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  1. Is my friend into me
  2. On Death
  3. afraid of being judged
  4. Does he like me or not?
  5. He wants to get back together... And I don't know
  6. I have trouble finding friends in real life.
  7. Gay crush on close friend
  8. I'm gay and my sister is pan. Family advice?
  9. Who is supposed to propose?
  10. Family? More like Birth acquaintances
  11. Keeo slipping up
  12. My mom's annoyingly offensive and ignorant.
  13. what's she doing? clueless
  14. I wanted so badly to lie down next to her on the couch..
  15. I've finally wanted to come out,but am Scared
  16. Feeling hurt but I was the one who hurt him too
  17. Nervous/Scared of trying internet dating... any advice?
  18. My dad used to verbal abuse me constantly
  19. Not sure what to do about him
  20. Thought my mom was accepting, not so sure.
  21. Gay kid with straight girl problems.
  22. What just happen?
  23. Are you out there...?
  24. Not to be a baby, but...
  25. He stops texting
  26. Asking her to be my girlfriend?
  27. Friends? F-buddies? Or something else?
  28. Help.
  29. Having Second thoughts
  30. Does she or Doesn't She?
  31. Does He Like Me Or Just As A Friend?
  32. co-dependent issues?????
  33. Apparently I have to have a boyfriend to know what I am???
  34. Unreasonable Parent
  35. Should I tell him I like him just to get it over with?
  36. are they flirting with me
  37. Wtf?!
  38. My boyfriend kissed another guy...
  39. Should I stay?
  40. When is cutting ties with an ex a good idea?
  41. I don't know what to do with my mom right now.
  42. What is it with parents?
  43. Well, my mom...
  44. Issue with a friend who is half the world away
  45. I think I'm in love with my unavailable friend.
  46. My Parents are ruining me
  47. Is she in denial? How to deal ? help please..
  48. I want to help a straight friend to get a girlfriend. Could you give me advise?
  49. Long distance relationships
  50. Please help me.....
  51. Could my straight friend be bi?
  52. aspergers and being gay
  53. I still don't understand what was going on?..
  54. Possible cheating issues?
  55. Would you end a relationship if you learnt that your partner had mental problems
  56. Looking for a friend?
  57. Like my taken flatmate
  58. Not being "GAY ENOUGH"
  59. Staying Friends after Coming Out
  60. Help with boyfriend, please?
  61. How do you respond to 'how are you doing?'
  62. Told my sister the daughter of one of my sims is gay
  63. Man, I am so tired of this...
  64. Should i tell my friend?
  65. Possessive Straight Friend
  66. Any have over accepting parents
  67. I feel like my identity got negated somehow...
  68. I feel like I am wrong for going to my sister?
  69. MADLY in love with straight best friend - don't even know what to do anymore
  70. Feeling anxious
  71. My friends can be horrible at times.
  72. looking for help from afar, 1st timer
  73. Should I go for it or not?
  74. Hate my dad..religious nutcase with anger issues
  75. My dad doesn't think I was born gay
  76. My Girlfriend and I Broke Up...
  77. things my mom has told me...
  78. things my mom has told me...
  79. Girl flirting?????
  80. Homophobic friend has a crush on me?
  81. Parents finally "coming out" about me to their friends and extended family (YAY!!!)
  82. I love my best friend
  83. I love my best friend
  84. Guilt
  85. Back with news?
  86. I'm in a mess
  87. Fight with friend, can't concentrate at school
  88. i dony know what to do...I miss him so bad...
