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  1. Make him get the hint...
  2. Just friends or flirting?
  3. any experience getting over a narcissist?
  4. Crush on my best friend...help?
  5. Straight girl crush.. need advice!
  6. Just not a people person?
  7. I Have Feelings for My (Possibly) Gay Best Friend
  8. Do you think he just needs to come to terms with it?
  9. Newly dating someone and it's their birthday
  10. this is taking a toll on me...
  11. Hoping this is the right place to put this.
  12. HELP!!! Roommate has just been reported for suicidal thoughts!!!!
  13. So I have a question...
  14. Am i losing my mind over her!?
  15. My crush is also Bisexual
  16. Am I Just Being Stupid?
  17. Is she still interested in me????????
  18. Everythings Wrong
  19. When is it okay to say?
  20. Fed up..
  21. i left my so called boyfriend is it wrong?
  22. My Unrequited Love Story (Although not entirely over yet)
  23. friend throwing me out of closet :(
  24. friend throwing me ou of closet :(
  25. NOWHERE - Take it how you want to.
  26. one-sided hopeless romantic
  27. Friend and crush getting together?
  28. So confused, not even funny anymore
  29. When a guy makes several long eye contact with you, what does it mean?
  30. Crush, possibly gay?
  31. This past month has been horrible. like, bad.
  32. first girl friend
  33. Long-distance crush
  34. A story of hope-ish or WHY LOOKS MATTER
  35. There's this girl...
  36. Heartbroken can't stop thinking about her
  37. How to ask someone out...
  38. What's a Guy to Do?
  39. Should I Stay
  40. Ask her out or move on?
  41. How to Be/Look Lovable?
  42. breathe
  43. relationships��
  44. Who am i??
  45. Friend and crush like eachother?
  46. My boyfriend lives in a closet in his catholic parents house
  47. close encounters of the straight kind
  48. close encounters of the straight kind
  49. Caught the blues tonight
  50. Punching bag.
  51. unrequited love- but was I being used?
  52. Tell me your unrequited love/crush story
  53. Should I keep on with him?
  54. Needing a binder!
  55. Nobody cares that I'm transgender.
  56. No more straight guys
  57. already caught...few days in relationship.
  58. This guy said he was "open-minded"?
  59. The New Guy
  60. I think my friend is closeted nerd
  61. Boyfriend is a bottom and so am I
  62. Fighting with mom
  63. confusing crushes
  64. Hopeless Crush
  65. Comments from family and friends
  66. my confusing roommate:/
  67. ive isolated myself for a long time.. and now my old friends are inviting me out..
  68. In love with a straight guy
  69. Shut out forever?
  70. my mom thinks me being trans* is a phase and that i'm confused.
  71. Confused about my friends sexual orientation?
  72. Trust issues
  73. Girlfriend Isn't Sure About Me...
  74. Confused
  75. i just cant get over my first love :(
  76. Will I ever be able to find someone?
  77. How to tell a FWB I'm into somebody else.
  78. Tense Family Issues...
  79. Sex for the first time?
  80. Don't Know if my Crush Likes me Back
  81. Part of me isn't ready to move on..
  82. GF says she will break up with me if i transition?
  83. Over-analysing ruining my relationship
  84. Crushes that aren't gay
  85. I'm so tired....
  86. Stressful Situation (for me)
  87. Do you reject your crush when he/she likes you while you are in the closet?
  88. My boyfriend is fragile
  89. The Dance
  90. Desire to have kids
  91. How do I approach my crush about a rumor?
  92. Family advice
  93. I just don't know what to do.
  94. Help - is there anything? What should I do?
  95. How should I approach this guy?
  96. Is this guy gay?
  97. Should I Break up with Him?
  98. I don't know if he likes me
  99. Should I go see a therapist? Feeling overwhelmed
  100. Help (Fancy my best friend)
  101. The monster father in law
  102. so there's this girl...
  103. Just another lesbian in love with a straight girl...
  104. Any advice?....abuse
  105. Religious family members
  106. Crush on my friend
  107. Really Bad Day
  108. How Long Should I Wait, or End it?
  109. Advice is needed
  110. Accidentally flirting but not trying to give the wrong message.
  111. Dating advice?
  112. I don't know what to make of this
  113. How do I approach girls?
  114. So hard
  115. My first boyfriend, and having questions
  116. Integrity
  117. Dating someone who isn't out.
  118. Why would a "straight" guy repeatedly make eye contact with a guy?
  119. This is going to get awkward if it doesn't stop soon..
  120. is this normal?
