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  1. making a teen girl 13 years old accept queens? (sister)
  2. Going crazy
  3. Straight, attached best friend knows I'm gay. Should I tell him I love him?
  4. Am i a bad friend or not? Open to suggestions.
  5. When is the right time to ask her out?
  6. How to explain queer to older parent
  7. Found a great guy but....
  8. I don't know what to do here ...
  9. One Month-iversary gift... Too soon?
  10. The bisexual with mommy issues
  11. Need advice - long story, possible breakup
  12. Falling for one of my "online" friends.
  13. Lesbian in need of advice
  14. Trying to be more open with him
  15. Sad and Confused
  16. New Boyfriend
  17. Since When Did Guys Want To 'Take Things Slow'?
  18. Getting Mixed Signals...Don't know what to do. Advice?
  19. Adoption is not the same
  20. The aftermath.... recovering from cheating.
  21. Individually I like them, but...
  22. Advices needed please
  23. Sexual orientation on Job application?
  24. getting over someone
  25. Random online encounters.
  26. Videos or articles that explain different types of identities for a friend
  27. Have crush on friend, what do?
  28. Please help!
  29. What should i do?
  30. I feel betrayed and lead on by my 'straight' friend
  31. confused if he is interested and how I should go about this.
  32. Africa
  33. advice
  34. Homecoming?
  35. Never dated before!
  36. How do we Explain our Relationship to our Parents?
  37. Any Success?
  38. sos
  39. It's complicated
  40. Should I just let her know how I feel...?
  41. Need a little advice
  42. Bi husband?
  43. Falling in love, not being out
  44. is it truly just over? Was this my fault?
  45. boyfriends sexual esperiences
  46. is my friend pushing me away because she's lesbian?
  47. The proverbial problematic guy crush
  48. My Best Friend Is In Love With Me
  49. Telling a Friend
  50. Gay Dating Advice
  51. I keep falling for unavailable women....
  52. Planned Breakup?
  53. The crush is real.
  54. What do I do now?
  55. All of my friends are talking about girls
  56. Is it Wrong?
  57. Unrealistic Expectations
  58. Turning 18 in 13 months.
  59. She reads my MAIL!
  60. Why did he do this to me?
  61. Getting Over Crushes
  62. Fallen in love with 'straight' guy
  63. Friend ignoring me because i am gay.
  64. I'm self conscious
  65. Hugs and how they can hurt us?!
  66. well i fu**ed up
  67. Did this just happen?
  68. After first date
  69. Told my girlfriend I think i might be gay.
  70. asjk;fljklkjkglakg- ness (Please help)
  71. Yep, Another One Of THOSE Threads...
  72. Your Opinion on a Crush
  73. Is this OK?
  74. I cussed out a teacher today...
  75. Fundamentalist Christian Parents
  76. I want to do something romantic
  77. Help! Need advice badly!
  78. Should I just end things?
  79. I fancy a woman who doesn't fancy me back, and I hardly ever seem to attract lesbians
  80. Is she thinking of cheating?
  81. Mixed Signals: AHHHHH!!!!
  82. Is there hope for it?
  83. Can't Make Guy Friends?...
  84. Worried I might be outed?
  85. I wish I felt something
  86. Relationshits...
  87. I feel like I like him more...
  88. Guy in class advice
  89. Taking rejection very hard.
  90. Unsure if he is interested?
  91. So, suddenly ran out of a room last night
  92. Trust Issues
  93. Winning him back?
  94. Unable to connect with anyone (romantically and as friends)
  95. My straight best friend and our blurred lines
  96. Speed dating..?
  97. Told straight friend I am in love with him
  98. Learning to Let Go
  99. Some opinions and help please...closeted...denial?
  100. when i decided he is just a friend ...... he make me confuse again !
  101. my life sucks
  102. Should I tell her? Or start getting over her.
  103. Where now? What now? And how does everyone else do it?
  104. Loneliness
  105. Aaah shit...
  106. Lost, is he or isn't he?!
  107. Did I just get asked out on a date? Is it just coffee?
  108. I asked a girl out, but....
  109. Felt like hell
  110. Crushing on a Co-worker
  111. Miscommunication issue
  112. I can't believe I'm making a thread about this...
  113. Don't even know where to start
  114. I'm not really friends with any of my friends
  115. Very talkative
  116. I'm really lonely...
  117. Just a cute guy
  118. Why did she suddenly initiate?????
  119. ...Love him so much...
