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  1. Friend with strict parents
  2. Update / Words of encouragement
  3. My best friend.........
  4. Long distance relationship help
  5. My father will not talk to me
  6. Too prude to be gay?
  7. Friends deactivated Facebook, Is he okay?
  8. i think i have a problem
  9. I'm not in love with him...
  10. Balance in a relationship between someone who is asexual and someone who is not?
  11. Friend obsessed with my sexuality?
  12. My friend accidentally coming out to me
  13. Roommates and friends.
  14. My girlfriend won't touch me...
  15. Might my friend be gay?
  16. is it a problem that my boyfriend does not sexually satisfy me?
  17. Confusing signals
  18. what are touchy families like? confusing mixed messages
  19. Another In love with my Best mate
  20. Getting Over 'Crush' Help
  21. Feeling down lately...
  22. Should I go on a date with this girl? (I'm a hot mess)
  23. Time between first and second date?
  24. Should I talk to him?
  25. Is she into me? She says she's straight...
  26. I can't stop thinking about him...
  27. Not sure what I'm really feeling
  28. I want a boyfriend is anyone intrested
  29. Has anyone been to 'Space Youth Group'?
  30. Loving relationship or Codependance?
  31. I'm questioning my sexuality but I'm not sure and I'm in a long-term relationship....
  32. Impossible relationship :(
  33. How to flirt with other girls?!
  34. She's turning me into a wreck... I don't know what to do...
  35. Being bisexual and what it means for college and dating
  36. Might be falling for coworker, but don't want to. What should I do?
  37. Having a Hard Time Figuring Out My Feelings
  38. Give me your happy ending stories!
  39. Emotionally disconnected
  40. Relationship Impact from High Libido / Open Relationship
  41. Moving on ... how the hell do you do it?
  42. Struggling to meet people...
  43. Not Out To Best Friend
  44. My Best Friend jokes about shipping us a lot
  45. Another confused by feelings & don't know what to do thread
  46. How can I start talking to a guy?
  47. Feeling bored
  48. It's happening again...
  49. how many of you have lost a friend after admitting your feelings/hooking up?
  50. Hiding
  51. Making friends
  52. Sibling comparisons?
  53. I need help understanding my relationship... some LDR experience out there?
  54. I need help deciding if my friend is bi?
  55. I'm Going Insane.
  56. When to say "I love you"?
  57. I've been a jerk, should I tell her why?
  58. Friends are judgemental butts; what to do?
  59. Straight girl has a crush on me...
  60. Sooo my "straight" crush kissed me
  61. Am I convincing myself I love him?
  62. Tough Time
  63. Is My Friend Straight, Bi, or What
  64. Anybody have success meeting platonic friends on Craigslist?
  65. Thought I was finally over someone... love him more than ever
  66. Cliche "I'm in love with my best friend"
  67. Breaking up with an emotionally sensitive guy, Advice?
  68. My friend is getting... disturbing!
  69. My life is in shambles / my ex ruined my life
  70. My life is in shambles/ my ex ruined my life
  71. Why is femininity in men so hated and disliked?
  72. Have I lost it?
  73. LDR in one and need help!!!
  74. Falling for a straight guy once again *sigh*
  75. a few things I have been curious about
  76. Sex Advice...?
  77. Giving a guy my number?
  78. Did I make a grave mistake?
  79. No one else is gay at thirteen years old.
  80. Avoid being the Rebound
  81. I don't know how to respond to affection
  82. Im so sprung
  83. Drinking
  84. help
  85. Homophobia
  86. Was it right for her to tell her boyfriend about me?
  87. Relationship help needed here!
  88. Tired of Fantasies.
  89. Stuck in between friends
  90. Where from here?
  91. Traitorous Friend
  92. Friends and Parents
  93. They tell you to be yourself,then they judge you.
  94. Lost lesbian
  95. I'm going to tell my dad, and I'm really nervous
  96. Can anyone help
  97. Got Caught and I am Scared
  98. The Missing you Thread.
  99. Is this a really bad idea?
  100. Boyfriend told me he identifies as female?
  101. Which gender do you hang out with more?
  102. Just needed to vent somewhere. If you read sorry if it doesn't make sense
  103. Mum's extremely bad comment
  104. Bisexual guys like bisexual girls?
  105. So, a long-term friendship possibly ended *sigh*
  106. Handling budding relationship?
  107. In the closet and acting as an ally.
  108. She's telling everyone I cheated, and I didn't
  109. 'Straight girl' issue
  110. How To Word It
  111. I just need to talk about it to someone..
  112. what do i do
  113. Found out my ex was cheating
  114. My family drive me to self harm ?
  115. Confused him and confused me
  116. Lonely....
  117. Dealing with an obsessive person...
  118. Touch
  119. is it too soon?
