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  1. Rejected by university for being "gendernetural"
  2. Please Help!!!
  3. How to deal with crushes in a relationship
  4. Ignoring family
  5. Pissed off on my uncle because of Election (need to vent)
  6. Guys are all over my girlfriend?
  7. Advice
  8. Being bothered about church
  9. family
  10. Another "Is my friend gay?" post
  11. I came out to my Mom.
  12. Why can't I just like myself?
  13. So confused and in love (with a straight guy)
  14. I love zie, but I have trouble asking for help.
  15. How to end a friendship
  16. Serial Cheater ...
  17. Not in love with my Girlfriend but i want to be
  18. Dating a Guy who wants to move in, not sure of relationship...
  19. problems w/ the mom
  20. Friend Likes me >_<
  21. Rant?: Homophobic Parents, Christianity, and Movies/TV
  22. Is he interested in me? or am I crazy?
  23. you are weird...
  24. Second Thoughts
  25. Just need to rant
  26. Mental Anguish......
  27. Do I dare??
  28. Taking a chance
  29. How Long Must I Wait
  30. Reconnecting after all this time
  31. If anyone likes a long read....please help.
  32. Not your typical falling for best friend story
  33. Looking for advice: dealing with unsupportive parents
  34. I'm into BDSM and she's vanilla. Please help!
  35. Help
  36. "Not looking lesbian enough" & alienation
  37. How do I know if I should stay with my boyfriend?
  38. Joking around with friends??
  39. i'm shy and awkward with the guys i like
  40. saw my ex
  41. How do you know if your partner is right for you?
  42. Does she like me back???
  43. I have no idea what I'm going to do.
  44. Been a while
  45. A guest room no more.....
  46. Friends with benefits
  47. Confused : /
  48. Do I like Him?
  49. I need help with this guy Asap!
  50. What does this mean?
  51. advice
  52. Saying "I am Gay"
  53. Mixed Signals ! Is he just friendly?
  54. My straight friend kissed me?
  55. Please help
  56. Need Advice (Time Sensitive)
  57. Too scared of rejection
  58. Feeling Bad...Still
  59. I think being gay lost me a friend :(
  60. I will do anything for him to stay.
  61. Need advice involving family ignoring me?
  62. New relationships, the problem of being bi...
  63. is it normal for a straight girl to cuddle a lesbian on bed?
  64. ...nair in the shampoo?
  65. Best Date Worst Outcome
  66. Tell the guy I am dating?
  67. A comment my mom made that made me smile
  68. One of my friends may be a bit homophobic
  69. Advice on gifts for family
  70. Roommate situation
  71. My family just sent me this T shirt
  72. Not what it seems...
  73. Sexually frustrated? Romantically too if that's a thing
  74. Giving unsolicited advice
  75. am i crazy or was he actually sending me signals?
  76. I've either made a terrible mistake or I'm insane. Help appreciated.
  77. How do I deal with insecurity?
  78. Much Excitement
  79. Why Does My Mom Do This?
  80. My parents may know..
  81. I love my friend. I think she's straight. How do I ask?
  82. like someone who I have 0% chance with.
  83. Straight Girls Keep Messing With Me When They're Already Involved With Guys. Help???
  84. How to even start?
  85. The Relationship-y Bit...
  86. Talking to my older cousin?
  87. Tried outing with mom...oops
  88. Boyfriend trying to make me jealous?
  89. First Love
  90. Is there anything there?
  91. Complicated Situation
  92. met a girl online
  93. I need someone to translate this situation for me. Need advice on homophobic? mom.
  94. trapped in a bad situation with my parents
  95. A Girl Tried To Kiss Me
  96. My straight best friend likes me but has a boyfriend. Any advice?
  97. I need help with this guy
  98. Told my straight friend I love her as a joke?
  99. Unsupportive mother
  100. I'm in love with my straight male best friend. Any advice?
  101. Help with an ex
  102. Am I the crazy one here?!?!
  103. looking for a date
  104. Cancelled date, should I be worried?
  105. Meeting people in college
  106. How to get over a straight girl
  107. help with love and sadness
  108. My engagement is broke....
  109. Family, or lack thereof
  110. Missing my boyfriend
  111. Heartbroken 💔 Is friendship possible?
  112. Am I about to lose everything?
  113. Another in love with bestfriend thread😶
  114. sad thread. i just need advice please
  115. sad thread. i just need advice please
  116. I can't stand this lonely feeling
  117. So I Came Out to My Family
  118. Does my boss have feelings for me?
  119. dating an ex slammer?
  120. I think my friend is also gay
  121. How to help someone who is closeted
  122. A haircut
  123. I Told a straight guy i liked him but nothing changed...
  124. Started chatting with guys, but...
  125. help with homophobic family
  126. this girl, second date?
