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  1. Friend came out as gay, then bisexual and now has long-term girlfriend
  2. 2015 is going to be the hardest year yet..
  3. Is it a turn off?
  4. Girls who fall in love with gay guys.
  5. Friends and relationships
  6. My girlfriend can't give me any affection !!!
  7. Boyfriend Problems...:/
  8. Is she into me or not?
  9. Can't stop thinking about this woman I slept with- help!
  10. I need friend advice
  11. dick pic from a friend
  12. Holding Hands and Cuddling with my Bestfriend.. is he bisexual?
  13. "Straight" Guy
  14. My Boyfriend Never Texts Me First? Etc...
  15. What do I do?
  16. I think I might be obsessing over a friend
  17. Sructiny towards family
  18. Heart Shattered, Moral Crisis
  19. Can a gay relationship have just as much happiness as a straight relationship?
  20. parents "not allowing me" to be lesbian!!
  21. I guess my crush is actually a lesbian
  22. I have a crush on my best friend
  23. I have a crush on my best friend
  24. trying to convince my mom i dont like playing sports
  25. Confused; Is this just friends?
  26. Interacting with Straight Crush
  27. My brother found out about my boyfriend nd was yelling loud who is Adam ? What I do?
  28. One night stand?
  29. Boyfriend cheated but wants to get back
  30. Homophobic Mum is judging me?!
  31. Mom almost caught me
  32. Slightly confused...
  33. Girl likes me...I think...but I haven't come out yet
  34. I need some advice
  35. Relationship with my best friend
  36. I love the a girl that has made me depressed.
  37. How do you know if you love someone as a friend?
  38. What does this mean?
  39. crushing on bestie of my bestfriend
  40. what to leave my boyfriend for a woman
  41. How to proceed from here?
  42. Spoke to an old friend about my questioning status....
  43. asking a boy out
  44. New Year's drama with my girlfriend's parents?
  45. "emotional detachment"
  46. Getting them back
  47. Sick of being used
  48. Is that a man or a woman? (rant)
  49. What is this feeling?
  50. when to make it official
  51. I've not met any lesbians!!!
  52. A 3 year long crush.
  53. Empty Closets - Charitable Donations Now Open!
  54. Torn
  55. Double Life
  56. How do i meet girls if I'm not out to anyone?
  57. Masculine looking Female Couples dealing with friendships and relationships.
  58. Weird situation has arisen
  59. I like a straight guy and I think he likes me...
  60. Gay guy with a girlfriend
  61. How can I ask if he's gay?
  62. Should I tell people about my mental disorders?
  63. thank god she did not send me anything for Christmas1
  64. What was your first real gay relationship like and your first time?
  65. I really like her. How should I tell her?
  66. Trans, closeted, and in a relationship
  67. Dating Someone More Experienced, and First Time
  68. Figuring out my new friend
  69. Asking a guy out
  70. Should I ask her out?
  71. Friendship just got weird
  72. Feeling somewhat detached from my partner.
  73. NEED DATING ADVICE (met a really nice guy) and self-esteem advice
  74. Not sure what to think
  75. My messed-up date... Very long and detailed
  76. how to deal with this in a healthy way?
  77. first love story
  78. Scared I will always be on my own
  79. Boyfriend thinks I wasn't myself?
  80. Seeing my friend for the first time
  81. Tips on dealing with sibling jealousy?
  82. I think I love my stepdad more than my dad
  83. What Would You Do?
  84. How should I proceed? Am I just a rebound?
  85. is he flirting with me or just being funny?
  86. Complicated relationship with a friend who has a boyfriend
  87. Family members asking if I have a boyfriend
  88. Am I Afraid of Getting Attached?
  89. The Girlfriend Who Blames Herself
  90. How to turn someone down nicely? (opposite sex is flirting with me...)
  91. lesbians, girls i need advice >_<''
  92. How to get over myself? Looongg...
  93. Do you think he is fliring with me through text?
  94. How to ask someone out?
  95. What do you think of this guy?
  96. talking without being overly emotional
  97. My mom is pregnant.
  98. Should I tell him before he is out of my life?
  99. Problems with a friend I like
  100. This has been bothering me for a while now
  101. not-so-happy holidays (i need some advice)
  102. Not so happy holidays
  103. Christmas present for your boyfriend or girlfriend?
  104. Need some help with a guy
  105. Phone number
  106. Finding someone to experiment with?
  107. Finding people to experiment with?
  108. Dan Savage - The Price of Admission
  109. You guessed it; crush on friend and in need of advice!
  110. Engaged but having doubts again (I could really use some advice)
  111. Writing to myself - it helps!
  112. What can I do to get over my first love? =\
  113. Speed dating questions and...
  114. Expected but still heartbroken.
  115. Anyone else resent their parents?
  116. What would you think if this happened to you?
  117. Thoughts on how this went?
  118. Should I tell my friend I love her?
  119. Experimenting
  120. Gf won't acknowledge us and it's killing me. Sorry LONG post.
  121. Am I over reacting
  122. Dreading the idea of future marriages in the family
  123. What's happening?
  124. Having a really difficult time with my family.
  125. I just don't know what to think.
  126. Friend being very confusing
  127. Coming out as "not straight"
  128. The end?
  129. where to meet girls?