  120. GSA club + crush + dating app
  121. Issue with being intimate
  122. Stalker Parents found out...
  123. My estranged sister
  124. I don't Know What to do for my Boyfriend in This Situation
  125. My ex-bf wants me back...
  126. She's all up in my head
  127. Why Anger?
  128. Parents Won't Let Me See Her...
  129. Dating Question
  130. My Parents on Suicide
  131. Long distances and lost
  132. how do I friends?
  133. Dealing with Homophobic Family Members
  134. how to know he likes me as much as I like him?!
  135. my brother is gay too
  136. Waiting for something that may never happen~
  137. How to get to know someone
  138. My first real big depression possibly
  139. "Mother In Law" from hell
  140. Trust issues
  141. Stuck in an old mindset
  142. Unsure friendships
  143. Always had crush on good friend
  144. My mother is not being as accepting as I would like her to be.
  145. Tips for being less reserved around guys?
  146. I cannot come out to my family...
  147. Ugh... so fucking tired of my parents fighting
  148. I am torn.
  149. Self-harming getting worse
  150. Rejected
  151. This is why I don't see myself coming out to my family
  152. Not being intimate with my boyfriend
  153. Pda?
  154. How do I tell her?
  155. no one is accepting me
  156. Wanting to Come Out Face to Face to Best Friend
  157. How do you know if there's sexual chemistry?
  158. Why are all the good guys straight???
  159. Have a new crush, but old one keeps creeping in...advice?
  160. Straight Girl Needs Help
  161. Problems
  162. So super jealous of best mate's gf
  163. Friend issues
  164. Feelings for my BFF
  165. Advice about approaching someone
  166. Should I have seen it coming?
  167. Decorated the tree and emotional blah
  168. I want a housewife
  169. Closeted people marrying opposite gender?
  170. How to deal with the holidays
  171. recently discovered bisexual needing guidence.
  172. All my crushes end up hating me
  173. Constant frustration with the guy I'm supposedly in love with
  174. Bisexual male, need advice concerning a relationship issue.
  175. I hate being single.
  176. I look at my mom's text messages.
  177. Love Grandpa's gendering confusion
  178. Triggered at Thanksgiving dinner
  179. Homophobic reactions from parents family.
  180. Confusing signals from guy at work?
  181. i think i'm adopted or something
  182. My Mother is so Homophobic
  183. I'm lost, getting discouraged.
  184. Is he playing games?
  185. Conservative family members are coming over for Thanksgiving
  186. Should I (Bi) tell my straight crush that I like him? Please Help! :-(?
  187. How do I explain any of this to my fiancee?
  188. Wrong to invite girlfriend to Thanksgiving & Christmas?
  189. Help!!
  190. Gay Bar with a Parent
  191. My thoughts, my regrets and my cynicism
  192. Slightly incoherent question that addresses my need for dating advice/help.
  193. Dealing with family during holiday season...
  194. Rumours and confusion- help needed :/
  195. Trigger Warning - Ex attempted suicide
  196. Depression setting in!
  197. Age difference...
  198. in love with his girlfriend?
  199. I want to tell him how I feel
  200. Inward Struggles
  201. Turning off emotions... Apathy?
  202. Don't know how to meet guys like me, getting really lonely
  203. So what next??
  204. I wish I were straight
  205. Transphobic parents
  206. Article "Why Online Dating is a Scam for Real Relationships"
  207. My mom's homophobia upsets me...
  208. Why do people discriminate bisexual relationship ?
  209. I feel like this guy likes me, but it's confusing...
  210. How can i tell if this girl likes me?
  211. Relationship Differences
  212. In love with a friend/work colleague
  213. Really need help right now..Depressed...Suicide...
  214. do you think she likes me?
  215. Overwhelmed by interest from opposite sex
  216. I am really confused and I need your helps...
  217. Loss of best friend made me start self-harming
  218. I think this guy likes me...but he has a girlfriend?
  219. Clingy flatmate...
  220. Meeting Other Gay Guys(So perhaps I could get into a relationship)
  221. Confuse, help please!
  222. Is this a bad reason to date people?
  223. I Think I am in love with my Straight Best Friend
  224. Online Relationship HELP!
  225. Why do I lead so many guys on?
  226. We've been so distant
  227. Why can't I make friends?
  228. Does he like me?
  229. Confused Boy, looking for advice.
  230. I've got a few queries about sleeping with a guy...
  231. should i forget about him?
  232. Q: How to get a bae?
  233. Thoughts!
  234. A hypothetical "he stopped writing" situation.
  235. cliche 'falling for best friend' thread
  236. My Friendship Puzzle
  237. The never-ending struggle of my complex friendship
  238. My friend..
  239. any stories about unsuspecting spouses?
  240. Is this guy into me?
  241. Politely friend-zone?
  242. Should I be jealous? dating problem
  243. I think I terrified some poor girl with bluntness
  244. What's it like to sleep with your boyfriend?
  245. old crush has a boyfriend now
  246. Really depressed because of best friend
  247. I desperately need a group of gay friends!
  248. I don't know if or how to break it off
  249. I'm 26 and still can't talk to girls -__-
  250. Partner with psychiatric issues