  120. I really love my boyfriend
  121. Cold hearted family members
  122. Father Left Us...
  123. Any Good Tips/Dating Advice?
  124. Help pls! Unrequited, secret love.
  125. Another thread, another crush.
  126. Should I send this email?
  127. Crushing so much!!!
  128. My crush is confused
  129. Urgent case of "i like him but im scared he wont accept"
  130. Family is pressuring me to be a straight female. >_<
  131. New School New Crush:)))
  132. Grandmother is irritating me
  133. Is my friend hitting on me?
  134. having a crush on a straight guy
  135. Asking a girl out for the first time
  136. Ex in denial.
  137. My family seems careless..
  138. He asked "What's wrong?" as if he didn't know...
  139. Does this girl I like hate me??
  140. relationships? steeping into a new realm.
  141. My boyfriend and I argue!
  142. Holding hands in cinema=normal?? HELP!
  143. So I got cheated on...
  144. Potential Date-Classmate (inbetween)-Me
  145. Can't decide if I like a girl or guy
  146. Making Coming Out as Trans Less Uncomfortable for Ex-Boyfriend
  147. Middle school gay crush😓
  148. should i decide or just wuss out
  149. Heartbroken
  150. Wipe your feet before walking all over me please
  151. help with friend
  152. My roomie/friend admitted to having a huge crush on me
  153. Falling for and KISSING my straight best friend
  154. she has a "boyfriend" but is on the down low with me...?
  155. Is he gay or just being friendly?
  156. Losing one of my best friends, please help
  157. help like a-sap
  158. Dont know what to do?
  159. Could he possibly like me?
  160. Best Friend will no longer talk to me
  161. meeting my bio dad and his family , But ...
  162. my sister has crush on the boy I like
  163. I'm Sleeping with my Supervisor. HELP!
  164. Please help!
  165. How to find accepting friends
  166. Was he gay?
  167. Becoming my father.
  168. I really don't know what this means
  169. HS Crush?
  170. Thoughts?
  171. What's. wrong with me
  172. I really like her, but...
  173. My dad??
  174. How to meet other gays?
  175. Turning someone gay?
  176. Is she gay?
  177. I feel like my orientation has become the elephant in the room.
  178. What do you think this means?
  179. Very Confused Advice Needed
  180. Need help with friend
  181. Risk potential friendship for truth?
  182. Crush problems
  183. Girl confusion...
  184. Problems with a friend.
  185. Conflicted Girlfriend
  186. Why does she flirt heavily - she's in a relationship
  187. A free pass to cheat?/One lifetime sex partner
  188. persuing a relationship with a possibly straight person
  189. Pansexual Advice Needed
  190. Confusing Situation
  191. Do gay older men struggle emotionally?
  192. Mom
  193. Good place to meet bisexuals?
  194. Do older men like to play mind games?
  195. Help! I am losing my best friend
  196. Is he into me?
  197. What to do about your best friend not wanting to be cared about...?
  198. How do I ask out a bisexual girl?
  199. How do gay/bis flirt?
  200. Handling a person who has a crush on me?
  201. I don't know what to do
  202. Possibly abusive parents to scared to leave
  203. I want love, but can't find it...
  204. Would this hurt you... ?
  205. How Does One Handle Bigotry?
  206. My Difficult Life
  207. My life on edge.
  208. In love with my female friend, what to do?
  209. I like me straight guy friend. Advice?
  210. I don't want to be a cheater!
  211. dream dream dream
  212. I like a guy that I think is gay but idk
  213. I think my friend doesn't want to hang out any more because I'm lesbian
  214. He said he used to be gay?
  215. In love but confused
  216. Grandma senT me a friend request on facebook help!
  217. Help! Question about friends.
  218. This has become "60 shades of gray"
  219. How do I ask if he's interested?
  220. Feeling over it - major relationship problem....
  221. Straight woman in love with my female soul-mate?!
  222. Communication - he doesn't ask how I am doing
  223. Girlfriend Afraid to Tell Parents
  224. Friend has been acting kind of mean seemingly out of nowhere
  225. In love with an engaged girl.
  226. An Older Woman
  227. Performance
  228. Dealing with the aftermath
  229. I'm at a loss...
  230. Why Do I Keep Pulling Away When Someone Tries To Get Close To Me?
  231. Getting a part-time job.
  232. Best friends who say F*gg*t...
  233. Is my friend into me
  234. On Death
  235. afraid of being judged
  236. Does he like me or not?
  237. He wants to get back together... And I don't know
  238. I have trouble finding friends in real life.
  239. Gay crush on close friend
  240. I'm gay and my sister is pan. Family advice?
  241. Who is supposed to propose?
  242. Family? More like Birth acquaintances
  243. Keeo slipping up
  244. My mom's annoyingly offensive and ignorant.
  245. what's she doing? clueless
  246. I wanted so badly to lie down next to her on the couch..
  247. I've finally wanted to come out,but am Scared
  248. Feeling hurt but I was the one who hurt him too
  249. Nervous/Scared of trying internet dating... any advice?
  250. My dad used to verbal abuse me constantly