  130. First relationship with a man but I don't want to have sex
  131. Mum made a homophobic comment.
  132. Cute date ideas?? ASAP please
  133. Confusing Best Friend
  134. Terrified of being in a relationship with a guy
  135. Help getting over it
  136. Finding Somebody to Love (or...date)
  137. Abusive Family
  138. problem
  139. My Str8 friend... or not so straight? Help! (another one of those posts...sorry)
  140. Confused about future?
  141. please help is my husband bi or gay!
  142. Homophobes are going to hell
  143. The Stressful balance of school work and love life
  144. Acceptance and Elation
  145. First Date
  146. Ask to be called preferred name by wishlist?
  147. Family completely homophobic??? HELP!!!
  148. Family completely homophobic??? HELP!!!
  149. Do you think I'm just being pathetic?
  150. Gay Christian/Christianty families
  151. I Don't Know What's Happening Anymore....
  152. Thirsty (this seems dumb I know)
  153. Am I to blind to see I'm being used?
  154. Different High Schools?
  155. Having a Secret Girlfriend/Boyfriend?
  156. My girlfriend wants a break
  157. Difficult Choices
  158. Friend with strict parents
  159. Update / Words of encouragement
  160. My best friend.........
  161. Long distance relationship help
  162. My father will not talk to me
  163. Too prude to be gay?
  164. Friends deactivated Facebook, Is he okay?
  165. i think i have a problem
  166. I'm not in love with him...
  167. Balance in a relationship between someone who is asexual and someone who is not?
  168. Friend obsessed with my sexuality?
  169. My friend accidentally coming out to me
  170. Roommates and friends.
  171. My girlfriend won't touch me...
  172. Might my friend be gay?
  173. is it a problem that my boyfriend does not sexually satisfy me?
  174. Confusing signals
  175. what are touchy families like? confusing mixed messages
  176. Another In love with my Best mate
  177. Getting Over 'Crush' Help
  178. Feeling down lately...
  179. Should I go on a date with this girl? (I'm a hot mess)
  180. Time between first and second date?
  181. Should I talk to him?
  182. Is she into me? She says she's straight...
  183. I can't stop thinking about him...
  184. Not sure what I'm really feeling
  185. I want a boyfriend is anyone intrested
  186. Has anyone been to 'Space Youth Group'?
  187. Loving relationship or Codependance?
  188. I'm questioning my sexuality but I'm not sure and I'm in a long-term relationship....
  189. Impossible relationship :(
  190. How to flirt with other girls?!
  191. She's turning me into a wreck... I don't know what to do...
  192. Being bisexual and what it means for college and dating
  193. Might be falling for coworker, but don't want to. What should I do?
  194. Having a Hard Time Figuring Out My Feelings
  195. Give me your happy ending stories!
  196. Emotionally disconnected
  197. Relationship Impact from High Libido / Open Relationship
  198. Moving on ... how the hell do you do it?
  199. Struggling to meet people...
  200. Not Out To Best Friend
  201. My Best Friend jokes about shipping us a lot
  202. Another confused by feelings & don't know what to do thread
  203. How can I start talking to a guy?
  204. Feeling bored
  205. It's happening again...
  206. how many of you have lost a friend after admitting your feelings/hooking up?
  207. Hiding
  208. Making friends
  209. Sibling comparisons?
  210. I need help understanding my relationship... some LDR experience out there?
  211. I need help deciding if my friend is bi?
  212. I'm Going Insane.
  213. When to say "I love you"?
  214. I've been a jerk, should I tell her why?
  215. Friends are judgemental butts; what to do?
  216. Straight girl has a crush on me...
  217. Sooo my "straight" crush kissed me
  218. Am I convincing myself I love him?
  219. Tough Time
  220. Is My Friend Straight, Bi, or What
  221. Anybody have success meeting platonic friends on Craigslist?
  222. Thought I was finally over someone... love him more than ever
  223. Cliche "I'm in love with my best friend"
  224. Breaking up with an emotionally sensitive guy, Advice?
  225. My friend is getting... disturbing!
  226. My life is in shambles / my ex ruined my life
  227. My life is in shambles/ my ex ruined my life
  228. Why is femininity in men so hated and disliked?
  229. Have I lost it?
  230. LDR in one and need help!!!
  231. Falling for a straight guy once again *sigh*
  232. a few things I have been curious about
  233. Sex Advice...?
  234. Giving a guy my number?
  235. Did I make a grave mistake?
  236. No one else is gay at thirteen years old.
  237. Avoid being the Rebound
  238. I don't know how to respond to affection
  239. Im so sprung
  240. Drinking
  241. help
  242. Homophobia
  243. Was it right for her to tell her boyfriend about me?
  244. Relationship help needed here!
  245. Tired of Fantasies.
  246. Stuck in between friends
  247. Where from here?
  248. Traitorous Friend
  249. Friends and Parents
  250. They tell you to be yourself,then they judge you.