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  1. My parents are breaking up
  2. Are they suspecting me?
  3. I kinda pretended to be straight...
  4. Do you think she might like me??
  5. Am I damaged? some thoughts
  6. Friends
  7. Scared
  8. Feeling the Crushing sensation of the Crush
  9. Is it my paranoia or should I be concerned?
  10. Reducing crush’s control on my emotions
  11. I don't think my friend is as straight as he proclaims
  12. EC Couples
  13. Dealing with the long distance
  14. Feb 14 -- Singles Awareness Day!
  15. Confused on where to go.
  16. How do I proceed?
  17. Change
  18. What do you think of polyamory?
  19. What do you think of this message when you see it?
  20. Parental issues.
  21. That smile is impossible to catch
  22. Almost relationship.
  23. Children
  24. Afraid of screwing up
  25. Differences with my Girlfriend
  26. No clue what to do
  27. How to deal with...
  28. How do you "UNLOVE" someone?
  29. bisexuality pattern?
  30. I hurt so bad!
  31. Ways to approach your crush?
  32. Cute/Romantic ways to ask someone to be my boyfriend? :3
  33. V day
  34. Should you date someone you know isn't like you?
  35. Desperate and in need of help :(
  36. Friend Wants Me to Hide in the Closet for her Parents
  37. What to get her for her birthday/valentines day
  38. my sister has just started self harming
  39. I think my Mum and Dad are ashamed by having a gay only son
  40. Lonely
  41. A rant
  42. Bisexuals: your experiences dating women vs men
  43. Feeling So Lonely
  44. New guy, same old problem.
  45. New to that and this
  46. Long distance vs real life relationship choice
  47. (sigh) Not quite sure what to do....
  48. straight boy fun,or something more?
  49. what a waste of life :(
  50. Is my best friend a lesbian?
  51. Should I end it now?
  52. What do you guys think..?
  53. Man, the ONE girl....
  54. I Lost A Friend Becuase I Am A Lesbian
  55. parents know?
  56. Formally Yours- My ex's heart
  57. Boy problems
  58. Protecting Your Closetted Ex
  59. Seeing someone in a different light
  60. Meeting the family
  61. Am I over analysing?
  62. Need help
  63. Spouse makes me want to cringe
  64. confused and helpless
  65. Advice for reserved guys?
  66. She's Mine Again!!! YAY!!!
  67. Why do I care so much?
  68. I just said yes to him and he's already irritating me. Help!!
  69. Face dysphoria, or come out?
  70. I'm not just a label!
  71. dads opinion on gay marriage
  72. dating someone in the closet
  73. Will it EVER be my turn?
  74. Have you ever had trouble asking your bf(or gf I guess) to get tested?
  75. Ex is dating again
  76. Lots of acquaintances, but no friends
  77. Identifying Tones in Social Situations
  78. Should I stay as a hypocrite, or be true to myself and leave as a pariah?
  79. Sudden lost of interest in my crush???
  80. the lovely (agender) person whom i'm dating...
  81. This guy I like...
  82. Need to vent over this breakup
  83. Needing to vent
  84. Awkward situation... I might accidently out myself or worse!
  85. Caring Way More About Guys
  86. Letters to a Friend
  87. Does My "Straight" Male Friend Like Me?
  88. Is it fair for me to be suspicious?
  89. My Thoughts of Gays
  90. Living With Parents and Dating
  91. How to have an amazing life by doing nothing?
  92. Help?
  93. I can't take this!!
  94. Was he flirting?
  95. Long Term FWB needs Advice
  96. Crush on a teacher.
  97. May-December relationships.
  98. Family Issues
  99. Worried about my kids! need advice!
  100. Worried about ex
  101. From Bliss to a LD(failing) relationship
  102. He likes me, he likes me not?!?
  103. Help i am in hell
  104. Just, agh, friend issues
  105. Is he scaredor am I just crazy
  106. Is it me or...?
  107. Is he bi?
  108. Best friend just replaced me and barely talk
  109. Is it worse if your crush is gay or just not interested?
  110. Never been in a relationship, Lesbian + Transgender
  111. Lacking confidence in asking someone out?
  112. A Pointless Rant About Nothing
  113. Messaging Twice..... desperate
  114. How to get him to notice me
  115. Struggling with Constructive Criticism and impact on relationship
  116. I refuse to let another cute guy get away!
  117. Dumped for being a virgin (26yo female)
  118. Maybe emotional abuse, maybe just overreacting
  119. Possessive?
  120. Should I break up with my boyfriend?
  121. No excuse but to cheat.
  122. More than friends
  123. I want to kill myself
  124. Feeling misunderstood by friends
  125. My family acts like my partner doesn't exist!!
  126. I keep doing this to myself..
  127. how to proceed with a straight friend?
