for you?
  87. Flirting stuffs
  88. My brother is struggling.
  89. I get stressed when he's not around.
  90. how to trust a long distance lover?
  91. Coming out to acquaintances
  92. My cheating GF is the love of my life, help!
  93. Not LGBT related, but help!
  94. My latest crush
  95. Is it weird that I'm black but only date white guys?
  96. Nervous about public affection
  97. Flirting in a difficult situation
  98. My friend seems interested in me
  99. Is There Any Hope For Me With This Guy?
  100. My bf likes someone else
  101. Need advice im dating closeted man 4 years
  102. Another 'In love with a straight guy thread'
  103. Should I reach out to him?
  104. I love her but I feel greedy
  105. Regret?
  106. Boyfriend was still seeing ex when he started dating me
  107. Help with this complicated friendship?
  108. Questioning because I'm scared?
  109. Boyfriend broke up with me "I dont know whats wrong with me but I meed to figure me."
  110. This girl is so confusing. Help me!
  111. Loving a straight guy damaged me.
  112. Boyfriend's online pics
  113. My Parents are Fine with Me Being Bi But...
  114. Two years later: you CAN and you will get through anything
  115. Is he bipolar or gay?
  116. Mutual Friends
  117. Yeah, I'm still dealing with this guy.
  118. Ooops, she did it again. Ouch.
  119. Breaking up is hard to do
  120. is there something wrong with me?!
  121. How to hide/not think about your sexuality and be happy
  122. straight guy into me?
  123. Bi-gender and looking to date men for the first time
  124. My girlfriend is killing me (figuratively)
  125. Is it okay not be over it?
  126. Work and sexuality
  127. I feel like I haven't really progressed at all
  128. I need some input
  129. Is my same sex best friend sexually attracted to me
  130. Am I to young to date her?
  131. Is there any point in trusting anyone?
  132. Help I Turned A Straight Girl to the **Dark Side**
  133. My homophobic dad
  134. Is it worth it?
  135. What should I do??
  136. second "first date"
  137. Worth going to a therapist for this?
  138. forever alone
  139. Is he even interested in me or playing me?
  140. Missing chances
  141. My Cheating Boyfriend.
  142. Apologies...
  143. Do others think this way?
  144. Is this a bad idea?
  145. would she forgive me if i did this?
  146. Hardcore crushing???
  147. Depression with parents.
  148. Coming out as bi and engaged?
  149. I'm not sure what to do, or if it's worth it.
  150. Finding out that you're second best?
  151. Fights with parents
  152. Friend joining separate friend circle
  153. Help from parents to explain things.
  154. Gay vs. Straight Relationship
  155. Abusive friendship
  156. Should I stay with him or not?
  157. I'm so confused please help me
  158. Feeling Bad After Conversation w/ Stepmom
  159. Showing too much interest
  160. Bigender with straight parter
  161. My boyfriend does everything for me.
  162. I don't think my straight crush is straight
  163. Talking to parents
  164. Doesn't Seem to Get It...
  165. I Want A Relationship, But...
  166. Big news: I'm getting married
  167. Guys. I think I'm in love...
  168. Very confusing first lesbian crush HELP ME PLEASE
  169. Internet dating.
  170. afraid
  171. Festive family cheer; beware the ho-ho-homosexual
  172. did I lose her for good?
  173. Single life is really hurting, heart is breaking
  174. Anyone in medical or healthcare profession
  175. Relationship Help
  176. My family won't acknowledge that I'm gay
  177. Friend extremely jealous of my best friend
  178. Family Fights + Mental Illness
  179. Boyfriend is talking to his ex, refuses to let me touch his phone now?
  180. Friend dilemma related to a professional/academic project
  181. Friendship
  182. Homophobia over the holidays
  183. Stages?
  184. Repairing a friendship
  185. Parent issues
  186. I really can't hold it in any longer
  187. Should I ask him?
  188. Help Closeted Relationship
  189. This girl...
  190. First Date!
  191. The Weird People
  192. Misinterpreting Someone's Interest In You
  193. Dealing with pressure from homophobic parents while in medical school- am 26
  194. Am I over analysing things?
  195. My old bestfriend came back into my life and so did my love for him. But he has a gf!
  196. did I lose her? should i do?
  197. Touchy feely vs horny
  198. Gay men with str8 men crush vs Str8 men with lesbian crush
  199. Leading a double life...
  200. How do i tell my dad about my step mum?
  201. I attract way older men/women
  202. Is It Time To Come Out To My Parents?
  203. How to deal with my straight crush (roomate)?
  204. I can't stop, please help
  205. Is my same sex best attracted to me?
  206. Not sure what to do
  207. how to find if someone had girlfriend hidden relationship status
  208. religious ex-gf
  209. Looking to the future?
  210. Disowned by my Parents
  211. What is life
  212. Loneliness is Getting To Me
  213. Dating with low self-esteem
  214. I don't know how have a relationship
  215. Confusion... help
  216. Dealing with unintentional(?) homophobic remarks from family
  217. Decision weighing so heavy
  218. Stay in a mediocre relationship or break up and move on?
  219. My Girlfriend is in the closet... Advice?
  220. How did you meet your crush
  221. Friend acts awkward around me
  222. advice please.
  223. is it fair?
  224. Accidentally leading someone on..
  225. Should I do anything about my barista crush?
  226. Predicament
  227. I want a Closer Relationship
  228. Can anyone help?
  229. Dating
  230. Loneliness
  231. Friend Of A Friend
  232. I get crushes too easily
  233. Strange Relationship
  234. My boyfreind
  235. First Girlfriend
  236. Just need a little advice.
  237. Afraid to tell therapists about my crush
  238. Girlfriend crisis
  239. Fallen like a fool.
  240. Conflicted about dating someone with a disability
  241. Should I go for it?
  242. I need help reconnecting with an old friend.
  243. I have a girlfriend?
  244. Should I come out to my friends?
  245. Can something come out of this?
  246. Advice about my family?
  247. How do stop feeling uncomfortable around men
  248. My friend doesn't understand depression
  249. Butterflies in my tummy
  250. Can we still be friends?