  127. First date?
  128. My boyfriend's death
  129. Mom's homophobic/racist/conservative boyfriend.
  130. Relationship help! New here :/
  131. Contact between dates
  132. I'm head over heels in love...
  133. Age gap issues. Does he like me more than he's willing to say?
  134. how to deal with being the dark horse in a group of friends?
  135. how to get closer to him?
  136. confused, because of crush/friend and yeah
  137. I'm not sure what to do
  138. How to tell a girl, who fell in love with you?
  139. Another 'Is he into me?' thread
  140. Feel Awful About This Guy
  141. First date nerves
  142. Is she into me?
  143. Gay dating in high school
  144. I think my lesbian friend has a crush on me
  145. Should I risk it?
  146. Falling for your best friend?
  147. my best friend is moving to EL SALVADOR for the year.do I tell her I like her? HELP!
  148. Could this guy have any romantic interest in me?
  149. How do you know if you trust issues?
  150. Courage?
  152. Need SERIOUS ex bf advice, please read and help :( it's time sensitive
  153. Have I Done Something Wrong?
  154. No social life, please help
  155. Is she gay?
  156. Please, please help!! I don't know what to do :(
  157. Should I Tell Him I Have a Crush on Him?
  158. Cliche but I like my bi best friend and I need help
  159. I can't carry on like this.
  160. My mom
  161. Choose Who?
  162. Dating a bisexual girl
  163. How to Keep in Touch
  164. Is it Me? UPDATE
  165. How do I ask a girl out?
  166. Haters
  167. struggles
  168. End of a relationship, self restraint!
  169. threads here that have happy outcomes
  170. Letting go
  171. To anyone who has found their soulmate: how did it happen?
  172. fear of vulnerability/showing affection
  173. This New Guy :rolleyes:
  174. What the Apps are Doing to Relationships
  175. guess i know where i stand
  176. What's the point in all this. . . either way, I am alone
  177. Friend being jealous of me and his friend.
  178. I donīt know what to do... :S
  179. They say he's Straight, but...
  180. Gay with a bunch of straight friends
  181. how to approach him
  182. Help!! Demented friend-girl coming after my soul!!
  183. Guy Looking At Me Weird
  184. How Can I Ask Him?
  185. Do I ask her or wait til she ask me?
  186. I'm terrified, please help
  187. I'm crushing on what seems to be the typical straight guy.
  188. What's it like to cuddle with the love of your life?
  189. Wrongly accused by boyfriend - what to do?
  190. What should I do?
  191. Is my best friend Gay, Bi or just Introverted
  192. A "distant" kind of relationship
  193. I'm in such a weird situation.
  194. Crush on girl but dating guy
  195. Crush on my boss...
  196. im confused and feel guilty
  197. He Wants Me ,But Wants His Girlfriend Too??
  198. Approaching Someone?
  199. Help with Girlfriend for an MTF
  200. Friend's relationship problems
  201. Will I ever get over my crush?
  202. why do I fall in love so fucking easily
  203. I want to give up on him?
  204. How to "break up" with a friend?
  205. Trying to Not be Totally Weird/Dramatic
  206. How do I get him to notice me?
  207. Is it Me?
  208. Pretty fly for a bi guy
  209. Posted here before....found out my gay boyfriend has been seeing his ex
  210. How to Have a top/Vers relationship
  211. Time to walk away?
  212. Is He For Me? Or Does He Need Time?
  213. Telling Him The Truth is Hurting Us!!!
  214. Guy I like HELP :s
  215. I just don't know what to do
  216. I just realised this....
  217. Unintentional Heartbreaker
  218. Should I give up on him or keep trying?
  219. First Relationship?
  220. What's so difficult to get?
  221. Am I Being Petty?
  222. My friend is so hard to read.
  223. What should I do?
  224. Is it possible to be alone but not lonely?
  225. Relationships
  226. Is he into me?
  227. What do I do?
  228. Moving on from "the one"
  229. Confessing
  230. Help with Crush
  231. My crush is back with his girlfriend - but I'm not convinced
  232. Never ending crush
  233. my interests
  234. Does he know i'm there?
  235. I want something more...
  236. Crush on My Friend
  237. dose she even care
  238. Reconnecting with an Ex
  239. Moving in with your significant other
  240. How to deal with a homophobic 'friend'?
  241. Fallen for an asexual
  242. Telling my friend I have feelings for him
  243. Why I have no privecy?
  244. Curious.... but engaged!
  245. Meeting girlfriend for first time!!
  246. Did I make a mistake?
  247. Don't want Gay Marriage
  248. What to look for in a boyfriend's personality?
  249. Unexpected Valentine's Cheer
  250. Compatibility vs. Chemistry?