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  1. mother keeps denying im gay
  2. Feelings & Straight Friends Who Don't Understand
  3. Meeting a guy at a party, could be potential Boyfriend?
  4. People know-this is serious trouble :'(
  5. Why do I miss my boyfriend so much all the time?
  6. Reading Others
  7. What is this? is he playing games?
  8. Found out a friend might be gay, it's a big shock that raises a lot of Questions?
  9. My mom isnt letting me out
  10. I need advice on breaking up.
  11. Should you tell Your Straight Crush that you like them?
  12. Just recently discovered my own sexuality and need help understanding
  13. Gay, and in love with straight "friend".
  14. When does life get better?
  15. Regret dumping a cheating bf??
  16. They are killing me slowly..
  17. 0% romantic things to do?
  18. Kindness, an Essential Ingredient in Relationships
  19. Disowned Sons, Loving Boyfriends and Playing Videogames
  20. the irony of being 'popular'
  21. settling?
  22. My friend's mother is really abusive, I don't know what to do.
  23. I just don't know. Need help...
  24. I think I was used by a straight girl:(((
  25. Scared I'm going to lose someone and regret it later.
  26. Don't want to cheat, but I want things
  27. Imma doomed...
  28. Help with a crush on a (maybe?) straight person?
  29. So I met a guy...
  30. My Half-Siblings
  31. This is ....... shes a good friend!
  32. Do parents ever ask about your sex life
  33. Can't get over a complete jerk
  34. Church
  35. my rant, my thoughts and some of my advice
  36. Invited to a funeral
  37. My parents think my head is messed up
  38. Is it possible?
  39. How to go about this?
  40. What's happend with me
  41. Complications
  42. Same again barman....unfortunatly.
  43. Conflicted feelings
  44. I like one of my best friends
  45. Toxic family life
  46. How to present a gift to a male best friend in a non romantic way?
  47. Crush on person who is dating.
  48. Cabin Crew's Love - Crush on my best friend... I need your advice #sky
  49. My Life Right Now
  50. Can romantic love turn to compassionate love?
  51. In Love With My Teacher And Extremely Confused!
  52. Girl with BF flirting?? PLZ HELP!!
  53. 1st gay date.
  54. After being on this site for a few days I have realised
  55. What should i do?
  56. I want to change for my mom
  57. My girlfriend chose her mom's homophobia over me after 15 months...
  58. thought i could trust her
  59. friends or lovers
  60. Help help help help
  61. Spouse inequality & weird parent-daughter arguments?
  62. First time with a guy!! A bit sad and confused!
  63. Friendless .-.
  64. I can't let go
  65. A long overdue love story...
  66. The Most Frequently Asked Question on EC
  67. Why is life so complex???
  68. Getting The Courage To Msg Him
  69. The most painful year of my life.
  70. Relationship breaking, please help.
  71. Is My 5 Year Relationship Worth Saving??? Help!
  72. getting over someone who is constantly around
  73. Genderqueer Relationship with Straight Guy
  74. Afraid of family and friends
  75. Why don't you have a girlfriend >:(
  76. I'm in love with my best friend
  77. Does she know?
  78. In love with my best friend- neither of us sure of our orientation
  79. Girlfriends mom....
  80. Does he like me?
  81. Boyfriend cheated with someone almost 40 years older
  82. Finding out?
  83. How do you get over first lesbian relationship failure?
  84. Speaking to parents about visiting the psychologist.
  85. Soulmates?
  86. she treats me different than other women
  87. Is this guy at the gym gay/interested?
  88. How to handle him?
  89. Professing feelings
  90. Crushing
  91. S.O.S - clumsy shy mess
  92. Too far?
  93. fake friends
  94. Today was the worst day of my life... Please help...
  95. very depressed dont kw wt to do ? HELP ME..
  96. a guy asked me out but im not comofrtable
  97. Caught in the middle
  98. How do I break down my walls?
  99. My relationship is fading
  100. Birthday is tomorrow and he cheated on me
  101. Relationship issues
  102. my ex is flirting with me, 11 years after we broke up
  103. He kissed me
  104. Rejected a girl because I felt gay, now I like her
  105. My bf is so bossy
  106. He is making me gain weight...
  107. my straight best friend not so straight?
  108. how can I meet more gays?
  109. Developing feelings for a friend
  110. Angry with myself
  111. Meeting Guys
  112. Family
  113. Is it bad to still want to forgive him and take him back?
  114. How do I get to know my crush better?
  115. What if I weren't to come out, and let things come natural
  116. depressed.
  117. help me. convince me. stop me. please?
  118. Is my friend gay or bi?
  119. dropping hints/flirting tips?