  121. Was I crazy or was it Forreal?
  122. Is my guy best friend gay? And giving me hints?
  123. Get over a crush for good
  124. What does this girl really want?
  125. Another 'I like my friend' thread
  126. I just really need advice
  127. Violence at home
  128. Loneliness
  129. Family's reaction to coming out
  130. Is it worth it being with my boyfriend?
  131. About crushes
  132. Uncomfortable with friend
  133. 2 years after coming out and family still doesnt understand
  134. My older sister bullys me and our mom
  135. Husband, soon to be Wife
  136. Best Way to Ask A Guy Out
  137. A Boy I Met Online Has A Crush On Me...
  138. Homophobic sister coming over this weekend
  139. I thought she was okay with this
  140. Defining a Healthy Relationship Compared with a Codependent Relationship
  141. Never Say, Always
  142. How to help my friend
  143. Boyfriend added my ex on Facebook?
  144. tell me if this is a dumb idea
  145. Telling a guy I have a crush on him?
  146. He broke up with me and now comes to me for advice.
  147. Gay Boy in Love with his Possibly Gay Best Friend
  148. first break up
  149. Thought I was straight..now I'm dating a girl
  150. Crushing on a straight woman
  151. keeping the secret for too long. Becoming unbearable.
  152. Came out to my mom recently but I'm feeling worse
  153. I'm torn between two people....but wait there is more...
  154. trans and family
  155. Is there any way to get along with my mom?!?
  156. Leaving the boyfriend out of things...?
  157. Massive regrets, feeling miserable
  158. Message me need advice.
  159. Friendship Jealousy?
  160. i got some serious feelings for this guy. need advice!
  161. being with someone for the first time
  162. marriage with kids with gay/bisexual
  163. finding a boyfriend
  164. Just another of those feeling rants :(
  165. Rejected by university for being "gendernetural"
  166. Please Help!!!
  167. How to deal with crushes in a relationship
  168. Ignoring family
  169. Pissed off on my uncle because of Election (need to vent)
  170. Guys are all over my girlfriend?
  171. Advice
  172. Being bothered about church
  173. family
  174. Another "Is my friend gay?" post
  175. I came out to my Mom.
  176. Why can't I just like myself?
  177. So confused and in love (with a straight guy)
  178. I love zie, but I have trouble asking for help.
  179. How to end a friendship
  180. Serial Cheater ...
  181. Not in love with my Girlfriend but i want to be
  182. Dating a Guy who wants to move in, not sure of relationship...
  183. problems w/ the mom
  184. Friend Likes me >_<
  185. Rant?: Homophobic Parents, Christianity, and Movies/TV
  186. Is he interested in me? or am I crazy?
  187. you are weird...
  188. Second Thoughts
  189. Just need to rant
  190. Mental Anguish......
  191. Do I dare??
  192. Taking a chance
  193. How Long Must I Wait
  194. Reconnecting after all this time
  195. If anyone likes a long read....please help.
  196. Not your typical falling for best friend story
  197. Looking for advice: dealing with unsupportive parents
  198. I'm into BDSM and she's vanilla. Please help!
  199. Help
  200. "Not looking lesbian enough" & alienation
  201. How do I know if I should stay with my boyfriend?
  202. Joking around with friends??
  203. i'm shy and awkward with the guys i like
  204. saw my ex
  205. How do you know if your partner is right for you?
  206. Does she like me back???
  207. I have no idea what I'm going to do.
  208. Been a while
  209. A guest room no more.....
  210. Friends with benefits
  211. Confused : /
  212. Do I like Him?
  213. I need help with this guy Asap!
  214. What does this mean?
  215. advice
  216. Saying "I am Gay"
  217. Mixed Signals ! Is he just friendly?
  218. My straight friend kissed me?
  219. Please help
  220. Need Advice (Time Sensitive)
  221. Too scared of rejection
  222. Feeling Bad...Still
  223. I think being gay lost me a friend :(
  224. I will do anything for him to stay.
  225. Need advice involving family ignoring me?
  226. New relationships, the problem of being bi...
  227. is it normal for a straight girl to cuddle a lesbian on bed?
  228. ...nair in the shampoo?
  229. Best Date Worst Outcome
  230. Tell the guy I am dating?
  231. A comment my mom made that made me smile
  232. One of my friends may be a bit homophobic
  233. Advice on gifts for family
  234. Roommate situation
  235. My family just sent me this T shirt
  236. Not what it seems...
  237. Sexually frustrated? Romantically too if that's a thing
  238. Giving unsolicited advice
  239. am i crazy or was he actually sending me signals?
  240. I've either made a terrible mistake or I'm insane. Help appreciated.
  241. How do I deal with insecurity?
  242. Much Excitement
  243. Why Does My Mom Do This?
  244. My parents may know..
  245. I love my friend. I think she's straight. How do I ask?
  246. like someone who I have 0% chance with.
  247. Straight Girls Keep Messing With Me When They're Already Involved With Guys. Help???
  248. How to even start?
  249. The Relationship-y Bit...
  250. Talking to my older cousin?