  89. How to tell if he's gay?
  90. feel like I'm in purgatory
  91. Mom Wants Me to be Femme
  92. My mother still doesn't get it.
  93. Friend likes her too...
  94. Is My Friend in Denial?
  95. Getting over past lovers?
  96. Post-Breakup Depression. Is there hope? How can I move on? (1st relationship)
  97. Family
  98. Feeling like I have no one.
  99. Nobody cares about me...
  100. How do you feel "dating a closet case"? Care to tell a few experiences?
  101. Should I lie about being in a relationship?
  102. I think I ruined everything, please help!
  103. Feel like shit as per usual :(
  104. Boyfriend's Mom
  105. Feeling really depressed! Need opinions!
  106. Just wondering...
  107. coming out may cost me a best friend
  108. Looking to purchase a gaydar
  109. Did i do something wrong?
  110. Where do I stand with her?
  111. Love Triangle!!!!!!
  112. Girl in relationship keeps flirting with me...but I like it?
  113. What am I to her? What do I do?
  114. I think I like someone...
  115. Relationship Problems
  116. Date Ideas?
  117. Spite - bad, bad news
  118. Omg i told him how i felt!!
  119. In love with my best straight friend
  120. I'm tired of always falling in love with straight guys
  121. RIP my dear mother .......
  122. Need Advice ASAP.
  123. Is this weird?
  124. Should I tell my best friend how I feel?
  125. Asking out a girl
  126. He knows that I'm thinking of breaking up
  127. Bisexual marrying straight
  128. Being invited to a party , by a homophobic freind
  129. Coming out to my parents?
  130. I May Or May Not Love My Boyfriend (Help, Plz!)
  131. Does he like me? Or is he making fun of Me?
  132. This is really hard...
  133. My girlfriend needs help, but I can't help her
  134. Hookup Apps
  135. I feel wierd after venting about friend....
  136. Dating a bisexual?
  137. When straight friends have feelings for you
  138. Online friends vs. physical friends.
  139. I finally got my father's attention... but not in a good way.
  140. Not in love with my best friend
  141. I can't stand my girlfriend's best friend
  142. 3 kisses
  143. My boyfriend is KINDA ashamed of our relationship
  144. Coming out to family members
  145. Hand placement when kissing?
  146. He doesn't get it...
  147. i feel like a fucking toy to my "friends!!" UGH!!
  148. Homophobic Little Brother Driving Me Crazy In A REALLY Bad Way!! Arrrrrrg.
  149. My friends want to set me up with a guy. Help!
  150. Crap
  151. My girlfriend has internalized homophobia
  152. how to make people like you?
  153. Where are all the gays??
  154. (Ace?) Lesbian crush on my straight friend?
  155. How much does age and distance matter?
  156. Worried about Closeted Friend
  157. I Really need Advice
  158. Exploitative?!
  159. Pansexual but also Ace… is this sort of person even real?
  160. Does she want me back?
  161. my little sister is crazy and driving me crazy
  162. Am i crushing on him?
  163. In love with my bestfriend
  164. Don't know what to do right now
  165. more or less got my answer. :/
  166. Confused Once Again About Sexuality
  167. 2 Bottoms
  168. worried about my mom finding out
  169. Exposed
  170. Scarlet Letter (POZ advice)
  171. Family Troubles
  172. absolutely hurt.
  173. I'm sorry but am I the ''rubbish'' one in all this?
  174. LGBT Meeting. Do I go?
  175. So parent may divorce
  176. Bestfriend Hates Me
  177. Nervous about a first date
  178. Spontaneous kiss advice
  179. Should I keep contact?
  180. My Mom is just... Ugh
  181. Out to all my family, friends *except* nine-year-old sister. Help?
  182. My crush ..
  183. I think married woman is flirting?
  184. Casual relationship without sex??
  185. breaking up after 7 years. so miserable/confused
  186. How do I get over her- messed up, depressed
  187. Please help!!!
  188. In need of serious advice!!!
  189. Just come out, in need of advice
  190. Distance..
  191. Thinking about breaking up
  192. *Friendship Rant
  193. Should I date this guy?
  194. Dealing with Homophobic Parents
  195. how to approach this
  196. End of first lesbian relationship :-(
  197. Mom & Same-Sex Partner Hate Each Other
  198. Best friend, or not?
  199. Problems with a boy(friend)
  200. My boyfriend has to kiss another guy for work?
  201. I keep alienating everyone
  202. Mixed signals
  203. Telling your parents about self harm
  204. The girl who made me realize my sexuality does not know I exist
  205. Seeing a counselor
  206. In a hetro relationship, crushing on a girl
  207. Why the hell did I trust her ( Rant )
  208. Asking my friend if I can give him head?
  209. Missing a girl
  210. My boyfriend came out to me..but
  211. Im Back .. with more problems.
  212. I'm cOnfused..
  213. First Date ever??
  214. Don't really know what to think....
  215. First time dating and in need of advice
  216. Mom is refusing to let me bind.
  217. Will i be able to find anyone
  218. she disappeared
  219. boy issues..
  220. How do I approach this
  221. Parents aren't impressed... what the hell!
  222. very stupid friend
  223. Why is she so horrified :(
  224. Really messed up situation
  225. Having 2 crushes
  226. Am I reading too into this?
  227. Does this mean she's a closet bi-curious?
  228. I don't think I can ever come out to my father
  229. Avoiding Talking about Sexuality
  230. I'm kind of lonely
  231. depressed :, (
  232. The Crush has Ended
  233. Problems with my best friend
  234. I Gotta Work On This
  235. What is wrong with us?
  236. Homophobic Choir Teacher
  237. How to come out to a Jehovah's Witness
  238. I Need Input...
  239. Stereotypes
  240. Dating in College
  241. Letter to the Ex
  242. my best friend (straight) is driving me crazy Y.Y
  243. How do I meet people?
  244. Questioning male who feels rather cursed
  245. Friends invited me to bible study?
  246. How to approach her
  247. Knowing the difference between checking someone out and a casual glance?
  248. They Don't Know A Thing About Me/Is She Right?
  249. I'm Scared!!
  250. Relationship with Foreign Exchange Student