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  1. How to salvage a friendship from a failed relationship
  2. Homo/Transphobic Mom
  3. In love with another boy but not sure if he is gay/bisexual or not
  4. Homophobic Family
  5. Constant misgendering from family
  6. Boyfriends family gave him the ultimatum
  7. Having a crush on a younger guy
  8. Urgent: Boyfriend advice
  9. How do you accept being disowned or pushed away?
  10. I need answers from closeted men!
  11. Why does my sister continue to communicate with me through my parents only?
  12. this is why i think gay men are the vilest creatures in the world :(
  13. Friend outed to me without their knowledge
  14. Sexual roles in a lesbian relationship
  15. Bad Night
  16. questions about polyamarous relationship
  17. Dating someone who is confused
  18. My current relationship isn't even a relationship
  19. Do you ever sexually fantasize about your friends?
  20. Got Dumped 3 months ago, still crushed and need help
  21. What!!!? Is this!?
  22. Single, sad and desperate for help.
  23. My Life So Far
  24. Sexual exploration and dating as a single mom?
  25. New to this forum! Need advice :(
  26. My plans are ruined, I am beyond angry with my parents!
  27. Should I approach him?
  28. Stuck with a closed minded family
  29. Grieving first gay relationship - what were your experiences?
  30. Booty call
  31. Why do I do this to myself?
  32. I can't thank this friend enough because now I can't stop thinking about this guy...
  33. Is he too old for me?
  34. As I get older, being single bothers me more.
  35. Not sure if we should break up?
  36. i want to become his friend
  37. My boyfriend doesn't know I've been using drugs
  38. Not sure about feelings of much younger buddy towards me
  39. Is it weird...
  40. Need Advice? Controlling Family and making friends
  41. Ex Girlfriend Dating my Best Friend
  42. Great friend. (Rant)
  43. Can't stop thinking about one night stand
  44. Odd Situation, I Suppose
  45. Interesting developments on the sexuality of my crush
  46. Sister Threatening To Out Me
  47. Incredibly awkward conversation today, I might be forced out of the closet soon!
  48. Is she keeping me on the hook?
  49. Age difference, etc. Advice needed :)
  50. Long Distance
  51. I really wanna experiment with guys here.
  52. 18 falling for a hot 16 year old.
  53. Please help, really hating myself, contemplating suicide :(
  54. Apologizing...
  55. Stuck in a hetero relationship because of my family
  56. Giving blow jobs to straight friends
  57. Cant I trust her anymore?
  58. Any fears about coming out to parent or parents?
  59. why am I so paranoid?
  60. Subtle hints
  61. Advice; sister came out to mother
  62. One Year Mark Dating... Year in Review/Problems
  63. Out to my wife and family, should I leave home or stay and dump my BF?
  64. Sex without relationship?
  65. My dad thinks I'm going to end up with guy
  66. Being gay must be hard if you have my standards
  67. where does someone find crossdressing/gender/trans friends?
  68. Just a stupid third wheel
  69. I need some help.
  70. I now officially hate my mother
  71. My parents are just...
  72. Oh boy! :(
  73. cuddling does he like me
  74. Does he like me? Romance or bromance confusion please help
  75. My Best Friend
  76. Marriage: Stay? Go?
  77. A date or just hanging out?
  78. What do I do?
  79. Has this happened to anyone else?
  80. Can't move on
  81. Being clingy
  82. My ex still loves me & is driving me crazy
  83. At what time would you consider someone your boyfriend/girlfriend?
  84. Dating younger guys
  85. Wow I'm unoriginal
  86. Please help!!! I accidentally fell for this guy that ended up being curious..
  87. I want a girlfriend
  88. Mixed signals
  89. Secret Relationship/Homophobic Parents
  90. I am screwed :/
  91. Does mariage change existing relationships
  92. My best friend
  93. Homophobic granddad and gay marriage?
  94. So tried of myself~
  95. letting it out
  96. Feeling responsible for my ex-girlfriend
  97. So single it hurts
  98. I did it with a guy for the first time but
  99. Personal space
  100. Getting over a straight crush
  101. Weird feelings
  102. Scared, confused help me
  103. Finding girls have been very difficult.
  104. Why can't straights be gay??
  105. What was your parents policy on dating?
  106. How do you deal when someone doesn't like you back?
  107. I'm in crisis panic mode right now....
  108. How to overcome anxiety?
  109. Need Some Advice
  110. Opinions on online relationships
  111. I think she knows....
  112. What do I do with my trainwreck of a family?
  113. Am I being too hasty or flogging a dead horse?
  114. I am rather offended, particulary by one person. (RantL
  115. Thinking about getting back at homophobic ex-friends
  116. Relationship Mistakes
  117. Maturity and attraction
  118. it hurts so much
  119. So a friend of mine has a gay dating app, but doesn't know I know.
  120. Forced into sex by younger boyfriend
  121. girlfriend opens up to me
  122. getting over someone quickly
  123. Online relationships
  124. fwb turns into..something...
