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  1. Help please
  2. When You Don't Know If She's Straight
  3. sabotaging potential same-sex relationships
  4. do i wait?
  5. Finding LGBT/accepting friends
  6. What to do? Ethical Dilemma
  7. how to overcome anxiety and make friends?
  8. Never having had meaningful sex...
  9. mixed signals??
  10. In love with my boss
  11. She's really messing with my head! (possibly long read)
  12. Crushes are futile...
  13. Dating advice
  14. Age Difference (high school)
  15. Is my best friend gay?
  16. I need help ASAP! Please help...
  17. Help! Should I ask him out?
  18. how long should I wait?
  19. what my dad said kinda scared me
  20. is my bestfriend bi or curious??
  21. finding friends locally
  22. Confused.
  23. Confusing friend
  24. Long distance advice?
  25. First Relationship - advice wanted
  26. Would I Be Wrong to Leave the Family Behind?
  27. Difficult situation
  28. Should I send an audio song instead of teeling her...
  29. never felt like this before
  30. Should I apologize for behavior in past relationship?
  31. seeing my boyfriend for the first time?
  32. Things are okay for now, but I need to vent... But also advice
  33. Had a first date EVER with a guy!
  34. Bad Breath...
  35. Have you ever liked/fell for someone straight?
  36. Advice about a Muslim friend
  37. If you're gay/lesbian: Any attraction to opposite gender at all?
  38. I think I just lost my only friend
  39. Telling someone you like they have beautiful eyes.
  40. 'Space' in a relationship?
  41. Feelings for straight housemate
  42. Met new girl, thinking about my ex
  43. I really like this girl...
  44. Help with my 4-year relationship. I feel like killing myself
  45. What to do now?
  46. Appropriate B-Day Gift for the Crush?
  47. How do I talk to her now?
  48. How much of the conversation starting should I be responsible for?
  49. Parents preventing me from joining LGBT+ club
  50. Lying to my parents.
  51. So, I have this friend...
  52. I'm a Lesbian, but I'm married to a man... HELP?
  53. I want to help, but not push it...advice?
  54. Did I do the right thing?
  55. How/When to ask out a guy
  56. As an Uncle, when should my nieces/nephews know I'm gay?
  57. How do I explain?
  58. Her words are stuck in my head, (Friend Problem)
  59. Sex advice
  60. Jealousy
  61. Need support after having an abusive girlfriend.
  62. Meeting Someone?
  63. Lost an anti bi (?) Friend and am confused
  64. Don't know how to approach her.
  65. Unhappy with girlfriend
  66. I need help (heartbroken)
  67. Meeting other lesbians?
  68. is my friend gay?
  69. Competing for a lesbian
  70. Lesbian in high demand
  71. dating while in closet
  72. Strict Parents
  73. Admitting I'm single.
  74. Parents said take my coming out status off and lie
  75. I finally told my friend I have a crush on him.
  76. Just broke up... too soon to date?
  77. Have you ever felt like an embarrassment?
  78. Dating advice for an openly gay 21 year old guy! So frustrated!!
  79. Is it fair to be in a relationship whilst questioning yourself?
  80. is my ex bestfriend a closet case
  81. I'm a liar that couldn't quit that wants to be a normal (gay) guy!
  82. Girlfriend needs a front?
  83. You Beautiful Jerk (A rant-filled letter)
  84. Difficult to say nothing to my parents
  85. Homophobic best friend?
  86. I will die soon.. ;'(
  87. Feel unwanted
  88. Aunts Married
  89. Resisting relationship consolidation.
  90. Girlfriend with anxiety and depression
  91. Flirting
  92. How should I handle this situation?
  93. Conflict with my brother and concerns over whether I missed a coming out opportunity
  94. Homophobic
  95. butch younger than femme?
  96. Not sure how to know if someone is gay/interested in me?
  97. Should I tell him today?
  98. my boyfriend is very possessive and abusive
  99. Not sure how to deal with rejection.
  100. Called him out
  101. I'm a virgin but he's not and now he's talking about having sex with me...
  102. Talking to cute girls
  103. "Liking" people in college :/
  104. In an awkward situation...
  105. The guy I have a crush on is pan... Who knew?
  106. Straight Girls GRR
  107. How to tell if she's Gay?
  108. Kinda need help
  109. My boyfriend is currently going through some confidence issues in our relationship.
  110. what christian pastor promises to do if his children are gay
  111. How can I date while in the closet?
  112. She's there, I'm here, screwed all around
  113. What if I'm wrong? From blog to thread...
  114. Is my friend really confused or is he just overly affectionate?
  115. Don't wanna get myself involved, but...
  116. In a relationship w/ a guy... Have a crush on a girl
  117. Is it normal?
  118. Talking too much?
  119. Conflicted Relationship - I'm out and he's in.
  120. Self harm, bulimia, body dysmorphia and dating.
  121. Why am I so difficult to love?
  122. In love with a man who's with a woman?
  123. firstcrush
  124. Shutting someone out.
  125. Doubts About My Relationship
  126. I think I'm totally falling apart
  127. In need of someone
  128. How to deal with break up... First BF
  129. Gay Twins Hold Q&A With Parents Following Coming Out
  130. Ever had a crush on sraight/gay or otherwise unattainable, friend?
  131. New Here...really need some advice
  132. How do I Approach This?
  133. Fear of losing him
  134. Wierdest experience ever today...
  135. can you give advice to a guy who is 26 and virgin, never kissed girl, never dated...