  128. Commitment phobia
  129. dont know what to do help please
  130. Just had a close call with my parents
  131. How to keep the peace
  132. Need Advice
  133. Not sure if attraction with this guy is mutual.
  134. Should I reach out to her?
  135. Life and Regret
  136. Mothers and Grades
  137. How do I tell my mom?
  138. Shot myself in the foot - total mess.
  139. Share about your most painful rejection.
  140. I have no idea what's going on at this point.
  141. Venting... in love with my best friend
  142. I want him back
  143. Feelings for a friend..(ugh)
  144. Is there that ONE family member you are scared to death to tell?
  145. Any advice?
  146. it would be perfect...but?
  147. Wondering if I did the right thing?
  148. Co-Dependent Relationship Avoided
  149. Is my friend a shady crap nugget?
  150. Does she like me?
  151. i know the answer but ill ask anyway
  152. Online BF and his request
  153. Relationship with your parents?
  154. how long would you wait?
  155. At What Time Do You End A Relationship?
  156. i've fallen for my good friend
  157. What's His Motive?
  158. Really, really wishing
  159. Should I start dating again?
  160. No GSA , Broken Family
  161. Crushing on an Aromantic?
  162. How to develop/consolidate friendships?
  163. Advice: Age disparity; I'm 20 and he's 39 :\
  164. Flatmate Fever
  165. Heartbroken and confused
  166. A very hot guy, my best friend
  167. Ending a relationship... how to.
  168. Did I just ruin a potential love affair?
  169. nervous about seeing my ex tomorrow at school
  170. I don't what to do!!
  171. I'm desperate for gay friends.
  172. In love with my best friend
  173. Should I give up or keep fighting?
  174. Should I give up or keep fighting?
  175. i just want someone i could love
  176. Being out to parents church friends
  177. End of an era
  178. (boy)friend trouble
  179. Confused and scared
  180. Divorce
  181. Guy at the gym might be interested?
  182. Social media and age
  183. Closeted guys show less affection than straight guys.
  184. Round 2 With an Ex
  185. I don't trust my parents.
  186. Could use some opinions on a really big relationship issue
  187. Relationship Advice?
  188. Finding Gays?
  189. Someone to talk to :(
  190. Bi-Curious?
  191. Am I doing something wrong?
  192. Need help in deciphering...
  193. Moving on from a cheating boyfriend :(
  194. Bi-romantic?
  195. Mixed Signals ~ So Confused
  196. Is ok for a teacher to date a graduated student?
  197. Is he interested in me or not?
  198. turning someone down with anxiety
  199. physical attraction signs?
  200. New Relationship Advice
  201. A self realization
  202. Straight Guy Help
  203. best friend is confusing the shit out of me. gay, bi, straight? who's knows?
  204. need advice, in a bad place
  205. It's happening all over again!
  206. Going crazy
  207. In a long term relationship but my mind is drifting
  208. I don't know if my roommate is bi or gay
  209. Really like this guy, what to do next?
  210. Getting over her
  211. Everyone Thinks I'm Straight
  212. Sharing Space
  213. Can't make up my mind..
  214. wife texting other guys
  215. In love with my straight best friend and my boyfriend has no clue
  216. I'm kinda "twinkie" but attracted to masculine?
  217. I'm falling for my straight best friend. I can't lose another friend this way, again
  218. Parents have problem with boyfriend changing last name if we get married
  219. In love with bestfriend but things get awkward
  220. This is silly
  221. Valentine's and Birthday's present(s)
  222. How to salvage a friendship from a failed relationship
  223. Homo/Transphobic Mom
  224. In love with another boy but not sure if he is gay/bisexual or not
  225. Homophobic Family
  226. Constant misgendering from family
  227. Boyfriends family gave him the ultimatum
  228. Having a crush on a younger guy
  229. Urgent: Boyfriend advice
  230. How do you accept being disowned or pushed away?
  231. I need answers from closeted men!
  232. Why does my sister continue to communicate with me through my parents only?
  233. this is why i think gay men are the vilest creatures in the world :(
  234. Friend outed to me without their knowledge
  235. Sexual roles in a lesbian relationship
  236. Bad Night
  237. questions about polyamarous relationship
  238. Dating someone who is confused
  239. My current relationship isn't even a relationship
  240. Do you ever sexually fantasize about your friends?
  241. Got Dumped 3 months ago, still crushed and need help
  242. What!!!? Is this!?
  243. Single, sad and desperate for help.
  244. My Life So Far
  245. Sexual exploration and dating as a single mom?
  246. New to this forum! Need advice :(
  247. My plans are ruined, I am beyond angry with my parents!
  248. Should I approach him?
  249. Stuck with a closed minded family
  250. Grieving first gay relationship - what were your experiences?