  125. Possible to be in a strictly romantic relationship?
  126. How do I make more friends?
  127. Girlfriend tried to kill herself.
  128. Dating Advise? Anyone?
  129. Girlfriend trubbles. please help out.
  130. Boyfriend Problems Resolved :D
  131. Friend came out as gay, then bisexual and now has long-term girlfriend
  132. 2015 is going to be the hardest year yet..
  133. Is it a turn off?
  134. Girls who fall in love with gay guys.
  135. Friends and relationships
  136. My girlfriend can't give me any affection !!!
  137. Boyfriend Problems...:/
  138. Is she into me or not?
  139. Can't stop thinking about this woman I slept with- help!
  140. I need friend advice
  141. dick pic from a friend
  142. Holding Hands and Cuddling with my Bestfriend.. is he bisexual?
  143. "Straight" Guy
  144. My Boyfriend Never Texts Me First? Etc...
  145. What do I do?
  146. I think I might be obsessing over a friend
  147. Sructiny towards family
  148. Heart Shattered, Moral Crisis
  149. Can a gay relationship have just as much happiness as a straight relationship?
  150. parents "not allowing me" to be lesbian!!
  151. I guess my crush is actually a lesbian
  152. I have a crush on my best friend
  153. I have a crush on my best friend
  154. trying to convince my mom i dont like playing sports
  155. Confused; Is this just friends?
  156. Interacting with Straight Crush
  157. My brother found out about my boyfriend nd was yelling loud who is Adam ? What I do?
  158. One night stand?
  159. Boyfriend cheated but wants to get back
  160. Homophobic Mum is judging me?!
  161. Mom almost caught me
  162. Slightly confused...
  163. Girl likes me...I think...but I haven't come out yet
  164. I need some advice
  165. Relationship with my best friend
  166. I love the a girl that has made me depressed.
  167. How do you know if you love someone as a friend?
  168. What does this mean?
  169. crushing on bestie of my bestfriend
  170. what to leave my boyfriend for a woman
  171. How to proceed from here?
  172. Spoke to an old friend about my questioning status....
  173. asking a boy out
  174. New Year's drama with my girlfriend's parents?
  175. "emotional detachment"
  176. Getting them back
  177. Sick of being used
  178. Is that a man or a woman? (rant)
  179. What is this feeling?
  180. when to make it official
  181. I've not met any lesbians!!!
  182. A 3 year long crush.
  183. Empty Closets - Charitable Donations Now Open!
  184. Torn
  185. Double Life
  186. How do i meet girls if I'm not out to anyone?
  187. Masculine looking Female Couples dealing with friendships and relationships.
  188. Weird situation has arisen
  189. I like a straight guy and I think he likes me...
  190. Gay guy with a girlfriend
  191. How can I ask if he's gay?
  192. Should I tell people about my mental disorders?
  193. thank god she did not send me anything for Christmas1
  194. What was your first real gay relationship like and your first time?
  195. I really like her. How should I tell her?
  196. Trans, closeted, and in a relationship
  197. Dating Someone More Experienced, and First Time
  198. Figuring out my new friend
  199. Asking a guy out
  200. Should I ask her out?
  201. Friendship just got weird
  202. Feeling somewhat detached from my partner.
  203. NEED DATING ADVICE (met a really nice guy) and self-esteem advice
  204. Not sure what to think
  205. My messed-up date... Very long and detailed
  206. how to deal with this in a healthy way?
  207. first love story
  208. Scared I will always be on my own
  209. Boyfriend thinks I wasn't myself?
  210. Seeing my friend for the first time
  211. Tips on dealing with sibling jealousy?
  212. I think I love my stepdad more than my dad
  213. What Would You Do?
  214. How should I proceed? Am I just a rebound?
  215. is he flirting with me or just being funny?
  216. Complicated relationship with a friend who has a boyfriend
  217. Family members asking if I have a boyfriend
  218. Am I Afraid of Getting Attached?
  219. The Girlfriend Who Blames Herself
  220. How to turn someone down nicely? (opposite sex is flirting with me...)
  221. lesbians, girls i need advice >_<''
  222. How to get over myself? Looongg...
  223. Do you think he is fliring with me through text?
  224. How to ask someone out?
  225. What do you think of this guy?
  226. talking without being overly emotional
  227. My mom is pregnant.
  228. Should I tell him before he is out of my life?
  229. Problems with a friend I like
  230. This has been bothering me for a while now
  231. not-so-happy holidays (i need some advice)
  232. Not so happy holidays
  233. Christmas present for your boyfriend or girlfriend?
  234. Need some help with a guy
  235. Phone number
  236. Finding someone to experiment with?
  237. Finding people to experiment with?
  238. Dan Savage - The Price of Admission
  239. You guessed it; crush on friend and in need of advice!
  240. Engaged but having doubts again (I could really use some advice)
  241. Writing to myself - it helps!
  242. What can I do to get over my first love? =\
  243. Speed dating questions and...
  244. Expected but still heartbroken.
  245. Anyone else resent their parents?
  246. What would you think if this happened to you?
  247. Thoughts on how this went?
  248. Should I tell my friend I love her?
  249. Experimenting
  250. Gf won't acknowledge us and it's killing me. Sorry LONG post.