  136. I'm...well, confused.
  137. I think my brother knows...
  138. Would you date a friend in this situation?
  139. What it means to be bi-sexual...
  140. Too easy to fall for. #AdviceNeeded
  141. Crushes? Not sure where to find a forum x-x
  142. Not sure how I feel about my friend
  143. ;'d
  144. any advice ?
  145. Am I ruining a good thing?
  146. "Friend"
  147. Special relationship that I fear jeopardizing.
  148. Family giving me guilt.
  149. get well soon gift for boyfriend?
  150. I am so mad at my parents right now...
  151. My very possibly, yet very possibly not straight crush.
  152. Is me helping (Ed) come out, really helping...???
  153. Getting started with this whole thing!
  154. Bisexual relationship advice
  155. what does it mean to have a gay friend?
  156. I think my friend is bi, but im not sure.
  157. Not Really Wanting to Stay Friends
  158. Am I Offending My Friend?
  159. Not sure how date or flirt!
  160. My ex wants me back.
  161. He broke up with me
  162. I like my cousin who ignores me
  163. still single
  164. My friend likes me?
  165. I need guidance!
  166. I did something stupid
  167. My mums taken me being gay badly
  168. Daddy issues
  169. Did I just screw up my chances?
  170. Is physical attraction essential?
  171. It is becoming harder and harder to tell who's Gay or Not
  172. I acted like an insensetively
  173. Losing Out
  174. A bad situation
  175. Does anyone else feel sad...
  176. Friend issues and general struggling-ness (That's totally a word)
  177. Gsa
  178. making a teen girl 13 years old accept queens? (sister)
  179. Going crazy
  180. Straight, attached best friend knows I'm gay. Should I tell him I love him?
  181. Am i a bad friend or not? Open to suggestions.
  182. When is the right time to ask her out?
  183. How to explain queer to older parent
  184. Found a great guy but....
  185. I don't know what to do here ...
  186. One Month-iversary gift... Too soon?
  187. The bisexual with mommy issues
  188. Need advice - long story, possible breakup
  189. Falling for one of my "online" friends.
  190. Lesbian in need of advice
  191. Trying to be more open with him
  192. Sad and Confused
  193. New Boyfriend
  194. Since When Did Guys Want To 'Take Things Slow'?
  195. Getting Mixed Signals...Don't know what to do. Advice?
  196. Adoption is not the same
  197. The aftermath.... recovering from cheating.
  198. Individually I like them, but...
  199. Advices needed please
  200. Sexual orientation on Job application?
  201. getting over someone
  202. Random online encounters.
  203. Videos or articles that explain different types of identities for a friend
  204. Have crush on friend, what do?
  205. Please help!
  206. What should i do?
  207. I feel betrayed and lead on by my 'straight' friend
  208. confused if he is interested and how I should go about this.
  209. Africa
  210. advice
  211. Homecoming?
  212. Never dated before!
  213. How do we Explain our Relationship to our Parents?
  214. Any Success?
  215. sos
  216. It's complicated
  217. Should I just let her know how I feel...?
  218. Need a little advice
  219. Bi husband?
  220. Falling in love, not being out
  221. is it truly just over? Was this my fault?
  222. boyfriends sexual esperiences
  223. is my friend pushing me away because she's lesbian?
  224. The proverbial problematic guy crush
  225. My Best Friend Is In Love With Me
  226. Telling a Friend
  227. Gay Dating Advice
  228. I keep falling for unavailable women....
  229. Planned Breakup?
  230. The crush is real.
  231. What do I do now?
  232. All of my friends are talking about girls
  233. Is it Wrong?
  234. Unrealistic Expectations
  235. Turning 18 in 13 months.
  236. She reads my MAIL!
  237. Why did he do this to me?
  238. Getting Over Crushes
  239. Fallen in love with 'straight' guy
  240. Friend ignoring me because i am gay.
  241. I'm self conscious
  242. Hugs and how they can hurt us?!
  243. well i fu**ed up
  244. Did this just happen?
  245. After first date
  246. Told my girlfriend I think i might be gay.
  247. asjk;fljklkjkglakg- ness (Please help)
  248. Yep, Another One Of THOSE Threads...
  249. Your Opinion on a Crush
  250. Is this OK?