  120. Thought it would be much easier than i expected!!
  121. I don't want to be single! 😞
  122. Family frustrations
  123. My highschool crush turned out to be queer... advice please
  124. I'm overwhelmed and have no clue where to go
  125. Bisexual boyfriend broke up with me
  126. We have sooo much really in common but I don't know if he likes me that way
  127. In a relationship and bi
  128. First Date Advice
  129. Attracted to friends
  130. Sister came out to me.
  131. The Usual... Falling for a Good Friend
  132. In love with my friend who may/may not be gay...please help !!?
  133. Fate is too damned late
  134. Parents.. Can't live with them.. Can't live without them..
  135. Do you think he's a self hating gay/bi?
  136. I hate myself
  137. Feeling very depressed (this is a negative post)
  138. First "crush" on a woman... umm what?
  139. Long distance lesbian relationship - slowly destroying me and need advice
  140. Asking shy girl out
  141. Why can't he just accept me?
  142. homophobic comments from family
  143. What now....
  144. My ex girlfriend- I need advice
  145. Falling for a 'straight' girl
  146. So I have this friend...
  147. Two-Faced
  148. First gay love, feeling lost and insecure
  149. So I did it...I told her the truth Kinda??
  150. My ex is threatening he'll kill himself
  151. Why is she doing this?
  152. What are the best online sites/ways to meet local guys?
  153. More advice, please
  154. First Relationship with a Girl?
  155. Do you like it when someone you like gets jealous?
  156. Annoying problem >:(
  157. Confused about my first real relationship!
  158. I think I need Dating Advice
  159. What am I to do?
  160. Hooked up with best friend and now it feels awkward
  161. Too scared to tell my friend about my feelings.
  162. Aromantic, in a relationship, and distressed
  163. LDR problems
  164. Doomed to be single forever (single ad infinitum)
  165. I AM IN LOVE WITH MY STRAIGHT FRIEND!!! plzz help:-(
  166. Dating help needed...please
  167. No longer want to be in a relationship
  168. What do I do about my Crush who may or may not be gay
  169. Mom leaving step dad.
  170. He stuck his fingers in my mouth while I was asleep... feeling upset. Help?
  171. Abomination
  172. So I came out to a girl who had a crush on me...
  173. Losing my best friend?
  174. First lied, then ditched...
  175. feeling alone.
  176. Potential LGBT friend
  177. I really like a guy but he's straight and I want to tell him! NEED ADVICE!!
  178. How can I stop someone from knowing
  179. How to get over a crush on an aromantic friend?
  180. My rant against family!
  181. Need advice for an ambiguously romantic friendship
  182. Meeting someone as a demisexual
  183. Dating Advice for part-time bi
  184. (girl) friend is in love with me
  185. Need advice on how to deal with my mother
  186. Poo hit the fan
  187. my sister wants to be friends with a boy she loves
  188. Guy asked me out; what do I say?
  189. Random Dating/Family Problems
  190. My ex bf is now dating a woman / we're still best friends
  191. First time in my life I told the truth about myself
  192. Need urgent advice on liking a friend
  193. Need help with a 'friend'
  194. Is it bad that I'm hurt that I didn't have birthday sex with my bf
  195. Getting over straight crushes?
  196. Got broken up with on Halloween... Need help.
  197. Is there a chance?
  198. Ego
  199. first lesbian crush in freshman year?? help??
  200. Afraid of loosing the only family I have left
  201. When is the right time?
  202. Is it illegal to...
  203. Friendships being marriages?
  204. What does this third date mean?
  205. Romantic Mashochism
  206. 2 most important people in my life,do I let one of them go?
  207. Who to choose out of the 2 most important people in my life??
  208. 15 y/o daughter can't accept partner
  209. My relationship with my best friend(male)
  210. Coming out to family
  211. Really scared I will be found out..
  212. i fell in love with my (straight) best friend
  213. I'm scared of being blackmailed after I come out
  214. Problems with Female Friends
  215. I don't want to be in-love
  216. Did he try to kiss me?
  217. On Parties and Social Gatherings
  218. Mom problems
  219. Does my friend like me? Does he wants me to be his girlfriend?
  220. Reconnecting with ex-lovers?
  221. Unfulfilled
  222. VERY URGENT- Boyfriend's parents don't want him to have relationships
  223. need help dealing with friendships and more
  224. New person here with a problem
  225. Who do I choose?
  226. When to break the silence?
  227. Terribly 'in love' with a girl at the cafe
  228. I give up on guys...
  229. Hopelessly in love with straight friend
  230. Where are they..?
  231. Quick Question
  232. high school problems and bullying
  233. He couldn't see me....
  234. Two of My Closest Friends Left Me Because of Depression
  235. I have strong feelings for my best friend, Need Help!
  236. I need some help getting a boyfriend
  237. Straight guys won't be my friend?
  238. I like a guy but...
  239. why do parents make it so hard?
  240. letter to father?
  241. my wifes family is homophobic
  242. Long Distance Relationship
  243. First Time Relationship
  244. Boyfriend slept with men
  245. Dating a guy you know is wrong for you
  246. Is it too late now?
  247. Being Trans and Dating...
  248. Worried About A friend
  249. Father-Son Relationship Issues?
  250. Friend's mom is abusing her and there's nothing I can do